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  1. First rule of truth club, don’t believe any information coming out of government or mass media until it is verified, and even then question the motives behind it’s release.

  2. Evans should know. He spewed out some of the vilest ant-Israel and anti-Jewish propaganda ever seen in this country. Nobody should countenance any dictats from this guy.

  3. i try to push back against war propaganda by showing the ‘enemy’ Nato has been proxy fighting and trying to kill since 2014 ,,, eastern Russian Ukrainians

    The present white-washing of Azov, the premier nazi fighters against the ethnic Russian Ukrainians for the past 8 years ,, includes the lie that their SS Wolfsangel on their flags is actually the letters N & I, representing Azovs ‘Idea of the Nation’.,,,,

    Even if true , which it’s not,,, Azov’s ‘Idea of the nation’ is,
    One Nation
    One culture
    One Language
    One people.

    The coup Government overturned laws protecting minority’s rights by removing legal recognition or official use of their languages ,,,even though up to 40% spoke russian.

    The pretense of Ukrainian democracy ends when the conversation about language begins. The same sort of laws enacted here would ban Maori and all other languages apart from English from being officially recognized

    Poreshenkos new language law was passed in parliament and signed into force by speaker Andriy Parubiy,,,

    Mr. Parubiy founded the Social-National Party of Ukraine in 1991 a far right fascist party that only accepted ethnic Ukrainians as members and led its paramilitary wing accused of racist attacks carried out with impunity ,,,

    impunity helped along because in 2014 Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council chief was Andriy Parubiy.

    Zelinsky had accelerated the implementation of Poreshekos ‘One National Language’ laws along with hard right Neo-lib economics.

    His popularity had plummeted to just above 30% prior to Russia getting directly involved and giving his Nato proxy army a real war they are being destroyed in ,,,

    Zelensky was elected by 73 percent of the vote on a promise to pursue peace ,,,, He was not supported in that end by usa/nato, and threatened against it by Ukraine’s right wing killers ,,,,all of which quickly had him reverting back to aggressive Ukrainian ethno-nationalisim.,,,,

    Banning other inhabitants languages is similar to Zionists,,, as Israel did the same thing to Palestinians

    Due to a deep sense of betrayal Zelensky’s rating fell to 23 percent in January 2022 ,,,, despite his failure for the huge majority of Ukraine voters wishing to avoid war ,,,,western propaganda is making him out as a world wide hero defending democracy ,,, Nato and their extremist proxy fighters used him to defeat the democratic wishes of the voters

    I’m just stating some facts our media never reports ,,, in their lying by omission Propaganda.

    I wonder how long our Government can keep a lid on the truth ,,,, but now with pay-pal blocking and stealing the funds of independent news providers ,,, on top of google/facebook/youtube shadow banning & algorithm censorship ,,

    The squeeze on alternative voices is getting tighter ,,,,

    Paypal Bans MintPress, Consortium & several indie journalists

    • Givi and Motorola and Mozgovoi, all dead now. Mozgovoi wrote the most beautiful poem , a year before he died.Something like,” May would be a good month to die, with the grass greening…”etc
      He died in May assassinated in mysterious circumstances.
      I find though Reason, that its no use appealing to reason, people make emotional choices based on the propaganda they’ve swallowed, propaganda designed to appeal to unexamined emotion that shuts down reason

      • Cheers Francesca, thanks for the post and further information on Mozgovoi , all three leaders were slain in behind the lines assassinations,,, but had succeeded in setting the foundations for continuing defense of their community’s.

        In the Givi tribute video above ,,there’s a young Patric Lancaster filming away in his batman tee ,,,, His death is wished by Nato flunky’s too.

        I’ll fix the ‘Paypal Bans MintPress, Consortium & several indie journalist link while here’

        Finally for a bit of fun at the expense of our white-washed nazi boys ,,,, I looked at Azovs youtube channel ,,, and have left mocking comments the idiots will probably take as genuine praise.
        “Azov Regiment: Chronicle of Mariupol defense”…

        …me – ‘There is no way the best of Ukraine will lose to dumb Chechnya Orcs ,,, Slava to Azov ghosts of Mariupol ,,, 40 dead orcs for 1 Azov super man.,,,

        I’ll give them some Hitler level questions soon ,,,, “where is my counter-attack??” ,,, ‘ Listen, I have a plan….’

        Trolling defeated Nazis is good fun among a sea of bad shit ,, something to laugh at..

        • Were you ROFL when the IDF duped the Hamas Nazis into their Gaza tunnels last year? Then, er, dispatched them to the hereafter.

          • Nah Anne, I don’t know what your Zionist abuse of the English language has you describing….

