Why common law sheriffs must never be tolerated in NZ


‘Common law sheriff’ speaks out about group’s attendance at Anzac Day service

A “common law sheriff” accused of “hijacking” an Anzac Day service held at Paraparaumu, says the group had no intention of upsetting those in attendance.

Ricky Cribb​, was one of about nine people sworn in as a member of the so-called ANZ sheriffs movement following the Monday morning service in the Kāpiti Coast town.

The group’s presence at the service and brief speech at the end led several attendees to walk out and has drawn sharp criticism from the national president of the Returned and Services’ Association.

However, Cribb denied the group had any political intention in attending other than paying their respects.

Fuck off!

Fuck off!

and a third, Fuck off!

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These common law sheriff freaks must never, ever be tolerated at any event!

These feral lunatics are one step away from Brown Shirts and must not be accepted in any sense. They must be mocked mercilessly any time they attempt to turn up anywhere.

They are Qanon inspired fuckwits who believe that the NZ Government is actually a corporation and as such has no power over them.

They believe that once sworn in, common law sheriffs have the right to use any violence and any force necessary to ‘keep the peace’, including hanging politicians for imagined crimes against humanity.

That’s right, just let that sink in. They. Believe. They. Have. The. ‘Right’. To. Hang. You!

They are worse than vigilantes because at least vigilantes have some type of basic law and order philosophical infrastructure, these nutters have none of that and are totally subjective in what they think they can and can’t do.

We must ruthlessly mock these pretend soldiers in their pretend war and no one should allow them to join any of our protest movements.

If you see a common law sheriff at any event, left wing or right wing, they must be immediately targeted and laughed at.

They are crypto-fascists and we will not tolerate these lunatics infecting NZ any more than Qanon madness already has.

I’m not suggesting violence against these morons, but mocking them to their faces is absolutely required.

They are losers of the highest order.


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    • Thanks Martyn – a timely and necessary article. I hope that state security agencies, police and those monitoring these domestic terrorists start going after these ‘stab-proof-vested sheriffs’.

      Not too soon though, because the agencies need to follow the money back to the source.

      IMHO a possible rank order, least likely to be funding and fomenting the crowd, down the rank order to most likely are:
      1. The Greens.
      2. Te Pati Maori.
      3. Labour
      4. NZ First
      5. TOP
      6. The New Conservatives
      7. ACT
      8. National
      9. The Tamaki Party

      Second HO rank would be:
      1,3,2,4,5,6,9,7,8 …

      Mike drop waiting for Sour Kraut and the rest of the right wing commenters here at TDB, to wear the letters off their keyboards and losing their sh!t, wigh their ‘false flag’ claims.

      Would appreciate ‘informed’ opinions about #10 most likely funding and fomenting the sheriffs on the list?

  1. Yes the rule of jaw must stand – one law for all.
    This also applies to letting iwi and gangs run check points, that’s the stupid shit that opens the door to people questioning why some laws apply but not others.
    One law for all is also how you create social cohesion, not the million fractures of identity politics which does the exact opposite while claiming they are increasing social cohesion.

    These crazies are a direct result of insane government action rupturing our society in to competing fragments with different rules depending on identity class.

    • KCC and the Sunshine Band
      Do we have one law for all here in NZ? I feels like we have different laws for some. And I am not referring to any creed or race, but to judgements coming out of our courts. Must be hard being a cop these days. You bring’em in, the judge sends them back out. Why bother?

  2. They definitely do miss their childhood playdates pretending to be cowboys and Indians. All dressed up in their ‘Milky Bar’ kids get up!

    If they even stopped and thought about this and the origins of the Sheriffs. They’re rebelling against the very thing that these sheriffs represent.
    Quasi-feudal colonial rule.
    As ridiculous as it sounds they have no real understanding of it or what they believe it is supposed to mean.

    I hope they get a sore bum from mum giving them a smacked bum for being stupid when they get home after their playdate.

  3. Yep we all cried foul when gangsters were found to be helping in running Iwi covid checkpoints 12 months ago and were seen as vigilantes, as far as I’m concerned these so called fuckwit sheriffs are no different and are in all honesty probably worse and as Bomber said they should be made a mockery of at every available opportunity!

  4. Apparently ‘John Ansell’ former National party ad-man is part of these bigots along with pseudo-historians and former white nationalist members like ‘Kerry Bolton’ the author of a dodgy white supremacist book called ‘Lord of the soil’ which is a crypto-fascist narrative of Europeans were here before Maori.

    This group shouldn’t be taken seriously, I mean along with the Celtic NZ crew whom apparently still recruiting lost souls they are using conspiratorial language to push their shit. These clowns are dangerous and have been recruiting ill-informed lost NZers and appropriating Maori historic grievance’s conflating it with there movement of protesting against the govt covid19 response to this pandemic.


    • What is with National and these f’ing idiots. The stupid mayor from Coromandel, Matt King in the far north, Jamie Lee Ross, some bloke Gilmour, and the dick pic guy whose name escapes me, just to name a few.It’s fair enough to point out Labour MPs and their incompetence but it’s painfully obvious that the other side of the house has an abundance of morons.

    • They should not be recognised unless they wear a big hat, ride a horse, chew tobacco and talk with a slow texan draaaawl.

      And when they do, we add to the list.

  5. What a bunch of wankers. Freedom of speech, assembly and association prevails however so let them do their best.

    BUT…that does not mean they can bludge on others work like ANZAC Day, and crash functions they have not organised themselves without getting a reaction. If you want public support do it on your own merits Sherrif bros.

      • Something else to bloody look into! as Gagarin says it is who and what is behind these individuals that needs investigation.

        State Security Forces seem to know every leftist and Māori rights activist by name, so maybe they will check up on the “Sheriffs” at some stage–but don’t count on it.

        The visual presentation looks US Oathkeeper, quasi Police style at first glance, and to state the obvious, uniforms are associated with authoritarianism not class left activism or positive community organisation.

  6. Jesus said: you hypocrites first take the log out of your own eye and then you will be able to see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye! You have no right to judge.

  7. Jody Its sort of provocative to talk about honoured groups like the RSA and police and then being bludgeoned to death all in the same sentence. And without it being put in context for instance a date and place. Have you just come out of primary school Jody. If you want to discuss grown up matters in a serious way give them the attention they need and provide details, after all you think it’s important and want us to know about it so give us the links and brief background so we can catch your point and not just emotional tags to disturb us.

    • Hey chief, I was of course referencing William Bell. If you are having trouble remembering events of New Zealand past then maybe see your GP.

  8. We need to play the laughing police man song to them like old Lyndsay Perigo used to do the politically correct nutters back in the day. He had a good laugh at them.

  9. For all the verbiage wasted on this, there is only one thing that needs to be accepted.. These deluded people are in actuality, “Vigilante’s”, plain and simple.. Their rhetoric is seditious, and they are attempting to ferment violence.. That defines most vigilante groups.. This is just a very low brow attempt to emulate the “good ole boys” from Alebamy.. Schoolboy fantasies overblown into grown up psychosis…


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