Labour are avoiding any inquiry into Dumb Lives Matter Parliament Lawn violence


Government blocks National Party bid to grill IPCA over occupation investigation

The National Party is concerned the government is trying to cover up any part ministers might have played in the response to the occupation of Parliamentin February and March.

A request to bring the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) before the justice select committee to discuss the terms of reference for its investigation into the Parliament occupation was denied by the Government.

And there is no sign of the Government launching its own independent review of the response, weeks after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern incorrectly suggested the IPCA could look into the actions of Speaker Trevor Mallard.

Look, yes, of course, after an incident as politically violent as this Dumb Lives Matters protest, the police MUST be investigated, but the Police aren’t the problem here!

We all watched the Police like hawks during this feral insanity, and I think we can all hand on heart say that the Police did an incredibly professional job under the most awful of situations.

Come on, I’m no apologist for the fucking cops, you all know how much I despise them and how their bullshit ruined my life!

I respect nurses, teachers, Drs, firefighters, ambulance staff, but not cops.

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I have zero time for people amongst us who want the power to rule over us and call it protection.

If I had honestly seen any action by the cops that was beyond the scope of what they were being asked to do, I would have screamed bloody murder because I don’t like cops to start with, but come on, we all watched what happened here, the cops were infinitely patient and withstood calls from the Woke Left to go in with batons swinging!

Andrew Coster saved this country from the Wellington Middle Class Marxists who were screaming for the military to become involved and were attempting to create loopholes to have him replaced by the Governor General for fucks sakes!

Labour doesn’t want an inquiry into Dumb Lives Matter Parliament Lawn violence and neither do their Woke Edge Lords

The Police weren’t the problem, the fucking politicians and their supporters were!

On the morning of Thursday Stupid Thursday, the protest movement had lost momentum with a vast splintering of the factions in an over night social media shit fight where the Christian element of the protest left because of the violence that had occurred on Wednesday.

At the EXACT MOMENT  the protest was imploding because of the lack of any intellectual philosophical cohesion amongst the desperate groups of lumpenproletariat what did Big Trev do?

Trev threw a temper tantrum in front of the media on Parliament’s balcony and demanded the Police clear the lawns.

What happened then?

He created a common enemy and live-streamed a 10 hour recruitment video that drew in  thousands more protestors for fucks sake!

He then turned on the sprinklers and started basic bitch psy-op tactics akin to the FBI during the Branch Davidian siege in Waco by blasting protestors with music overnight.

Trev wound those protestors up for 3 weeks and when they lashed out called it a hate crime!

Where the fuck were the adults here?

Jacinda refused point blank to meet with the protestors and that was acceptable because they had made threats of violence and no Government should parley under those terms, but the Parliament could have sent down representatives to at least hear the pain of these people!

Before you say no one could have done that, the Māori Caucus did that at Ihumātao, if your counter to that is those protests were different, then I’d point you towards the incredible job the Māori Caucus did in negotiating all the Presidents of all the Gangs to do a vaccination video!

Look, we passed broad stroke legislation on the hoof in the face of a fucking pandemic! Of course there were people caught up in the feedback loop of those policy decisions. There were far more Kiwis who couldn’t take the jab than we first thought, and through no fault of their own they lost their jobs!

I never agreed with these protestors, I think the mandates were necessary and right! These people are feral lunatics with crazy conspiracy theories, but their pain is real and they have the right in a liberal progressive democracy to protest!

Yes they were angry because they have economically suffered and the isolation of that led many down far right conspiracy rabbit holes, but if we don’t want the poor to have their economic pain manipulated by the far right THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEIR FUCKING ECONOMIC PAIN!

By refusing to acknowledge them, by causing a common enemy with deeply flawed police tactics, to then spray them with freezing water and blast them with music – what the fuck did you think was going to happen?

All we did by refusing to de-escalate this madness is radicalise another 10 000 Kiwis! We recruited for the far right and handed them a propaganda coup! THAT MUST BE INVESTIGATED!

Investigating the cops is necessary and proper in an event like this, but they aren’t where the fucking responsibility lies, Mallard and the Government’s refusal to meet with them are!

What is most egregious in this clusterfuck are the woke Twitter and Wellington Middle Class Marxists who are now silent because they had their privilege pricked and freaked out and endlessly screamed NAZI at the protestors. Those tribal Left want to sweep this all under the carpet so that their own role in it is also left unexamined.

