Ukraine is but the start: Why this is the most dangerous time in human history


In his most recent and wide ranging interview, Left wing God Noam Chomsky declares “We’re approaching the most dangerous point in human history”.

He is depressingly correct.

I don’t think we have understood the ramifications of Putin’s mad war in the Ukraine.

I was one of the few punters who correctly predicted Putin would invade the Ukraine. I argued Russia saw the attempted coup in Kazakhstan in January as part of the West’s hybrid war against Russia and the ongoing military friction in the East of Ukraine alongside Russian fears of NATO expansion have all combined to cement into place Putin’s view that this war is an existential necessity for Russia and that he is the inheritor of 1000 years of the True Christian Faith stretching back to 987AD when his namesake, Vladimir the Great baptised 1000 Russians in the Kyiv River.

I’ve argued that the West wants to tell itself that Putin miscalculated, but my fear is that he pushed his reluctant army into a conflict he knew it couldn’t win until it caused a threat so large he would be allowed to escalate it to survive.

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I think for Putin the Ukraine is but the start of a new campaign to destabilise the entire rules based system and that Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Iranians nuclear deal are the next flash points.

I think Putin sees Russia only winning in a new state of chaos.

I don’t think Markets have really appreciated that this war won’t end.

In China, their zero tolerance to Covid has locked down entire cities. The extreme supply chain stresses this is creating to the global economy aside, the scale of human suffering in cities of affluence and wealth bode ill for the repressive Chinese regime exacerbating internal tensions that make the ruling elite nervous enough to want to distract the domestic population with an invasion of Taiwan.

We are seeing the reverberations of the Ukrainian war and China’s economic shutdown in Sri Lanka and Pakistan erupt.

Complicating all of this is a climate crisis that is endlessly eroding the weakest and most vulnerable amongst us.

400 dead in South African flooding is extraordinary!

Economic meltdown, war, mass pandemic, climate crisis and mass refugee migrations.

This is the future, a world of constant external shocks.

How NZ adapts to this new reality is crucial for our survival.

The tyranny of distance is now our saviour!

Isolationism and self sufficiency must be the new values of our home.

Fortress Aotearoa is inevitable.


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  1. It’s my guess, and it is only a guess, that Putin was receiving intelligence reports that an invasion, by Ukraine, of Crimea was immanent. The Ukrainian governments has a policy of regaining Crimea and I think I saw mention of Ukrainian troops moving south prior to the invasion. Since 2014 It has looked as if Ukraine was becoming a Western ally, so the loss of Crimea would mean the loss of the two naval bases on the western seaboard of Crimea. This is something Russia could not be expected to tolerate since then the bases would pass to the US. I don’t think Putin is mad; I think he is merely a pragmatist.

    • “Since 2014 It has looked as if Ukraine was becoming a Western ally”. So you think a CIA financed coup that installed a puppet government of the US is “looking like” them becoming a western ally? How does “Kiev has become the new Saigon” work? And which sitting American president was heavily involved with that, and the arming/financing of dissident groups in Kazakhstan?

  2. Small men with small dick issues. Narcissistic tyrants are a dime a dozen within politics.
    Would it have made any difference if the West hadn’t kept needling Putin? Tiny little Zelenskyy got all hot and sticky over NATO’s big rockets after all.
    These are dangerous times alright. It’s when good people fail to act while half wits rule the roost.

    • why because his smartness disarms shallow rightists….

      and all the rightist sing…..

      all together lads…fingers in ears….NAR NAR NAR NAR….can’t hear the nasty man.

      • I don’t trust Russia, Ukraine or NATO as far as I could kick them.. I’d prefer NZ stay right out of it, other than perhaps sending medical aid.

        Left, Right.. Up, Down.. MOST thinking Kiwis will agree the current government has profoundly poor foresight for the consequences of its’ actions.

        The last thing NZ needs is to join a Proxy War in Europe, or whatever the heck is actually happening.

