Under the Radar News: US Military invisibility cloaks, trans dimensional worm holes & Moon nuking


We here at TDB like to be first at pointing shit out, but in this never ending 24-7 news clusterfuck of a media environment we all live in, even we can slip up and miss something that should get more focus, so from time to time we’ll run Under the Radar News, things of note that escaped attention.

This week, US Military invisibility cloaks, trans dimensional worm holes & Moon nuking…

US gov’t report proposed nuking the moon, newly released documents reveal

The U.S. government’s now-defunct Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) spent millions of taxpayer dollars to research bizarre, experimental technologies such as invisibility cloaks, antigravity devices, traversable wormholes, and a proposal to tunnel through the moon with nuclear explosives, according to dozens of documents obtained by Vice.com.

The documents, which include nearly 1,600 pages of reports, proposals, contracts and meeting notes, reveal some of the stranger priorities of AATIP – a secretive Department of Defense program that ran from 2007 to 2012, but only became known to the public in 2017, when the program’s former director resigned from the Pentagon.

MotherBoard and Vice are the Geek’s Geeks. They have exquisite journalistic integrity and know their shit, their analysis of this will make for entertaining and delightful reading…

But the new documents suggest AATIP was up to more than just investigating reported UFO encounters. The entire cache of 51 documents, obtained by Vice via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed four years ago, can be read here.

Perhaps most intriguing among the documents are the several dozen Defense Intelligence Reference Documents (DIRDs), which discuss the viability of various “advanced technolog[ies].” This collection includes reports on “traversable wormholes, stargates, and negative energy,” “high-frequency gravitational wave communications,” “warp drive, dark energy, and the manipulation of extra dimensions,” and many other topics that will sound familiar to fans of science fiction.

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…I like the plan to nuke the moon…

Other reports do not shy away from bold, sometimes outlandish proposals for realizing advanced technologies. In a report on “negative mass propulsion,” the authors propose a plan to look for extremely lightweight metals in the center of the moon that may be “100,000 times lighter than steel, but still [have] the strength of steel.” To reach the center of the moon, the authors suggest blasting a tunnel through the lunar crust and mantle using thermonuclear explosives.

…what’s interesting are the private contractors who were able to get so much funding…

Whether these DIRD documents ever led to any long-term investments in advanced technologies is unclear. According to Vice, much of AATIP’s agenda relied on contract research from a private company called Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS). The company – run by Robert Bigelow, a personal friend of late Sen. Harry Reid, who was responsible for the creation of AATIP – was awarded a $10 million contract for their first year of research for the program, Vice reported.

…we will follow up with their investigations.

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  1. Can you please clarify whether or not the US Military has been trialing these new invisibility cloaks in N.Z?

    It seems likely given the apparent absence of the PM and her Deputy Kelvin…

    • Kelvin hasn’t been the deputy for quite some time. Perhaps the reason you haven’t seen them is because you haven’t switched on a TV or read a newspaper in over 18 months?

      • Can you just slip a factoid in salc – who is the Deputy or was it a hit that turned out a miss – I shot the Sheriff but I didn’t shoot the Deputy but instead He’s gone, gone,. gone.


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