MEDIAWATCH: Verity Johnson asks ‘Why does the internet hate Amber Heard so much’? There are 2 reasons

Cultural backlash against woke #MeToo crusaders trying to burn 'To Kill a Mockingbird' & The Chinese State Department 


Verity Johnson asks, ‘Why does the internet hate Amber Heard so much?‘, and it’s a good question because the septic hot mess vileness of the livestream defamation throws up the sickest burns and hate drenched hot takes that could only ever be matched if the Nuremberg Trials were live-streamed today.

People fucking hate her, but on a very, very, very deep level that goes beyond garden variety misogyny, I think there are 2 reasons why the internet hates Amber Heard so much.

1: Cultural backlash against woke #MeToo crusaders trying to burn ‘To Kill a Mockingbird

Since 2016, the #MeToo movement went from a righteous stand against harassment and sexual assault into a quasi religious belief system.

Severe 5th wave feminist dogma mixed with non binary activist dogma with Queer Dogma alongside Critical Race Theory and Critical Gender Theory to create an intellectual blancmange of intersectionist identity politics that stated all white people were irredeemable racists, every male was a rapist and anyone supporting free speech was a uniform wearing Nazi.

We went from taking accusations seriously to ‘B-E-L-I-E-V-E Women’, because all men are rapists and their toxic masculinity makes them lie, where as women never would lie.


And if you said otherwise and disagreed with an evidential threshold being whatever someone said on Twitter, then you were a rapist as well.

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Sure some innocent men might be destroyed in the process, but it’s far better 10 innocent heteronormative cis white males are punished than one walks free.

Woke Lynch mobs went lynching, social media currency to expose your wounds was rewarded and a movement with all the nuance of Māo’s cultural revolution raged around social media cancelling and deplatforming with all the glee of Trump at an all you can eat McDonald’s buffet.

Until the Amber Heard case.

Here we had someone who epitomised the #MeToo movement, and after promising the ACLU $3.5m to be their new ambassador, the ACLU pitched the op-ed to The Post and ghostwrote it for her while she made herself the face for domestic violence while destroying Depp’s reputation.

For many who had spent the last 6 years watching the woke scream ‘B-E-L-I-E-V-E ALL WOMEN ALWAYS’ and their intersectionist stance that due process was a heteronormative white cis male privilege that could just be ignored, the backlash has been all encompassing and as unforgiving as the woke were.

The level of animosity isn’t just about Heard, it’s the entire Woke Salem Witch Trial level of evidence required to destroy someone’s reputation these days and everyone who participates in social media understands and knows that fear of being attacked publicly on social media by a woke crusade that maliciously smears you.

This is a cultural backlash against the excess of ‘B-E-L-I-E-V-E ALL WOMEN ALWAYS’, apparently even those who shit in your bed.

2: The Chinese State Department 

The second reason is probably the Chinese State Department. I’m amazed by how much my 12 year old Daughter and all her friends are very engaged and up to date on the Ukraine, Roe vs Wade and why Amber Heard is such a terrible Mean Girl ‘pick me’.

Tik Tok, China’s mass surveillance answer to Facebook, is pumped full of Ukrainian war stories, Roe vs Wade rants and how much a bitch Amber Heard is.

Tik Tok’s reach as a source of understanding the world around your children is even more insidious than Facebook’s manipulation of adults.

I fear once China understands how much power they have over the West with Tic Tok that my Daughter will be arguing with me why the People’s Army of China must take back Taiwan by the end of this decade and glory to the Motherland!

I digress.

Amber Heard looks like she’s the girl who cried wolf and used the culture of victim virtue signalling as a publicity move, and that’s the true cost of this awful trial.

For every Amber Heard who is dramatically catastrophising every micro aggression as emotional genocide there are a 100 actual victims of domestic violence suffering in pain.

This case can not and must not be allowed to eclipse the true scourge that is real domestic violence.

This case reeks of privilege, it doesn’t smell of one sided domestic abuse at all, but that might just be the stench of the shit she apparently took in his bed, which is totally justified because you know, ‘patriarchy’.


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    • As all semi intelligent, questioning children with the capability of independent thought are prone to do since time immemorial.
      @ Bomber – ever thought of having more kuds? Sounds like you’re an OK parent – make sure you don’t upset our current neoliberal State apparatus. (Maybe ditch the cravat and pipe and be aware you’re in your mid-life crisis stage – anything can happen) Why give them excuses and justifications for being pr**ks and C**ts.

  1. The reason why people hate her is because she can’t catch a fuckn phone!

    How unco can someone be!

    It’s not Johnnys fault that she can’t catch a phone.

