GUEST BLOG: Ben Morgan – Converting international support into action and what the Russians are looking at doing next


Last week brought confirmation of the terrible atrocities committed by Russia in Ukraine, a sad indictment on the savagery of the Russian military. It was a stark reminder that ideals New Zealanders take for granted like the unalienable nature of human rights, are uncommon outside the world’s liberal democracies. Generally, we do not think about the regular atrocities committed in many parts of the world, normally we are too busy dealing with our day-to-day lives and are poorly served by media more interested in Will Smith slapping Chris Rock than the suffering of people in far away places.  

The atrocities committed by the Russians are barbaric, unfortunately this type of behaviour is common throughout the world which is why countries from across the globe are supporting Ukraine.  The only way to stop aggression and brutal war crimes is a strong, united international response.  The Russian offensive needs to be stopped, the conquered areas re-captured and war crimes documented and investigated.  It may take years for justice to be served but regime change in Russia is inevitable, and at that time indictments written today will likely be served. 

NATO and the world community, spent last week transitioning from shaping their support to Ukraine as specifically ‘defensive’ providing systems like anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles towards a more aggressive posture.  Germany and the Czech Republic sent ex-Soviet tanks and armoured personal carriers they inherited after the collapse of the Soviet Union to Ukraine.  Britain’s advanced, un-jammable and deadly Star Streak anti-aircraft missiles started to shoot down Russian aircraft. Further, Britain has deployed Sky Sabre a very advanced air defence system to Poland providing a measure of protection for Ukraine’s main pathway for NATO support against long-range rockets and cruise-missiles. Britain is also sending a package of easy to use, maintain and support armoured vehicles. 

Even, Australia has committed military support sending anti-tank missiles and very useful Bushmaster armoured vehicles.  Bushmaster is useful support because it is a vehicle that is simple to use and operate.  Javelin is a weapon system that the Ukrainian’s are familiar with. The key principle of NATO support is to provide weapons that are either; already in use with Ukraine, or are simple to use. This policy is so that the support provided can they easily be integrated into the existing Ukrainian force. 

In the United States, retired generals last week filled cable news slots talking about sending modern American tanks, fighter planes and artillery so that the Ukrainians can transition to conventional offensive operations and drive the Russians out of their country.  Although, an attractive idea it is unfortunately, wishful thinking fighting, a large-scale conventional operation is difficult.  Integrating the ‘combined arms’ of artillery, tanks, infantry and all of their support like engineers, medics, maintenance and supply is not easy. 

Now imagine trying to do it with a range of new equipment that you have never used before.  Further, the M1 Abrams is the most fuel hungry tank in the world.  The only armies that operate it are the United States, Australia and a number of rich nations in the Middle East because although it is a very, very effective tank the logistics tail required to support it is huge. It uses a gas turbine engine that means it can combine exceptional armour protection and a large gun with still being very fast-moving vehicle, but that powerful engine burns huge amounts of fuel. The United States with its massive military logistics capability can support a tank like the M1 however this is not support that the Ukrainians would be likely to be able to ‘cobble’ together at this time.  

NATO has obviously appreciated this situation and their support seems to be well considered because the ability to easily integrate new equipment quickly and easily is tactically vital for the outcome of this war. 

A couple of articles ago I noted a nagging concern about the Ukraine armoured force. (Ukrainian forces push forward in the north, east and south and who bombed Belgorod?) The concern was whether or not Ukraine managed to preserve any of its armoured brigades in the initial invasion.  The Ukrainian armoured brigades are important because if they survived the invasion, then they would be the force with which to counter-attack Russian offensives in the east.  If they did not survive the invasion then hopefully enough of their personnel survived to develop a new armoured force quickly.

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Does Ukraine have a force capable of a large scale counter-attack?  We just don’t know yet.  This is probably the reason that Ukraine keeps requesting fighter planes and air-defence missiles because right now the only way the Russians can counter an armoured thrust is with air power.  The Ukrainians are not going to use an armoured force without air cover, to do so would simply lead to its destruction.

After their collapse in the north, the Russians are moving the force that attacked Kiev, Chernihiv and Sumy around the border of Ukraine, to areas near Belgorod where they are being rested, re-equipped and likely re-organised into new battalion tactical groups.  Reports are circulating that this force lost in the region of 20% of its combat capability.  Putting this into a human perspective – Imagine that if, in your workplace two people in every ten were killed or wounded so badly that they could not come to work and you can see that these forces are in a bad way and logic dictates that they will need time to be battle ready. 

Will Russia take that time? Or will they throw these soldiers straight back into the fight?  

