MEDIAWATCH: It’s awful Musk has bought Twitter, but then again, listening to Twitteratti scream is too delicious


It looks like Musk has bought Twitter…

Twitter reportedly nearing deal to sell itself to Elon Musk

Twitter is said to be nearing a deal to sell itself to Elon Musk, according to The New York Times and other outlets, 11 days after the Tesla and SpaceX CEO shocked the industry by offering to buy the company in a deal valuing it at more than $41 billion.

…now are there dangers in allowing a Tech Bro to buy up one of the largest social media platforms around, sure, but the delight in hearing smug woke Twitteratti scream is just too delicious right?
Twitter is the land of the woke it has given them more power to cancel than any other platform, now with a heteronormative cis male Tech Bro owning it, the woke will be forced to choose between their deplatforming dogma and leave or swallow a dead rat and stay.
Either way, plutocracy wins.
If the woke had spent less time alienating on identity and a tad more time on the solidarity of class, there could be a universal push against the obscenely rich, but those days are long gone.
Modern politics is all about pushing for counter productive policy that hurts people on social media you loath more than it hurts you.
The Twitteratti have gained so much social power with their woke Lynch mobs and daily cancellations that the concept of any of them walking away from the platform that gives them more power than they’ve ever had in their lives is out of the question.
I look forward to the weekly struggle sessions they will now have to navigate from denouncing Musk while using his platform.
I love it.
‘I’m cancelling this App’ will be the new ‘I’m moving to Canada if Trump wins’.

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    • No they didn’t.. John Key handed it to them on a plate.. If we’d had a real leader that wasn’t working for overseas interests, as well as his own, then we would be in a much better position to stay out of the clusterfucks the USA is currently dragging the western world into on a regular basis now.. The lack of depth in some of the comments here is rather disturbing to say the least.. I have to assume that most of NZ’s best and brightest are still overseas where they ran to when they saw what Key was up to.. If it wasn’t for my mother being as close to passing as she is, I would still be there myself.. This country has become a “rump” in more ways than one… Suffice to say that I will be getting away asap after she does go.. There is nothing here but an obscenely bloated property market, and milk powder exports to China.. Until they complete the plan to establish their own dairy industry that is.. At that point, this country is munted.. And doesn’t possess the intellectual base that could drive the total rebuild required to make this a viable society again.. Trite, and shallow slogans aren’t any substitute for actual debate… I’ll explain what that means when one of you learn how to ask without copping an adolescent attitude..

  1. Fucking brilliant! Bring back Trump Elon and sack that gormless wonder Twatter have has a CEO.

    Best news for months.

  2. This is really great news! the funnist thing ever is loads of people threatening to delete their accounts currently drive a tesla!

  3. Imagine spending your days on-line (twitter) arguing with anonymous posters who you only know by their username

    Oh wait…

  4. Thank the Baby Jesus that I don’t give a fuck.
    One of the greatest things about traveling through the foreign countries where I couldn’t understand the language was that when I was out and about I had no idea what people were talking about.
    It’s quite liberating to finally not care what the other faeces flinging primates are screeching about.
    Musk doesn’t care either. All he wants is your data.
    Russell Brand.
    A metaverse company is developing a way for people to talk to their loved ones even after they die …and all it requires is massive amounts of your personal data!

    • Stuffed will go when there is a change in government. Despite National being timid one place they won’t is the media

    • Those woke people you complain about are the thin wall that stands between a decent society and a white supramacist Christian theocracy. It seems that you have chosen the side that wants to impose theocracy.

      • The woke are driving people to the hard right.

        I used to be moderate, but after getting called racist 1000x for opposing mass immigration and fascist for opposing censorship, I just want someone to oppose the woke, and will take whoever will do it. That’s the populist right by default.

        You can only call people ‘fascist’ for moderately conservative social views so many times before they say, “to Hades with you” and embrace the label. Ironically, the woke left are rapidly normalising fascism.

        • @Sean OConnor
          Understand your position but Millsy-bot is running a script which roughly maps out as.
          1: Take a thing they disagree with
          2: Rhetorically associating it with a (typically unrelated) heinous act or belief of particular concern to the woke.
          3: Anyone who takes a counter position obviously supports point 2 and is therefore evil.
          4: Feel morally superior for smiting ominpresent nazis.

          Not the most sophisticated woke sophistry but an example of the architecture of though being trundled out these days.

          You are correct through the way the woke characterise society (intolerant, bigoted) is exactly the kind of society they will usher in.

    • and replace it with fox, infowars and issue every one with a Volksempfänger …

      just ‘cos you don’t like stuff
      a- don’t use it
      b- try other sources
      c- don’t use it

      or is your real gripe any source that isn’t run by a media mogul

      stuff maybe shite but it’s our shite.