If Key was PM and pulling this kind of stunt by allowing him and his mates off the hook, the Left would be screaming, but because it’s our side and they felt scared by the smelly lumpenproletariat, they are as quiet as field mice.

Your cowardice is as ugly as your hypocrisy. These weren’t Nazis, they were Kiwis who were hurt by broad stroke policy. The Police force required at the end of this would have been far less if Mallard hadn’t throw a tantrum and the Government had met and acknowledged their pain.

Instead cancel culture and Outrage Olympics from Labour/Green middle class supporters decided how to respond and they collectively recruited for the far right WHILE building the momentum for a new Police State to go hunting for ‘Nazis’.

That colossal cock up demands some kind of fucking accountability!


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  1. We aren’t stupid. Mallard checked with Robbo maybe even with Jacinda. He showed them how he would do it without them being implicated. Then he went ahead. If they feel they have no part in the story, why not let the inquiry happen. I know why…Robbo and Jacinda will come out looking bad.

    • Sour Kraut, Agree, but Mallard and co apparently possibly impeding the police, or making the cops’ job more difficult, and also possibly also flouting the separation of powers which underlies our democratic system, would also look bad. I know that the NZ Police requested that the sprinklers be turned off, and that this request was denied them. Since then we have all learned that the assault by loud music had to be tempered because it was giving the front line police persons headaches. The boys on the balcony weren’t impacted by their own brutish actions, but nor were these tactics efficacious or helpful, and as usual, we the taxpayers foot the bill for a situation which escalated in a way which it may not have had commonsense prevailed.

      – As an afterthought – it was the demo police and their families who contacted coronavirus in large
      numbers, and were sick or re-quarantined, leaving the Wellington area thinly policed, and routine work deferred. The boys on the balcony weren’t the object of missiles and vituperation or admitted to Wellington Hospital with varying degrees of injury, and once again, they’re protecting themselves, and what’s more, all three major parties, Labour, National, and the Greens, were as bad as each other in arrogantly closing their ears to the voices of dissension.

    • Even though you are a racist, misogynist pr!ck Sour kraut, sometimes you can speak some sense – after all, a clock without a battery shows the right time, twice a day.

      Labour absolutely SHOULD have an inquiry, or even a Royal Commission, to get to the bottom of the influences of Dirty Politics, and Local Alt-Right and Overseas Alt-Right inspired Steve Bannon-style influences.

      And before you spritz up some conspiracy theory that Labour funded the protests, I do not think that Labour would have “purchased” the services of doyen-of-the-dumb, and destroyer-of–democracy Steve Bannon. It hints at some serious (DBW) Dark-Blue-Web Funding. AND. A Commission of Enquiry would absolutely dispel or prove right-wing, and Alt-Right and National Party involvement. Or not? So its a win-win, no-brainer to have National and ACT and NZ First’s grubby e-fingerprints all over these protests in Wellington and Christchurch.

      Freedumb protestors were ousted from Parliament Grounds and Cranmer Square, but have “set up shop” on crown-owned property at Mahanga Bay And in the Christchurch Redzone

      Even more reason and insight that Labour should analyse funding of rent-a-crowd mob. So many questions, with 18 months out from an election?

      Who are/were the organisers? Where’s the funding coming from locally, or internationally? Who’s funding their feeding, and internet connections, and websites?

      A commission of inquiry would tell us all, so Follow the money Labour!

      Who’s funding Wellington’s Mahanga Bay and Redzone’s Christchurch freedumb mobs?

      Sour Kraut will claim ‘not to have a f**king clue’, but even if he did, his blue and yellow blinkered view of Aotearoa would not admit NACT are behind these freedumb protests.

      Labour are avoiding any inquiry, but they shouldn’t. Sure, it would show that a petulant Mallard f*cked up by playing Barry Manilow and turning on the sprinklers! No brainer Mallard made a no-brainer call. But, there was some serious funding of that protest, some dark and sinister stirring and fomenting going on.

      Who fomented?
      Who stands to gain?
      Follow the money in a Commission of Enquiry, or Royal Commission!
      And make sure the results of the enquiry are published 3 months out from the 2023 election?

      And watch Lex Luthor and Dirty Politics denier Luxon lose his hair and his shit with the revelations the Commission exposes in terms of Dirty Politics Aotearoa Local and Dirty Politics Worldwide Global.

      Thanks Sour Kraut, for galvanizing the left to seek a Commission of Enquiry.

