MEDIAWATCH: Q+A – Ram raid kids & Ron Mark’s war warning


Excellent show today.

As the country screams for get tough on crime solutions to the spate of ram raids, Jack once again calms down the Lynch mob and has on a psychologist who is explaining that these kids are the most damaged in NZ and that we need to be calm in our response.

I think the adults need to take over the ram raid debate and seek means to de-escalate this rather than add fuel to the fire.

I appreciate and fully acknowledge seeing children commit organised crime like this is genuinely concerning to the wider community.

But I beg us all to take a deep breath, appreciate the uniqueness of this moment and the extreme pressure on so many people right now.

I’ve said from the beginning that Covid is a triple peaked crisis, the first was the physical impact on physical health, the second was the economic impact and the third was the impact on mental health.

Human Beings are social creatures, the worst punishment is isolation – we’ve all gone through a unique universal experience and it’s damaged many.

We are seeing that mental health pressure exploding everywhere from the Dumb Lives Matter protest on Parliament’s Lawns, to domestic violence, to fights in Supermarkets to a spike in crime, to the increasingly toxic online misogyny,  to the Wellington Middle Class Marxists screaming to send in the military to bash protestors they didn’t like…

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…everyone has been impacted mentally by these unprecedented times and the true cost is yet to be felt.

Polling for the Mental Health Foundation found 36 per cent of people surveyed were experiencing poor emotional wellbeing, up from 27 per cent a year ago.

Add to all of this stress the enormous jump in rents and cost of living crisis and you have desperation, anxiety, anger and fear all combining into the current maelstrom.

These damaged kids need our help, their criminality is a reflection of a gated neoliberal society who enrich the wealthy while providing crumbs for the poor.

The economic outlook is far more grim than we are admitting and these pressures are only building.

We need alternatives, not more of the same failed conservative social policy knee jerks.

Ron Mark is on warning of war and he has the insight to provide this oversight.

I believe that the climate crisis means we need a vastly larger military to cope with civil disasters and if we are attempting to distance ourselves from China and America, we need to make a decision to dramatically lift what we spend on the military for purely defensive capacity.

How would we go about defending the realm of NZ and all our economic exclusive zone?

Currently we spend 1.5% of GDP on our entire military, to defend the full realm of NZ and pursue an independent foreign policy, I argue we need to push that up to 3%.

Note – NZ should only build up its military to defend our full territory (NZ islands, EEZ, Ross Dependency, Tokelau, Cook Islands and Niue). Any upgrade of our military is for purely defensive purposes, not for military adventure or invasions.

We can’t pull away from America and China and pretend there is no cost to being Independent.

With the climate crisis looming, we need that debate now.

We also have the geopolitics of it.

With China building a forward military base that could cut America off…

China-Solomon Islands deal: China could cut New Zealand, Australia off from US military support – Professor Anne-Marie Brady

A Chinese politics specialist has called the deal between the Solomon Islands and China a “game-changer” saying New Zealand could be cut-off US military support. 

…the real danger here is the Chinese Fishing Militia that will use it as a base to raid deep into fisheries.

We need to protect our fisheries.

If you are going to recognise the problem, the solution has to be legitimate.

I maintain we must have an independent foreign policy and that our stance must be friend to all, enemy to none, but we will urgently need to protect what is ours and acknowledge how the climate crisis will demand more civil emergency infrastructure and assets.

We need a complete review of our defence force and massive increase in spending.

Ron Mark understands all these challenges and his views hold real weight.

His back hand to the current Minister of the Army is the most honourable character assassination ever broadcast on NZ TV.

He needs to be back in the game, he understands the reality of the unfolding crisis in front of us and the necessity to build our armed forces.

It’s sad that he was so bitterly betrayed by NZ First.

Great show by Jack. Fell asleep during the tax debate.


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  1. I feel sorry for those who have recently arrived in NZ from South Africa searching for a better way of life only to find that Jacinda has created exactly the same inequality driven violence in NZ.

