Chris Luxon is becoming the luckless David Shearer & the stank of political rot is already upon him

It's not looking good when Matthew Hooton and Tova O'Brien are openly writing Luxon off after a terrible week of self mutilating blunders in the media as Luxon has lurched from u-turn to back pedalling to u-turn again...


It’s not looking good when Matthew Hooton and Tova O’Brien are openly writing Luxon off after a terrible week of self mutilating blunders in the media as Luxon has lurched from u-turn to back pedalling to u-turn again…

TOVA:Luxon’s recent missteps show signs he wasn’t quite ready for National’s top job

Now after a string of missteps and miscommunication you gotta wonder, did he go too soon? Does Christopher Luxon lack the political experience to pull this off and become Prime Minister?

HOOTON: Christopher Luxon is the best National’s got, but he’s no John Key

Concerns are growing in the business community and in his own party about whether National leader Christopher Luxon is quite up to it.

…I think there has been an enormous political blunder by Luxon’s team.

He is good at the 30-45second sound bite on 5minute morning radio and Breakfast TV interviews and he comes across fairly slick in those 30-45seconds, but a 20minute live TV interview with Jack Tame?

Come on!

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Luxon wasn’t ready!

And let’s not put up with any ‘Jack was being a bully’ crap! Jack is a very straight broadcaster, very smart and very well researched, if you can’t front foot it with Jack, you shouldn’t be stepping up!

Jack is an excellent broadcaster and pushes for answers Luxon should have effortlessly had.

The fundamental problem for every right wing politician selling tax cuts is the following: Average Punter asks how much they are getting in tax cuts, and under National that’s $850 per year, and then they ask the politician trying to sell the tax cut how much they are getting, and in Luxon’s case it will be $18000 and average punters say fuck off – the poor aren’t stupid!

That’s why none of this makes sense, because shifting the tax bracket should be a vote winner for National. It’s not a tax cut, it’s allowing hard working Kiwis to keep more of the pittance they earn! But by refusing to rule out scrapping the top tax rate, it becomes a de facto tax cut issue.

The solution to this is all so obvious and again screams questions about Luxon’s team.

The automatic inoculation of the criticism of Luxon getting $18000 in a tax cut, is an announcement by Chris that he intends to donate that full $18000 to a charity!

That way the criticism is void and it makes Luxon look magnanimous and charitable.

He bewilderingly told Jack he didn’t ‘need’ the $18000 (which in of itself is a red flag), so why not donate it to charity?

That this obvious means to shut down that criticism while building Luxon’s reputation wasn’t employed from the start suggests a team that isn’t playing 3 moves ahead.

Luxon is not having a great time of it in the media at the moment – he goes off the ZB talking points and throws his rump base some raw meat ideas like no public transport subsidies and dumping Labour Day and then has to walk them back 24 hours later.

Luxon is rapidly becoming the luckless David Shearer & the stank of political rot is upon him, that’s not a the kiss of death for his attempts at becoming Prime Minister, but where it puts the political power is clearly with ACT and David Seymour.


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  1. Oh that’s an easy fix!

    Swap the tax cut around where the rich get a tax cut that gives them an extra $850 per year and everyone else gets an extra $18,000 a year!

  2. Too much despot CEO, too little common man.

    The Luxon we see I suspect is the real deal, a miserable money grubbing prick who thinks those worth the time of day are those with the most properties!

  3. One thing I will never understand is why the National party bother going up against the hand that feeds them? All they have to do is let Jacinda win and they are guaranteed no CGT and more house price rises.

