New Poll: National and Labour both up and Māori Party are becoming kingmakers


Latest Taxpayer’s Union Poll is out and it shows National and Labour up and the dynamic that TDB has been predicting for sometime that the Māori Party are emerging as the possible kingmaker.

NATIONAL – 37.8% up 2.5

LABOUR – 36.8% up .6

GREENS – 9.4% down 3

ACT – 8.4% down 2.8

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Māori Party – 3.6% up 3.5

NZ First – 1.7& down .1

OTHER – 2.3% down .7

National and Labour are level pegging with ACT and the Greens are becoming their political tails, the prevailing dynamic is that Labour and the Greens will require the Māori Party to gain a majority in the 2023 election.

We can see that at play in JTs latest column.

ACT and National will use Labour and Greens reliance on the Māori Party to generate fear and disinformation.

The Greens and the Māori Party should be meeting now.



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  1. Its all about the trends. The insurmountable lead the left had 6 months ago has gone. This is despite Te Reo Luxon’s performance being little better than Collins, Muller and Bridges. He will get better and Seymour more noisy as the election gets closer. Factoring in the black swans coming home to roost and things are unlikely to get better for team left. Likely much worse.

    I don’t believe the Maori party will be relevant come election night next year.

    • You sound nervous Frank. If Luxon is the best the NZ right has to offer, we’re in even worse trouble than I thought.

    • I don’t believe the Maori party will be relevant come election night next year.

      Totally disagree with this comment I think they will become more and more relevant with those who did vote Green. I know lots of people who are looking to them as an alternative. They have the best policy on climate change of any party by a country mile. I want to see their tax policy and what they will do to bring in more revenue so that the rich pay much more and the poor pay zilch, plus the whole issue of funding for health.

  2. My pick is Labour/Greens/Maori Party Coalition, I think NZF may get 5% however will not be in the frame this time after dissing Labour and National/ACT/NZF will struggle to get a majority.

  3. The Greens and Maori Parties should meet now….so, they can debate who has done the least amount of work, who is the biggest waste of time/space, how to sell out their voters/supporters?

  4. Both leaders should do what Key did and say they refused to work with NZF. He has not been a friend to either and the voting public have gained little apart from the Gold Card.
    The Greens have done little for the climate and the Maori Party has done little for the Maori and nothing for building any type of racial harmony as they grand stand to attract attention.

    • sorry to be the one to break it Trev Canary–NZ First supporters are literally a dying subset–ironic given all the micro projects the PGF enabled in the Far North, new wharves and jetties for tiny communities most New Zealanders would not know existed, business hub in Kaikohe, State highway roundabouts that make the trip North more comfortable and safe, small business funding, environmental projects, town remakes, Mangonui harbour board walk and inlet culvert…and scores more

      • And where as it Shan Jones was trying to get back into power for another 3 years suckling of the public tit

  5. Bye, bye Middle-Class terrorists, the mental eco-terrorists and the Maori Nark Stasi.

    Self-inflicted. Why? Probably because there are more Crises now that in 2017!

  6. I think none of us know fuck all and we’ll find out on the night…polls? as much use as chicken guts.

      • That’s a terrible thing to say cuz. Have a kit kat and a nap. Maybe you’ll feel better after.

        Tribal Gerald are hard to educate in these things. You might want to learn how to count pa.

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