Coster has nothing to apologise for – Police chase policy killed people 


Police Commissioner Andrew Coster apologises after backlash from officers over pursuit comments

The Police Commissioner has apologised after backlash from frontline officers over comments he made to AM this week about deaths during police pursuits.

Coster has nothing to apologise for.

The Police Chase Policy killed 60 people in 10 years.

Since the policy changed, no one has died.

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The basic knuckle dragger argument goes like this, “But, but, but IT’S NOT THE POLICE FAULT! IT’S THE PERSON FLEEING BLAH BLAH BLAH”.

Here’s what people don’t understand.

In Coroner’s Report after Coroner’s Report, it is shown that Police lie about the chase, they lie about when they call the chase off, they lie about hearing the order to stop chasing, and they lie about equipment failure to justify not hearing the command to stop chasing.

Poorly trained cops pumped up with ‘red mist’ don’t hear the demands to stop chasing and in the heat of the moment chase until the person fleeing crashes.

When social policy is actually killing people for what are mostly property crimes, you can’t justify that.

Sure, Police should chase when the crime committed demands it, but the vast majority of those dying are not committing murder, rape or terrorism! They are property crimes, and theft of property isn’t a threshold that should ever see someone die!

Coster has nothing to apologise for.

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  1. Well you could look at it this way. Labour will pay the ultimate price. And it is a big deal when the CEO of any organisation is so regularly offside with his staff.

    The police pursuit policy is so restrictive that the gangs have joined in these halcyon days of being a criminal by shooting the place up, warmed by the commisioners ast iron reassurances that they can drive their stolen cars of choice safely home to mama, undisturbed.

    Add that to the seemingly never ending ramraids and any other crime you can think of thanks again to this country’s inbuilt law enforcement impotency, jail emptying and our Judges love of wet bus tickets lately.

    The sum total of which is a community that feels very unsafe, so unsafe that the blame falls squarely on the government that supports and encourages this garbage. Labour will be the ones punished for this crime fest because many of us are over their kindness on crime experiment. No one will care less what Coster thinks because I’m guessing they’ve long since stopped listening!

    Good time for crime. And for any prospective Nat MP!

    • I think it’s ridiculous to suggest the average gang member gives a shit, one way or the other, about a police chase policy. Utter bollocks

    • Clearly you don’t know about National and Act concealing new evidence about the Crewe case? Or that Police Ministerials have employees covering up serious crimes? I wouldn’t be blaming Labour because they are ALL under the same umbrella.. the old boys club control everything

  2. So we should just let the criminals go? How about the improvements to training, equipment, policies, etc so that criminals who are actively breaking the law can be apprehended, charged and their antisocial and criminal actions dealt with appropriately.

    Doing nothing isn’t a solution

    • I am in no way shape or form suggesting we ‘do nothing’ – remember most of these ram riding kids are already known to Police – it is not difficult catching them after the fact.

  3. How on earth is a change in chase policy responsible for more ram raids? That’s ridiculous. I could see someone argue that you might catch more attempting to get away perhaps but preventing it happening in the first place? Bollocks. I think it’s been established that there are all sorts of youths and (legal) adults doing this. It’s not just one bunch of villains.

    It’s not about blaming police for pursuit deaths. Creating more situations where offenders, who are morons and think they have the skill to drive like Lewis Hamilton when the don’t, and police officers, who also may not have that level of ability, are hurtling around suburban streets containing bystanders is just going to end badly.

    • It makes some sense. The deads**ts doing ram raids aren’t professional criminals driving like grandma on the way to the ram raids. Nor are they solely doing ram raids and nothing else, these same scum will be stealing cars and joyriding until they get stopped by spike strips or dump the car and burn it too.

      If the police did have a looser chase policy, they might catch (or kill) more of them in the course of their other criminal activities, thus reducing the number of ram raids that occur.

      Personally, I would prefer more sensible methods (bring back military schools) but there’s a logic to this.

  4. We let the marauding hordes of youth let rip on their trail bikes doing wheelies and terrorizing other road users. Police did not do much.

    These youth, feeling to cold winds of winter, have a new sport. Steal cars, remove the number plates and hoon around at great speed, slicing and dicing in traffic and side swiping those who get in their way. Being exported from South Auckland to your neighbourhood shortly.

    What can be done but claim insurance? Nothing for New Zealand front line police officer count is some 1000 short of matching Australian states on a per capita basis.

