Israel is planning its largest ethnic cleansing of Palestinians since 1967


Israel’s racist apartheid regime rolls on with plans for the largest forced removal of Palestinians since 1967.

We’ve written to Nanaia Mahuta about this but the letters go straight to foreign affairs officials who write replies to us by selecting from a fruit salad of stock phrases which are a betrayal of the Palestinian people.

Probably the minister will read the letter here on the Daily Blog first. Here it is:

Kia ora Ms Mahuta,

Israel is planning its largest ethnic cleansing operation against Palestinians since 1967 with an Israeli High Court ruling paving the way for the forced removal of 1,200 Palestinian residents from Masafer Yatta.

This mass eviction of Palestinians has been described by United Nations human rights experts as a breach of international humanitarian and human rights law.

The pretext for the forced removal of these Palestinians, including 500 children, is that the Israeli military want to use the land for military training despite the vast areas of Israel which are virtually uninhabited after former ethnic cleansing operations. This is simply an excuse for this rapacious apartheid regime to intensify its marginalization and oppression of Palestinians.

UN human rights experts have appealed to the international community to act. That means us.

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“The international community must not become complicit to this serious violation of international humanitarian and humanitarian laws by remaining silent: it must exert available diplomatic, political and economic measures prescribed by the UN Charter to bring Israeli violations to a halt,” said the experts. 

If 1,200 Jews anywhere in the world were being forcibly removed from their land your government would, quite rightly, speak out loudly in condemnation. You would describe it as anti-semitic and would take action to sanction those responsible.

We expect your government to do the same in the case of the racist persecution of Palestinians as is taking place in Masafer Yatta.

Along with this imminent eviction, the Israeli apartheid regime last week announced its approval for the building of over 4,000 more homes in illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land.

Past National and Labour governments have described such building as a “blatant breach international law”. It’s time to turn our words into actions and put in place accountabilities for Israel’s occupation of Palestine as we have put in place accountabilities for the Russian occupation of Ukraine.

We urge you to act now and not leave these two critical issues to foreign affairs officials who seem to have hypocrisy hard-baked into their responses to human rights abuses.

Please respond quickly to this letter so we know where we stand and in your response please state clearly that you have read this letter rather than just the reply prepared for you.

Ngā mihi.



  1. Only the U$$$$ has the clout to prevail on Israehell to cease its predations* and that won’t happen. Many in the Washington criminal nightmare are dual U$ and Israeli citizens and Jewish neocons too. These neocons such as Victoria Nuland have well and truly b*ggered Ukraine in their quest to degrade Russian economic and soft power risking WWIII. 🙁 refer the project for the new century of U$$ hegemony.
    * Stop all financial and arms supply support.
    The Israehell attitude is: You and whose army is going to stop us? Or might is Right so lump it!

  2. Nobody cares about the Palestinians. Israel is a Western military ally and therefore can do whatever it likes. Read some of Ben Morgans articles – it is not possible for Israel to commit atrocities because it is a liberal democracy.

    • isreal isn’t liberal democracy it’s a theocracy by default due to the power of their small fundamentalist parties who hold the position of kingmaker in their PR election system.

  3. ” Along with this imminent eviction, the Israeli apartheid regime last week announced its approval for the building of over 4,000 more homes in illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. ” israehell can build 4000 homes for its immigrant invaders Yet our useless LINO government can’t house our own!!??

  4. Nanaia won’t listen to this plea. Jacinda won’t listen either. They are both absolutely committed to colonialism, and under their leadership New Zealand is more closely aligned with the global war aims of the United States of America than any previous New Zealand government – ever.
    Face that reality and move on.

  5. It is much easier to maintain Israeli under existential threat than under peace. Think of Palestine as Ukraine – a useful place to conduct war and maintain fear on all side’s.

  6. Oh come on John, you are using emotive sound bites with your headlines. If Israel is getting rid of Palistinians in the area it is for a good reason.

  7. How come the same things keep happening over and over. I have looked up the internet for what might result in something different arising or some more understanding of why it doesn’t and thought of Edward de Bono who in a side remark once I think, said that each time one of the two protagonists issued an attack they should pay compensation to the other side, and this should be supervised by a responsible body. It’s time for some honesty and fair decision making here.

    Could the United Nations enforce some balance here? If the Israelis are determined to be as brutal as people to them, can they be asked to list how many attacks on them down the centuries have to be considered so we can see what we face in reparation? And of course on the other side let us look at what the Jews have administered to others over the years and not sliding away from those near to them who call themselves palestinians, not to get into side issues about nomenclature,. And also note all the wonderful things that Jewish people have done!

    Good quote: Its typical of Mexico, of the whole human race perhaps, violence in favour of an ideal and then the ideal lost but the violence just going on. Graham Greene

    And it has to be Jewish not just Israeli considerations because the Jewish round the world soak in a soup of recrimination. They are being weighted down by their boots say, and have to lighten their minds.

