Wait! WHAT? Mallard has dumped the trespass orders? So WTF was that all about then?

What have you done now you fucking clown?

Wait, WHAT?

Mallard has dumped the trespass orders?

So what the fuck was this all about then?

How the Christ can Winston Peters and Matt King go from being legitimate threats to the State and trump their inalienable right as politicians to speak to protestors one day and then suddenly they are not the day after being served with papers?

Those tribal Labour who flooded social media in sick defence of this outrageous abuse of political power were left all out on the battlefield of dispute desperately defending the legitimacy of Trev’s actions and all were sacrificed for the expediency of a cowardly u-turn the moment it erupted in the media.

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The self mutilation of this decision, the needless reminder of how out of control and power drunk Trev is, the needless reminder of Trev’s power drunk provocations at the Dumb Lives Matter protest, the needless reminder of Winston Peters, the needless reminder that once again it’s ACT stepping up for real civil rights defending, the needless reminder that the Greens caved in like cowards…….


And then these fucking clowns ask ‘why are we dropping in the polls”.

Did he just wake up and say, ‘how can I shave 5% off our support today”?

I just don’t even, what can be said, this is what the Left is now?

Jesus wept.

Will someone please put a fucking muzzle on Trev.


Success would be Trev not appearing in the fucking media for the remainder of the Political term.

Failure will be Trev appearing for any reason in the fucking media for the remainder of the Political term.

Come on guys. Please. Shut Trev up.

No more Trev Trev.


I’ve got a big bag of shhhhhhh for you Trev.

Trev go silent now.

Hushy hushy.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh right this moment.

Red October is running deep, running silent

No more word words.

Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

Am I expressing my genuine desire for Trev to not allow any sound whatsoever to pass through his lips for the next 18 months?

You appreciate it?

Have I built the vision?

You are sold and signed up?



If Trev has completely finished fucking us, can we get back to the housing crisis, cost of living crisis, mental health crisis, poverty crisis and environmental crisis?


Shut up Trev.


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  1. Nothing like a little intra-elite handbagging to keep the right-wing media entertained. Meanwhile, the underclass festers and grows…

  2. Trev, unfortunately, is just a really obvious symptom of the Labour Party’s lack of effective political management, or even some wisdom and maturity.

    The wheels of this government are really wobbling, even if they haven’t fallen off completely just yet.

  3. Congratulations Winston Peters. Stared that clown in the face and the clown ran away. You might not agree with his policies but he just showed why he is the best politician left standing .

    • How can Winstone he be left standing his party is gone as he failed to get back in as for Trev leave him alone we voted for him for many years he was a bloody good MP who cared about his constituents.

  4. He pulled notices on 5 ex MP’s who could defend themselves plus the optics of this were so damaging, he had no choice.

    As for the rest, bullyboy Mallard couldn’t care less, the notices stay.

    This man existence in parliament and Labour is an embarrassing liability!

  5. Damage done.
    Another round of the Labour political elite denouncing the protestors with the rudest terms their cloned brains can come up with – those feral constituents that put them there.
    And democratic principles be dammed.

    It’s obvious (to at least 30 percent of the population) that they still don’t get it and really think they were in the right all along.

  6. ” the needless reminder that once again it’s ACT stepping up for real civil rights defending,”
    Ha. So funny. I thought you were being serious then.
    Roger ‘Hog Stump’ douglas the stunted psycho excreted ACT out of his arse as a brain fart for Jesus and a Dollar and in there, in the fumes and particles there was wee davey the Twerk coalescing to create the Lizard who knows how to say what ever’s needed to keep to where he’s at. And boy! I really did think he had you fooled.
    It looked like you were rooting for davey there for a minute. No. Not rooting davey, just rooting FOR davey. It’s an american thing, if I remember correctly.
    Definition of root for
    : to express or show support for (a person, a team, etc.) : to hope for the success of (someone or something) They always root for the home team. Good luck on your upcoming show. Remember that we’re all rooting for you.
    In AO/NZ we have a different angle on rooted don’t we. I.e. “Care for a root mate?” “That was a quick root mate!” ” Now we’re all rooted.” etc.
    Roger Douglas, a fine yet short man and his ACT protege have certainly done a great deal for the civil rights of those most at risk alright.
    “Charities inundated with people struggling to pay power bills”
    Yay ! Go the civil right of privatised wealth-sequestering trickle downs and ongoing trapped in poverty trickle ups. “Oooh …! I love you davey xxxx let me squeeze your pert twerky little buttocks.”

