Waatea News Column: On the Māori Party as Queenmaker


It is very clear that the Māori Party have ruled out making Chris Luxon and David Seymour the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of NZ in the next Government, but the Polls are clearly pointing to a slumping Labour & Green Party who will require the Māori Party to form a majority for the 2023 election.

While some will claim the Polls are too far out to give any definitive picture of where 2023 is heading, polling data over decades tend to suggest Polling becomes static as early as 12 months out so these numbers can be banked and debated.

It demands the Māori Party step up and push for policy that not only resonates with Māori but stands for a better New Zealand.

The danger is that the Māori Party’s agitation activism focusing on identity and expression of identity has an electorate outside Māoridom.

The Māori Party’s GST off food policy has the same ability to bring in wide community support as the ‘feed the kids’ campaign run by Hone Harawira did.

If the Māori Party wish to avoid handing ACT and National political ammunition by playing up fears of co-governance, the Māori Party must push for policy that impacts the majority of people damaged by free market capitalism.

Free dental care, Free public transport, State Houses for life and GST off food are all powerful policies that would have the most material impact on the poorest Māori and the poorest pākehā.

The mana of being the Queenmaker demands an obligation by the Māori Party to advance policy that helps bring everyone trapped by poverty forward.

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First published on Waatea News.


  1. I doubt Te Pati Maori will strive for a better New Zealand for all. You cannot on the one hand blame “systemic racism” (despite all the studies that indicate such a thing does not exist) and on the other hand, blame a lack of socio-economic opportunity for the ills of our society – it is either one or the other thing and the consequential solutions are quite different. My prediction is that they will stick with the “systemic racism” thing (because they probably ‘believe’ in this bollocks) and promote policies that favor Maori children – at the expense of other deprived children (albeit greater in absolute numbers) – who will sadly be dismissed.

      • if systemic racism is a thing (ie it is all white man bad fault) why are there so many brown faces in parliament for starters!

        Or why are there so many brown people earning more money than me?! Surely all brown people would be below me in society yet they aren’t.

        systemic bollocks more like it. just another victim card to be played instead of taking some responsibility

        The reason I earn less than most brown people is because I dropped out of school and don’t care about chasing dollars. I own it. do you?

        • XstraightXedgeX “systemic bollocks more like it. just another victim card to be played instead of taking some responsibilities.

          This from a perp that characterized Palestinian as a separate being to a Jew??
          Fuck-off man you can’t use shit like ‘Or why are there so many brown people earning more money than me?! Surely all brown people would be below me in society yet they aren’t’

          Answer: Your probably a dole blugger?

          The nonchalant candid way which that bigotry oozed out of your trap

          Here a better example of Systemic racism in action that get overlooked by pakeha bigots. Referendum of abolishing Maori seat only is an example and the justice system which I’ve repeatedly spoken many times about but can’t be fucked educating bigots

          Here read some fucken reports on systemic racism bigot.

        • Systemic racism is not the “all white man bad fault” that you describe but a comparison of population numbers with the % in various sectors (think high paying jobs, higher education, hospitals, prisons, early grave, etc). While it is obvious that those disadvantaged groups could do better if they made more effort to get educated that idea ignores the vast difference in the reality that different family situations have to support those children getting educated.
          Then you have another class of society intent on profiting from the hopeless situation those people are in by selling them things that do not contribute to their long term good.

          • so how many chinese lesbians would you reccomend so as to be ‘fair’ the problem with most ‘representationalist’ propartion based distribution is most people sit in more than 1 catagory..in my somewhat glib example who does the prospective ‘candidate’ represent?
            asian women(broad category)
            chinese women
            lgbt women
            and do not all those catagories deserve their own representation too?

    • systemic racism means it’s whiteys fault, socio-economics(CLASS) means the iwiocracy is part of the problem…so which line do you think the maori party will take?

  2. The maori party exist to promote maori policy, why anyone would think otherwise is foolish. It’s in the party name for goodness sake.
    They will not change and will ramp up the ‘everything is racist’ mantra as well as the ‘free everything for maori’ policy as that’s who their voter base is (plus of course the white guilt ridden wanna be maori votes).
    Expect more tub thumping rhetoric up to the election, afterall they need to devide and conquer, the more they devide, they hope, the more votes they get….it’s not rocket surgery people lol

    • Wrong. The Maori party exists because they promote what they perceive is what some maori want.
      33,000 votes isn’t representative of a majority of Maori.

  3. The mere possibility that “caucasity” Waititi has any say in government will poison the prospects of the Left.
    There’s precious little evidence that the Maori party give a rats about struggling European or Asian Kiwis, the interests of the country as a whole or even the value of liberal democracy itself.
    Every time Waititi opens his mouth it’s more votes for National, ACT or NZF.

    • What is good for Maori is good for all of NZ. If Waititi is poisoning the left Seymour’s policies will kill the centre right and that is National who will have to deal with him.

