MEDIAWATCH: Black Ferns meltdown a millennial micro aggression culture fiasco


Coach Glenn Moore resigns after Black Ferns review, rejects allegations

Black Ferns coach Glenn Moore has resigned, but rejects “misleading” allegations from a player which ultimately sparked a review into the culture and environment of the New Zealand women’s rugby side.

Moore said social media post allegations from hooker Te Kura Ngata-Aerengamate on their Northern Hemisphere tour late last year were misleading, and he did not agree with them.

The culture review was initiated after Te Kura Ngata-Aerengamate said she had a “mental breakdown” on the tour because of Moore’s alleged critical comments.


I don’t care about rugby.

I get that you all love it and I’ve resigned myself to living amongst people who think kicking, catching and running with a ball equates to the greatest of human achievements.

I don’t hold Rugby in that same esteem.

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I don’t hold sports stars up as personal heroes because my heroes are thinkers, artists, writers and revolutionaries.

Don’t get me wrong.

I appreciate the physical skill to kick, catch and run with a ball, but in the totality of human achievement, kicking, catching and running with a ball was something our caveman ancestors did after a successful hunt and sing song around the fire after dark.

It’s not exactly rocket science, art or poetry is it?

So in short, I don’t give a flying fuck about rugby.

I’ll watch the Rugby World Cup and I might watch a test match, but I couldn’t tell you who any of the players are, or the club games or even the basic rules.

So if I don’t care about mens rugby, it would be wrong to care about women’s rugby as well.

Which beings me to the current furore engulfing NZ Womens rugby.

I make the following comments as someone who doesn’t care about rugby in any way shape or form.

The biggest issue between Glenn Moore and the Black Ferns is a culture shift.

The Black Ferns are millennials who have grown up in their ‘everyone is special’ easily triggered snowflake world where their feelings trump everything else.

Because being rational, reasonable and logical are all heteronormative cis male tricks to prop up the patriarchy, social media posts where you go on and on about your mental health well being and your f-e-e-l-i-n-g-s are the only cultural currency now and nothing else matters.

So a social media post filled with self pity and f-e-e-l-i-n-g-s has trashed the reputation of Glenn Moore and burnt all bridges.

You can change as much ‘culture’ as you like, but when aggrieved players can simply write social media posts and destroy reputations because of their f-e-e-l-i-n-g-s, it won’t stop this happening over and over and over again.

This is the age of subjective rage and women’s sports has to be as aggressively promoted as militant cycling and curt te reo pronunciation correction.

The lesson here is simply not to engage with anyone under 40.

Sometimes a cup of harden the fuck up is actually the best recommendation.

Again, I need to state this really, really, really clearly.

I don’t care about rugby.


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  1. Yep, rugby is as boring as bat shit, no matter what the gender.

    That womans rugby is having a meltdown will not surprise most. Does a bear shit in the woods? But all the howling at the moon wont make people follow it anymore than forcing people to be interested in men’s rhythmic gymnastics. The game is purely about profit, does your product generate interest that translate to earnings? No? Then get real and get another job!

    Or play woman’s volleyball…but please, only if the cloth fits!

  2. How’s this for a laugh: for 20 years and evn now they’re almost unbeatable winning everything there is. Sounds like systemic success to me. But because they lose a match and one player cries boohoohoo on social media, Stuff calls it an implosion and systemic failure. Big drama, big story! Martyn, clearly you get what’s going on there!

    • SK they didn’t just lose a match, they hand their arses handed to them for the whole tour of Europe. They turned up with a knife to a gun fight basically. Thrashed twice by England (43-12 and 56-15) and thrashed twice by France (38-13 and 29-7). That doesn’t sound “almost unbeatable”

  3. Anyway rugby is a dirty violent game which nice girls shouldn’t be playing. Anybody can be dirty and violent, and being paid to be that way is downright ridiculous. Sad if it hurts their feelings too, but life’s like that.

  4. nice summation xray….