            Something far more worthy than your nasty nonsense ,,, is having fun with the ‘good Nazis’ media productions…..

            Behind the scenes the planning and plotting I’m hearing at the Azov boards is escalating in a threatening manner… :0 !!

            ,,, I almost couldn’t believe what I was reading over there… I’ve copied and pasted just one of these messages sent to AZOV and appearing on their boards–

            — “Words of brotherhood are sent by Brenton T,,,,, a fellow fighter for the cause and P.o.W in a New Zealand prison after capture. …. BT says ‘Kia Kaha’ (stay strong ) and sends a big Hongi , which is the Southern Cross greeting and stealth inmate salute ,,,used by the hard core Tiki squad that BT has recruited while in jail….and he is using his men to help him escape ,,,, they are digging a tunnel out,,, have you guys thought of that?? ,,,

            if you could dig your way to the sea ,,,, Britain would send a sub to pick you up.,,,, Zelinsky got a British passport just so he could make things like this happen.

            Britain is god of the seas ,,,Slava Azov and all the best from your Tiki Brother warriors ,, here’s our war songs to scare Orcs before wasting them on your safaris


  4. I left another pep talk for the “Azov” soldiers,,, who have been named already as “steel soldiers”. ,,, perhaps from their PACT OF STEEL conference, which is annually held under the auspices of the paneuropean Reconquista Movement,,,, in Kyiv at the well-known Reconquista* Club.

    My message to these conference of steel soldiers and NATOway distributors presently doing it hard,,,, gives them hope ,,,,, I think,-

    “A great plan by brave Zelensky and the brainy Brit Boris Johnson will soon fall upon the stupid Orcs ,,, Zelinsky has got British citizenship ,,,, which means a squadron of British Hairier Jump Jets are coming for you ,,, NATO will always cover your backs and together we will win…”

    Zelensky & SBU given Passports

    If jeremy Corbyn had been elected in Britain,,, we probably wouldn’t have this war to give Ukraine glory with ,,,–tSgTnk?t=1115 how is Putin to stop Boris/Nuland/NATO sabotaging peace in Ukraine??.,,, or is this Vlad the Bad propaganda ,, with almo$t zero evidence $$,..

    $$ $$ ,,, Martin Luther King, Jr –“the devastating effects of the war on the hopes of the poor” ,,, “The bombs in Vietnam explode at home—they destroy the dream and possibility for a decent America”.

    I included some excellent short clips on the great man which show his inspirational activisim against racism and poverty and war. ..
    If MLK Sneezed (MLK’s Last Speech)

    MLK on Guaranteed Income | Universal Basic Income (5 Reasons)

    “I consider war an evil.” leaves us in no doubt MLK would have been against the mass killings and war of persecution which was launched in 2014 in Ukraine.

    He would have called for peace and negotiations from the NATO kick start. .,,, not more weapons.

    “Ukraine on April 15, 2014 launched the ‘anti-terrorist operation’ (ATO) and ordered its military to re-take control over Donbas region. In only 10 months the results are more than 6000 people dead, including 2000 Ukrainian troops,,,which many be underreported, and more than 1 million internally displaced and refugees.

    MLK is a far greater man than other Authors using him to front their 2022 deception ,,, wiping the past erases the truth

    Not only that ,,,, if ACT/Judith did a Usa backed coup on us, banishing the Maori Language ,,,, and then burning 45 of them to death for peacefully protesting ,,, not many of us would claim glory to NZ.

    Doing exactly that to murder 45 Ukraine ethnic russians ,,,, with NO prosecutions and NO justice for the victims ,,,, due to the coup states prejudice and racism against them,,

    , would stand out like the ugly stain of racial murders committed with impunity,,, that MLK fought against as he battled usa racism with its hate filled Lynchings and Killing.

    ‘The blood red record : a review of the horrible lynchings and burning of Negroes by civilized white men in the United States,’

    BURNT ALIVE IN ODESSA. Documentary

    Being morally consistent MLK would have been against the discrimination and violence leading to the start of the war in 2014 ,,, against every escalation along the way to 2022 ,,, against what is happening now .

    ” I must cry out when i see war escalated at any point”

    ” “we are on the side of the wealthy, and the secure, while we create a hell for the poor” (King, “Beyond Vietnam,” 146; 153). To change course, King suggested a five point outline for stopping the war, which included a call for a unilateral ceasefire.”

    *Recconquista is what mass murderer Anders Brevicks manifesto and movement are about ,,, ditto for tarrent. Azov Bro’s

  5. reductivism serves no purpose here. Truth dies in war and propaganda is a weapon like any other. Peace is the solution, hopefully with the aggressor losing and any political weapon has justification.


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