        • why should I pay for your roads

          why should I pay for your hospital

          why should I pay for your pension

          it’s not the fact stuff exists, it6’s the fact it’s so inept.

          • Everyone is accommodated with roads, hospitals and pensions. Stuff is a Labour Party mouthpiece, why should I be paying for shite propaganda?

          • Roads are non rival and non excludable and have been provided by government in basically every society in history.
            Healthcare and the pension are fairly standard in developed nations and there is a natural moral case for looking after the sick and the elderly.
            Paying for Virginia, Verity and Glenn to call me pale and male and call for state discrimination against people with my sex and ethnicity isn’t something my tax dollars should go to. Burn it down.

    • I despise how stuff exploit young naive writers who have received a terrible eduction and don’t know what the 4th estate is

  5. Musk had them trapped no matter which way they jumped: If they didn’t accept his offer they would be in breach of their fiduciary duty to the shareholders – the lawyers were waiting in the wings. He instantly made a few billion on the share uptick after his initial purchase. It’s an under performing share so I’m confident he will make more for both himself and other shareholders once he gets in the driving seat.

    Considering the social aspect:
    > If you’re unhappy that a “tech bro” is controlling Twitter, are you similarly unhappy that Bezos owns the Washington Post, that Carlos Slim owns the NY Times, Steve Jobs widow owns The Atlantic and Zuckerberg owns Facebook?
    > If Musk hadn’t bought Twitter, were you happier with Blackrock and a Saudi Prince owning controlling shares as they do/did now?

    IMO this is wonderful news! Removing political censorship from what has become the default almost global ‘town hall’ is a great thing. I might even join once I can say that Trans women aren’t real women LOL

    • What do you have against blacks/LGBT? You realise that they will be in the firing line once Musk buys the site. THere will be a huge banning frenzy of people what simply want to live in peace.

      • No reference to blacks?!?

        As for the LGBT+, I have nothing against any of them other than the utterly rabid insistence from the Ts that all must buy into their fantasies by suspending reality.

        I will always treat people with respect and use whatever name or pronouns that make them feel comfortable but I will never accept that men can be women or vice versa

        • The only fantasy that people have is that they actually have a first name relationship with a dead Palestinian carpenter who thinks that he was fathered by a space alien.

          • Find the body if you are so sure of your view. You are content to just make things up to denigrate something you don’t understand but I would have thought that you had some real knowledge going on your 10:30 am comment which is how we are told final events on this Earth will be.
            Christianity would be ended this weekend if Jesus was still dead & a body was found, the Jewish leaders & Roman powers had every reason to wish Him still to be dead but ample evidence was provided that He rose again, since it was almost 2000 years ago there are no eyewitnesses but it also validates the event as described in scripture since finding a body would have been the most obvious way to destroy Christianity.

      • Millsy what are you on about?!

        Its shown in studies that whyte middle age/old men suffer more online abuse than anyone else

      • I have nothing at all against them….but women they’re not.
        Until the woke brigade got involved, professional psychologists described their condition as ‘gender dysphoria’; a mental condition. This still true, sadly. Pretending they’re something they’re not doesn’t help them or us. It just forces us to join their delusion. It’s also part of a wider gaslighting attack against us.

        • You could have fooled me. You support Trump, who wishes to recriminalise homosexuality and Transgenderism. By definition, so do you

        • A mental condition is believing that the earth was magicked into existence and that a dead Palestinian carpenter actually knows you and wants to determine your fate

            • @Gargarin
              Millsy-bot is running a script which roughly maps out as.
              1: Take a thing they disagree with
              2: Rhetorically associating it with a (typically unrelated) heinous act or belief of particular concern to the woke.
              3: Anyone who takes a counter position obviously supports point 2 and is therefore evil.
              4: Feel morally superior for smiting ominpresent nazis.

              Not the most sophisticated woke sophistry but an example of the architecture of though being trundled out these days.

      • You have completely the wrong idea. You only think in terms of censorship as that’s all you seem to know. Musk is not going to ban anyone. There’ll be open source algorithms. blm etc can talk all they want but algorithms won’t be slanted toward woke

    • Women must be such a mystery to you Andrew!
      Transwomen must make your head spin around like an The ACT version Exorcist.

  6. Self reflection is required sometimes…like me commenting on Mark Zuckerberg’s FB, aka “Meta”, about Elon Musk leveraging Twitter, while buying stuff with Paypal started by Peter Thiel, and checking family pics on Insta, does rather highlight some contradictions raised by the squillionaire takeover of the internet.

    These arseholes, bastards and thieves have not only monetised online life, they also directly intervened in politics and individual pyschology–and not in a positive way for the vast majority of people.