  2. I gather this whole thing happened because Heard wrote some sort of hit-piece (these events supposedly happened years ago) against Depp in NYT (or was it WaPo?) despite never filing police charges. This article cost Depp at least three multi-million dollar movie deals (including Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean), so he’s decided to seek damages from these dubious accusations. By all accounts these sorts of counter-claim cases are extremely hard to win, since the onus is now on Depp that it didn’t happen beyond reasonable doubt. That said, the court of public appeal (and the YouTube streams alone have combined millions of live viewers watching the whole sordid event week in week out) is swinging very much in favour of Depp. Heard is coming across as unhinged, and remarkably none of her witnesses/friends in her defence are helping her case.

    • Depp’s name wasn’t even mentioned in the op-ed Amber wrote for The Washington Post, the one he’s claiming de-famed him. She talked about how men in powerful positions are protected. The sad reality is this trial has exactly proved her points.

  3. Johnny Depp isnt exactly coming out smelling of roses either.

    My take on this – 2 deeply flawed individuals who had no place entering into a relationship together. Toxic mess.

    But no matter the rights or wrongs, it shouldnt be entirely discounted that he has and had, the power in this train wreck of a relationship.

    He didnt need to bring this law suit, his drinking and bad behaviour (legendary over the last 7 years) had as much to do with his diminishing employability as the ‘Me too’ slur. But he has continued on with this suit in order to thoroughly humiliate and financially destroy her. He knows there are no winners in this, only the one who sustains less damage.

    If he was honest about rehabilitating himself, he would have chosen a different route. Tony Veitch, Mel Gibson and even to an extent. Kevin Spacey are back in the fold so he could have managed it too, if his hatred and need for control were not in the front seat. And cynically, I imagine he may have already done this calculation. Her, utterly wiped out, pushing 40 and unemployable. Him, five years in the wilderness then he’ll become acceptable again. Articles will be written about his suffering and rehabilitation and how it made him a better man blah de blah. Character actor status cemented for another 20 twilight years.

    As for kids having an opinion of their own tell me about it! School and Tik Tok = Challenging these days.

    • Depp is what any normal guy could end up like if they were Hollywood stars since their teens.

      Amber is something else by magnitudes – a real life Catherine Tramell from Basic Instinct. Depp recorded the phone call where she taunts him about her in the witness stand crying crocodile tears – “Who they going to believe huh Johnny? Who?” And she got charged with assaulting her lesbian partner at the airport years before.

      Standard issue narcissistic sociopath borderline personality disorder.

      Depp really lucked out getting choosing to nest with her.

  4. I don’t hate either of them. I’m just sick of hearing about these two narcissistic, self entitled posers. Enough already. They are not worth my time and energy.

  5. I don’t hate either of them. I’m just sick of hearing about these two narcissistic, self entitled posers. Enough already. They are not worth my time and energy.

    • Rosielee Interesting phenomenon isn’t it. I’ve not followed it either and I am amazed that people do. Stopped reading the Harry and Meghan shenanigans too, as pathetic pieces of privilege crud fiddling while Rome burns.

  6. no hate they’re just not important enough to hate…

    but..if it does put a brake on ‘accusation constitutes evidence’ then it will have served some useful purpose.

  7. Personally whilst Johnny Depp is likely guilty of some shitty behaviour, Amber Hursts diagnosis on the stand by a expert of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is pretty damning evidence for anyone who understands it, and reveals a hell of a lot about the toxic relationship and most importantly the main instigator. In this case Amber Heard.

    80% of Males in support groups for partners of BPD report being victims of unprovoked violence and uncontrolable rages simply because sufferers are unable to process emotions usually because of some traumatic event in Childhood.
    It takes years of Cognitive behavioural therapy to achieve some sort of emotional regulation. The other 20% are rare and are usually medicated and have undergone intensive therapy. By all indications Amber Heard is unmedicated, and not undergoing any form of treatment. BPD is more common in Woman.

    Crapping on the bed is BPD behaviour as well as numerous documented cases of false allegations of domestic and sexual violence after the relationship has ended. The biggest trigger for BPD is rejection. The broken bottle and where she alleges he shoved it can also be classic BPD behaviour as punishment for the rejection. No injuries, and she sought no medical attention.

    Frankly im suprised His lawyers did not explore the matter further when the expert was on the stand by letting the Jury know the statistics. A wasted opportunity.

    My personal feeling is Whilst Johnny Depp may have been difficult to care for when wasted, She was the instigator of violence and any minor injuries she recieved was very likely when he was acting in self defense. Highly unlikely Johnny Depp would start a arguement due to her unpredictability and fear of the situation. He has no previous form. His description of being attacked from behind and her throwing objects is also consistant with BPD. Being in a BPD relationship can be absolutly terrifying, and initially they love bomb you when they percieve someone can fill their vast emotional needs. Their relationship is quite common for a undiagonised BPD, and most partners dont seek help or support until it reaches breaking point. BPD is the most difficult Mental illness to treat of them all.