Events in the last twenty-four hours indicate that political pressure for a victory by 9 May, when Russia celebrates its victory over Nazi Germany may be too high and that the Russians could be moving.  Since the end of March, Russia has controlled a small town called Izium, that sits on the Donets River about 100km south east of Kharkov.  Izium is important because it provides crossing points over the river and is a rail junction.  

South of Izium, is the city of Kramatorsk, an important rail junction and; the target yesterday of a rocket attack killing scores of people.  If the Russians are planning an offensive, of a size and scale that may be achievable with their current forces a potential axis of advance could be towards Horlivka. A town currently held by Russia but under siege by Ukraine.  An advance from Izium would be through the area defined by a triangle of towns; Izium at the north point, Barvinkov in the west and Kramatorsk in the south east. 

Kramatorsk and its neighbour, Sloviansk are major road and rail junctions and would provide the logistics infrastructure required to thrust further south and east toward Horlivka.  Relieving this city would be a victory and create a pocket of Ukrainians near the towns of Lysychansk and Bakhmut that could be slowly ‘mopped up’. 

If I were a staff officer, in a Russian headquarters ‘needing’ to come up with ‘something…anything?’ to appease my political masters this would definitely be an option.  Looking at the ground there are two options the Russians can take. 

  • Either, advance along the M03 motorway, a direct but difficult route from Izium to Sloviansk. It is difficult because of the rugged nature of the terrain the Russians need to advance through with lots of undulating ground and forests that will suit the Ukrainian defenders. 
  • Or advancing south west 30km, roughly towards Barvinkov in a ‘right hook’, then turning south east from there and advancing another 30km to Kramatorsk.  This route is more likely to be affected by the spring thaw, melting snow turning low ground into bogs but is more open terrain.  The open terrain allows more effective artillery fire, potentially easier use of tanks and easier coordination of air attacks.  

In the next week or two remember these town’s names and keep your eyes on this part of the map.  Activities on the ground in this area could define the rest of the war.  Based on what I can see of Ukrainian numbers in this area my advice is that an offensive like this will require around 40-60,000 soldiers for any chance of success.  The Russians could concentrate a force this size, but will they wait for those soldiers to be rested, re-equipped and re-organised? Or will they take a risk and force an early attack? 

If the Russians wait, they risk a Ukrainian counter-attack because every day is another opportunity to build Ukrainian combat power particularly the ability to defend an armoured offensive from air attack.  The Ukrainians will be racing to develop an armoured manoeuvre capability, a force with air-defence, tanks, infantry in armoured fighting vehicles and mobile artillery.  Light infantry even with drones and advanced missiles is not enough to drive the Russians out.  Instead, Ukraine needs to be able to deliver attacks that penetrate the frontline, then quickly destroy Russian artillery and logistic before they can be moved or reinforced.  Soldiers on foot simply can’t move quickly enough. 

In my opinion, I don’t think that the Russians have the capacity even for a limited offensive toward Horlivka. My advice, if I was on the Russian staff would be to ‘dig-in’ and defend what we have then transition to small local offensives using massed artillery to smash the defenders. Slowly and systematically hammering out territorial gains.  This strategy does not involve the commitment of large forces in dangerous extended thrusts that could be catastrophically defeated. It forces the Ukrainians to try and fight Russian soldiers ‘on defence’ that will attrit their forces.  Then when the forces from the north are rebuilt look at larger offensive operations again.  However, as I have said before wars are fought by armies directed by politicians and what makes strategic or tactical sense may not be politically acceptable.

In summary the coming days and weeks are very important. The war is at a key point, do the Ukrainian’s have the ability to counter attack if they are provided air-defence options like fighter planes or missiles?  Will the Russians try and launch an offensive? If so, an advance towards Horlivka via the ‘Izium, Barvinkov, Kramatorsk Triangle’ provides an option.  However, the Ukrainian forces in this area are described experienced and tough, they are also ‘dug in’ so it will be a risky option. If the Russian do go ‘on the offensive’, it could bring them nothing but pain and shorten this war.


Ben Morgan is a tired Gen X interested in international politics. He is TDB’s Military analyst.


  1. There will be some word salad from Wood about the figures are not a true reflection of the hard work and progress Labour have made.
    Forget St Jacinda even being asked a question on this subject from MSM, she doesn’t get asked hard questions….perhaps the PM could tell us all instead how her wedding plans are shaping up and what she plans for the guests menu!

