Military Industrial Complex Profit is now driving American response to Ukrainian war


I’ve never been a fan of Putin.

I’m not a Lefty who looks up to or admires him.

I think he is a thug who has used appalling authoritarian tactics to hold onto power.

That’s not to say I don’t agree with his criticism of the West and the abomination that is the US Military Industrial Complex.

I’m not fan of Washington or Moscow.

I argued that Putin would invade the Ukraine because of the attempted coup in Kazakhstan in January and that his view of NATO expansion had become an existential threat.

The West should have ensured Russia’s collective sense of national security was respected.

We didn’t.

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Putin’s bluff means he has to double down on the war in Ukraine…

Russia-Ukraine war: Vladimir Putin believes ‘doubling down’ will improve conflict outcome, US Central Intelligence Agency says

US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director William Burns said on Saturday that Russian President Vladimir Putin believes doubling down on the military conflict in Ukraine will improve the outcome of the war.

…Putin’s desperation of course is now being purposely manipulated by the West…

Behind Austin’s Call for a ‘Weakened’ Russia, Hints of a Shift

When Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III declared Monday at the end of a stealth visit to Ukraine that America’s goal is to see Russia so “weakened” that it would no longer have the power to invade a neighboring state, he was acknowledging a transformation of the conflict, from a battle over control of Ukraine to one that pits Washington more directly against Moscow.

…protecting innocent Ukrainians from invading Russians is now secondary to a wider American goal of significantly weakening Russia.

Those are two very different goals and of course the American Military Industrial Complex is already making $33Billion in military aid…

Biden says U.S. sending Ukraine another $150 million in aid

President Joe Biden on Friday authorized the shipment of another $150 million in military assistance for Ukraine for artillery rounds and radar systems in its fight against Russia’s invading forces.

Biden said the latest spending means his administration has “nearly exhausted” what Congress authorized for Ukraine in March and called on lawmakers to swiftly approve a more than $33 billion spending package that will last through the end of September.

…$33billion and a new military aim to weaken Russia.

This stopped being about saving innocent Ukrainian lives sometime ago. This is now about making the American Corporate Military Gods of War rich.

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  1. Love Caitlan Johnstone she an awesome writer, poet, activist. Putin Isn’t a lefty he’s a true-blue rightwing semi-authoritarian leader and it suites his country and the Russian people because they overwhelmingly voted for him, and his popularity has increased their nationalist tendency especially when captured Russian soldiers shown on Russian mainstream T.V were paraded on video, bound and blindfolded being executed and severely beaten by the Ukrainian military, which is a war crime supported by the west.

    The Russian have also challenged the US dollar trading it’s oil and gas in the Ruble which has increased in value since the military operation began. This isn’t a war ‘yet’ it’s a military operation that will end if Zelensky concedes which is unlikely as he’s not the leader leading his sides defense, its actually Biden, who has characterized Putin negatively and openly talked about regime change and will fight the Russians to the last Ukrainian.

  2. Yup the arms industry is loving this conflict : billions of taxpayers hard earned dollars being handed to the small clique of white collared elites who manufacture the weapons.

    At present it feels like the USA is aggressively pushing for WW3. The USA certainly wouldn’t tolerate what is going on if they were in Russia’s shoes right now.

    What I find really weird is how so many people, orgs and even countries seem to be cheering on the arming of Ukraine and the increasing prospect of WW3 that comes with that.

    Funny looking at social media profiles with all the usual suspects adding little Ukrainian flags to their growing list of virtue signalling symbols and sayings including #metoo, BLM, I’m triple vaxxed and booked in for my 4th shot why aren’t you? and of course their preferred pro-nouns and reminding us that trans women are women too, while if you’re a nazi you will be blocked.

    Will the block the Azov Battalion? ooopsie

    • The ‘stars’ are all visiting Ukraine-Pelosi,Trudeau,Bojo…and now Bono and Jill Biden….I wonder if Zelensky can…dance!

  3. NATO’s first Secretary General, once said NATO was to “keep Russia(Soviet Union) out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.
    Its back on track nicely , Russia is out ( Putin actually asked to join once), US is selling more weapons and energy. And Germany is going to pay a big economic price. Isn’t it great when a plan comes together.

    • Only because of Putin, all he had to do was wait.

      Nordstrom would have started and Germany would have stayed at 1% GDP defence spending (and the 2014 2% GDP defence spending agreement by 2024 would have been breeched causing NATO an existential crisis). There was every chance of NATO being a western remnant outside the EU (Norway/UK/Canada/USA) with the EU have defence ties to it and Russia.

      The local strategists and western analysts have to presume Putin is on his last legs health wise to have blundered so badly.

  4. “when captured Russian soldiers shown on Russian mainstream T.V were paraded on video, bound and blindfolded being executed and severely beaten by the Ukrainian military, which is a war crime supported by the west.”

