MEDIAWATCH: Gavin Ellis Journalism vs Woke Dogma


Poor old Gavin, aside from his decision to sack TDBs Cartoonist Malcom Evans when he was the editor of the NZ Herald, he is one of the true bastions of journalism in this country and for daring to relax moderation standards on his Kiwi Journalists Facebook Page, has been attacked by the woke who believe a relaxation of moderation will allow for opinions and views to be published that will trigger the perpetually outraged

I have been accused of being a “bullying, old, white man”. I emphatically deny the first but plead guilty to the remaining three charges as the truth stares back at me from the mirror.

The charges were laid when I called for less rigid interpretation of the rules I had helped to write for a social media page. No, you didn’t misread that: I called for a relaxation of moderation, not a tightening.

The accusation of bullying therefore left me confused but then a light went on in my head.

Of course! Bullying is when you say something with which someone else disagrees.

I was less confused about the use of age, ethnicity and gender as stinging rebukes because I’m getting used to it. Sticks and stones and so on. However, something about the way the four charges were laid has left me deeply worried.

I was going to say that I had become a victim of cancel culture, but I fear blood-stained Vladimir Putin sucked the legitimacy out of that indictment when he claimed the West was trying to “cancel” Russia and its history as it did to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling over statements on sexual identity.

I have been the recipient of a clear message that what I had to say has no value because it did not accord with the views of (I am led to assume) a majority, and I was out of touch with ‘reality’ because I conformed to unacceptable stereotypes. If that was insufficient to establish my unworthiness, I was also deemed to no longer be “a working journalist”.

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Let’s remind Gavin of the holy trinity of woke identity politics dogma.

In the name of the non-binary mother, non-binary daughter and the monthly ghost: All white people are irredeemable racists, all men are rapists and anyone defending free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi.

There is absolutely no wriggle room in that mantra and by promoting objective journalism, Gavin is now the enemy who must now be destroyed.

This is what the Political Left spends its energy on now, micro aggression policing anyone who triggers them.

Gavin stands for objective truth, but as any Intersectionist Identitarian will scream, objective facts are heteronormative cis male privilege and any attempt to focus on objective facts others PoC and WoC whose emotional experienced life trumps any sense of objectivity.

Gavin must be destroyed.

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  1. “Old”, “white” and “man” is not just a description it is now a pejorative and mark of distain to the fashionably woke. In addition to everything else described, this is actual bullying.

    Woke feature 1: “Iron law of Woke projection” any ‘crime’ you are accused of is likely what they themselves are committing. Indeed the way they view society (bigoted, intolerant etc) is exactly the kind of society they seek to usher in. Burning down the village in order to save it.

    “Of course! Bullying is when you say something with which someone else disagrees.”
    Woke feature 2: Not quite, bullying is saying something that does not align with intersectional dogma. You are free to disagree with anything David Seymour or Lex Luxon say.

    “because it did not accord with the views of (I am led to assume) a majority”
    – The majority on Twitter perhaps not in the real world (yet). Hence the interest in schooling influenced by Freire’s “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”.
    Woke feature 3: Developing a ‘critical consciousness’ with respect to identity is more important than say literacy or numeracy (or life skills, jobs, homes, families, poverty etc).

    “I was out of touch with ‘reality’”
    – Don’t be too hard on yourself, this is from people who likely deny or are unable to define the difference between a trans women and biological women. Something most trans women and cis women (and trans/cis men) are quite capable of doing for themselves!
    Woke feature 4: Patronise and infantilise the people you claim to protect and if anyone from a ‘protected’ group does not believe in intersectional dogma they are deserving a special kind of righteous vitriol.

    Woke feature 5: It’s about political belief not identity. Tick all the intersectional boxes but if you don’t believe you are a heretic and excommunicated. You could become ‘white adjacent’ and presumably ‘old’ and ‘man’ adjacent too.

  2. ” This is what the Political Left spends its energy on now ”

    Its time to leave them to it and create a new movement and rise above this total utter crap.

    The political left it is not and never will be.

    The real left is better than that and can be a again by focusing and representing so many who have no voice.

  3. it’s because class consciousness grows from oppression, as labours current ‘target market’ have never been oppressed they have to find things to whine about.

    and most rightards are SJW snowflake cry babies too, there idea of what constitutes ‘social justice’ is somewhat different…whaaaa whaaaaaa graphic novel mentions something that makes me uncomfortable-ban it now..
    whining when you don’t have the arguments to stand your corner is endemic on both sides


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