    • Overuse of Focus Groups:

      After awhile such groups stop informing as to what the public opinion is and start attempting to transform public opinion.

      Labour my have fallen into the trap of using Focus Groups as a tool to transform public opinion, rather than a polling exercise.

      • Polling is at the peril of the majority or should I say tyranny and not always the best way to get information better to use many methods.

  7. The biggest advocates for divided racial segregation and the ‘right type’ of protester and protest seem to be the Wellington Male Pale Stale Woke.

    White woke Pakeha Trev, bans Maori anti woke Winny from Parliament and the other day, got a huge rant against a Elizabeth Rata article, from (my guess) similar demographic as Trev.

    There is something very ironic about Maori race being decided a few Paheka and woke elite as their basis to stop colonialism (when things seem to be worsening for them under years of their policies), while banning democracy and alternate Maori and Pakeha views on issues that effect them.

  8. Ardern is still standing by Mallard

    Has she taken leave of her senses?

    FFS Labour is a slow motion train wreck

    meanwhile Uncle Fester is having a chuckle as he watches Labours train ride to oblivion pass by on the way to its inevitable doom

    He’s probably even listening to “Ride of the Valkyries” as it goes past

    • He is a continuous problem in her government that she just does not need. I mean this was crazy shit.

      But hey, Jacinda clearly wants the aggro by the looks thinking standing by this fool means there’s nothing to see here.

      • Yes he doesn’t do her any favors but from a speakers point of view he’s a Saint compared to the most bias in our history, David Carter.

        • You bet David Carter…..I raise you Margaret Wilson!
          Your beat, a busted flush Bert lol

            • You win hands down – even though every political commentator in NZ says that Mallard is – hands down by a country mile – the worst speaker ever to grace parliament, an embarrassment to the profession, you managed to peg it to National, as always. Good work. Let’s just say it was John Key’s fault that Mallard issued trespasses. There you go. Now it’s perfect. Folks, everyone clap for Bertie!

              • Good one little coward cabbage, change the record and your nappies. Mike Judge is still waiting for you to denounce Nuremberg.
                Hey coward, what’s your real name, Nicola Willis want’s to know?
                And Mallard is brilliant because as we know, the Nats are trying to get rid of him, so he ‘s doing everything all right. Every political commentator doesn’t like Mallard, no wrong once again, only the blue rinsed Soper. But good on you coward keeping up the good hard right german talk.

          • Fuck off Bob/John, that clearly demonstrates you know zilch on NZ politics and stop wagging school.

      • You are correct nothing to see here it’s the most transparent government ever,
        See through.

            • Silly lad. Poor wee lad blinded by his blue bedroom light. Get your mommy to tuck you in there lad.

            • Well we already had a failed national government for 9 long hard years and the leader actually left, yet no one leaves but he did and why is that? Now he has another clown in his place and Jacinda is gonna wipe the floor of him come debate time for election. Nothing like a good debate to see who truly is worthy of representing us on the world stage.

      • She’s being “ kind” and she probably has one eye on her global agenda – much bigger fish to fry.

    • Yes Mallard is a bully and a mongrel, qualities you need as a speaker. He is the best speaker we have had since I first listened to Parliament. Up until Mallards tenure they had a line of colonial types who spoke like the Governor generals of old times. Carter was useless conservative colonial but Mallard is like a true kiwi bloke. Just a Tory dirty politics beat up. NATZACT have got no policies and are envious of the good news on the economy, unemployment, housing, etc. Luxon, Willis, ICU Reti, are weak uninformed poor performers. Cant see Luxon being there in 15 months time.

  9. Jacinda has lost the plot and has pressed the self destruct button, because now she declaring total confidence in Mallard and is shouting at those who criticised Mallard and demand he get sacked. Her credibility is going down the dunny. Don’t forget to flush please.

  10. I am beginning to give increasing consideration of the poster who said Trev is experiencing early stage dementia!

    • Fantail Trevor mightn’t be the only demented person quacking around Parliament. Ever read or seen one of those delightful docs where everybody in an institution goes nuts ? From memory, they’re usually convents of Belgium nuns or adolescent schoolgirls, but with all the gender gymnastics permeating the corridors of power, anything is possible up Bowen Street now. Winston Peters a threat to National security ? Collective madness.

  11. How many times do you say THIS. IS. WHAT. THE. LEFT. HAS. BECOME. before you realise this is what they’ve become, since for fucking ages. They’re anti democratic, anti free speech, anti self determination, anti freedom. The right are no better btw. Corrupt, the lot of them.

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