    Interestingly enough there is a Video of Johnny Depp during the Marriage where he states “Im scared, Im frightened. I want to go home”
    I really hope Johnny Depp seeks professional help to overcome this trauma, and personally i believe he is the true victim here of violence.
    Sad all around.

    • It may be of interest for you to note that Johnny’s own doctor, someone who spent allot of time treating him for addiction, testified that he’d noted Depp had BPD characteristics himself. A big part of the problem is that the media run with part of the story without balance. Depp is winning in the court of popular opinion because he’s far more popular, period.
      Remember Heard has already proven he’s an abuser in the UK trial. Her problem is that she isn’t “victim” enough. She mouthed off and fought back because she’s strong. “Good girls” don’t do that – she must be the problem. Are we really going to go back to the attitudes of she wore a short skirt and/or has had lots of boyfriends so she is lying about being raped? Sure seems like it. Depp’s smear campaign coupled with the blatant lies and defamatory statements put out by his last lawyer Alan Waldman has really worked for him. I’ve followed both trials and the evidence is in Heard’s favour, not Depp’s, hope the jury sees it too.

  8. My god I didn’t even know who this Verity person was or what this was all about until my friend’s teenage daughter showed me coverage on her phone.

    My main concerns are the planet and its ecosystems and wildlife dying. The pollution and rubbish that litters the country we live in. The deprivation and extreme poverty hidden from view by this kind of inane vomit. The corruption of our democracy. The fact that we cant provide enough homes for our most desperate people and exercise control over the supermarket mafia that rort the cost of the food we need to live ensuring the Foodstuffs Pak n Save millionaire owners live the high life and Countdown returns its Aussie shareholders a magnificent profit of the backs of many destitute people in a foreign country.

    Of course there are so many more dire problems but this just name’s a few.

    Temerity and Johnny and their circus keeps the mind of many focused on the sublime. That is the Neo liberals diversion on focusing on the real realities of life.

  9. I love the whole thing. I love Amber Heard. I love Johnny Depp ( Seen ‘Dead Man’ by Jim Jarmusch? Stellar performances by Johnny Depp and Robert Mitchum. )
    I love having my feeble mind distracted by beautiful people brawling in public over millions of dollars using minute details of their intimate lives as ammunition.
    It is, in and of itself, a work of modern art. How can anyone take this personally? What’s the point of reference? I don’t know Johnny Depp but just look at the guy? He’s gorgeous! And Amber Heard. She’s a stunning looking female human. They’re both sparkling humanoids in a Universe of their own making and what a Universe? There but for the grace of God, right? And they’re battling it out in a court room full of the highest paid lawyers in the USA over millions and millions of dollars in front of the world of television sets. And the internet. Which is pretty much everywhere 24/7. That’s awesome!
    Mark my words? In years to come, someone will make a film about this.
    As to whether one hates or loves them? C’mon? Lets err on the side of caution and let love be our guide. And a certain amount of pragmatism wouldn’t go astray either.
    Watch ‘ Dead Man.’ Is awesome. 4K 60 incher. Up close. Or! Better yet, a big fat hairy roll-down screen and a pricey projector. Mmmmmm…..

  10. “For many who had spent the last 6 years watching the woke scream ‘B-E-L-I-E-V-E ALL WOMEN ALWAYS’ and their intersectionist stance that due process was a heteronormative white cis male privilege that could just be ignored, the backlash has been all encompassing and as unforgiving as the woke were.”

    Other than Wokism succeeding in it’s slow moving cultural revolution trainwreck, my biggest concern is the backlash they precipitate will throw the bathwater out along the baby, soap, towel, bathtub and rubber ducky. Making any hint of genuinely progressive politics unpalatable for decades.

    • indeed victims will be ignored because of the lies of narcissists… but better 120 innocent men suffer rather than one guilty escape just won’t wash was a stupid position and was bound to generate pushback…it’s almost like it was a longterm strategy to make womens lives worse…kind of cultural ‘strategy of tension’ thing….now putting my bacofoil bowler away………………..

  11. Very different, in a way the same.
    There seems to be more than a fair amount of hate cast at Megan Markle.

    In the case of Depp, Heard and Markle, I wonder how much of this hate is fuelled by PR firms hired by the respective combatant’s, spinning these horrific stories purpose built for our 21st century media/entertainment habits?

    • She’s doesn’t have his wealth and has spent the majority of her divorce settlement fighting this lawsuit. It’s called financial abuse. Why did he feel it necessary to pay her divorce settlement in installments when he has a net worth of 150 million? Nobody srutinises his actions – just hers.