    • ” Jacinda has created exactly the same inequality driven violence in NZ”.. And with the aid of a memory with less capacity than a cotton reel, you rewrite the history of the last decade, at the very least.. This idiocy is exactly what I have had to come to accept is all kiwis are capable of by and large, and is the reason I am working to get away from it as fast as I can.. The tory/colonial idiocy that passes for common sense here is so obvious it’s no surprises the Chinese were able to help destroy the economic balance, and that we stood up on our hind legs and cheered as our manufacturing base, our public infrastructure, and anything else that we used to be able to look after and make for ourselves was either destroyed, or hollowed out by a long line of corporate ticket clippers that couldn’t give a dry rats poo whether we live of die.. The latter all the better as it will free up more room for them to use this country up until it’s nothing more than Hong Kong for beginners in Actuality… I have no real love for the current government, but to blame them for what the Key government did, is as Kiwi as marmite made in Christchurch, and as utterly stupid, short sighted, and self defeating.. I only came back here for family reasons, and won’t be staying any longer than absolutely necessary.. Who in there right mind would choose to reside amongst such rank stupidity, unless one is coming from a country where survival is about luck, and knowing who to bribe, or kiss up to.. Or those so wealthy as to be immune from the results of their behavior… God save us from the fucking British colonial descendants… They won’t stop their fuckwittery even after the place is well and truly munted..

    • Those arriving from South Africa don’t think that thankfully and when they get here find it’s the complete opposite in fact. However you can believe whatever you like, just don’t spread your lies on this forum.

    • There’s only one reason why so many south africans come here. And we really don’t need them. They are unpleasant, humourless people who left because they couldn’t handle a post apartheid government.

      • indeed lets just ignore the neo-colonialist ‘rhodesian army museum’ the RSA felt appropriate for an ANZAC day event…

        it’s funny how as even neo-nazis have realised that idiolising the SS doesn’t get many new converts they’ve shifted their ‘fandom’ over to SA and rhodesia….largely cos it involves whites massacring blacks…which makes them all tingly in the trouser department.

    • Ex-kiwi What is happening now in New Zealand was gestating well before either you or PM Ardern were born.

      Roger Douglas, Ruth Richardson, Jenny Shipley, Bill English, Paula Bennett, that wastrel John P Key et al, must all take part of the credit for doing their damnedest to destroy anyone’s dreams of an egalitarian society. The grubby Green women fomenting racism and sex and gender obsessions are too dim to know what they’re doing, but at least the Labour Party for whom I no longer vote, does appear to have fewer weirdos and crackpots than the National Party and the Purples.

  2. Defence is a kind of subjective because there are times when we will have to go outside of our territory.

    I mean an example is the Argentinian fleet during the Falklands war thought they were safe if they positioned their fleet outside of international and the rules of the game stated that no shoots will be fired in international waters.

    But the British task force commander knew that if he sunk their grand battleship that it will also kill there will to fight and the whole fleet returned to port.

    Now I’m not saying we are going to go around sinking aircraft carriers in international waters but to kill the will to fight requires the capabilities to go outside the boundaries of National Territory.

    And I’m talking about the capability to run naval blockades.

    The capability to land and sustain a brigade sized element on foreign territory.

    Even without these capabilities we would still need our own global communications and GPS and it’s in the words “Global” satalite positioning satalite that defence doesn’t just mean a defined territory.

    • Study what the international forces that exercise here are doing – they bring large armaments to give NZ a feel of them. They often call it Operation Katipo and set up scenarios that are credible and make me as NZ thoughtful and are meant to I think.

      • Meh. Fortress Aotearoa is enemy to no one and friend to everyone.

        Imagine how much safer we all could be if only we could put a billion Chinese in our milk and honey pots and feed them.

        I’m mean we are a little ways off with this defensive stuff y’know?

        Like defence isn’t just a set number of manoeuvres, tactics or weapons or anything like that. It’s about being able to act in the best interests of New Zealand and it’s realms.

        For example a lot of people, including defence prefosionals readily concede that to invade New Zealand potential aggressors have to invade Australia first, and no!

        Singapore has to be neutralized first! Because it is the largest democratic buffer zone in Asia.

        So I’m saying that the defence of New Zealand and it’s realms has to include a relief force that can be sent to Singapore.

