Why thousands of Kiwi’s will really leave vs Chloe Swarbrick’s reasons


Brain drain: Officials estimate 50,000 Kiwis could leave over the next year, but number could surge to 125,000

Government officials say up to 125,000 Kiwis could leave the country in the next year as borders reopen and young people flow overseas.

But they say a number closer to 50,000 is more likely – about as high as permanent migration of New Zealand citizens was in the early 2010s as New Zealand recovered from the Great Recession.

Kiwi citizens all but stopped moving overseas during the pandemic, with just 12,000 opting to in 2020, compared to 38,000 in 2019.

The advice on the possible impact of the border changes was prepared by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and estimates around 50,000 Kiwi citizens will opt to permanently move overseas in the next year.

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They cautioned that there was significant uncertainty with the estimate, however. If all of the pent-up demand for Overseas Experiences (OEs) was unleashed in one year up to 125,000 Kiwi citizens would leave, causing significant workforce issues.

David Seymour got the numbers and of course used them to attack the Government…

ACT leader David Seymour obtained the paper from MBIE and said the solution was tax cuts.

“Rents are up, mortgage rates are on the rise, the cost of food is up, petrol is up, but wages aren’t keeping up. What is Labour doing to make this a more attractive country for young New Zealanders?” Seymour asked.

He suggested ACT’s policy to chop the 30% tax rate to 17.5% would keep more Kiwis at home.

Seymour compared New Zealand to Australia, where the average wage is higher.

…but then Chloe jumps in with this hot take…

Brain drain: Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick says Kiwis can’t expect young people to stay after ‘talking down’ to them for years

Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick says New Zealanders can’t expect young people to stick around as the cost of living increases and the border opens after “talking down” to them for years.

…well, m-a-y-b-e?

I mean, m-a-y-b-e after spending all day leading social media Lynch mobs destroying anyone who doesn’t conform to the Millennial language cults, m-a-y-b-e after a hard day of being alienating young people might feel the rest of society can’t stand their self-righteous joyless cancellations, and talk down to them.

Sure. Maybe, but I’m not sure tolerating Millennials latest social media tantrums and upgrading the bus services…

She said while New Zealand might not be able to compete with cities like London and Berlin, prioritising public transport would make our cities more attractive to youngsters. 

…is really going to be enough to keep NZers here.

Not one of Chloe’s better takes.

My suggestion is we follow the money!

Seymour has the audacity to suggest Australia will be luring Kiwis away with better conditions while barely mentioning that Australia has Fair Pay Agreements.

Th reason why Australia has such higher average wage than us is because we did 35 years of a neoliberal experiment in de-unionising our work force!

That has created a never ending race to the bottom in conditions here while making Australia look far more attractive!

Labour right now are trying to pass Fair Pay Agreements in NZ so that our workers can gain and force up wage bargaining so that people can see living here as a possibility rather than being economically driven off shore to Australia.

Hilariously ACT refuse to support a Fair Pay Agreement, the very instrument that makes Australia look so tempting to Kiwi workers!

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  1. People will leave because they do not want to work every hour of the day for a typical kiwi slimeball arrogant rich boss who owns 50 rentals. They do not want to have to pay increased rents for ever to the slimeball who has been given $300k tax free capital gain on each of his houses yet he still raises the rents. They will leave because the cuckoo betrayed them more than they have ever been betrayed before in their lives. They will leave because cockhead will be as bad as the cuckoo if not worse. They will leave because they are sick and tired of being used and abused. My god they will leave.

  2. Yes David Seymour and his tax cuts. There is no mathematical argument to dispute that reducing income tax, increases take home pay. That being said if the gross salary is toss all, compared to elsewhere, then 12.5% of toss all is still just that.

    • but fair pay is a nett contributor to the tax take, tax cuts for the rich contribute nothing to the nation, without taxes our ramshackle at best public services have to be cut…which group do we abandon?

      answers on a postcard to the usual address

  3. Act refuse to back a fair pay agreement but they are quick to put the boot in about the rising costs of living so what do they expect struggling NZers to do? And at the same time (Act) are putting the boot into our safety net (welfare)

  4. The reason why Australia has better wages is in its bundle of exports. For simplicity there is more money in rocks than animal byproducts couples with some reasonable manufacturing and a larger economy with scale.

    Fair pay maybe but a lot of those are sunset industries such as car manufacturing and now Australia’s economy is more based on open ended contract and gig incomes. So more income but less job security.

    That said would you rather be in Sydney with no restrictions or Auckland where you are nightclubbing in a face nappy. In Brisbane where roads are being built as opposed to Wellington where cycle lanes are being built. In Melbourne where major events are being hosted such as the Australian Open or F1 or Christchurch where the women’s world cup cricket was played.

    And then there is the crime wave and the gangs. Shock horror in Australia – wear your patch in groups and get arrested. Who would have thought Kings Cross was safer than Queen Street.