  12. Having watched the trial live til four am out of lack of interest in my job and with the central principle of being convinced at my own pace, Amber does seem sus.

    Verity makes a point but by no means paints the whole picture.

  13. Now commenting on your article, you emphasise every second or third sentence, which reminds me of Bolger with every second or third word. Irritated the shit out of people but dropped out entirely after no clear result in the ’96 election.

    Trotter is a model. We have the ideas , they have the mortgages and you have to sell the former. Generate income for the Cause via you.

  14. Great sum up!

    Agree with the hatred but also don’t just blame China (plenty of this from Russia and other countries) for misinformation/hate social media campaigns.

    Also blame whoever paid China to place the hate campaign which could be anybody related to Johnny or the film studios, managers etc.

    AKA a lot of the hate is coming/paid for by US and western billionaires pushing their agendas and then they enable the on-line nut jobs who do their harassment for them.

    The film industry has too much power and just like high capitalism seems to be imploding with celebrities punching out others on stage, rape and sexual violence cases that seem to evade justice for decades after being protected via that industry and/or government officials, aka Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and Jeffrey Epstein.

    Totally agree that the Depp vs Heard case seems more like two privilege celebrities.

    The legal definition of domestic abuse should not be based on celebrities who have rocky relationship and do things to each other, that frankly shouldn’t be the subject of multimillion dollar court cases for years aka may or may not have been popping on their beds and throwing cell phones that may or may not have broken someones nose.

    Unfortunately the general IQ seems to be declining so that the ME TOO movement which was desperately needed after the Weinstein, Epstein predator cases (literally hundreds of school girls abused for years in Epstein, likewise Weinstein) seems to have morphed into a dangerous cult like lobby group to incarcerate spouses when there are mitigating circumstances and a lack of evidence.

    Generally victims of domestic abuse are very fearful of their partners, isolated and don’t provoke their partners by pooping in their beds. They don’t have Elon Musk who may/may not be a lover on the side. This case is not helping abuse victims or the public perception of it in any way.

    Meanwhile in NZ the lack of evidence and some high profile cases where the police don’t seem to have done a good job have made everyone more divided on this subject.

    NZ Police after realising that they had dangerous rapists operating at high levels in the police force or the Roastbusters case they failed to prosecute on, have then made it worse by over correcting and going after cases where there is not enough evidence or a trivial example of abuse making headlines.

  15. Amber Heard not only was abused for 10 years by an on and off multiple drug mixer addict she now is facing a 50 million dollar defamation lawsuit but the same abuser where is the justice in that?
    Again Amber Heard has to live this over and over again of the raw personal details because some male celebrity can afford lawyers (including female lawyers) that are only interested in the billable hours on the case. Where is the decency in society anymore!

    • Of course none of us know the truth. JD may well be a drug addled freak who’s done all she claims.
      But from what I know of human nature, he wouldn’t have just developed a wife beater tendency as a 40 year old, and suddenly started beating woman. Multiple previous partners have supported him and rubbished AH claims.

      To the contrary aren’t there previous violence claims against Heard, including one from an ex female partner?

      I’m not sure about my statement or question, I don’t follow it closely, but I’ll certainly read a headline, so perhaps I’m wrong?

    • Absolutely Mary. I’ve researched the U.K trial extensively. So many here catch the smear campaign on Amber sound bites but comment on something they know nothing about and just follow the sheep. For goodness sake, please read Justice Nicol’s Judgement summary from the U.K trial. It’s long but very well reasoned. FYI – Justice Nicol ruled it was Johnny that pooed in the bed, not Amber, with very convincing evidence.

  16. I feel compelled to watch the court proceedings when I can. Johnny Depp is one of a kind. There would be nothing special about Pirates of the Caribbean if. Not for Captain Jack Sparrow. I know nothing much about Amber Heard except that she and friends had a good ride for a while. I feel sad about the public being made aware about private lives. but. that ‘s showbusiness. Johnny’s come a long way since“what’s eating Gilbert’s grapes”. We haven’t seen the last of a talented actor, only the wreckage of his self destruction

  17. Whatever. Johnnie Depp is the best self trained method actor of the Gen-X generation. He is so gorgeous and talented. How dare Amber Heard nobody shout and throw bottles telling him he is a fat loser. He does need to quite drinking, but still. No, just no, and she is looking more rough everyday.

    • Amber accepted far less in the divorce than she was entitled to under California law, just to be rid of him. Even if she were a goldigger Blazer, and I adamantly disagree, she didn’t deserve to be abused.

    • “So how d’ya think I feel when you leave the toilet seat up and I don’t make it on time, huh? and you wondering why there’s so much laundry, ffs!”
      “Oh, sorry, I forgot…”


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