        • If aid is what you want to send to Ukraine then NZ will have to win the ground war. Only the victor distributes aid.

        • stay right out of it, other than perhaps sending medical aid.

          Yes, I feel the same way (now). Medical and humanitarian aid – food, emergency relief – the way to go. I wish we could stick with that, and that only.

          • I’ll say what I said on the ‘war on terror’
            ‘bin laden can’t find NZ on a map, don’t give him a reason to look and keep it that way’
            same goes for putin

            • Putin knows where we are, we have fishing interests in common, we sunk their flagship Mikhail Lermontov (Russian poet), I presume not like the French sinking the Rainbow Warrior – deliberately, we have traded with the Russians during a difficult period – butter for larders (oops I mean Ladas) so likely they know us as well as we know them.

              If our government hadn’t come down so hard on Bill Sutch when he was trying to get current intelligence and gummint sent some civil servant to watch and chase him like pathetic schoolboys, we might have the game plan in our hands now or even been able to tip the scales away from Ukraine. Better having people with skin in the game instead of being trapped by electronc experts shooting fire from from their fingertips.

  3. Approaching? Tell that to the millions of people displaced, sanctioned, persecuted, maimed and killed by America in the last hundred years. Is it now urgent because ‘white people who look and live like us’ are getting bombed?

    • Ethan W Your prejudices and cant block your vision so you can’t see clear-eyed, objective and analytical. This is the sort of thinking to be applied to matters that shake us to the core, and of course we have found how to shake our planetl to the core too. But don’t bother to take off your dark glasses EWookiee, the sudden dazzle with blind you.

    • Ethan, it is those people, the victims of previous atrocities, who will be among those hurt the most by all that is happening in the Ukraine right now:
      “The war in Ukraine will have catastrophic ripple effects on people in the poorest and most conflict-ridden corners of the world.”

      “Global human suffering was already unprecedented before Ukraine exploded.

      “Today, 24 million people in Afghanistan rely on humanitarian aid to survive. Ten million people in the Sahel region are severely hungry. Seven million people in Ethiopia are being hammered by the worst drought in decades. The list goes on.”

      At the start of the year, Norwegian Refugee Council teams in Ukraine were making plans to hand over aid projects to local organisations, as much of the destruction caused by the conflict in 2014 had been repaired and rebuilt. The economic situation had even improved for many of those affected by the violence. We began redirecting relief workers and resources to some of these other major crises.

      Fast forward three months and Ukraine is witnessing the fastest mass flight this century – more than 10 million people have already fled their homes. Two health facilities a day are being attacked. Towns lie in rubble. Cities are besieged. Hundreds of thousands of women, children and men are without clean water or power.

      The Ukraine conflict will not only be devastating for countless Ukrainians, but also for millions of vulnerable people elsewhere. Three major areas will be hit particularly hard by “the Ukraine effect”.

      “First, a worldwide food and energy crisis is now inevitable.” More at the link

    • “Is it now urgent because ‘white people who look and live like us’ are getting bombed?”

      @EW Given the history of US interventionism I can see why you might think that but that Russians are predominantly white and millions are going to get shafted by sanctions and worse. We cared nothing for the ethnic Russians in Donbas who have made up over 80% of deaths since 2018. In contrast Saudi’s cannot do anything wrong, whether it’s Yemen or dismembering a journalists.

      There are plenty of such examples of ‘selective care’. We cared nothing for Afghan civilians for 20 years, then cared deeply for them, especially women and girls, around the time of the withdrawal and now 20 million are facing starvation we don’t care again.

      Perhaps millions of Afghans identified as caucasian for a few weeks and then changed their minds after the troops left. Alternatively the reasons are more nuanced and far more underhand than lazy generalisations about race.

    • Your bullshit is so huge, it risks dragging your butt underwater.
      You treat us like we’re second class to your Brrrrrritish heritage
      yet now we’re receiving ‘special reatment’ because we’re ‘White?’

