The Daily Blog Open Mic – 20th May 2022

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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    Can someone advise me how supplying food to needy people becomes a profit-making enterprise? I had the idea it was for needy people but it is actually for people wanting takeaways at home I think.

    My Food Bag said it delivered more than 18 million meals across the year, with an average order value of $126.60, which was up $2.23 from 2021.
    Carter said despite the challenges, its innovation programme delivered strong results in 2022.
    “In July, the team introduced My Food Bag Kitchen, a curated collection of food solutions for different meal occasions. By the end of FY22, we have been achieving attachment rates of 14 percent and average order value of $21, which puts us in a good place as we scale the initial pilot offering in FY23,” he said.

    Looking ahead, My Food Bag chief executive Kevin Bowler said the business expected ongoing uncertainty amid the challenging economic environment.
    But he said there were clear opportunities for growth, and the company had a pipeline of initiatives for it to take a greater share of the country’s $37 billion retail food sector.

    Luckily I live in a town with varied takeaways, had ishkender from one of the Turkish shops tonight and a small pizza from a local Italian pizza place, though a New York pizza competitor is coming – too much competition as usual. Or I might go to a caravan where an Algerian chap makes his own pizza, buy local is the thing! The world has come to us. Sometimes buy Dominos pizza too.

    They all deserve support. Though if fish gets more expensive I don’t know how the Asian F&c place will go.
    I see budget bit – Govt to invest $100m taking stakes in small buysinesses. Sounds good but what I call small are actually regarded as micro in economics. Haven’t read this yet and am becoming a bit of a doubting Thomas – is it worth reading about it I wonder; is it just dust in the eyes?

  2. I have moans with my city council but this line for public moans through Neighbourly in The Leader, Nelson connected with stuff, is a sluice for negativity and OTT I think. You have to sign up to reply and I foresee moaning Minnies abounding and gathering steam, which would be warming for winter. Though there is only so much negative comment that is useful.

    The Council can’t afford to go round supervising people going to the loo and cleaning up after low lifes. Perhaps the person could become a co-operative spirit for the city and do some cleaning themselves. Sometimes I pick up toilet paper, wipe up water. Is Neighbourly going to be a help for good, or a pool of criticism with a feeling of judgmental citizenship?


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