    • Liberal democracies are always wanting foreign interventions into country they perceive as a threat to their Values and beliefs by promoting a liberal foreign policy that always ends in disaster! Remember, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Somalia? Maybe Sam should put on a tin hat and strap a rifle on your shoulder and try your luck against the Russian?

      • I’ll keep it G cause I’d fight for you.

        You really need to trust and pledge in the scriptures.

        The scriptures tell us that when man loses faith heathens become friend.

            • Pour out some liquor for those with fight on em. This is enterprise you mother fuckers better recognise. I keep it alive for New Zealand bro. That’s facts. That goes out to all the uco’s.

  3. actual headlines for this piece….



    there fixed that for you martyn

  4. There is your answer. I can already hear the Village Peoples’ ‘ In the Navy’ playing in the background. Recruit the disaffected youth to join our Navy and expand the fleet.

  5. The problem with those ram raiding episodes, is that we can be all understanding of the underneath problems causing it, until it happens to you.
    Why should care about the Solomon Islands – China link, if it was Samoa – China, or Cook Islands – China, sure..but, Solomon Islands are Australia’s area of concern…

  6. At LEAST 10% of the New Zealand population have a personality disorder ranging from narcissistic or psychopathic.

    It’s very difficult to make progress on Type-B Personality Disorders – especially narcissism. This segment of the population should be kept at arms length (ideally further) from one’s life.

    Harsh legal punishments, social shame, fear-of-God and rewards (knighthoods, damehoods and awards) use to be enough to mitigate much of the Type-B Brigade’s potential destruction.

    People often think everybody else thinks like them.. this is an accident waiting to happen. Now many of these ramraids are obviously organized or at least encouraged. I advocate free speech, but I want to point the following out:

    Social media has become a hive for narcissists and the encouragement of theft. Not so long ago, such behaviors would have be shunned by society and its purveyors largely ignored.. perhaps even referred to counseling.

    NOW such purveyors of bad behavior are cheered on, followed and given financial incentives. The Type-B Brigade love social media, it gives them access to the “likes” of You and Me.. an open window for theft and destruction.

    Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?
    A: A social media influencer.. a YouTuber

    It didn’t end well for Edie Sedgwick and it’s not looking good for NZ society. I believe the MSM Media and the NZ government agencies funding it have been coopted by Type-B Personalities.

    As such the NZ public is unable to think clearly to solves pressing issues.

    • Who and what decides what society is and what it does?
      I have seen some episodes of The Orville, a space ship, and consider it good stuff. A bit like babylon 5 and with interesting stories. This one which you might be able to see is about a trip to a planet where everything is judged by majority rule, people have a device to indicate their opinions about matters, if they find against a perpetrator they get fried brains so they won’t do it again. ( I was wondering how to improve behaviours differently than the present three strikes method.) I started thinking of what China is doing. There is coherence in this series. ‘Majority Rule’ 2017

      and Google keywords – tv orville

      Coming June 2022 – (Eventually) delivering weekly releases on Hulu, The Orville: New Horizons‘ 10-episode season finds the crew of the titular exploratory vessel continuing their mission, as they navigate both the mysteries of the universe and the complexities of their own interpersonal relationships.

    • but do we have 10percent personality disorders or have clinical parameters slackened and there are certainly new conditions and syndromes added to the book all the time..

      I feel a bit ikky
      oh you’re depressed

      well you can trust me I know a couple of people who genuinely have depression and trust me it’s a bit more than a case of ennui and mild dissatisfaction at this mornings avvo on toast.

      are we sure we’re not characterising things that would have been regarded as mild eccentricities as illness…because ‘illness’ requires medication and eccentricity doesn’t.

  7. Well well well. The Children’s Commissioner has spoken up about the current children’s crime wave and asked the government “ to intervene”. Where was she when the government sprayed young kids with water throughout the night down at Parliament and blasted them with noise ? Silent. Where was the Minister for Children? Silent. Where was the Human Rights Commissioner ? Silent. Where was Oranga Tamaraki ? Silent.
    From their silence I assume that they were all comfortable with that sort of government intervention, but I wasn’t.

