Can anyone tell the difference between a Sensible Sentencing Lynch Mob and a Woke Lynch Mob?


The creation of the Sensible Sentencing Trust in 2001 was like a nuclear bomb exploding in NZ politics.

The raw voice of vengeance and fury they channeled was the same primordial scream of the angry mob that has lived inside all human communities since Cain and Abel.

The political impact of the desire for vengeance over the cold and emotionless court process was immediate.

Politicians saw endless poll bumps with the harder and crueler punishments constantly demanded by the Sensible Sentencing Lynch Mob and it fuelled our Private Prison Industry and turned Corrections into a billion dollar Government Agency.

Hilariously, because of our underfunded rehabilitation and violent prison environment, the men released from prison are more damaged than when they went in.

The legacy of the civil rights corrosion of the Sensible Sentencing Trust Lynch Mob lives with us till this day.

Except now, it’s a woke Lynch mob.

The craziness that we now have with the woke MeToo b-e-l-i-e-v-e victims narrative has managed to take the vengeance of the Sensible Sentencing Trust and gone to the next level.

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The Greens and Labour gerrymandered the sexual assault laws to remove any defence for rape because feminist critics argued the Courts weren’t finding enough men guilty of rape.

This is challenged in a new opinion piece in the Herald

TDB has pointed out this woke madness for sometime, and while we absolutely should make the process for victims seeking justice less difficult (and our system has done that), to simply re-write the rules because woke dogma states all men are rapists is a kind of insanity.

Victims shouldn’t b-e-l-i-e-v-e-d, they should be taken seriously. There’s a difference.

I can’t tell the difference between a Sensible Sentencing Trust Lynch Mob and a woke Lynch mob anymore, except that the rope the woke use is woven with sustainable flax.


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  1. There definitely are some well drilled myths with the MeToo script, and I read that in fact conviction rates are slightly higher for sexual assaults than for robbery type offences.

    But never ever let the facts get in the way of a good manipulative story! The question is why?

  2. Strange times indeed and the world seems to have beeb tipped on it’s head

    for example I remember in the 1980’s in the USA there was the PMRC working very hard to censor and/or shutdown heavy metal and punk rock bands. From the Dead Kennedy’s to Black Sabbath. Metal and punk bands fought tooth and nail against this group that was trying to cancel them before the term “cancel” had even been invented

    Now in 2022 if you are in a punk or metal band and deemed “problematic” due to your lyrics or even just by what you wear and your imagery, you will still be cancelled. But you wont be getting cancelled by a conservative group like the PMRC…

    …no, now you will be getting cancelled by your own punk rock and metal peers and with lightning fast speed too thanks to social media

    kicked off labels
    gigs shut down
    harassed on social media
    totally deplatformed

    and the PMRC didn’t even have to raise a finger, Nice work

    • dee snyder and a few others certainly not the ‘youth movement’ or the industrty stopped that particular nonsense in it’s tracks…’advisory notices’ just increase sales…ask derek and clive back in the 70s or the infamous channel4 in the UK ‘red triangle

  3. any justice system that relies on achieving a ‘quota’ of ‘guilty’ is not a justice system, I stand to be corrected but I believe the only other system that had such a stricture was stalin/yezhovs great purge, when orders were sent to the provinces about failing to meet quotas of ‘guilty’
    of course part of stalins motivation was getting free labour for ‘socialist construction’ projects whereas ours seems to be random male scapegoats for mmmm… patriarchal oppressions of the past? or just plain old fashioned revenge for daddies refusal to buy a pony.

    natural justice says if you can’t prove it, it’s not guilty moving the goalposts to use the correct latin legal term is..complete bollocks

    one thing I will say is the SStrust do have a point in the NZ legal system is a corrupt joke, they should focus on the white collar embezzlers who steal their pensions as much as the hoodies who pull donuts in their cul de sac….but of course there are very good reasons why they don’t…aren’t there?

  4. For far too many years — victims of serious crime were treated as a after though within the courts, sadly, allowing one sided rulings, which only hurt victims more…The Sensible Sentencing Trust even the filed a bit…disappointing, some odd people have hi-jacked the Trust,

  5. For far too many years — victims of serious crime were treated as a after though within the courts, sadly, allowing one sided rulings, which only hurt victims more…The Sensible Sentencing Trust even the filed a bit…disappointing, some odd people have hi-jacked the Trust,

  6. I think the Woke, there like the Moral Majority II after the earlier more religious Moral Majority I.
    Believing there on a moral crusade for justice, but there really quite an intolerant bunch, very ridged in there views, with some big blind spots.

  7. Woke are worst because they want to prosecute people for their thoughts and words not actions. Get that pronoun wrong and you could be a hate criminal which is even worse than a sexual offender who they also want to lock up but without enough evidence, now.

    I believe that there needs to be more rehabilitation in prison but actually would prefer prevention before they get to prison by looking after and educating our children more. Both have been falling in international statistics.

    People under 24 should not be allowed to go into a mainstream prison.