    New Zealand has been well as truly rooted by this government and has turned a “rockstar” economy admittedly with (large) issues into an economy of rocks alongside with a inward looking boring crime riddled hypercondriact national persona.

    If you are young, dumb and full of you know what why wouldn’t you look at greener pastures.

  5. How the actual fuck does a joke party like ACT gain ANY support whatsoever?
    Built on batshit crazy policies that demonstrably do not work, and if enacted will plunge us into recession and social chaos.
    Who the hell votes for this shit??!
    God our political scene is beyond dire………

    • What buses and NZ public transport are they even talking about – there is better public transport in Africa because they share transport (without the app), its cheap and the roads are even better too in many cases.

      Greens are really is in some fairy land echo chamber that nobody else can relate too and bears no reality to what the majority of people experience.

    • Unfortunately not Chloe, because without the teat of the Green party to suckle at nobody would hire her.
      Zero skills and zero common sense.

  6. I wonder if Chloe is going to get off her arse — and put together a Private Member Bill for Cannabis Reform, or talk more BS…genuine question

  7. I think it’s much more simple. Kiwis will leave because they have island fever. They need to get out.

  8. Come on Martin, you’re smarter than that, and should be more objective.

    The simple reason Aussie has higher wages, is primarily because of their natural resources. AND the fact they’re prepared to exploit them.
    We can wank on all day long about productivity, but you can’t beat digging up high value minerals and exporting them all over the world. And even to your mortal enemies.
    They have a natural resource second only to oil, and are ruthless in exploiting it. Furthermore the trickle down effect and the unions have ensured the money is spread well beyond mining.
    Of course we also have some of the same resources we could mine or harvest. But Chloe, James and Jacinda are in the midst of shutting them all down. In fact they’re so fucking dumb, they refuse to dig them up here, in the name of a “climate crisis”! But are happy to import the very same minerals at a much greater carbon and financial cost, and burn them here to charge their Prius’s..

    And as for the idiot argument I keep hearing on trains and public transport being the answer. Well please allow me call bullshit loud and clear. If you want public transport like London, Miliano or Sam Francisco, well pack up and off you go. I’ll happily pay for your one way ticket Chloe, if you promise not to come back.

    NZ is what it is for our natural resources, and what we are. Beautiful beach’s where you can get in your car and go for a surf with your mates. In your car! You can’t get on a train and go to the beach for a surf, a swim or a fish. All pastimes virtually any able bodied person can do for free, or near free.
    If you live near the coast in most of NZ you can go and harvest mussels, pipi’s maybe some paua or a crayfish if you’re lucky. Perhaps you hunt pigs after work or on the weekend.
    You can camp in a doc campsite next to the sea, for SFA. You can climb mountains and walk in some of the greatest environments in the world for free.

    Why do people want to take away what we have and turn ourselves into the (insert any large city with a shit ton of people and great public transport)? I’ve worked for a number of multinationals over the years, and I can’t recall very many gloating about their overcrowded cities, stuffed into their shitty trains with thousands of others, walking through their polluted streets to get to work.
    No; all I ever heard was how lucky we were, and how much they would give to be able to live here.

    I’m not anti change, but FFS it should be for the better.

    • Yes Mick agree with you.
      The high quality coal the greens and labour won’t allow to be sold would provide many high paying jobs.

      The low quality brown coal they import from Indonesia by the ship load and truck to Huntly is much dirtier.
      The mines have very bad safety, labour conditions and child endangerment issues. Some were obtained and run at gun point.

      Trains and subways work great in London, Shanghai (I’ve lived in both) and Mexico City (travels). The trains are often or almost always very full.

      The cities are huge, with high density massive popluations, crowded narrow streets with very limited street parking.
      So getting around by car can be slow and unreliable.
      That’s not what Auckland is like, as you say.

      The working family can’t keep subsidising trains or any idealistic vanity project that continually loses huge amounts of taxpayers money. It’s a waste of the working person’s contribution better spent on schools and health.

      Why doesn’t the media point out this hypocrisy more often and louder?
      Are they getting paid or something by the government?
      Oh wait hang on…

  9. What scares me is all the low skilled immigrants that will flood the country again. Sure its opportunity for them but for those of us already here its what reduces what people can negotiate because immigrants cant get welfare so have to take whatever paltry rate is on offer and that means for us we have to either accept that low offer or watch it being filled by an immigrant. Employers quick to say we have a skill shortage but really they just want to exploit people and discard those of us already here.
    Told us all to get educations so we did and some of us still have student loans hanging round our necks that need paid off.
    Then we have the housing problem again…….
    Its like this country has dumped everybody down the bottom who have lived here since forever and just keep flooding us with people for new money, why couldnt the system have propped us all up and helped all of us succeed together, this whole capitalism thing is killing us.

  10. Yes, and Seymour forgets that Aussie tax rates are through the roof, much higher than here! $180k and over is at 47%!

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