      Please put in a shill invoice in to the Labour Party AND National AND ACT Sour Kraut. You are a star of Labour, ACT and National and should be paid your shill fee by all three political parties.

      I never thought I would ever praise you Sour Kraut, but thank for insisting on a Labour enquiry. Sour Kraut, you rock!

    • Careful what you wish for Sour Kraut! Have you OK’d your rogue viewpoints about promoting an enquiry with your political paymasters?

      Your shill payments could be rescinded this week and beyond, unless you have had your viewpoint pre-approved?

      I hate helping you out like this, because I detest your politics, but as a fellow human being, in these financially difficult times, you really should have checked whether asking for an ‘enquiry into the mob’ was within expected National and ACT Party, Alt-Right Local and International political shill-recipient parameters? It must be difficult for you keeping up with the MO.

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news for political shills like yourself, but I have a soft spot for people of your ilk, even though I disagree with your prostituted political viewpoints. Times are tough on the farm or business, with females working under you, but, you do need better work stories. You also need to get pre-approval, if you are going rogue and commando and deviating from the scripts that were sent to you.

  2. yeahhhhhh……….naaaaah mate.
    “Dumb Lives Matter” You really need to step back from that one.
    Just because people are on an opposing trajectory doesn’t mean they’re dumb, or wrong either.
    Personally, I think many of ‘them’ are haywire and no wonder because who today is talking sense? If one can only operate on information given, then no wonder people are losing their shit. Who today knows what’s really going the fuck on anyway? I have a giant brain, am well read, well travelled, well informed and well endowed in all permutations of the concept and even I have no real idea what the fuck’s going on generally or globally much less locally.
    It’s not fair nor right to demonise people for not knowing a thing or are imbedded within a narrative, perhaps of their own creation who then fall arse over kick into a desperation to trust at least one narrative floating about. And who says who’s sane and who’s not? I look around sometimes and think “Fuck! Everyone seems bat shit crazy to me” And then I remember, I’m bat shit crazy too so perhaps that’s why I feel more comfortable in the company of the insane. At least I know where I am and I know what to expect.( Bat shit? Covid? The Bat Woman of Wuhan? )
    Don’t beat up on the little guys. It’s the Big Guys we should be most afraid of, and those little guys, the ones who stood out on wanky Wellington’s fuzzy little lawns that made AO/NZ stand up and take notice? They’re the ones to watch and NOT be afraid of. ( Unless they’re a confederate aka shill hidden within the rabble.)

  3. ” The National Party is concerned the government is trying to cover up any part ministers might have played in the response ”

    What a joke after Key showed how to cover his tracks with a compliant media with so many scandals.

    With Adern getting carried away after the Shyster and his despicable cover ups promising the most transparent government ever has shown what a silly promise that was now that she has to cover her own failings is a cluster fuck of epic proportions.

    If you just want to show you are doing something but have no intention of investigating anything you hold a ministerial inquiry and that’s only when public pressure and perceptions demand it.

    Mallard and the other protagonists knew full well that they can cauterise scrutiny particularly when they have the bulk of opinion on their side.

    • Mosa
      But but but but hang on…Jacinda said she’ll lead the most transparent govt ever. Now be transparent Jacinda and Robbo or your legacy will be that of ‘bullshitters’.

        • I’m starting a line of t-shirts. Jacinda’s face on the front. Headline underneath says “THE PREVIOUS GOVT”. Same deal with Robbo’s face on the back.

          • And we’ll have a line of T-Shirts that say…..

            “Sour Kraut’s a National Supporter, but he could be persuaded to Party Vote ACT ….. if the price is right!”

            … with a graphic image that should be more suited to a proctologist’s waiting room

          • What about a line of underpants instead of T-Shirts Sour Kraut?
            With a d!ck at the front, and an arseh#le behind?
            Ask the public to vote on who the d!ck would be? And who the arseh#le?

            Colour you ask? National Party blue, with yellow accenting.

            They’d sell better than red socks would, now that TNZ has gone to Barthelona!

  4. This huge cluster fuck could have been avoided if the politicians acknowledged the protesters from the start and went out to meet with them.

    Then that drop kick Mallard deliberately inflamed the whole situation to the point of no return and set the scene for what came later.