    Citation needed.

  5. Glad you have a good grip on what is going on, Bomber.

    It is now hard for us ordinary people to campaign against those ” American Corporate Military Gods of War”.

    And we have fools who believe in their cause.

  6. Just off your headline — not really. The Russian dictator is driving this.

    Two years in covid isolation, along with being a dictator for 20 years. Paranoia much?

    This is a complete rousing moment for democracy and against war. What are we about? Throw your shoulder into every moment that allows us to overthrow the freemarket consensus in favour of the rule of the rich. This is one in my opinion.

  7. I see the ‘training the locals’ scam has been resurrected by the Pentagon. After all, the 20 years in Afghanistan were a rousing success in terms of lucrative revolving door arrangements. It was only in the, you know, military sense that it was an utter failure.
    It’s baffling how strong the liberal war fever is too…

    • yup you train the taliban and planes hit skyscrapers does anyone want another ‘blowback’ with ukrainian nazis this time?…it’s almost like the west promotes these groups knowing full well they will commit atrocities thus enabling the agencies in question to demand more laws and bigger budgets….juz sayin loike

  8. personally I think that Putin has been set up by a certain director of Burisma who has the full weight of the CIA and Bank Of Dad behind him to exploit every technological miracle developed by (some) well meaning scientists …as well as the gain of function “research” in labs across Ukraine which even Nuland has confirmed; and if these atrocities plus the possibility of the destruction of a very large nuclear power plant near Kiev ( nuclear scary, sell more gas ) by deep state sabotage isn’t enough to needle a response I don’t know what is.
    As we are dominated by a science driven narrative ( the science says this or the science proves that) and scientists have proven this (search for yourself the implications here) I totally back Putin for defending his country against these covert and underhand operations and theft of resources such as we see in the african and middle eastern countries or don’t see because we are too busy watching dancing with the stars-we are in a singularity moment where mind games, ubiquitous surveillance and inter-connectivity equals mass approval of the proxy killing for entertainment scenario driven by corporate media. thank you . wear a mask if you need to feel safe and don’t forget, most surveillance programs have been created by the magic of science minus the scrupulous attention to detail such as “does this programme glitch?” ( see Paradigm) or “security holes in our code” or stuff like that

  9. Despite all that we have seen done “in the name of Democracy” over these past years, we have again allowed ourselves to be conned into accepting the US version of events in another conflict, and it is beyond naivety. And we are willing participants in our own fooling. At the very least, if we had one jot of respect for democracy, we’d acknowledge that Putin has the overwhelming support of Russia’s people, and that therefore for us to characterise this war in terms of it being “Putin’s war” is also to be conned into accepting the US version of events. Despite Russia eschewing Communism, and embracing Capitalism, the anti cold war rhetoric never stopped, Nato was in fact enlarged, and now, despite Russian having parlayed the Minsk accords to settle the affair, we have WW3 knocking as a consequence. And the fault is not Putin’s – it’s ours!

  10. It’s going to be interesting to see how long the US can bear to remain in the audience while a war is going on in which they are not the main belligerent. It must be a strange feeling for them. On the other hand it would be the first war they engaged in against an enemy that has a chance of defending itself. Is there enough popcorn in the country?
    At least there is a cure for global warming in the offing. Maybe some animals will survive.
    Good one Martyn
    D J S

  11. Israel duly noted, so where’s bovver boy Britain on the corporate full Monty? They have after all a much longer history of antagonism to Russia which has been beefed up considerably over the past two months. Cor blimey, when the Guardian and The times run identical headlines for weeks on end you know the Brits want to be quids in.

    • Britain is currently being run by an incompetent looney PM. He made a few dumb statements, but seems incapable of doing anything else.

      • indeed as long as that sweet sweet sweeeet oligarchs cash is funding the city of london and the tory party, brit action will be no more than lipping off to placate the yanks.

    • Fair point. The Herald is too busy putting out the latest propaganda blast – Russian kiddies dressed up as tanks. Much better clickbait than an apology and withdrawal.

    • thing is the herald probably has no reporters within a thousand miles of the ukraine…they may have a partime gig stringer in kiev or moscow, so they’re reliant on news agency feeds, they don’t print news, they photocopy PR handouts….
      reporting of the whole conflict is ‘return of the 5 o’clock follies’ with an even more subservient media this time round.

  12. Belarus and Ukraine need our support. The salty details of the commenters can achieve nothing. Democracy, the rule of the people, can achieve everything needed. The whole fucken Left manifesto.

    Who do I like among our NZ Left leaders? I can’t answer that. But in the 90s it would be Anderton. So, maybe, less messiahs and more us. Which I feel good about. We are in a good state apart from the political parties.


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