Israeli Military Scum desecrate Al Jazeera Journalist’s funeral


It is so sickening that after murdering iconic Al Jazeera Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, the Israeli Military Scum desecrate her funeral and attack pall bearers of the coffin.

Even when attempting to bury the dead of a journalist they murdered, the Israeli mind set is total occupation of the Palestinian experience.

To occupy them even when in death.

This is an abomination in a land stained with abominations.

The cruelty and shear sadism of the Israeli Occupation has twisted Israeli souls as much as it has damaged Palestinian flesh.

There is no defence for such wilful spite and Israel has exposed what they really are with such disgraceful behaviour by their military.

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  1. I was watching it live on AJ last night and I could not believe what I was witnessing: it was sadistic and totally outrageous. I have never seen anything before like the state attacking pall bearers at a funeral

    Has our Government come out and condemned this yet?

    Israel is a nasty shitty country

    • absolute BS israeli propaganda by Gabtard

      I watched the whole thing live. The police charged in unprovoked and things only started flying back at them after their initial assault and even then it was empty plastic bottles.

      gabtard is just another te aviv stooge

    • Hey Grabby,
      My understanding is that the funeral of the murdered Palestinian journalist took place in Palestine not israel.
      So israeli police,troops had no legal or moral right to be there anyway.
      It could be said, that they are israeli sanctioned, and paid, terrorists

    • Yeah Gabby, as far as i can determine only the Washington Post is running that “Story” no other news media.
      Still does’nt change the fact the IDF has such little respect for anyone not part of their fairy tale they dont even have the Human decency to simply withdraw and allow Palestinians to mourn in peace. Alleged problem solved.
      As my old Father used to say “Son you have a Problem” Worldwide condemnation even from your main partner in crime, the US.

      Colour me suprised…

    • Whose tired of the jews (israelis) and their american arm suppliers wailing about the holocaust, there will be a day of reckoning coming, and scores settled

      • Nah all good. There is no need to respond to Israeli apologists. Just let em talk. The IDF have done enough revolting things that can not be justified. The debate has been settled. There is nothing more a free Palestine movement can say. The time for dialogue and deplomacy has lost its value.

      • the holocaust is worth remembering and should be remembered by everyone, the issue is, like the conflation of critisism of isreal=anti semitism by zionists, using the murdered to justify current political expediency is the act of a scumbag and should be regarded as such.

  2. Interesting that Aljazeera has the best footage of what happened in its totality but if you try to search for it on You Tube it wont come up.

    The Al Jazeera video on YT has 274,000 views way more than any other video of the event yet even of you search for it but view count being the highest it does not come up,

    YT is fiddling with the algorithms and trying yo suppress the truth about what happened. Then when you see who is the (((ceo))) of youtube it all makes sense

    Here’s the video

  3. Al Jazeera covered the whole ugly incident. The mourners wanted to carry the casket to the church. The police said it had to be transported in a hearse and attacked those struggling to carry the casket. It is ludicrous to claim they were throwing stones at the same time.

  4. As usual Gaby appears to justify Israel killing Palestinians as they steal their land. Nothing she says can change the fact that this is an illegal occupation, Israel is still stealing land, still killing Palestinian kids, and still paying scum like her to shout down anyone who dares point out the evil that Israel is perpetuating.
    Shame on you Gaby and your racist evil Zionist paymasters.

    • There is no ‘occupation’, and no ‘stolen land’. Your rhetoric is as empty as your arguments, and fair-minded people everywhere see straight through them. I’m chuffed I can rattle all your cages so successfully.

  5. While somewhat shocking to us, the dynamics made it all inevitable.

    1. The occupying power does not allow public demonstrations (carrying Palestinian flags a no no) of nationalist sentiment within East Jerusalem (note the occupying power has claimed to have annexed East Jerusalem)
    2. The arrangement was for the casket to go from the hospital morgue to the church, by vehicle, not by foot. When this instead happened no 1 came into play.

    Similar scenes occur at any public gathering by Palestinians within East Jerusalem, usually at the Mount but sometimes because of evictions form homes.


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