  4. All it is is the US want to kick start the Cold War against Russia and China.

    By using the Ukraine and the Ukrainian people as the battleground and cannon fodder.

    The EU is going to have to suffer for this as well as pay for it.

  5. There is NO ‘rules based system’.
    There is only ‘do as I say, and not as I do’ by the American empire.

  6. I don’t know (you could be right Bomber) but this sounds awfully like the “domino theory” that was wheeled out as an excuse to send me off to Vietnam.

      • I know a whole bunch of millennials that are fit, sober and keen to take on strong guys. At least that’s what they claim on their social media accounts bahahaha.

        • in the 30s the bright young things(millennial equivalents of the day) of the oxford union passed a motion to the effect that they wouldn’t fight in a war
          less than 10yrs later they were flying spitfires, captaining corvettes and commanding tanks…the ‘eeey lad this generation can’t fight fer toffee’ is more than slightly flawed.

          • Take a second to appreciate just how blessed we are. I know we’ve still got work to do but we will do it with real ones. Meaning relatively fewer but way more trained and kitted out than there 1940’s equivalent.

            The way NZDF will fight in the 22nd century will be very very different and will include space, and cyber space. If it comes to it we need people who won’t buckle so a select group of millennials.

            Not to mention the proliferation of computational technology. There’s no point to point sales anymore. McDonald’s are full of kiosks that mc wages couldn’t possible repaire or maintain. Like we need real ones. The fight that’s coming will be unlike anyone has ever seen so using historical references is of little military value.

            • in their day spitfires were shiney new tech..they fly at 300 mph doncha know….new military innovations are new by definition and service people adapt to them through training,
              it’s not a question of the ‘fitness’ of generations but the adaptability.

    • Dead right RAF. We only have to look at the Vietnam debacle to see the truth about the USA. The USA carries the blame yet again here. They, along with their EU pawns, have bee goading the Russians for years and were warned time and again by the Russians as they doggedly trained the Ukrainians for war. The Americans invested over $5 billon to overthrow the elected govt in 2014 and drive them towards war. The outright lies and propaganda, and ownership of the media narrative, have combined to continuously enforce hatred and contempt for Russians from the American/Anglo/Zionist bloc.
      Noam Chomsky is right.

  7. well ‘chaos’ worked quite well for putin in getting trump elected and getting brexit done…so yeah it might well be working for him…funny how the money behind ‘disruptors’ comes from putin a very traditional russian autocrat.

        • @Gargarin agreed that a Russian strength is as provocator and agent of chaos, techniques of the FSB ruling elite. I don’t doubt that they were trying to push the dial on Trump and Brexit.

          However there is no evidence that such activity was decisive in either election and the Trump-campaign-active-collusion story has been debunked by the likes of Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Aaron Mate and others at outlets like The Intercept and The Greyzone none of which are centres of right wing partisanship.

          The ‘Russiagate’ and Brexit narrative sprung up because of the inability to accept responsibility for campaigns that were run badly and establishment narratives or a candidate that was deeply unpopular.

          I support neither but a more charitable view of Trump and Brexit is as a vote for ‘change’ (note the number of Trump voters who voted Obama twice and would have voted Bernie if given the chance). It’s much easier to dismiss or problematise genuine grievances if you cast people holding them as ‘deplorables’.

          Neoliberals stuff the voters, voters vote in an anti-establishment way, neoliberals say this proves voters are evil or manipulated by foreign powers. The Hillary Clinton school of ‘not my fault’.

          It’s also the fashion in US media/political discourse to claim the President is somehow ‘illegitimate’ if it’s not your candidate.
          Obama – Birthers
          Trump – Russiagate
          Biden – Stop the steal

          The circus part of bread and circuses.

            • and any investigation by people beholden to any oligarch that finds russia didn’t influence events has to be drawn into question…

              pollies all have their hands in each others pockets….never let the police investigate the police.