    An honest inquiry will show the politicians handled the situation in a manner that directly contributed to the growth in the protest, its longevity and its also violent demise

    And of course now the mandates are dropped the politicians tell the people who lost their jobs because they were unvaxed that they wont be getting their jobs back. Nice touch and a great way t growth an anti-establishment undercurrent in our society

    NZ Politicians are arrogant, stupid and full of hubris. In other words total scumbags the lot of em

    • Those that did not get vaxed were lead to that decision because they chose to believe doctor google than listen to real medical people . They believed so much they were willing to lose their job a regular wage and all the upset that brought . Among these people were teachers and medical people . I for one do not want to be attended to by thsee type of people and do not want them putting their warped views to my grandchildren .. I hope they never get a role in education or health again .Thane are plenty of jobs going in other sectors .
      On not meeting the protestors it was the right choice . The police should have had the info to stop, it on the first day but with such a poor minister they waited too long and allowed businesses to go to the wall but who in this government cares about those that work hard .

    • Triple X. Given that threats of violence were apparently being made from the start of the protest, it’s not entirely unreasonable that politicians preferred to to view the demonstrators from the balcony rather than go down among them. However, they could have invited identified protest groups to come inside and speak with them safely on their own patch, but presumably their PR advisors didn’t want them to do this.

    • X’s saying this all could have been avoided had the MPs met with the protesters is extremely debatable. Should they have sent someone, probably, but if the demand was end all mandates now ( which is what allegedly most were there for) would everyone have said ‘cheers I’ll be off then ‘?

      • just who, names please, should they have met with in a self proclaimed as leaderless mob…c’mon I’m listening….or maybe just have a slanging match with a group of unfocussed people all with their individual ’causes’ that’d go well.

    • Good one XXX.
      Anyone who believes Pfizer are nice people need their heads read. The protesters had every right to oppose the draconian mandate.

      • Piles do have a cure…..

        ….. mobs don’t.
        Unless we have an enquiry to see who was fomenting the mob?
        Greens – Labour – Maori Party – National- ACT- Conservative Party

        Jeez, I should have commissioned a Colmar Brunton Poll to see who was more likely to have fomented the mob?

        But I couldn’t afford it.

        But Labour can! And if they can’t, they should crowd-fund to see who the public think, was behind the mobs in Christchurch and Wellington?

    • gagarin Correct. It was oppression. That cold Saturday night, Wellington suffered a deluge of almost biblical proportions. The children and the adults in flimsy tents were laughed about by Trevor Mallard for being subjected to water from above and below, although sprinklers come sideways mid-body as well, and in this case, accompanied by ear-blasting pop music. So yes, to any civilised adult, this was, at the very least, oppression, however much juvenile delinquents may find it funny.

  5. The sooner we begin to understand that our democracy has been hijacked by greedy sociopaths who’s reach is beyond politics the better. And what is politics anyway? Surely, it’s where those whom we elect, then pay well, to act in OUR best interests and not their own, or those who can most effectively ‘lobby’ our politicians to best serve them in their business endeavours i.e. making the money for them first, the better.
    And can I interject. ?
    As I was writing the above I was listening to this.
    Go on! You know you want to.
    Thievery Corporation / The Outernational Sound

  6. What is clear to me is the lack of willingness by Jacinda Ardern to discipline ministers. Trevor Mallard should have gone a long time ago. He’s a complete fuckwit in my opinion and more often than not has enflamed a situation, so his position as speaker is entirely inappropriate. What he did at the protest was childish and dangerous. He thought it was funny, and Jacinda goes missing in action and distances herself from the issue. Trev being “in-charge” of parliament is ceremony and a stupid fucking ritual, and an excuse for Ardern to do nothing. It also describes how the rest of parliament is run. The fact that Labour wants this to go away won’t surprise anyone but she will be hoping her dopey followers will see past these failings and still believe she’s a better bet that National come the elections. Chris Luxon hasn’t been proven useless yet, Jacinda has.

    • her desperate need to be ‘liked’ by everyone betrays her at every turn..from not taking action on anything to the reliance on focus groups…sometimes a leader like a parent has to be the ‘bad guy’

    • Hmmm New View….same old male, stale National blue-rinse hair and blue-tint bi-focal view of New Zealand/Aotearoa politics….

      You mention “lack of willingness by Jacinda Ardern to discipline ministers.”

      How willing has Chris Luxon been to castigate, censure, demote Nat-wits??
      More likely ‘Wet-bus-ticket-wrist-slap’ the Nat-wits into co-compliance, or non-compliance?

      When you point New View, you have 4 fingers pointing back at yourself. Do I need to outline with web-links all of Chris Luxon’s lack of “disciplining of Nat-wit ministers.”?

