If James Shaw yawns in a carbon sink forest, did the climate notice?

James Shaw mows his lawn.

Climate change Minister James Shaw confirms sinking lid of emissions budgets

Climate Change Minister James Shaw has released the first three emissions budgets – binding targets for the country to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

The sinking lids aim to steadily reduce emissions to meet the country’s overall goal of zero net emissions by 2050.

Yawn. We don’t need a sinking lid, we need a speeding roof!

James Shaw set climate crisis expectations way down with this sleepy nothing that does little.

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To appreciate how nothing James Shaw’s conclusion on what to do about catastrophic climate change is, it was immediately endorsed by the National Party whose evangelical leader probably believes global warming is happening because God is hugging earth extra tight.

The Greens have become politically irrelevant and this nothing to be carbon neutral by 2050 is a joke!

By 2030, over 50% of the oceans will be collapsing as bio-habitats.

By 2030, East Coast cities in the U.S. can expect to see two to three-times as many flooding incidents.

By 2030, 122million will be driven into extreme poverty as  direct result of climate change.

By 2030, 100million will die as a direct consequence of climate change.

By 2030, even if the Paris Agreement is actually implemented, we will see a planet warm to 3.4 degrees by the end of this century meaning there will effectively be no future civilisation capable of surviving on a planet that warm.

By 2030, the global annual cost of global warming will be $3trillion.

2030, the number of extremely hot days — classified as maximum temperatures of more than 35C — are tipped to climb in all capital cities.


And by 2050 NZ might be carbon neutral.


See, when you actually compare what the planet will look like by 2030, being carbon neutral by 2050 is meaningless isn’t it?

The magnitude of what we need to do to adapt to counter the nightmare unending capitalism has wrought upon the planet is simply beyond the capacity of the current political establishment and that is most apparent with the Greens.

This is less transformative and more glacial, except there won’t be any glaciers by 2050.

If you think James Shaw is the solution, you are part of the problem.

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  1. And yet nothing that we do in NZ is going to make a blind bit of difference to global warming other than to impoverish us as a country and make a few of you feel all lovely and virtuous.

    Until India, China, Russia, etc stop burning fossil fuels which they’re not going to, we’re fucked.

    So rather than punishing us all can we perhaps just focus on mitigation?

    Also, no mention made about how large parts of the west are now moving away from this madness as cold hard economic reality bites and cheap Russian gas is no more.

    • Agree Yeti. If we are going to stop using Russian oil and imports are getting harder perhaps we should restart drilling for our own oil .If there was as much as was predicted it would make the money to do the mitigation work just like Norway and we could help other Pacific Nations as well.

    • Forget sea level rise, its the collapse of agriculture in the short term: multiple simultaneous extreme climate events hitting the bread baskets. We are living the climate catastrophe now. 1.5C is locked in which = HELL.

      All of Africa is basically in a mega drought now and will stay that way. 100 millions will starve and try to get to Europe.

      Everywhere really, if its not extended record breaking drought its a biblical flood.

      Its going to get rapidly more insane like NOW in the next few years and decade. Once 2C is locked in around 2030 on current emission trend its game over for human civilization.

      • They’ll starve as they haven’t adopted modern agricultural practices and their governments are run by crooks and swindlers.

        Malawi is importing Afrikaans farmers and they’re growing a strong agricultural economy (pardon the pun).

  2. 2030 is nit all that far away. As all previous predictions by Al Gore et al have proved ridiculously wrong, perhaps we should hold back a but and see if any of these are any better?

          • Na – I made heaps of Airfix models when i was a kid. The models were tiny and lacking in detail. But they glorified our WW2 heroes in our minds..

            • the old ones are bad but have nostagia value(they even have a classics range for those of a certain age) the newer ones are as good as anything on the market today.

    • Martyn needs to calm down a bit over climate change. 2030 is only 8 years away. It is highly unlikely any of the things he is forecasting will happen by then.

      Similarly it is not possible to radically reduce emissions in such a short time frame, at least not without causing a major recession.

      Even if 50% of all new vehicles over the next 8 years are low emission vehicles, that will still be only 10% of the total vehicle fleet in 2030. I guess the governments (either Labour or National) could ban new ICE cars from 2032. But will utes and heavy trucks be all low emission vehicles by 2032? I reckon not, more like 2040.

      So the New Zealand response is going to heavily depend on new forestry. I hope not all of it is radiata pine, how about a decent amount of new native forest.

      • Yes, agree. This guy thinks 8 years gives time for him and his generation to ignore it all?

        Wayne – I am wondering what your true surname is.
        Can you think 80 and 800 years ahead, and work out the real problem?

  3. But wait. A congestion tax for Aucklanders!

    That’ll fight climate change. Keeping people out of their CBD. That will work. Not. And then spread it out to the burbs. Keep them poor AND bottled up.

    A tax. As a cost living crisis develops. A tax!

    It almost seems like this government want to restrict the poor everyway they can, now their freedom of movement, even to earn a living.

    I get that these politicians do not experience a cost of living crisis because they are well paid, by us, and are therefore insulated and out of touch.

    But this lot are hell bent of losing the next election, aren’t they?

    • Xray how many “poor” park in the CBD? I would think a CBD congestion charge would not overly impact the poor

      • Most of Auckland is in the longer term plans, the CBD is just. the beginning.

        And the poor are everywhere in the CBD. And they have cars too!