    I would add sport is not a ‘safe space’ it’s about success pure and simple no other measure, we may wish it wasn’t but it is…if sportspeople want lollies there is a downside and that’s the culture.

    if you put a lot of ‘meangirls’ or hyped up athletes of any gender in a pressure cooker what exactly do you expect? a folk art inclusive weaving group?

  5. Ha! That’s funny @ MB.
    I’m no rugby fan either. Rolling about on a cold, muddy paddock with smelly boys, a homoerotic pastime if there ever was one, has never appealed to me and yet there are others who’s lives are dominated by the game. It’s all just grunts, squeaks and hoiking and if I really needed that ball so desperately I’d get a gun and stick you up for it.
    I might have told this story before: Bear with…
    I’m a freelance locations manager ( Yep. And a farmer.) in what was the film industry. One day, when we’d set up for a days shooting for an ad campaign for a sporting goods company and as I was hanging around the location at Hagley Park in Christchurch keeping an area reserved for the Brass when they arrived.
    In the meantime, a big blue car pulled up in my ‘zone’ driven by a very large fellow. He strode past me so I chased him down and said ” Excuse me Mate? I’m the locations manager for a TVC and this is a closed set so can I help direct you around the camera location?” He smiled at me as he explained that he was due on-set and that his name was Ritchie McCaw. A few minutes later I managed to repeat my faux pas with Dan Carter.
    AIG Carter and McCaw. AIG.
    Not so much rugby players, more employees of American International Group.
    Viagara Boys.

  6. Yep bang on assessment

    “believe wymyn” and all the gaff

    so easy to lose everything these days thanks so thin skinned and overly emotional twerps

  7. Whatever the ins-and-outs, the group that wanted blood on the floor got a crucifixion on Good Friday with the coach done and dusted.

  8. Few years back Porsche Williams, winger and caption of the Girl Blacks won over all New Zealand Player of the year beating the next best All Black winger by two international tries and Porsche only got 2% compensation and her salary remains relative. That’s taking the piss. I’m not saying the girls should get paid the same as the boys, but the girls still require professional salaries. Anyone who truly loves the game want more people playing to the highest standards.

    • Don’t go there. The equal pay argument for gender sports is a rabbit warren.

      The US female football team went down this route, going to court to be paid the same as the men. Only for the court to rule they were overpaid. Notwithstanding they got thrashed 1-7 by a club team of 14 year old boys.

      Unlike Martyn I do like sport, but if you want my money I want to watch the best. Skill level wise the national Black Ferns would be on par with a 2nd division club team. Don’t get me wrong Porsche Woodman is a great female player, but the Black Ferns would never sell out Eden Park, Ellis Park or Twickenham.

      • The Black Ferns are in a division of there own, seperate from the men’s division. They can’t for instance share toilets, and other fluffy things but they are still rugdy union divisions only theres this narritive out there that professional wages isn’t good enough forghe woman’s division.

        I’m not saying pay the girls the same as the boys. What I am saying is that finance has become a limiting factor towards growing the female division.

        Oh and the Australian Netball team wins more internationals than the Wallabies. It’s all over the place, this miss match of concepts where the All Blacks are literally carrying the whole thing.

        What I mean by that is because the All Blacks has won the most international by a long long way, that what ever they do, other teams AND codes have no choice but to incorporate new technology, techniques and training.

        The numbers are there.

      • @BG. Yes the USA women’s soccer case was another intersectional clusterf%ck. After much virtue theatre and ‘tactical or selective truth’ right up to the office of the President, the court threw out their case because they HAD been offered and rejected the USA men’s contract (money only) in favour of less money but with significant benefits. The case was about getting the same remuneration as men WHILE keeping their benefits (which the men don’t get). Infact in the previous year the men’s team would have been better off, per game and overall if they were on the women’s contract.

        Deep dive here including details the media strangely missed out. Apparently this helps feminism rather than obviously harming it through manifest hypocrisy.

  9. Sorry Martyn, I can’t believe that I’m disagreeing with you. The old school sportsman in me says yes you’re right, players just need to harden the F%#k up.