    Those of us appalled at government action were dismissed by critics saying that the children shouldn’t have been there. Of course they shouldn’t have been there, but the fact is they were, and the bad decisions of their care-givers in no way justifies subsequent bad decisions made by government ministers. The message those children received was that the government bullies, and gets away with it. With a constant picture of an uncaring government, and all the concomitant social issues like homelessness, and poverty, it’s unsurprising that some kids are growing up antisocial, and the laissez-faire policies of all major parties have allowed this to happen, and the virtue-signalling of the Children’s Commissioner has come just a little late. Child criminals are the products of their social environments and this is the issue which needs to be addressed pronto, rather than more suppression, or ad hoc punishments, or glib words, or politicking, or bloody idiots opining that the police should chase them like the loots dogs of Iraq, none of which addresses the root causes.

    • Well put Snow White .This problem needs more thought than a glib sound bite from a politican trying to score points.
      It does need to be said this is only a minority of children with bad parents .but it is a big problem to solve.

      • It never ceased to amaze me how quick armchair psychologists are to blame oppression on those being oppressed. The evidence for the pathology of that is so clear you have to be the most stupid that capitalism could possibly produce.

  8. Ron Marks and Tracy Martin were stand out politicians and it was a shame they should a party f driven by the ego of one man and was fronted by a failed politician. who tried to buy his way back into power.
    On the matter of mental health the Labour government has badly let down all those who need it and those that work in it.They promised much but have delivered little especially for the in the Rural area

  9. ……….I think the adults need to take over the ram raid debate and seek means to de-escalate this rather than add fuel to the fire.….. You are right in what you say here @ Martin Bradbury, But I also think it is the so called adults in these kids lives that are putting them ( the kids )up to these shenanigans.

    • There’s no evidence to suggest that parents are grooming their children for organised crime. Infact gang presidents often proudly show there social media followers giving these people a hiding for getting kids on crack and shit. I mean bro?? Are you even kiwi or what?

      • no but even back in the 70s (eeee lad them were the good olde days) in the UK round our way there were 1 or 2 families who not only didn’t care about their kids crime and were more than happy to share in the proceeds…very small but observable minority

        as for gangleaders ‘chastising’ druggies….that’s rich, just too fuckin rich in irony for even my words.

        • I’m just living my life. Picking up a rifle to defend your rights and interests is the last thing I want to do. The people I work with are just so institutionalised that there has to be an alternative to war. Like I never heard so many tough internet people want me to turn it around and pick up a rifle cause they’re to guttless.

  10. Lots of hand wringing, one of NZ’s biggest problems is the lack of qualified people here – if anything they are becoming fewer, thus money is being spent on stupidity and people are are making everything worse!

    How many more psychologists and psychiatrists are they training in NZ for mental health? Probably not more at all, it’s so easy to just have magical thinking and pour money into some cheap half baked mental health app or rehab programme that are springing up everywhere from unqualified entrepreneurs or committees spending money on their own wages without doing anything. Making money out of poverty and mental health has never been so profitable!

    Don’t worry about qualified nurses – just get ‘health support’ workers they are not qualified but easier to get. Why worry about quality of care for NZ sick, when you can do the easy thing and make a fortune off supplying unqualified people at the same rate as qualified nurses.

    Don’t worry about training more doctors, just migrants them into NZ at triple the rates and not really think about unintended consequences and their quick departure when NZ is not the country that they expected.

    Yep qualified migrants vote with their feet just the same as qualified Kiwis!

    NZ is a haven for those who are criminally inclined that somehow can climb the NZ corporate ladder so easily such as Joanne Harrison. Arrive as a fraudster and just keep going with unsophisticated crime and frauds that is ignored in NZ as they are cultural similar to NZ management…

    Don’t even get started on Oranga Tamariki. Apparently their executive team doesn’t bother too many qualified in social work. why worry about having deep knowledge of an industry you run. It’s all about the money.

    Funny enough kids often bear the brunt of having so many unqualified people engaged in power in the community and policy and it’s getting worse.

    NZ is increasingly very anti science – especially hard science where we have an exodus of talent being replaced by woke scientists with low end/zero qualifications who are laughed out of any other country.