      Do I really need to shoot ducks and goldfish in a barrel New View? Really? “discipline ministers”?

      Do you want others or me here, to catalogue the Nat Leader’s inability, or unwillingness, or NFC about how “Chris Luxon has not been proven useless yet?

      Will Chris Luxon leader National into the 2023 election?

      Or will Chris Bishop? be “putting some stick about”, to quote Francis Urquhart

      I’m sure Chris Bishop will be a better leader in 2023, than Chris Luxon was in 2022.
      If only Chris Luxon had followed his mentors John Key and New View’s advice and “discipline[d] ministers” better!

      Otherwise they’ll be a minority right-wing party, with ACT in the ascendancy and National “….a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more” (V.V. 19-28)

      Go on New View, please ask me to outline National’s ‘walking shadow’ leader Luxon’s lack of admonishing Nat-wit ministers?

  7. The police were not the problem. They would have liked to intervene earlier before things got so out of hand, if they could have, surely. For their own safety also.
    It is clear enough that some individuals in positions of power were aggitators along with protest leaders.
    Why go after cops in the first place. Do they make the laws? No. They are subject to these paper thin mandates. They are subject to propaganda like anyone else. Totally dumb move for any freedom advocate to target cops.. Really really short sighted

  8. From what I observed police acted professionally and with amazing restraint against weeks of goading. There’s always a few bad eggs of course such as when I went for a look-see and asked an officer where the line was that I shouldn’t cross so as not to be trespassed.. He advised me not to worry about it as the police wouldn’t do anything (I knew to ignore him) . That was the day before protest it was broke up. I told him he was wrong to be saying that. But most police wanted protestors to go home and didnt want the situation to escalate

    Other people shouldn’t expect help if they are vulnerable. Babies don’t, children don’t, young adults don’t, parents don’t, solo parents don’t, but the nicely-off do, and those who can borrow from usurers might. but how do we find the means to help asylum seekers? We’re the Cosy Middle Class and both major parties hang around us like fruit flies, because they can tell that we are rotten to the core, inside we have the ‘Virtue of Selfishness, Be Pragmatic’ disease that pervades our society. Surface gentility., self interest.

    More things that Cosy Labour don’t feel the impetus to do something about. Shame on New Zealand. Hearing people who find it very satisfactory when they come to and like this country – it pains me. Underneath there is rottenness like that fungus that has grown inside the walls of relatively new houses. The fungus in our body politic has been growing since the 1980s.

    Trevor Mallard slides cheerily down an expensive slide. If he wanted to use something representative of us in this modern age – they could have built it out of pressed cardboard then they could have painted it rainbow colours. It is also representative how the successful changers have adopted Rainbow Colours for their own. Do you note how the rest of us are landed with buildings coloured beige, fawn, chocolate, late, light brown, dark brown, steel blue, charcoal, not quite black – yet.

    • Personally, I’d like to see all Zebra Crossings changed to ‘Rainbow Crossings’ in Aotearoa.

      Sure, it would redefine the iconic monochromatic “Abbey Road” image but, would show Aotearoa and the world, that New Zealand is a vibrant, inclusive, accepting society. Aotearoa? New Zealand was first to give women the vote, now look the most likely to scare women away from politics by the vile misogyny of a toxic male, young National Party and its followers and acolytes:

      A society where “they are us!” is an affirming acceptance of humanity, but which has become such an anathema for the alt-right and Phillip Arps and Kyle Chapman racists in New Zealand. If you count the white stripes, there are more black than white! That must really annoy Kyle and Phillip and Eggstein?

      ROYGBIV on one side of the road and VIBGYOR on the other. What a great symbol of New Zealand? Heaps better than John Key’s $26 million fleg referendum!-

      Mallard was a dick, but this should NOT stop an enquiry into the protests, to show us who was funding and backing and fomenting this protest.

      An enquiry is needed for transparency, especially before the next election.
      You KNOW it makes sense Labour!
      Let National and ACT have their unrestricted Royal Commission of Enquiry
      You KNOW it makes sense Labour!

      My friends in Christchurch told me of a sign on a black Nissan Terrano that said
      “Jacinda is NOT one of us!”

      Toxic male New Zealanders need to grow up and learn tolerance. It’s 2022, not 1922.

      But, saying that, Freud would have a field day with you males in New Zealand. You do have some serious mummy issues!


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