  4. Yet, he will be in all probability our next Prime Minister, unless Labour gets its A into G, and start doing what Kiwis voted them in to do

  5. Our politics is a shambles, a scam, a con job designed by the worthless hyper riche to best benefit the worthless hyper riche and unless we step in somehow to stop them we will watch on, not really knowing what the fuck’s going on as our hard won democracy goes down in flames taking us with it. As it is right now. Look around? The prime minster banks almost $500,000.00 dollars. ( That’s 19 times more than superannuation*.) Front Bench MP’s bank nearly $300,000.00. Back bench MP’s, the scruffy rabble in the shadows bank about $160,000.00.
    ( *I’m a bit shit with maths so do your own cyphering.)
    That’s why, I believe, local and central government voting must become mandatory.
    If we’re not, somehow, forced to vote, then we’ll all sink further into the manipulative plutocracy that plagues our lives as I write. The last thing our plutocrats would want is if we united against their on-going exploitation of us.
    If you’re going to be that person who writes ” What’s the point of voting anyway?” Or ” Might as well stay in bed. ” Or somehow confuses the definition of ‘democracy’ with the definition of ‘politics’ then you’re either one of them or are too short sighted to see over your beer belly and beyond your fly buttons.
    Since Owl Nose jonky was so keen on wasting public money on his brain-fart referendums, how about a referendum on whether we mandate voting or not to protect our democracy, our politics within it and our most vulnerable against the un-throttled greed of local, and now in-coming hyper riche?
    This is a true story. I watched on once as a herd of chickens were forced into a corner by two ferrets. The hens at the back of the group were scrapping with each other and picking at each other while the ferrets would pick off the odd hen from the outside edge. ( Until I shot the two ferrets. )
    Sound familiar?
    I also have a joke for you. Hey!? It’s Saturday.
    An old man shuffled in to his Dr’s surgery, sat down and began to complain of his, and his wife’s lack of sexy times now-a-days.
    The Dr, a pious, old school religious fellow listened on patiently as the old fellow rambled on.
    The Dr then started to give his old patient some proper, Christian advice.
    ” See outside? See them sparrows on that gutter…? See them? They don’t bother with getting all het up about that sex stuff. They just let nature, and God, be their guide. So, go home, pray, and think of those little birds on the guttering. Let them be your guide? And I promise, everything will work out. ”
    Three weeks later, the old man was back in the Dr’s surgery with two broken arms, a broken leg, a broken hip and now widowed. The Dr was shocked and surprised as he asked what had happened!
    The old man mumbled through his neck brace “Well, me and the missus took your advice but we fell of the fuckin’ roof.”

  6. luxtons was bittin by a radioactive spider, fell into a vat of chemical waste, and was struck by lightning

    and his superpower is…

    to walk back on everything within 48hrs

  7. Wow! I just stumbled over this.
    “Plutocracy the First Time Around”
    Part 1: The Great Upheaval
    The Age of Acquiescence: The Life and Death of American Resistance to Organized Wealth and Power
    What came to be known as the Great Upheaval, the movement for the eight-hour day, elicited what one historian has called “a strange enthusiasm.” The normal trade union strike is a finite event joining two parties contesting over limited, if sometimes intractable, issues. The mass strike in 1886 or before that in 1877 — all the many localized mass strikes that erupted in towns and small industrial cities after the Civil War and into the new century — was open-ended and ecumenical* in reach.”
    April 6, 2015
    by Steve Fraser”
    Why doesn’t our MSM talk about such things from such times and of how they relate to ‘these times’?
    All we get is murder, mayhem and kids ram raiding toy shops to play with the toys their mums and dads can’t afford? Have we really become ignorant, distracted, brawling chickens while the predators pick us off one by one?
    *The churches of the day were where large numbers of people would congregate so any ideas about things would have been first spread via the churches. Today, it would be the internet and it’s various elements of communication like Facebook and now elon musk’s twitter. No wonder the richest man in the world snapped up that up for a mere $44 billion. A bargain, if there ever was one.
    If you don’t vote, you’re part of the problem and you can never be part of the solution, no matter what your best intentions are.

  8. Nobody cars outside of a handful of political tragics.

    People will vote National and ACT next year for one big reason – they’re not Labour or Green.

  9. all ‘I don’t need the money, I’ll give it to charity’ says is ‘I earn considerably more than you’

    maybe not the time to rub struggling kiwis noses in that one mate.

  10. It is the unfortunate task of the thinking punter in NZ to view the antics of politicians that have no interest in serving the people as a whole and are anyway incapable of understanding the needs of the world and humans and living things in it.

