And now the woke come for our comedians: Dave Chappelle attacked on stage


Dave Chappelle attacked onstage in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Police Department told NBC that the man was carrying a replica gun that was able to eject a blade when discharged, though it is unclear if the man tried to use the weapon on Chappelle.

Comedian Chris Rock had taken the stage prior to Chappelle, according to ABC 7, and later came onstage following the incident to joke, “Was that Will Smith?” in reference to the incident at the Oscars in late March when Smith slapped Rock after Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife’s appearance.

Chappelle appeared to momentarily lose composure because of the attack, but later joked about the attacker, saying, “That was a trans man,” according to NPR. The gender identity of the suspect is known as of this report.

The comedian has been criticized in the past for making comments that some LGBTQ+ organizations and critics have considered transphobic and homophobic.

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The incident Tuesday evening shocked many audience members, with a BuzzFeed reporter who was in attendance later telling NBC News that everyone in the audience “kind of stood there frozen.”


I think that Dave Chappelle is one of the best comedians ever and is one of the great social critics of our time.

His intelligence and thoughts on the matrix of capitalism, culture and power has made him effortlessly relevant.

I still consider his TV show as the funniest comedy series ever and challenge anyone to pick an episode and not laugh out loud.

His decision to walk away from the TV industry is still considered one of the bravest moves in Hollywood.

The Netflix specials have given him access to a new generation of fans and once again he has picked fun at the cultural elites including woke cancel culture and the ever militant and toxic Trans-TERF schism.

His excruciatingly funny criticism of woke power dynamics from the perspective of a black man in America is devastating.

“Why was it easier for Caitlin Jenner to change her gender than it was for Cassius Clay to change his name?”, he demands.

His criticisms of the woke, Trans militancy and cancel culture have not been well received by any of that easily triggered community and they have spent the time since by trying to damage his reputation and cancel him.

The tragic story of how the woke hounded a Trans comedian who supported Chappelle to death in his last Netflix special is truly heartbreaking and more evidence if any were needed of how unhinged the social media Lynch mobs have become in their observance of dogma.

That critics are now storming the stage to hurt Chappelle a month after Chris Rock was slapped is a sad indictment of where free speech and comedians having the licence to provoke us has descended to.

We live in fragile and brittle times.


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    • Please don’t transfer your own level of intellect to someone who is genuinely intelligent…It really isn’t funny..

      • You still here Steph? I thought you said you going to leave NZ when the borders opened.

  1. The Will Smith comment from Chris Rock shows how out of their skulls a lot of people are. And incidentally(showing teeth in a grimace) the comment wasn’t just about Smith’s wife’s appearance, it was making fun of the effect of her having a debilitating, deadly disease. He could, should be considerate about that and how they would feel about it, but Chris Rock appears to tend to the psychopathic, of which many men are and a good few women. No values, no human warmth and feeling, to other people. And incidentally some of this behaviour may be demonstrated by some trans people – ‘my feelings are more important than yours’ attitude.
    Another thought, Chris Rock may be suffering from Tourettes Syndrome, so himself has a
    debilitating illness, which comedians may be prone to. In that case they need to accept outcomes such as responses and Will Smith should not be blamed as it was a deliberate insult about his family to his face. That is something different to being in an audience and doing the sheriff thing about content that jars on personally sensitive ears. Perhaps there needs to be a code system as
    to the range of controversial material likely heard, and then the provoked has no excuse and should be arrested as a normal larrikin.

    Common signs of psychopathy
    socially irresponsible behavior.
    disregarding or violating the rights of others.
    inability to distinguish between right and wrong.
    difficulty with showing remorse or empathy.
    tendency to lie often.
    manipulating and hurting others.
    recurring problems with the law.
    9/01/2019 Psychopath: Meaning, Signs, and vs. Sociopath – Healthline › health › psychopath

    • Violence is not acceptable, & certainly it is way beyond the pale in response to jokes by comedians.

      I’d face prison time if I slapped everyone who made jokes at my expense about my baldness.

      For God’s sake man, get a grip and grow up

  2. “The toxic trans/terf schism”

    Just want to put a different perspective across here. Terf is a derogatory label used by gender ideologists (who are not necessarily trans, but often “allies”). I don’t really care if I am called a terf, but the more accurate label is gender critical or pro reality.

    Imo most of the toxicity comes from the gender ideologists who have a play book of strategies to shut anyone who questions the ideology down. This includes labelling opponents, eg terfs, transphobes, bigots. Distorting statistics such as rates suicidality in trans people, lying to kids (saying you parents might have thought you were a boy, but you were born in the wrong body, so therefore you are a girl (this when it is not possible to change sex), postulating the existence of a thing called a gender identity (which they are entitled to believe) and imposing this belief on all others and successfully changing legislation to reflect this. Accusing gender critical feminists of violence unless they concur with phrases such as trans women are real women.

    While I would never claim that no gender critical feminist is abusive (although I have seen virtually no evidence of this) I can say that most of our push back is contesting the claims of ideologists

    The harassment and abuse that the likes of JK Rowling, Kathleen Stock and Ani O BRIEN has been truly sickening

    • (Disclaimer, I can agree with much of what you write Anker, but..)
      Dave Chappelle gets attacked on stage.
      Gender critical feminists: “won’t someone think of the gender critical feminists”

  3. Looks like the guy who tried to take out Dave got pretty messed up backstage by Davo’s crew inc a broken arm and black eye

    Guess the jokes on him huh

  4. it’s the sign of religious bigotry and zealotry, the need to impose your so-called values on others, I suspect a lot of ‘allies’ fall into this catagory…I also suspect most trans folk just want to walk down the street without being spat at.

  5. Dave Chappell reaches across generations making young and old laugh Clayton Bigsby, the World’s Only Black White Supremacist

    Using jokes around awkward realities is a good way for talking about them, ,,, Clayton Bigsbys funny stupidity is Chappell making fun of racism.

    But anyone can easily ‘Quote’ part of a joke ,,,, misrepresenting what a comedian has said or the point of their humor.

    Dave Chappell has some topics very close to his heart ,,, has the usa problem of excessive police shootings been solved under Bidens rainbow death cult coalition?.

    Nah,, it’s gotten worse thankfully Chappell wasn’t shot.

  6. What ever good that the gender liberalisation achieved, has been eroded by militant, power hungry, dangerous trans mobs, who are appropriating in their name the gender movement and cancelling everyone else like lesbians and woman.

    The stupidity has come to NZ. While Kiwisaver delists misogynist remarks from CEO they do nothing about Lower Hutt Mayor Campbell Barry remarks on pro gender groups for woman.

    “Lower Hutt Mayor Campbell Barry posted on Facebook last week saying: “If this group needs a venue in the Hutt, I’ve got some nice new waste bins they can use?”

    Speak Up For Women controversy: Billboard removed, mayor apologises

    • your not wrong snz, but do you now get what men have been experiencing for the last 20yrs at the hands of woke feminists?
      and before anyone says anything…I would not roll back 1inch on womens rights but some of the assumptions that have been touted over the years are clearly horseshit and the touters knew they were such.

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