      • Unfortunately the poor covers may who are working now . With the runaway rents caused in part by this governments various policies couples bringing in a $1000 a week are classed as poor under the guide lines used to define poverty

    • I read that we need to reduce vehicle kms travelled by 20%, but the population is aging and the oldies will be able to use a car for longer than their ability or wish to ride a bike (e or not)

  4. Now, before the hypocrites currently pouring lovely milky Latte’s down their throats in the Ponsonby cafe’s dahlings spare a thought for the beastly fama.
    Ok. Let me begin by asking you? Who’s your boss? Who rules your personal and professional world? Who forces you out the door and down to your place of employment? Who does that? Take you time.
    Ok. Fuck it. I’ll yell you. It’s the banks. Specifically, ( But no exclusively…) the four banks which used to be owned by us, but are now owned by ‘them’.
    Sheep and grain farmers went into dairy because the banks colluded with big business to force that change. What’s more, and I agree, that change has caused a natural disaster that’s closing around our necks like a slow motion hanging.
    I was born onto a 650 acre farm in Southland. All I can remember is struggle. We had an Appellation style life of hardship and hard work.
    ( Meanwhile whoo hoo! Auckland! But why? But how? But that’s another matter for later.)
    Towns people are rightly concerned about cowsploitation causing pollution. This farmer can tell you that, that’s a fucking reality.
    What’s also a reality is that towns people, like country people, have no idea what’s actually causing that pollution, and no. It’s not what comes out a cows bum. That’s merely a symptom of a diseased political and financial system.
    I’ve been writing here for what seems like decades and most of what I write about, in my humble, illiterate fashion is about the deliberately manufactured and manipulated yawing gap between the city persons comprehension of farming and of the farmers comprehension of politics and economics. Aye Boys?
    And it’s no surprise to me that the biggest lying, scamming, national party Bankster Ball Cuppers are bloody cockies. Ayyyyyyyeee Boys?
    Wee Jimmy ‘Bent Boyhood House’ Shaw is HSBC Bank.
    I literally have a penny on my desk. It’s a 1947 penny, a Tui on one side, King George the Sixth on the other and I’m still waiting for it to drop. I mean c’mon! Jesus Christ guys ! Can’t you see the link between foreign bankster greed and farmers farming unsustainably? Really?

    • Well said CB. Serfs in our own country, manipulated by absentee landlords (foreign banks); and goverment’s saw fit to knight those that perpetrated this mess.

    • “link between foreign bankster greed and farmers farming unsustainably?”

      Same culprits funding weapons and fossil fuels industry, ensuring decades of serious warnings by science field about impending CO2 emissions climate disaster

  5. I see in extending the apprenticeship scheme they’ve halved the funding…so foot gun shoot again LINO

    • If only politicians got rewarded on the basis of their being technicians doing and getting paid for finishing a required job in a timely and efficient manner. Even if they specialised in actual waffles, rather than wordy bouncy castles, it would be something of value. Instead they mostly worry us sick and do fanciful things at great cost and rely on what they call a mandate which is promises they either don’t keep to or make up so that any base on reality becomes a matter of playing Spot’de Dick.

    • Noah James Shaw should target New Zealand’s ugliest company Fonterra rather than fawning over them like Jacinda, they are the nation’s biggest polluter plus they are driving the cost of living crisis with their $20 blocks of cheese. These degenerates are essentially robbing us in our homes, taking a dump in our living room on the way out and are then praised by the authorities for their hard work.

  6. Gee it makes you think dunnit! What to do. I know build high rise apartments and the bottom floors could be utilised as parking levels all ready for rising sea levels. Then they could be giant aquariums where the building residents could grow fish for sustenance and to conserve species.
    Let our minds roam free instead of being fenced off with norms we have come to accept.

    We’ve killed off so many species as if we are insatiable gods so let us become benign gods instead seeing we know all and till now thought that we should have anything that the ‘deserving’ at the top, and the bottom of our partly-educated stratum of our ‘civilisation’ chain, demand.

  7. We had to have started dramatically cutting CO2 emissions in 2020 and down 40% by 2030 and the rest by 2040. Instead emissions have INCREASED at an ACCELERATING rate.

    COVID economic stimulation packages hijacked and funneled into fossil fuel industry instead of renewables. The greatest crime in all of human history?

    1.5C locked in within 2 years. 2C by 2030. Your children will be living in hell on earth if they dont perish with you first.

  8. one of the features of soviet bloc cities was the ground floors had shops, so every few blocks people could (theoretically) get what they needed within walking distance…were they monolithic – yeah were they grey – yeah are they (particularly the ones from the kruschev era) in high demand – you betcha.
    Now I’m not suggesting large blocks on that scale but I am suggesting developers be compelled to provide shop space at cheap rents and include other facilities in their projects….basically build a community not a warehouse for people

  9. If only James Shaw could focus his efforts on fixing all of New Zealand’s problems, instead of trying to fix the whole goddamn world and the entire universe single-handed while China and Russia and the US fucks it all up. It’s actually fucking annoying to listen to the Greens unrealistic shit. Has he ever asked us if we want to be the world’s saviours? Of course not. Let’s hope they get wiped in 2023 so they can navel gaze for a few years.

  10. Excuse me! But can someone turn up the heat. It’s getting colder now and electricity is too expensive to heat up the house so a bit of global warming in the winter months would be appreciated. Especially for the old folks who can’t afford the price of electricity.

    The planet will take care of itself. The human race are too stupid to appreciate what they have and care for it properly so if humans get wiped out because of their own stupidity so be it.

    Another amoeba will crawl out from another sea somewhere in a billion or two years time. And then life will start all over again maybe?

  11. humanity is merely a skin infection on the planets surface, nature doesn’t even consider us…we fucked it up good style

    As The Stranglers put it…

    Looked around on Wednesday
    Took in all the sights
    The promised land they’d left to man
    Been ruined over night
    Peering through the portholes
    Teardrops in their eyes
    The ship they took one last look
    At the last setting sunrise

    and it’s your kids and grandkids who will suffer, hope we’re all proud of ourselves for keeping up the value of investments.

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