    They lack the overview of basic living needs for managing a satisfactory life and of how to organise the systems of government, finance and future planning and nurturing our human culture using sociological considerations to bolster all in the nation and move somewhat in line with trends and desires. It is like watching a trapeze artist or a rope walker. One has to watch dispassionately knowing the outcome will not be pleasing whatever it is; if the person succeeds to office one knows they will not be good, if the person falls then that may not be too bad, but who will be brought forward to replace them is the next concern?

    So there seems little hope of getting a suitable person in the job as we seem unable out of millions to find a few key people suitable to form a short list. We end up fishing at the bottom of a murky aquarium. Probably we’d go for a goldfish, handsome on the outside but looks aren’t everything.

    Perhaps a trial period of the candidates before the final decision. I would vote Tane into the intern group!

  11. Its about 10 years past the time when the tax thresholds should all have been moved forward 20g At min wage you are only 2 hours overtime a week away from the next bracket. That’s ridiculous.

  12. What I find remarkable about Chris Luxon is his emphasis on the matter of a Bottom Feeder. Why he had to harp on about his former profession besides ‘having run an airline’ to his real life is puzzling.
    It must be so hard for him to call others Bottom Feeders when he has been one for so long that he fails to realise what his name calling truly is.
    Is he doing a Copy and Paste from the abysmal track record of Paula Bennett when she was Minister of Social Welfare? That is whilst she was on the DPB and enjoying all the advantages of NZ taxpayers funded education etc she later denied low income NZers achieving anything whilst under a National government.
    She denigrated the very people she once was. Luxon is showing how much of a Bottom Feeder he is because he will ALWAYS depend upon the NZ taxpayers to fund his lifestyle and perks of the job.
    And so all Luxon needs to do is look in the mirror to see a TRUE BOTTOM FEEDER.

  13. Lol. Te Reo has 12 months to sort his shit out. He will. Key and co will make sure of it. His stumbles this week have been drowned out by ram raids, racist legislation and the theft of public assets.

    Jack Tame’s interview meant nothing to the majority of the voting public outside of some beltway wet dreams.

    • Frank there can’t have been negative coverage of three waters, ram raids, and racist legislation to trump Luxon saying something other than “ I used to run Air NZ”.
      You are forgetting the special interest journalism fund has been carefully put in place to manipulate the media so only good news comes out and makes the govt look good.


        and we don’t have a dr goebbels(arguably the smartest of the pretty dim nazi leadership)

        so nz media continues with it’s amatuer hour bumbling evasions and the public increasingly ignore them, controlling an obsolete medium is pointless.

        hence the ongoing worldwide moves to bring censorship to the internet under the guise of ‘think of the children’ always the resort of those with no actual arguments.

  14. So let’s listen to Mathew and Tova. Really. Back to the real show of labour being suffocated by its own hidden agendas. For a start let’s spend a couple of billion more of our money to try and get councils on side for 3 waters. Makes Luxon look quite capable and honest.

    • At least Ryan on the am show gives his friend Chris an easy chat. Let Mellissa loose on him (or any politician) and make them uncomfortable.

    • New View my ( facetious) point was there are a number of people that comment on this site that seem to think the MSM is being manipulated ( by the public interest fund) whereas Franks argument is Luxon’s series of unfortunate events will be drowned out by other negative stories. He’s right and I would argue that the MSM is full of negative stories relating to the government. Which kind calls bullshit on the whole manipulation angle.

  15. Am I the only one who wouldn’t be surprised if Luxon’s favoured charity was his own happy-clappy evangelical church; and that an $18,000 “donation” went a long way to covering his annual tithe?

  16. If Oz and America are anything to go by, no amount of tired old bullshit about crime and welfare exploiters is enough to get the conservatives off that pot. A salience agin the dim mortgage-holder electorate really. Good winning tactic for ever for the friends of the rich.

  17. There’s no gravitas, no in- depth understanding of the complexities that come with leading a multi-cultural democratic society, no…nothing.
    An empty vessel. Key was the same, but sly and cunning with an extremely obliging media. Think… Hosking, Garner, Espiner ,Gower, Leighton Smith, John Armstrong…etc etc….the list went on and on.
    I know some top end of town business leaders who are normally always pushing their party that are now…. silent!


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