GROAN – High Court ruling against Government proof of a system working not a fascist state!


Grounded Kiwis fight in the High Court ends in success

The Grounded Kiwis have succeeded in their historic case against the MIQ system.

Justice Jillian Mallon released her decision this afternoon and found that although MIQ was a critical component of the Government’s elimination strategy, the combination of the virtual lobby and narrow emergency criteria meant New Zealanders’ rights to enter their country was infringed.

“In some instances in a manner that was not demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society,” Justice Mallon said.

The decision, which spanned hundreds of pages, outlined the judge’s decision.

This is the second breathless news story in as many weeks claiming some smoking gun when there is none…

MIQ not justified beyond November, health officials told govt last year

Top health officials agreed in November last year that Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) was “no longer justified” for most returnees, according to a document the Ministry of Health tried to keep secret.

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…look, the MIQ was a brutal but utterly necessary tool in keeping the Homeland safe. If any of us had been caught up in its gruelling requirements, it would be heart breaking, but this Government was running blind a lot of the time on this pandemic and were making best decisions based on the facts on the ground in an ever changing dynamic environment.

In the case of the latest ruling we have a system of checks and balances that is working!

None of us liked having the boot of the State on our throat, but we agreed to the suspension of civil liberties for the greater good and that greater good kept being legally challenged until it was found that the system – which has now been dismantled – didn’t justify the greater good threshold.

This ruling against the Government is proof of a system working!

It’s not evidence of a fully functioning Police State!

These regulations were hard on everyone, that the system was over cautious isn’t malice or spite.

This isn’t the great unravelling the Right are pretending it is.

The Government has nothing to apologise for, but an apology should be given because no one wanted to cause these Kiwis any more trauma than they had to endure, just like we didn’t mean for any Kiwi to suffer from mandatory vaccine testing or mandatory vaccinations in certain jobs.

We all bore crosses through this pandemic. We all deserve praise for our our endurance and condolences for the pain.


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  1. “This isn’t the great unravelling the Right are pretending it is.”
    No it’s not Martyn, you are right about that. But it is a chance for Jacinda to bring out her world famous ‘kindness’ and say something to those poor suckers who couldn’t come home, and explain honestly why her DJ mates and the Wiggles could come here instead of them. But I think we all understand by now that she isn’t really thaaaaat kind and not all thaaaat honest about some things. It’s just a clever marketing tool for her that masses once believed. But now, much like the fluffy friendly ogre in the Westpac ad….we quickly switch channel when we hear it.

      • The dirty politics team never promoted this take like they did their Dirty Politics Tuesday last week on the MIQ report. They know no one cares and its a bore.
        I also dont want a judge based on legal mumbo jumbo over riding mine and thousands of other NZ Citizens the right to live. If we didnt have MIQ there would have been thousands of deaths. See how when they have opened the borders that the cases and deaths have ballooned. Stuff those overseas people wanting to come home when they want – we had polls that erred on the side of keeping the borders closed. I had 3 cousins who died last year whose children were all around the world wanting to come home. They all were resigned to the fact that they gave their farewells to their parent by facebook/ time and planned to hold a service when they all get back to Aotearoa. Jacinda 10 Right wing DPT ZERO.

    • Sour Kraut “…why her DJ mates and the Wiggles could come here “ was bread and circuses for the dumb proles, courtesy of the pollies who observe from balconies.

  2. So it wasn’t the jackboot of the State, it was really just incompetence making MIQ unnecessarily unfair?

    That makes all the difference in the world.

    • Corona isn’t a world war. It’s peacetime you……..

      This talk of incompetence and compotance and economic management. I mean budget cuts and tax cuts are precisely the reason why MIQ took so fucking long to dismantle you fuck. Manage your way out of that first. You National Party scum.

        • My apologies for ruining your morning. Couldn’t have happened to a more lovable chap. It must be difficult with leaders like John Key, Simon Bridges, Judith Collins, and Christopher Luxon. Aroha Nui.

    • Did you read a different article & reply to this one by mistake? It seems clear enough that the government did the best they could as the situation unfolded, as Martyn says we all had to abide by whatever the current regulations were & while it would have been nice if all the people with personal reasons could have traveled when it was convenient for them most of us know that any exemptions would have soon been taken by those with the means (usually money) to get the best excuse with no care about any disease they would spread as a consequence.

  3. Have we ever had an official explanation as to why some British DJs were able to enter NZ MIQ with ease on at least three times ?

    Have we ever had an official explanation why Ricardo Menéndez March (MP) was able to queue jump and trot off to Mexico and bring back his boyfriend?

    “Most transparent government ever”

    • I agreed that MIQ was poorly run but agree with it being used to stop NZ suffering much higher death rates before vaccination here.

      What made it unfair is that many people who were not NZ citizens seemed to be able to enter instead of NZ citizens, they kept the 501’s, criminals coming and ISIS bride family and we had MP’s leaving for holidays, conferences and other events that took up the places.

      People did not seem to have to prepay the MIQ like they did for their travel and then didn’t pay and this was allowed while NZ citizens like students are crippled with student debt that they don’t seem to be let off when they leave the border.

    • indeed andrew did we ever get the horsey halfwits who nearly infected wanaka punished adequately, or the child raping ceo who had name suppression until yesterday(a child UNDER 12) thankfully now at least banged up….our justice system is a joke, no actually it’s not funny…it’s a fuckin tragedy BOTH sides get off scott free if they’re rich it’s not a party thing…IT’S A KIWI THING

    • RosieLee: yes indeed. I noticed that as well. This is still NZ: the verb is spelled “practise”, while the noun is “practice”.

        • It brings to mind my late mother calling out from the kitchen “as….as that”, whenever she heard any of us say “it wasn’t all that….”. She also was an English teacher, still working then. I think she felt that she was fighting a losing battle over that expression, though.

          A sibling who was also an English teacher remarked some years back that teachers believed that they’d lost the battle for the apostrophe. I still use it, correctly, as it happens. Ditto the comma. Shows my age, I guess.

  4. No surprise here. Who woulda thought that this incompetent government is incompetent?

    Make it up as you go, LINO party!

    It’s time for them to go.

  5. MIQ did have its place, it was a blunt tool used to protect the majority particularly the vulnerable. Many NZers were told by Winstone to get home ASAP but many didn’t listen they even went to Australia when they were warned to do so at their own risks. Then we had to hear all the bitching and moaning and frankly I think many NZers got sick of this lot.

  6. If you can afford to travel overseas you can’t have too many problems – poor wee flowers.

    Some folk wouldn’t know what a real problem is if it slapped them in the face.

  7. Several millions of NZers were never going to use MIQ. People who thought it their right to roam the globe as they pleased regardless of a pandemic, remain not universally supported or admired.

  8. MIQ was a badly-designed, badly-administered, poorly-implemented farce.

    Those responsible should hang their heads in shame at the breathtaking sweep of their ineptitude.


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