What Hospo really hope Orange level brings, give Chippy a break & late stage capitalism class war at Whammy Bar


Covid 19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins’ nightmare at the podium: ‘Bit of a mind blank’

If there are any studies on brain fog as a consequence of Covid-19, Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins could be a case study.

Hipkins had to apologise after a comedy of errors in the press conference in which he blamed a “bit of a mind blank” for forgetting what the rules for mask use were under the orange setting – even though they are the only rules that apply under the setting.

Hipkins started strongly, announcing the entire country would be moving to the promised land of the orange setting from Thursday morning. The only hiccup was saying that hospitalisations in Auckland had increased instead of decreased.

Give Chippy a break, the poor bugger is so exhausted by the constant pressure of a Covid response to an exhausted country who doesn’t care any more or cares too much or cares only because it makes their anti-vaccine smugness even smugger.

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He had a mind blank, happens to the best of us.

The harping on now is over the apparent ‘contradictions’ in requiring retail to wear masks and not requiring them for schools or nightclubs.

The answer is so bloody obvious that it’s painful this is where we are now at, nit picking broad stroke policy in a never ending gotcha roulette.

Of course masks are still required in Retail and Supermarkets, look who is dying and getting sick, it’s mostly old people by a huge margin. Young people seem pretty robust and they are the ones going to nightclubs. In terms of children, again, the damage caused by not socialising and getting a regular education is greater than the health risks to children.

So, retail and supermarkets keep masks because old people go to those places, but they don’t go to Schools and nightclubs.

Yes it’s a balancing act and attempt to get the economy back up and running, but some of the Left have made Covid safety part of their identity to the point it’s becoming religion and they are ironically becoming as intransigent as anti-vaxxers!

What Hospo are really looking for with the Orange setting is a psychological change in punters. It’s not like Hospo is currently at capacity and desperate punters wanting to party are banging down their doors, because that’s not happening.

It’s the psychological self isolation that is killing Hospo.

Nothing summed up this clash of Death Cult Capitalists vs late stage capitalism anarchism quite so perfectly than that ‘alt left’ Whammy Bar getting shit from a former Shortland Street actor turned property developer…

Auckland soap star landlord Paul Reid leaves negative review on his own tenant Whammy Bar’s venue over vaccine passes

A high-profile Auckland landlord says he doesn’t regret leaving a negative review about his own tenant’s continued use of COVID-19 vaccine passes, despite coming in for heavy criticism.

After the Government relaxed COVID-19 restrictions earlier this month, businesses are no longer required to ask for proof of vaccination as a condition of entry. However some venues have continued to ask for passes in an effort to curb the spread of the virus.

One such venue is Whammy Bar, a well-known music venue within Karangahape Rd’s iconic St Kevin’s Arcade complex.

Co-owner Tom Anderson told Newshub while there had been some unfavourable reactions to the decision – mostly from people who aren’t patrons anyway – the overall response to keeping vaccine passes has been predominantly positive.

But one surprising detractor is former Shortland Street actor and musician Paul Reid, whose commercial property investment firm The Icon Group owns St Kevin’s Arcade and is Whammy Bar’s landlord.

Reid took to Facebook late on Monday night to ridicule them for keeping the vaccine requirement in place.

“This used to be a cool punk rock dive bar,” he wrote. “You know punk anti-establishment cool kinda vibe.. now there’s Nothing more punk rock than ‘can I scan your vaccine pass please’ lol.”

…Death Cult Capitalists like Paul Reid are sick of hearing the peasants weep over the plague and want them back in the fields working no matter how many are sick and dying.

The bleeding gums of our inequality have been exposed by Covid, and the ramifications between those who need the wage slaves back to normal and the fears of the wage slaves personal safety will continue to be a tug of war.

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  1. Bhahahahaha. C’mon there is NO VALID SCIENTIFIC REASON to keep masks in retail. Of course there are plenty of political scientific reasons…….The irony of course is all small business will start ignoring this requirement and by mass non-compliance this lunacy will go (and of course when the government polls sub 30%).

    The other sad irony is how we are supposed to have sympathy for the likes of the Chipster and “Our Glorious Leader” because of the long hours put it. I find this insulting and is insinuating business owners, medical workers, school kids, sport organizations (and the list goes on) had it easy. Fuck them – this is their job FFS!!!