  8. My guess is that Putin has been planning this since the U.S inspired takeover of Ukraine in 2014.
    He has weaned Russia off having reserves in primarily U.S dollar denominated instruments and realised with Europes existing reliance on energy and agriculture from Russia/Ukraine he was in a strong position.

    Along with a new U.S president (who he challenged to a debate)and growing international trade tension with China ,and the EU and the ramifications of Covid worldwide,all his ducks were lined up.
    Russia cannot afford to lose this war.
    About 70% of the worlds population are done with U.S hegemony and its overlord status re international finance.
    ‘Money’ is the catalyst for all…wars.

  9. Maybe Putin has a terminal illness and wants to see ‘Russia great Again’ and reunite his former territories and populate them with Russians.

    Non democratic countries are removing the nationals living there and forcing them into other countries via war, intimidation, famine or political views. Western countries can’t agree what to do about mass migrations, it is a polarising subject without an end in sight.

    Ukraine is by far the largest country that the EU is granting first residence permits to and started before the Russian Invasion.

    Then there is irregular migration increasing from other geographical areas.

    Irregular EU border crossings 2021

    Year-on-year (January-October data) increase in crossings on the Central Mediterranean route (+95%, 56,100), the Western Mediterranean route (+30%, 33,500) and the Eastern borders route (+1465%, 7,300)
    Decrease in crossings on the Eastern Mediterranean route (-11%, 15,800)

    Should forced migration be considered a war crime aka bombing and looting?

    Should there be more scrutiny on governments that have high domestic migration rates about why people are leaving and what they did to try and stop it (aka climate change, famine etc as well as and easy one to identify like war).

    It seems wrong that people have to migrate due to drought for example if the government sold off and polluted their natural water supplies, overfished or cut down large amounts of forests leading to landslides.

    Governments should be held more to account if there is corruption and gang warfare so people are leaving.

    There needs to be more worldwide cooperation on stopping mass migrations by putting more emphasis on what governments are doing to protect their domestic populations from needing to migrate.

  10. Commercial Media (CoM) dipictions of NZDF units or psuedo NZDF kit are extremely common in today’s televisions. These units are often shown marching dramatically into humanitarian crises or are already deployed. In reality though, these sorts of men and woman don’t just materialise out of nowhere. A small portion of CoM seem to understand this or at least provide a token understanding by getting some “security expert” to say the magic words that will do the trick.

    -Cyber Security
    -humanitarain and disaster relief
    -huge trees
    -no nukes

    These one liners are usually just plot convenience that mask the realities of war. In this comment we will discuss what it will really take, to raise a twenty second century NZDF organisation for the defence of New Zealand and it’s realms, in the twenty first century.

    Before we begin it must be said that this comment will be filled with its own generalities and summarisations. This is a consequence of the fact that the south pacific covers thousands of kilometres, it’s interests are global and New Zealands area of responsibility covers the Pacific Ocean and Southern Ocean. An NZDF organisation raised for World War Two in the twentieth century would look and function very differently than one raised for the twenty second century.

    Therefore this comment is not meant to provide a complete understanding of how an nzdf organisation might be raised and organised but rather to provide a simplified look at the dynamics and structures of a typical Maori Battalion, which is the bases of most commercial Media depictions.

    So what is a typical NZDF structure? Well we can start to get a sense of things by looking at larger macro trends of the military history of The South Pacific. During colonization, settlers enjoyed a consolidation of power and would go on to develop large standing professional forces. These regiments were well trained and well equipped as a result of a large pool of resources that could be leveraged by The Great British Empire.

    As The British Empire began to decline, power reverted back to regional players which meant that military forces reverted from large professional forces, back to fewer, less numerous groups of personal usually organised around ethnic lines and social standing. Or by local communities, pooling there limited resources to provide local defence. This structure of a military lasted from the eighteen forties untill 1984 when more powerful financial middle men started to raise a twenty first century, financialized NZDF.

    Thus the professional standing NZDF has reverted back to a time before colonization with small constabulary forces. This is in stark contrast to the massive forces been raised by both China and America right now.