    If the woke can spend an entire budget of millions for mental heath, housing, justice or wellbeing on just a few people and the rest on their committees, they will gladly do it! Leave the other tens of thousands of Kiwi children/people with no practical help.

    The lack of any enforcement for anything is part of the problem. Now you can walk into stores and just shop lift and nobody will do anything (lets face it the security people these days can’t really be called security anymore).

    It’s vigilantism (a crime) if bystanders try to help stop or touch a criminal and anyone trying to are likely to be charged too! People are advised to leave everything to the police who will probably never get to it, or if they do, a small fine.

    This has created an enablement to petty criminals getting more serious about crime and helping them into this lifestyle. Many examples of why people are getting sick of living in NZ when someone can just come in and steal and threaten their neighbours or gangs drive around and don’t need to follow the same rules as everyone else but then you get an axe murder etc.

    Too much enablement of bad behaviour in NZ that has been escalating.

    Bay of Plenty family fears they’ll never sell home after buyers put off by Kāinga Ora tenants next door

    “The second burglary left the man searching for answers.

    “I went over to the fence and I tried to connect to my UE Boom and I heard… the [connecting] noise and it was just on their property,” he said.

    “We called the police and let them know as well, and so the police went in probably after about a week.”

    Good Samaritan car thief: Police looking for man who offered help, then drove off with car

    Concern number of rural police decreasing while rural crime increases

    Gang members drive into oncoming traffic at Auckland funeral procession

    Ōtorohanga homicide: Witness describes gang members in ‘shocking’ attack

  8. I somewhat suspect that the problem is the probable age and experience of the young twinkies responsible for formulating policy and legislation and harking back to the “all men are rapists” mindset that bedevilled the 70’s and 80’s. Those of us of advanced age and loose teeth can probably remember the upheaval caused by the publishing of “research” by a Miriam Saphira which asserted that one in four fathers in New Zealand were assaulting their daughters. The dried up harridans of Aotearoa went into overdrive diving down from their perches to defend the daughters of the nation from their fathers. Screeching way worse than that dished out to poor old Alisdair Thompson for voicing his questionable opinion. Eyes were everywhere, hoping to catch one of us perverts. There was a discernible effect on society. It wasn’t a nice time to be a father. Imagine the reaction when it turned out that Saphiras research turned out to be bullsh*t, she had made it up! And the reaction from the authorities and judging classes, Nada, zilch. The harridans flew back to their perches muttering “where there’s smoke there must be fire” and my two wee daughters were left wondering why daddy didn’t hold their hands anymore. My long and rambling point is beware of anything that removes presumption off innocence.

    • the railroading of peter ellis was a black mark on NZ and still is….of course his persecutors went on to careers in academia and the arts and MUST be protected as ‘sisters’ so even his corpse must remain guilty to justify their discredited ignorant ‘fashionable’ oppertunism.

      witch hunts don’t detect witches just victims that current society disapproves of at this particular moment

      and that’s what the sst, the woke, and our govt are about…a wanker is a wanker is a wanker and it doesn’t matter what colour their rosette is…it’s their wankerness that defines them not their politics

      the end result of the christchurch witch trial is…try finding a male teacher these days.
      .(I do happen to know one but he’s an example of ‘hens teeth’)

  9. Let me try and answer your question Martyn:
    By definition a Sensible Sentencing Lynch Mob is sensible.
    By definition a Woke Lynch Mob is woke.
    Does that work for you?

  10. Thinking of the women’s attack on Mervyn Thompson RIP (14 June 1935 – 10 July 1992) which was like an adult version of Sendak’s monster book for children ‘Where the Wild Things Are”.
    In February 1984, Thompson, then a lecturer at Auckland University, was abducted, threatened to have his penis cut off,[2] and left tied to a tree in an Auckland park wearing a sign labelling him a rapist. The abduction was allegedly staged by a feminist action group based at the University following an accusation by one of his ex students. [3]Thompson vigorously denied the accusation, admitting he had an affair with the ex student but claiming it was consensual. The abduction imitates the plot of a stage play Setting the Table by Renée, a friend of Thompson. Thompson had acted as dramaturg at the workshopping of the play.

    The incident made headlines for some time[4] and had a major impact on Thompson’s career, with protests at many performances of his solo show Coaltown Blues. The controversy inspired the novel The Shag Incident by Stephanie Johnson, published in 2002

    If this was done by men to a woman, and announced as reasonable and deserved, the reaction would have been volcanic and violent. The trouble with highly sensitised women is where two or three are gathered together they have a quorum.
    All week we revisit the Mervyn Thompson Affair – the strange, powerful 1984 incident when six women abducted an Auckland university lecturer, chained him to a tree in Western Springs, and labelled him a rapist. Today: a modern take on the incident, and its wider implications, by former MP Holly Walker.

    Most of the feminists I met in the 1980’s were married women. There was and is a fringe group, some who are anti-men and some who seem to find men as a gender repellent or reprehensible. The behviour is like witch-hunting in reverse and women inclined to act as they did to Thompson are to be feared.


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