    • While you are often a bit over the top with your arguments against the government I usually agree with the sentiment of you blogs but this time I cannot agree. Masks are proven to help stop spread of viruses but more importantly they serve as a reminder to people to be aware of others.Those that wear masks are more likely to be vaccinated so are safer to be around in my opinion . It is easy to get complacent and drop your guard in all thinks and it does not hurt to be reminded. As a boomer with COPD and a heart condition I have skin in the game to try and stay alive

      • I get your fear Trevor however:

        1). What is stopping you from wearing a mask if others aren’t; and
        2). Given Omnicron’s characteristics then we have masks forever because most strains of influenza are very similar.

        The real problem is a good proportion of the population still believes in the little socialist country that could and that we can beat a virus. We can’t. This and future strains of covid will be around forever. To restrict a population on this basis when the majority of the world has moved on is idiocy.

      • Go on then – show some links to paper showing class 1 evidence that masks have any impact. Remember both Bloomfield and Ardern were quoted and filmed saying masks had no impact on transmission in 2020. Nothin has changed. It was an aerosolised carried virus then and still is now.

      • C’mon online shopping/Get someone to shop for you/Go during quiet times etc Gargin.

        That is as weak a response as when Chipster gave it yesterday and the lump of Stupid Lloyd Burr just accepted. If masks were effective why not have them optional and if you are afraid wear one. Simple. I can accept them in health and aged care settings but retail. FFS some people really want Boxer to collapse in the next couple of months.

        Masks are left wing virtue signaling. You know they are bullshit when the health “experts” point to a field study in Bangladesh as proof of their effectiveness.

        • oh right panzerboi so I have to give up my freedom to step outside my door at your behest so you can wallow in your pretend freedumbs…, isn’t that what the anti mask mob have been complaining about..
          you now wish to impose your ‘socialist nazi communist rules’ on the clear majority
          thanks for clearing that one up.

          • Let’s flip that on it’s head shall we. I have my rights affected because you believe a mask will reduce your likelihood of contracting an influenza-type virus. The interesting thing is I’m not proposing you can’t wear a mask just I don’t want to myself.

            Who is the Nazi imposing rules then?

            • oh you so you didn’t notice I was taking the piss by reversing your usual mantra..’hoist by ones own petard’ is the phrase you’re looking for Ithink

        • If you don’t want to wear a mask Frank how about online shopping or get someone to go for you?

          It’s just a mask for gods sake. I would argue you are making the whole thing about signalling. You go on like you are Rosa Parks not giving up your seat on the bus.

          • I do and avoid most places where they are mandatory.

            Why should I wear a mask when there hasn’t been a compelling scientific argument to do so back up with research and fact.

            The most amusing thing is the inconsistency of their application. A newsreader without them, a camera person with one. Wearing one into a bar but taking it off to drink and eat.

            I again state I don’t have a problem with people wearing masks just don’t foist them on others. If they are so effective then just wearing one should protect you – right?

            • There have been studies supporting the use of masks to prevent aerosol transmission of the virus. Clearly the higher the compliance the more effective the strategy is. TV personnel getting it wrong, or inconsistent rules do not change the study results

  2. It’s tough to keep pushing this nonsense out day after day, only a matter of time before this power mad clown was exposed. And his reason for wanting masks in supermarkets? Because the elderly might be there. So the rest of NZ has to tip toe around and wrap the elderly in cotton wool for a threat which might occur someday somehow? Fuck off.

      • Grumpy old men like you are tory anti-labour hate-Jacinda NATZ followers. You hear them on talk back, read letters to the editor in the herald and read posts on the TDB. Have you replaced Keys photo with Luxon’s on your mantlepiece.
        You should be grateful to Jacinda and Bloomfield for protecting oldies like you (and me) from Covid. Jacinda is a world leader as the only one to have protected NZ citizens from a foreign invader – Covid 19. The rest especially USA & UK raised the white flag, surrendered, and were defeated losing many lives.

        • But people ARE dying with Covid right now. So if Jacinda is the saviour of lives in 2020, does that mean she’s to be blamed for the lives lost now?

          You can’t have it both ways

        • Compairing apples to tractors there. The UK and US, not to mention most countries in the world, don’t have all the natural barriers NZ has.

          If you compair apples to apples then while we did OK, at times in spite of the Government.

    • You will be old and need a little extra care and attention. When you ask I hope the person does not say fuck off as it will show what a moron they are .

      • You’ve lost the plot if your dream is to turn the whole of NZ into an intensive care unit. You need acute mental services at least and an intervention for your vaccine and mandate dependence. Get help please.

  3. Actually ethane we need to keep our essential workers safe have you bothered to speak to the checkout operator well I have and my local New World workers said they want to feel safe and they have a right to be safe at work and employers have a duty of care.