    I have lost real life friends via social media, because things get said that face to face might not be said, and some just go plain bonkers when they are on some weirdo “one track” mode of thinking.

    But I also genuinely enjoy social media for the contacts that can happen with friends and family. If there was a publicly owned social media it would be great, but “critical mass” is so fucking powerful with the commercial internet model, if something succeeds it seems to succeed even more regardless of the real world outcome. Even Donald Trump could not make a dent with his little and other platforms.

    Online activism has long been slammed, but online seems to be reality now for so many. Musk is a supreme egotist union buster that needs to be dealt to one way or another.

    Martyn’s revenge fantasies about nasty Twitter users totally miss who the main enemy is in this case–it is Capital and Finance Capital.

    • “Self reflection is required sometimes…like me..”
      “ I have lost real life friends via social media, because things get said that face to face might not be said”
      “ Musk is a supreme egotist union buster that needs to be dealt to one way or another.”

      Whereas I can joke or discuss political topics (although I seldom do) with my social media friends from left and right and no one packs a sad.

      Making online threats like you have above will certainly lose you friends as well as finding you a spot on a watchlist.

      Self reflection indeed.

      • Shall I be more specific re Mr Musk for the young flowers out there…I know it sounds scary for some to even contemplate taking on such a powerful person…

        “one way or another” in my lexicon means his elite agenda can be reigned in by;
        –Union organisation in workplaces
        –US Legislation being properly applied to him–check out his murky stock trading leading up to the Twitter move
        –Consumers voting with their apps

        if that puts me on a watch list–the state security forces should be retired forthwith

  7. Excellent cartoon. Reminds me of the stories I see here about kids raising money to go towards helping poverty somewhere or for some Pacific Islands cause. So excited to raise a couple of hundred dollars.

    I understand the many outstanding beneficial elements to such efforts. The financial perspectives can be seen in all sorts of lights.

  8. A twat like Musk being free to do this shows what is wrong with American Capitalism. When individuals and Corporations are free to have more power than Government the situation is.. a) for Righties, brilliant
    b) for Lefties, diabolically stupid

  9. I wonder if Musk will reinstate all those accounts that were cancelled by twitters Gestapo rulers of rules and complaints from the stasi gender benderers?

    • Well, you have shown your true colours. An evangelical Christian who sees the LGBTQ people as sinners and sodomites fit only for damnation and extermination.

      • Evangelical Christian talk is easily dealt to. It’s the mullahs who hang ’em from cranes and Islamic State who throw ’em off buildings that LGBTQI+ need to be wary of.

        • Anne, christian evangalicals are leading mass progroms against the LGBT community.

          If we want to protect LGBT’s we need to eliminate religion. Period. Otherwise they will keep passing laws to suppress those who dont want to live according to the Bible

  10. I despair over people who follow the crowd, who engage in group think. Sadly that describes most people. As my late dad used to say,most people aren’t worth knowing. They literally aren’t worth yr time. Fear the despot living next door It takes a rare jewel of a human to stand out for being different in today’s times.

    I prefer animals. They don’t engage in group think, apart from to cooperate

  11. I really don’t know what the left are upset about, they can go and build their own version of Twitter….or so I’m told 😉

  12. if he keeps his promise of freedom of speech who cares as mao said

    let 100 flowers bloom
    let a thousand schools contend

    10 minutes before the cultural revolution……………….

  13. Eion Musk –“We will coup whoever we want” ,,, said by him on twitter.

    “Nine-country study finds widespread use of social media for promoting lies, misinformation and propaganda by governments and individuals”

    “Under apparent government pressure, big tech corporations in the United States have tightened their social media grip, censoring accounts that criticize the US government and its allies.” ,,,, “this is just the tip of an iceberg.”

    Eion likes coups for Lithium ,,, perhaps Eion see’s twitter as his own personal Lithium extraction tool .

  14. The cartoon is dumb. Even the NZ government has an annual budget of $100b. The US’s budget is 100 times bigger. How about they fix poverty and so on, like they always claim they will, and let Musk revolutionise space travel, electric cars, and dewokify Twitter at zero cost to me?

  15. Keep on for the people’s and planet’s relief, Martyn and leave entirely aside, what I consider, your nonsense about ‘woke’. If you do the former the latter doesn’t come up.

  16. Modern politics is all about pushing for counter productive policy that hurts people on social media you loath more than it hurts you

    This reminds me of a Slavoj Zizek execrable bit of black humour.
    As I remember it – In a nearby country to his the people there hold grudges deeply.
    The story goes that God visited a citizen and graciously decided to give him whatever he would wish for. But God added a proviso that whatever the person chose, his neighbour would get double. After a short reflection the man said ‘Take out one of my eyes.’


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