    As for the typical NZDF disaster relief and constabulary deployment you would expect small units of well trained and lightly kitted out personal. Bolstering the ranks would be volunteers from the commercial workforce when the need arises. There kit and training would vary greatly but would at least meet some basic training outlined in exchange programs and cross party exercises. And lastly foreign contributions who’s quality would vary greatly but is at least high enough to be included in disaster relief deployments.

    Notably missing from this description are the hordes of unwashed Lumpenproletariat you would usually see in The Green Party’s defence policy. This is usually because Lumpenproletariats are of little military value and pose a heavy logistical burden. Better to leave them in the factories where they can be productive. Some peasants may fight because there socio economic status makes them subject to Levie obligation previously mentioned or because they rally for local defence as volunteers and are kitted out by the community or by rich individual. Again how ever we are speaking in generalities here and details will vary by region and era.

    With this in context let’s turn our attention to raising a twenty second century NZDF before someone else does it first. Our discussion will follow this chain of events.

    1. Deciding to build a wartime economy
    2. A call to arms
    3. Mustering personal
    4. Deployment

    As one might expect the decision to build a war economy during peace time could not possibly amount to a valid Casus Belly. It will there fore be useful to talk a little bit about the nature of precolonial war in the south pacific, before colonial forces stood up large professional armies around the Pacific, and what may trigger large scale military operations in New Zealands front and backyards.

    Simply put, pre colonial warfare around the south pacific was common. As for the size of this type of war the scope of it was rather reduced partly due to the economic weight leaning towards raiding and scavenging or the mass battle scenes popularised by Weta Works screen writers.

    For our purposes we will have instead focus on larger scale wars which did indeed occur but are simply more rear. These conflicts happen for all sorts of reasons but often boil down to these sorts of reasons:

    -territorial expansion, often for control of resources and land which is at the root of most conflicts.

    -political disputes often involving a coup or disputes to the throne.

    -Holy wars like the missionaries

    -reconquest, like the Mori Ori

    Let’s say that war was brewing, how does the decision to go to war come about?

    Going to war is no light undertaking. Any ruler should view large scale wars as a significant risk both because of the significant financial costs and the dangers of defeat. Even armies that do not take the field could be ruinously expensive and crippling politically.

    There fore the lead up to war can take years or decades to develop. Much of this time should be spent marshalling resources and political capital necessary for the undertaking. Despite the view of pre-colonial natives being angry and aggressive they often lacked the personal resources and authority to take on the undertakings alone.

    Tribal leaders therefore had to make compromises and deals with other powerful body’s and beyond to achieve there aims. These notification tactics often involves:

    -Consoltation or legislative bodies such as The Crown of England or the Privy Council

    The amount of politicking and negotiation needed to solicit a war economy during peace time is dependent on the type of conflict being fought. Simply speaking though defensive wars are simplyer matters and the logistical burden is short. It’s offensive wars in foreign territory that are the real problem, these require much larger logistical and financial preparation, especially if conducted overseas. For instance the debt accumulated from America’s many wars and further financialisation of America’s debt reveals the strained relationship between the political class and it’s many constituents and is now contributing to the proliferation of a Universal Basic Income globally.

    But after preparation, let’s say a decision has been made to build a wartime economy. Well, the next step is the call to arms which basically says to all relevant party’s, sciencists, merchants, business, ECT, that it’s go time.

    Initially a letter would be sent to all defence chiefs, stake holders and appropriate business leaders, justifying the decision to build up a war economy with the necessary political messaging. These would be delivered by, trusted personal couriers on foot. One must imagine this process taking weeks. After the initial message an official summons has to be organised to get together and discuss the specifics of there obligations with specifications, outputs and a date with which they must be delivered which inturn forces all of New Zealand’s Defence Chiefs and all its CEOs to send out there own messages to the workforce.

