The Working Group is the Number 1 weekly political podcast AGAIN


Thank you comrades for making The Working Group the number one weekly political podcast AGAIN!

Unlike the Spinoff, we receive zero funding from NZ on Air and for us to even rate close to shows that have been funded by the Government for many, many, many years, let alone beat them, is remarkable.

Cheers folks.


PS – Not only is The Working Group the number 1 political podcast in NZ, it’s also the 23rd most popular all news podcast as well! Just behind ZB and the NZ Herald’s unbelievably well resourced Front Page!


  1. I enjoy the podcast but wonder if it would be possible to to an additional, maybe once a month long form 1on1 interview with similar guests.

  2. Bomber on the whole you do some amazing work. Any chance of getting some ministers to appear ?
    Some one needs to hold them to account.


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