Pushing back against media-led anti-Russia propaganda;

Compiled by Malcolm Evans

Fact check: 5 fakes of the war in Ukraine | DW News;

Ukrainian Soldiers & Azov Nationalists Placed Weapons In (Mariupol) Apartments, Occupied Top Floors;

“It’s not Russia starting a war, it’s Russia ending the war happening here the last 8 years“;

Mariupol Woman: “Our Land Must be Cleaned of Crazy People, Nazis.”;

Mariupol Quiet, April 21 & 22;

Alex Christoforou on Ukraine’s 8 year war on the Donbass & Russia’s response to a very real threat; 

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Volnovakha Physician: Ukrainian forces occupied the hospital, mined the ICU entrance; 

Volnovakha two weeks after liberation from Ukrainian forces

The alleged mass graves stuffed with victims of alleged Russian war crimes;

Images and interview with victims of Ukraine missile strikes;

Ukraine Bombed a Busy Donetsk Market Yesterday, Killing 5 Civilians…Where is the Media Outrage? ; 

Russian Military expert Andrei Martyanov on Russia’s denazification operation in the Ukraine;  

Mass grave was found in Mariupol and shown to the world by the western media as burials carried out by the Russian army to hide their war crimes. Political analyst Eva Bartlet argued that: Western media repeat the same lies;

Alleged Russian army massacre in Bucha a fake news story; 

“Western media will not report on humanitarian aid provided by Russia”;

Reporters on Ukraine’s “Kill List”

Kosarev on Ukrainian Forces in Mariupol: They Used Scorched Earth Tactics,




  1. it’s not the fact that lies are used, that’s war, it’s the fact our media slaver to reprint them with zero verification…the ukrainian and russian propaganda machines are doing their jobs OUR media are not.

  2. Well done Malcolm. There are other similar narratives absolutely refuting Ukrainian/Western/NATO lies.
    The pathetic NZ MSM (TV1, RadioNZ etc) is a disgrace in parroting crap.

  3. This post is why I stopped watching or listening to our corporate propaganda service.

    Malcolm your efforts are appreciated thank you.

  4. Col Jaques Baud of Swiss strategic intelligence specialist on Eastern countries, served within UN and NATO operations.
    Part 1: The Military Situation in the Ukraine
    Part 2: The Military Situation in the Ukraine—An Update

    Scott Ritter (USA), former UN Weapons Inspector on Bucha massacre


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