  11. The woke pretend they speak for Maori, but many Maori and the majority of people living in NZ don’t support the woke anti science attack on Science and Education in NZ.

    Wonder why youth are now turned off education – try finding out what the woke are doing to NZ education.

    “Decolonisation is a key strategy of He Puapua’s ethno-nationalism agenda. Political categories based on racial classification are to be inserted into New Zealand’s institutions. In education this means that the universal, secular system set up by the 1877 Education Act will be replaced with a radically different system based on two racial categories – Māori and non-Māori, despite the fact that such categories deny the reality of both New Zealand’s multi-ethnic population and Māori multi-ethnicity.”

    “Destroying confidence in the science – culture distinction, a distinction which is one of the defining features of the modern world, will be decolonisation’s most significant and most dangerous victory. According to the International Science Council science is ‘the systematic organization of knowledge that can be rationally explained and reliably applied. It is inclusive of the natural (including physical, mathematical and life) science and social (including behavioural and economic) science domains . . . as well as the humanities, medical, health, computer and engineering sciences.”

    Elizabeth Rata: The Decolonisation of Education in New Zealand

    NZ is now in the bottom 20% for Science in the OECD and they haven’t finished yet.

    Return to Feudal times is on its way.

    Professionals are leaving NZ and being replaced by crackpots, crims crackheads and the idle but dangerous revolutionaries of trivial.

    • Got proof? Gaslighting seems to be running rife on this platform making assumptions and using coded language so as not to be called a “RACIST BIGOT” a tapu word for Pakeha NZers! Also this assumption that history isn’t a valued subject or hasn’t any contribution to science say a lot about your level of education.

  12. As for Covid – huge spike in hospital cases seem linked with opening up the borders and we can see what happens after 1 May – just allowing self testing for OZ and NZ residents have significantly spiked hospital cases here!

    Latest update — 13 April 2022
    Vaccinated Australian citizens and permanent residents can now enter New Zealand and self-test on arrival.
    From 11:59pm 1 May 2022, vaccinated visitors from visa waiver countries, and visitors from other countries who already hold a valid visitor visa can enter New Zealand and self-test on arrival.

    Covid 19 Omicron: Six deaths, 5656 cases, 466 in hospital, new variant discovered in NZ for first time

  13. Ron Mark the neo-liberal shill promoting the prolong suffering in Ukraine venerating military expansionism of the criminal military outfit called NATO to fight the Russians to the last Ukrainian. This is the charlatan when in govt purchased weaponry from ‘Apartheid Israel’ whose military ware has been “battle-tested” on Palestinians funny enough an article denouncing the deal was reported here on the Daily Blog back in 2020 if my memory serves me well?

    IMO if the guy wants to fight the Russians then maybe he should don on a tinfoil hat give him anti tank missile’s and go and preform his duties for a belligerent military NATO, as he makes claims that they respect his loyalty and integrity for his warlike ways.

  14. We have some serious issues here in NZ with the lower socio economic sectors of our society and anti-social behaviour, this problem is being exaggerated by the flow of illicit drugs into these sectors of the economy and the rise in Gangsterism with our youth. Many young people are aspiring to the Gang Culture as a path to recognition and wealth, unfortunately many of these youth are uneducated and do not realize the damage drugs and gangs do to society.

  15. Nah I reckon march the kids and parents down to the malls and shops to fix the damage they have done and invite the community to watch them while they work. The offenders can learn skills while the community can get to know the thieves lurking in their midst.

  16. Quiz for all:
    Why do the same kids that ram raid not put their hand on a hot stove plate? Aaaah, they know that there are some really nasty consequences to their actions so they don’t do it. But alas, Labour has simply turned the stove off at the fusebox and there you have the problem.

  17. ” At LEAST 10% of the New Zealand population have a personality disorder ranging from narcissistic or psychopathic ”

    Yes after watching Key for 8 years I concur. Psychopathic possibly , narcissistic most defiantly.

  18. Ron Marks comes across as old school, least we forget. But granted if one is of the belief that vigilence is prudent then Ron’s ya man.


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