    The process will repeat until it reached the local level usually in the form of organised resistance meaning that some local resistance will be sanctioned by Wellington bringing the local level up to the minimum requirements for a war economy where by local resistance is buttressed by national stocks of energy, minerals and nutrients essential to modern life, or for equipment to be bought or refurbished, and contracts ironed out.

    For example, when Sir Apiranga Ngata issued a call to arms for the purposes of standing up an all Maori Battalion, he gave his men about 2 months to assemble and his forces ready to go in 6 months. Now that the word is out to the public let’s move on to the response of a call to arms and remember, we are discussing how to build a war economy for the purposes of raising a twenty second century NZDF.

    Mustering twenty second century personal varies from region to region, social status and time period but we can take a look at what this might look like by applying the process of mustering The Maori Battalion mentioned previously.

    Of these the quickest and most reliable to muster will be the highly educated but employed in positions, far below there qualifications and are already close at hand when a call to arms flows down. Such part-time reservist must generally be less trained in full spectrum warfare kiwi style, rather leaning mainly on the legal firearms aspect of warfare, and must be well kitted out, and thus constitutes the stick, in a high-low configuration during tighning economic times.

    The high side of the equation constituting full-time personal across the three NZDF branches (army, navy, and airforce) generally recruiting from poorer areas levied mostly from urban areas where ethnic Pacific islanders are most consentrated. For pacific island people of fighting age who want a fast track to New Zealand citizenship while at the same time be deployed back to the home islands for nation and democracy building excerises and deployments should be well trained and highly kitted out for full spectrum warfare. How ever these obligations on full timers should not be intended to pursue the general role in NZDF offensive nature of war. But rather full timers are used for local defence, regional defence, and peacekeeping more generaly constituting the carrot in our hi-low force structure.

    The last and hardest to muster will be the military research and developer because these people will already be employed in high wage, high skilled jobs in the private sector, making the call to arms take even longer, for a very good reason, some mentioned earlier. These forces maybe quick to muster given the correct insentives but there might be substantial lag time for negotiation and transport.

    Through out the mustering period one can imagine all types of activities taking place. Small groups would assemble at the local level and proceed to gather momentum as the twenty second century NZDF is slowly stood up, but fast enough to at the very least do it before the middle of the twenty first century (2050) and gaining an immediate advantage on big game players by recruiting ethnic islanders before they can be brainwashed and for the sake of discipline, organisation and mutual protection.

    Once a twenty second century NZDF is successfully raised and mustered they will have to, all of them assemble in official parades so that commanders and chiefs can be appointed to lead this new organisation. This is an important process because there is no way of knowing how many people may show up or how successful we are during the rebuilding phase. Once successfully mustered, personal must be allowed to wait on the curbs, for everyone to file in.

    During the amalgamation phase of NZDF restructuring and down sizing from 1999 to now, new ordinances was issued to maintain discipline and prohibite brawling, insults and other rowdy and rambunctious behaviour and other things that could desrupt the cohesion of The NZDF. This force could easily assemble within the grounds of The Auckland Museum in total peace and harmony.

    How The NZDF moves into positions on deployments depends on geography. Deployment over the Southern and Pacific Oceans are very complicated with out adding in friction over and above what already exists. This may also be the case for continental movements across land, particularly islands where commercial travel is unavailable for whatever reason. How ever island nations because of the nature of their economic weight can not maintain large navel and air forces in particular, rather deploying oversized land forces relative to their populations or pay significantly high costs for commercial travel.

    The logistical requirements of a Twenty Second Century NZDF will be unlike New Zealand has ever seen. Not only by full-time personal, reserve personal but civilians as well and the transport options that will accompany 22nd century NZDF personal. Food and material will all require enormous effort to keep them out of traffic.

    The efforts of NZDF planers and financiers will be equally challenging and under Prime Ministerial agreement between the processing Prime Ministers and Leader of the Oppositions over time will be even more politically challenging. When embarking on unfriendly territory, many tepuna (elders) remain together and maintain a sense of organisation.