      • Well that might be true, just as what’s good for New Zealand is good for Maori is probably true. It’s not as if Maori aspirations and obstacles are manifestly different from everyone else.
        The ACT party have long been aligned with National so I think voters have the expectation they will be part any Right government and have factored that in already. TMP on the other hand seem determined to offend as many people as possible – the openly expressed distain for the 80% + non Maori part of the population (European and Asian) for example.
        After some of the things Waititi has said Labour, if they had a shred of decency, should point blank refuse to have anything to do with them.

      • I can agree with your first statement but the Q&A interview with Waititi left me in fear of race wars if they got any power especially if it was with Labour and Greens .They would all be chasing the same 15 percent of the population and poor and middle income pakeha would not get a look in

    • They need 5% of the party vote or at least one electorate seat. As of the last election they had 1.2% of the party vote so would need to more than quadruple that to get in without an electorate seat.

  4. ma he has to win a seat and if they get a percentage of the party vote they get more seats depending on the total percentage or the Maori party have to get over 5% of the total party vote to get back in. They are in the same position Winstone was in and he didn’t win an electoral seat and out they went cause they didn’t reach the 5% threshold or win a seat.

    • Thanks CIP, I thought that was the case.

      Given it was so close last time they could easily end up like Winston First then.

      Winston First is the most interesting one imo after ACT’s secret agent Monsieur Mallard gave him a platform he could only dream of.

      I’m having a quiet chuckle to how ironic it’d be if he ended up kingmaker, again, and went with NACT.

  5. ‘Maanakitanga’ this is the Maori DNA, and should be their mission statement and I make no secret advocating for all New Zealanders to understand our country history, warts and all, but the prevailing narrative depicting Maori as a stone age culture that practiced genocide on the Moriori people, who were cannibals, blah, blah, blah and deserved to be characterized negatively is normalized in our society and this insistence by pakeha of focusing on the lurid and exaggerating the extreme, even today should be room for concern, that this type of negative messaging affecting a dispossessed population is harmful for our country that claims to have the best race relationship in the world??

    That aside these two perps are dice IMO, if any Maori person votes for them they’re only voting for these perps paychecks and nothing else. I haven’t seen them articulate a policy that has inclusion of non-Maori? And that where I come back to knowing our country history and the sacrifices our ancestors made to welcoming Pakeha to our beautiful country, for their technology, that had its downsides (steel, ship building, windmills, wheat, guns) But to assume that my ancestors were passive cavemen waiting for European exceptionalism is a myth that need to be put in the dustbin.

    European colonization in New Zealand is founded on Maori willingness, to engage with Pakeha, to welcome them to this country, and to look after them, that lasted into the nineteen century until pakeha became stronger, and their numbers became ever-larger.


        • Context, the had no access to metal until Europeans arrived. Their tools were made from bird bones, whale bones, ivory teeth, both dog and human bones (from the ones they ate). They also made tools from stone especially from the large stone resources they discovered further inland within New Zealand.

          Further context, the Europeans from that era did awful terrible things as did Mayans, Inca, certain Native American tribes, the Mongols, etc.

          We cannot view the past and apply our standards to it however we should also not pretend that one race was or was not something then because it upsets our fragile sensibilities (relative to those of yesteryear).

          I think Stephen, if I were to denigrate Māori society by stating that they did nothing but terrible things (in todays context) then I’d accept you labelling me a bigot however I don’t believe I have done anything other than stating that as they only used Stone Age tools, they were therefore by definition they were stone aged. Past tense.

          Nothing we do can change the past however pretending it was something that it wasn’t isn’t going to help either.

          • Fair enough on the point of calling it ‘stone age’ but that without context which initially (defensive) I reacted with skepticism, but since you’ve added context to your comment I will agree with some of your assessment but not entirely.

            IMO, history is very relevant for understanding today social, economical, political, issues we are currently facing, and personally, I’m not here advocating my pakeha brothers & sisters (who are also suffering social ills) having to endure endless guilt, or turn it into some sort of ‘Karen’ scenario (Andrew Judd) but for me its more in balancing aforementioned

            Thanks for your reply and sorry for characterizing you as a bigot my bad!!

          • like all societies maori tribal society did some bad shit and some good shit….faux canonisation of any side gets us nowhere

  6. The opportunity will be there in the 2023 election for the Maori Party to side with a major political party which reflects its core principles and values. A third term labour government with Maori in key roles would promote the best interests of the New Zealand people in general, in my opinion.

    The reason for this is that National believe in free market economic theory, so no rent controls will be established even if they’re needed, no third State run supermarket to break up our current Duopoly, the minimum wage traditionally goes up more slowly under National than under Labour, superannuation stays at 65 even though it would be more appropriate at 66 or 67 as a big influx of Baby Boomers are about to hit retirement, State assets get sold.


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