    Yesterday we had a broad daylight public shooting in the main street of Papakura. Yesterday our local dairy got robbed again (after the last two robberies there are no cigarettes on sale anymore there) and again no Police action bar taking a few notes in a report. We have cars broken into and stolen on a regular basis, but again no Police action bar “fill in an insurance claim” retort.

    People are getting angry, vigilante action has started.

    Labour need to get those 1000 extra police trained and onto the front line to fight this terrorism. Lets see some leaders on terrorism charges and placed in jail with Tarrant for life. For the rise of the vigilante is here.

  5. I agree Martyn, the chase and catch, no matter what the cost was wrong. Having flashing lights and a siren does not protect anyone at high speeds and only fuels the offenders risk taking putting everyone in extreme danger.
    I remember back in the 1970’s when, because of the high Police car accident rate, sirens were removed from Police cars.
    ‘Chases’ need to be conducted by aerial and CCTV surveillance.

    • Yes Bob, but like any new CEO brought in to change a culture there will be push-back. All organisations will have within their ranks a large range of opinions; those that oppose the changes will be the most vocal and to our MSM the more ‘news worthy’. Hopefully most will use
      I wonder if officers who want the chase at all costs policy are really those we want in charge of weapons such as high powered Police cars.

  6. The question is, were the 60 people killed innocent parties or not? That is the key question that needs to be asked.

    • I think 2 were and if they were your relatives you would be upset but law and order sometimes comes with a cost . We give up many things to stay on the right side of the law .We are starting to see what happens when you get a soft government that has made police pull back and courts to hand down less harsh sentences. At the same time poverty is driving uncared for children into the gangs and on the path to crime.

    • Remember the lovely blood testing man in Christchurch who was killed on his way to work. His partner commitment suicide a year later due to grief. After being phoned by media for comment on police chases no less. He was always very supportive of the police btw.
      Many times the dead were children who were passengers in the car, essentially kidnapped by the driver making heated decisions.

  7. Since the policy changed, no one has died.
    If that’s right as stated by Martyn, then it replaces a thousand carping words from the old boys (in mind) keeping up the old traditions, anti-people though it was.
    What a sense of importance, restoring rightness to the world, (well to the people paying my salary), streaking along, sirens blazing or not. Release the Hounds!>>>>

  8. Agree Martyn. I recall a time when it seemed like every month kids were killed. I was so relieved when they stopped it and couldnt understand why they didnt stop it years earlier.

  9. OIA request to Whom It May Concern

    Lynette Stevens
    Sat, Jun 4, 12:49 PM (18 hours ago)
    to andy.coster, commissioner, P, j.ardern, k.faafoi, d.parker,

    To Whom It May Concern,

    Under the Official Information Act, I request the following…

    After hearing about the Police Commissioner being pressured to backtrack on his comment on the AM Show during the week …

    1) Who has the power over the Police Commissioner in New Zealand to ensure Andrew Coster retracted his statement?

    Police Commissioner Andrew Coster apologises after … › home › politics › 2022 › 06 › police-commissioner…
    1 day ago · The Police Commissioner has apologised after backlash from frontline officers over comments he made to AM this week about deaths during police

    2.) What is the ranking of the frontline officers who gave the Police Commissioner Coster ‘backlash’ for his comment saying deaths occurred because of Police chases.

    3.) Have there been other incidents or comments when pressure was put on the Police Commissioner of NZ to make them change their comments in the media?

    To the public it would seem obvious that Police chases have resulted in deaths and what Commissioner Coster initially said was correct. To have had to change that statement to saying something different to appease those offended is extremely confusing to the public..We do hope this isn’t because of the need to conceal the truth to other countries because our country can not accept being labeled ‘transparent’ if we are seen to be changing statements the Commissioner makes in the media.

    Please can someone explain who is able to make the Police Commissioner change his stance to the media.

    Yours sincerely, Lynette Stevens on behalf of the NZ expecting transparency.

  10. Can’t you all see what’s happening here, the more we criticize the police the more the criminals love it and take advantage. The more the ram raids are publicized the more these kids love it. Ask yourself who run down the police force , who wanted to build a mega prison that could become a training ground for new criminals . The reason the nats wanted a super prison was to wash their hands of these mostly petty criminals and run down the police force. Be careful what you wish for, the tax cuts will see not only health and education cuts but police as well, the moronic Mitchell will see to that, and just wait until these people are released from this mass prison you ain’t seen nothing yet folks. You will all be wishing Poto and Coster were still in charge

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