    On the campaign trail in hostile territory, many party volunteers must canvas, communicate our stories of national security to insure that a new National Security Act is raised for the purposes of defending the interests of New Zealand and it’s realms. These actions must be extremely brutal and confronting for the average kiwi voter so brainwashed by Commercial Media. Especially when Commercial Media try to hide the true horrors of war for political purposes.

    When NZDF personal March off on deployments in the twenty second century they should move to the rhythm of “The Movement of the People” in their hearts>>>

  11. Another lot of links with new info:
    Useful Keywords youtube drones hackers and mercenaries

    27 mins in has statements that are amazing about international hoo-hah.

    But you may be somehow connected to hackers unknowingly, under some systems, a link can be made by a call to a cellphone that hasn’t even been answered. I heard that on one of the sites I have been listening to. Believe it or not – what is truth?

    ‘Fire and forget’ is the name for automated drones or missiles without human interaction or control.
    Weapons today are utilised that give plausible deniability. There is a toxic group that dabbles in electronics etc as if it was an enjoyable video game. Another world, different humans, their brains have been turned so they react to magnetic points, which moves towards money and excitement.

  12. Danger comes when the clouds you are falling through part to display earth coming at you at 32ft per second per second (learnt that in pre metric physics class… Im not young).

    That is where we are with a woollen ripcord and tissue paper parachute. Reality is a harsh mistress.

    Ukraine merely focuses us upon our societies inability to see facts and handle consequences. We do the same with climate change. We refuse to admit that men are men, not guys who can say, “Damnit, I’m a woman today, lets go to the Olympics”.

    That reality can be disliked, dispised for not adhering to our sensitivities, or our political preferences matters not.

    So reality for us is that we forget what we are told, open our eyes, and view what your eyes see. It wont lie to you.

  13. Since the war in the Ukraine started: Israel has bombed Syria, the Yemen war has deteriorated, United States Africa Command has bombed Somalia, and now Turkey has invaded Iraq.

    • TDB cCould have a running column – News from the Latest Wars. I think the Moguls of the News start them off to provide stuff to report, lively or deathly images etc. Sob stories which they grind out like the monkey on the barrel organ. Constantly trying to assist others to make their way in the world and settling disputes, sharing resources with a world view, which is how globalisation is sold to us – how banal, that is not exciting, dramatic, pulls the heart strings, gives pathos, bathos; and doesn’t sell popcorn, coffee, alcohol and other substances.

  14. I agree with you and Chomsky, Bomber.

    People can get all fired up but it is obvious that the world will face massive change over the next 30 years. We would be better served by looking forward and preparing ourselves for what is to come.

    Food insecurity, dramatic climate variability, internal and external conflict and some manner of monetary or economic collapse and there wont be anywhere that doesnt feel it. NZ has high levels of personal debt, a government who has squandered a once in 20 year opportunity to do some practical good and we head into this with a divided country, drowning public services and untenable levels of poverty and homelessness.

    It’s time to prepare.

  15. We are approaching the most dangerous time in NZ history. When the sadistic organ harvesting dissenters torturers are bearing down on us but most kiwis are walking around in blissful ignorance, and all they live for is avoiding cooties. Main stream media resembles the women’s weekly or one of those really trashy aussie mags about mass murderers and weight loss etc.
    It’s a very very dark and dangerous time in NZ history
    Only hope is some spark of conflict in aussie or Taiwan. Just enough to awaken people from slumber. That’s if kiwis even got know about it if it were to happen. Most would not think to look beyond main stream I don’t think. I’ve done litmus tests of public and very few have much awareness. The first they might know of the chynese taking over is a National Security Law to protect them from the cooties and the unvaxxed terrorist seperatists and theyd clap and cheer and thank the chynese secret police. Its embarrassing.. Its like a scene from the walking dead walking around amongst fellow kiwis. I play it to amuse myself as I watch them scurrying around in their face nappies dodging imaginary plagues

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