    Here is the man saying that innovation has to be worked at and it is a skill that anyone can acquire. Before his idea is run out of town by doubters I think it should be tried, perhaps again. Have the Israelis tried to work at managing the Palestinian conflict lately and vice versa?
    Here is de Bono on short youtube –

    What about a different way of working on the problem –

    Edward de Bono: Six Thinking Hats Provide Strong Stimulus … › Home › POSTS
    Six Thinking Hats instructs on HOW TO think rather than WHAT TO think, making it easier to generate more ideas & increase decision quality.

    ttps:// › six-thinking-hats-use
    27/08/2021 — A person that is a green hat thinker is strong at generating new and innovative ideas. This person is valuable in a situation when creative …
    From time to time there may be a task force which will seek to generate ideas about important issues such as employment or Israel-Palestine…for example, just suppose that in Israel-Palestine the people were to be allowed to vote in each others’ elections; there is no way the Israelis would have elected Hamas – and there’s no way the Palestinians would have elected Sharon… constructive people would be elected on both sides; and they’d find a way of working together.

    Other considerations:
    The Alarming Rise of Lawfare to Suppress Civil Society: › uploads › 2021/09
    28/09/2021 — Specifically, it focuses on lawfare attacks that seek to silence and shut down the work of civil society organizations that support Palestinian rights
    Ireland and Palestine – similarities?
    Conflicts – Edward de Bono PDF – PDFCOFFEE.COM › conflicts-edward-de-bono-pdf-…
    16/06/2021 — De Bono explains how this concept of triangular thinking and map making is the way forward. By highlighting how the current system holds us back

  8. Agree John. The expansion of Israel needs to stop. The Govt is hypocritical and in particular, the Foreign Minister.

  9. Germany 1939-45?
    What nonsense. This is not Palestinian land. Arabs are breeding and brainwashing their children to hate Jews . They never have had a state and rejected one approved by the UN in 1948 – now the Arab colonisers get their comeuppance and Minto squeals.

        • If you REALLY wanted to know Bob you could find out with the click of your mouse. Links below took all of a nano second.
          Israel is a toxic suppurating pus filled cancer on the world we live in.
          Having been brought up as a Christian I long ago become atheist.
          The lies fed to me thru religion specifically those relating to the Jewish people being the biggest confidence trick in all of human history.
          The inexcusable homicidal rage of the Israelis against the Palestinians is the greatest failure of humanity.
          And NZ is utterly gutless and supine in response.

            • Oh Gaby dear Gaby who never engages in intelligent discussion just insults. Now Gaby you accused Minto of being anti semitic but you have never ever produced the evidence, you are such a disappointment.

                • Report yourself clown ,,,

                  in 187 of the 189 killings that took place in 2018, protesters did not pose an imminent threat to life and Israel used “neither necessary nor proportional” force.”

                  “As a UN Commission of Inquiry put it, Israeli forces shot at “unarmed protesters, children and disabled persons, and at health workers and journalists performing their duties, knowing who they are.”

                  ‘rubber bullets and live ammunition, mostly by snipers. resulted in 214 Palestinians, including 46 children, being killed.

                  46 children were shot dead by Israel.
                  But the most preposterous racist bullshit Israeli propaganda was represented as being true by New Zealands Jewish Council fact fiddlers.,,, Their defence for Israel was more sick and pathetic than anything Jeffry Epstein came up with,,, and for crimes that are worse.,,,“Israel’s “human shield” propaganda.

                  “Dr David Cumin, sought to blame the victims and said Palestinians engaged in –
                  “…violent riots on the border with Israel to which they bring children to use as human shields.”………
                  … John Minto was 100% correct to state- “Suggesting Palestinians use their children as human shields and that Arabs hate Jews more than they love their own children is appalling and deplorable racism.

          • Is there no one responsible here?
            No one’s asking the Queen to step up between transfusions but surely the Governor-General or the Bishop of Aotearoa or Winston Peters even, as representatives of “the things we used to stand for”, surely there is some senior statesman/woman with enough mana to gain the attention of The New York Times, or the Guardian (there you go @countryboy) or Time mag or something, surely there is someone with the mana and authority to simply verbalise the truth of the ICC’s statement regarding the apartheid state of Israel and say, “That’s not Us.”

  10. So when Palestinians demand the total extinction of Israel it’s just rhetoric, they don’t really mean it?
    The Left hate Jews, and this is obvious in the posts here and is obvious in Marx’s writings, you always have to have a schedule scapegoat for your own failures.

    • Being so one-eyed ,,,, means Richard truly is a Dick ,,, his parents named him well ,,, ” Israeli nationalists in Israel have been organizing on social media to band together in mobs and hunt down Palestinians.

      “Death to Arabs,” the mobs could be heard chanting on the streets.

      Israeli Public Security Minister Amir Ohana defended nationalist groups, saying that they are “law-abiding citizens” who are assisting police in combat.”

    • Failure is the operative word. They arrogantly think they can have some sort of impact on the conflict, bring Israel down. Deluded, deranged and just plain evil.

    • I can give you a list of Jews that I love, start with Noam Chomsky there are so many that do not support the state of Israel. 38% of young Jews in the US do not agree with the State of Israel. 25% of all American Jews do not support the State of Israel. Richard, tell me are they all Jew haters.

  11. No one who takes an interest prefers Israel to Palestine. Which is a reverse from the first 30 years of the state built on a genocide, as us older types remember. Idealism built and supported Israel, now it opposes it.


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