  4. To say that retail needs to retain masks because old people go there and that hospo doesn’t need to because only young people go to nightclubs is a ridiculous statement of Martyns, because hospo covers everything from your cafes, restaurants, CBD bars, suburban bars and chartered clubs – which older people (and young ones) DO go to…….

  5. Hospo is a wage slave industry so let’s kill them and their punters off all in one hit.

    Shitty wages and conditions that no one can survive on.

    Let the kids have some fun…and then?

  6. I am old and I despise masks and certainly don’t want or expect others to have to wear them to protect me. So sad to see perfectly fit and healthy folk still wearing them outdoors. Poor fòols.

      • Yep. But that is what $55 million of propaganda gets you. Notice how these ‘experts’ haven’t got any clear evidence of mask wearing being effective.

        Here’s the big one though. They are going to keep them in play for the common flu. Year after year.

        Who are the Nazis again?

      • How do you equate a simple practical measure to reduce transmission in a bus or in a supermarket to being brainwashed and terrified. Get a grip.

        • But they are not practical nor useful. Take surgical masks – designed to avoid blood splatter in operations. These are next to useless to stop aerosol transmission. If there was even a thread of science about the adoption of masks we would limit them to P2/N95 and KN95. But we don’t.

        • But it’s not practical, and they don’t work. As others have said, if it makes you feel safe, wear a face nappy for all I care. But don’t make me.

  7. I see, I see.. the adult-face-diaper, it’s akin to the baby pacifier I reckon:


    Kick the Pacifier Habit with 5 Easy Tips
    1. Go Cold Turkey.
    2. Try Weaning Your Child Off a Pacifier if Cold Turkey Isn’t Your Thing.
    3. Exchange the Pacifier for Something New.
    4. Tell a Story or Read a Book Designed to Wean Kids off Pacifiers.
    5. Remove Pacifiers from Your Home and Car So That You Aren’t Tempted.

    lol 🙂

    • I understand that if you actually have a legitimate mask exemption, no business is actually allowed to ask to see it? Why are we partaking is this charade again?

  8. So oldies have to go shopping and wear a mask for protection. They can choose to, or not, the same as anyone. They’re not brain dead. They also have no trouble eating tea and cake at the cafe where masks aren’t mandatory now. It’s BS. Orange green red BS. Jacinda’s not worried about the school kids. But they’re not shopping.

    • All those people serving in supermarkets don’t get much of a choice to limit exposure. Masks being one of their main defences. Are you too self centred to bother? As for cafes sitting eating was offset by being distanced.

      Some of these arguments are from people just being arseholes. Is it perfect no. Does mask wearing where practical help prevent transmission and therefore reduce load on hospitals? Yes. Why not in schools? Look at the age of those in hospital. That doesn’t mean there is no risk for kids but this is health guidance. This is not Arderns whim( though she and cabinet have chosen to follow it), which let’s face it is probably half the problem for those anti mask.

      • We’ll Wheel. I don’t consider myself an arsehole. I’m happy to wear a mask as directed. I’ve got no problem with masks, just make it consistent. People in supermarkets are moving on. Not socialising. The workers would be masked and the workers in cafes would be at more risk.the customers don’t need to be distanced as per table and never were. Your argument doesn’t stand up to common sense. Yes the kiddies don’t get very ill, they just give it to their parents and oldie relatives who end up in hospital. Who knows you could be the arsehole.

  9. Years ago, not long after arriving in New Zealand, we had neighbours who owned 2 BIG dogs. The dogs regularly slipped through our fence and had a ball on our property leaving smelly turds more often than not.
    When we asked the neighbour if he could keep his dogs on his own property his answer was: it’s up to you to build a fence to keep them out!!!

  10. Let me come in here with an attempt
    at a sensible perspective. The mask thing as it stands now is totally illogical in terms of fighting or combating the virus. It only serves for this govt to be seen to ‘be doing something’ to try and ‘protect the vulnerable’…Chippie himself said that was one of the reasons. Whether it does or not is very debatable. The vulnerable also sit in pubs or play cards in groups with no mask on…after they went shopping with a mask! The whole thing now is a bit of a political joke, power play, like hey ‘Attention Class we are still in charge’! Well, as Eminem said, who cares…nobody listen to techno. We the citizens are now in charge of Covid. Seriously, we may as well ditch masks and those that choose to can wear them. Before Covid even came along one could see people in public with masks on. They were mostly Asian people. Nothing stopping anyone wearing what they want.

  11. cabbage repeating garbage doesn’t make it true, just cos’ it works for infowars doesn’t mean it’s working for you.

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