    But I’m reminded of the case of Ali Lauiti’iti. Ali was a rugby league phenomenal who played for the Warriors in the late 90s. He was so good he was once discribed as the Michael Jordan of rugby league, big, fast with off-loading skills that SBW would have sold his mother for. (BTW if you don’t know MJ or SBW, then stop reading now).

    He was reportedly released by the Warriors because of his lack of commitment, and apparently this was discovered during a management meeting when he was asked his priorities. He said in order, his family, his faith and then the Warriors. What else would he answer? Instead of celebrating this the Warriors got rid of him???!!!

    The day’s of brutal put downs and screaming coaches are long gone. The best coaches now recognise players are individuals but they create an environment where these individuals feel that they can perform at their best.

    • It took the All Blacks years to take those coconuts off of pacific island players hands and it is all about celebrating culture and creating those games that the fans want to see because it’s “entertainment” sport. Workers want the opportunity to show off their skills, and the girls or who ever beta orbitor needs to know what the warriors want so to speak.

  10. “Anyone who truly loves the game want more people playing to the highest standards.”

    Some of my best friends are male chauvinists .(heh heh) .- I understand them -they want to see the strongest and fastest etc when they watch sport – yes woman’s sport is good as they strive to achieve -but they compete in a protected female bubble-ultimately patronising at best- even Lisa C the latest NZ female sports heroine would be an also ran against male kayakers- its a touchy feely “fairness” thing.
    I have a bold suggestion. Since we now cannot pin down how to define a “woman” why not make clean breasts of it and have the full spectrum of undefined “women” compete against men and have real equity!

  11. Rubbish. All divisions are equally important as the next because you never know which division will be on top of their respective sport. I’m just so sick of watching the best female entertainment sports athletes compete in Grand Finals consistently injured strapped up, stitches or worse and y’all kick back wondering why woman’s divisions are financially limited. Just wonderful y’know? True genius.

  12. and the connection between injury and popularity is?

    if you go by the ‘gladiator’ theory of sport a bit of gore should attract customers.

    • You couldn’t be more wrong, even if you wouldn’t admit it out aloud. Connections just like anything the woke comes up with is absolutely useless. The professional rugby player has zero hope in you, gagarin. However I do Admire your defeatist attitude and how pointless your “connections” are. Now I’ll, explain 🙂

      It’s not a “gladiatorial” spectacle. It’s “entertainment” sport. Double emphasis on entertainment.

      In the professional-ameture (Pro-Am) era from 1983 to 1995 but especially before 83 there wasn’t any rules so players could attack off the ball. Meaning with only 3 refs players could do what we now call professional fouls and yellow/redcards.

      There isn’t a single connection between your theory and reality. Your connections are flawed, the woke are flawed. Iv seen many other “connections” just like yours, so to are you, gagarin – “flawed.” Your ideals, the woke, everything. All of it is flawed.

      New Zealand was once home to the warrior gen, it’s very presence welcomed. Now we are all, “connections.”

      • you will notice sam with your pertinent and oh so relevant connections I said-

        ‘if you go by the ‘gladiator’ theory of sport’

        IF is a modifier and leaves the question open, it doesn’t state ‘it’s my theory’ or ‘I belive this’… the ‘you’ refers to any reader rather than ‘sam’ specifically..but as you clearly think you’re special we can let that slide.

        as for you’re little spoilt child diatribe about ‘connections’ the reason for your postings generally lacking focus is probably the lack of ability to make such connections.

        presumably by ‘warrior gen’ you mean ‘gene’ well hate to break it to you all nations do if you’re talking about empty chest beating bravado…all cultures have that too.

        • Aww. Did I say something wrong?

          Think I did.

          As to the rules of New Zealand Rugby. Doesn’t say anything remotely like what you wrote, sorry. 🙂

  13. It looks like we can raise the skill level of woman’s rugby without a correlating wage increase. The next best thing is to match skill level with nutrition. So that’s how we can measure quility and quintity to test equility.


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