    • Fuck off! just fuck right off @ I’m Right. You may be Right within the parameters of your devious agendas for your puppet masters in the bankster business but outside those parameters and in terms of the suffering of we AO/Nz’ers at the stinking, blood soaked feet of the Natzo’s and their greedy, soulless, minions in Wellington’s bureaucracy you’re a fucking traitor.
      The great thing about enlightenment, generally, is that one can become aware of the Shills lurking and stalking about. Spreading dis-ease and doubt. Enlightenment is armour plating against their greedy, power grasping intentions. That’s why we must always look outside the narrative for alternatives to the main stream media down and in the dungeons of neoliberalism where the main stream media narrative is always about the money, and the power it gives the terminally dickless. Aye boys?
      Russell Brand has more than ably shown that it is the banks INCLUDING the WEF, the IMF and the World Bank and the weapons industry who stoke the embers of a now burning Ukraine. Not only do the banks make money from lending money to the global weapons makers, they also ‘lend’ money to Ukraine at significant interest rates to enable Ukraine to keep functioning while under attack by a narcissistic psychopath with a following of doting and murderous morons. And so the wheels of commerce keep turning. Ok. Putin’s likely motivated by his God bothering inclinations etc but what motivates the monsters in banking? What Satanic energy are they channelling? Every Ukrainian child, mother, father, pet and animal who’s been minced by putins cock extending rockets etc is hungrily and gleefully banking the money.
      And we have similar morons here. Just look closely at those who vote for hideous national? Mostly farmers, who’re so ignorant, so low brow and discordant many think the Opera is an operation on the anus to remove troublesome haemorrhoids. It’s that ignorance the enables them to be so easily manipulated and exploited. But it’s not their fault! They, our wonderful, vital, essential farmers, are like us, they’re mindlessly adhering to a false narrative fed to us, and them, by liars and traitors. They peddle a false narrative to wriggle into your pockets and that is all they do.
      This is a must-watch, in my humble opinion.
      Russell Brand. YouTube.
      “We know what our governments are telling us about solidarity with Ukraine. But apart from increased weapons supplies, what does this really mean?”
      If blood soaked stuffed toys left behind at a bombed out train station doesn’t motivate us all to seek out the hyper rich bankster species who live above us in their sheltered financial stratosphere’s far away from the horrors they enable for their profit then we’re fucked.

    • ‘ I’m far far far right’ you won’t be invited for shit sure, so why the interest, just a nosey little toerag?

  2. “However, the Ukrainian forces in this area are described experienced and tough”
    The only however oblique reference to the 8 year war these forces have been conducting against the people of Donetsk and Lugansk. And dug in for this purpose not just since Russia’s action.
    We will eventually see how this unfolds . My expectation is as different from the Author’s as possible .(I was going to say “chalk and cheese” but these are much too similar).
    D J S

  3. ” Last week brought confirmation of the terrible atrocities committed by Russia in Ukraine, a sad indictment on the savagery of the Russian military. ” ??? “The same happened in Bucha,” says the Dutch journalist. “Many witnesses are saying that the Russian army left on 30 March. Even the Ukrainian military who came in on 1 April didn’t report about corpses on the streets. This happened on 3 April, according to the Western media. Also, evidence is saying that the bodies had white armbands, the sign of the Russian army, the soldiers wear them. So the soldiers are killing the Russian Ukrainians? No way.” Van den Ende talked to many Ukrainian civilians while travelling across Donbass. According to her, nearly everyone condemned the Kiev government for prohibiting the Russian language and depriving them of many cultural and domestic human rights. “The majority of the people whom I spoke with were very happy that the [Russian special] operation has started,” the Dutch journalist says. “Of course, nobody wants violence and war, but they have been suffering already eight years from the war, carnage and destruction by the Ukrainian forces. The worst were the Nazi battalions, who were fighting along with the regular army.”

  4. Great post. Thanks!
    I see they’re also getting Harpoon missiles from the UK. Depending on the block number, that’s about a 100nm range anti-shipping missile. Clearly the intention is to push the Russian Navy away from the coast and so end the coastal bombardments we’ve seen in Mariupol.

    If I was a Western leader I would be sending them Predator drones by the dozen. They could even be based in adjacent states and flown by anyone, but add political cover by saying they’re being flown by Ukrainians. The West has all the intel they need for these things to maraud at night taking out Russian assets as they chose.

      • How exactly do Andrew’s comments have anything to do with Brenton Tarrant ‘reason’? Or is this nothing more than a senseless comment a la Jacinda is a Nazi while also managing to be a Communist?

        In other news I saw the below which I thought would appeal to the Putin Apologists on here:

        “The head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, awarding a medal to Lieutenant Colonel Timur Kurilkin for “destroying 250 Nazis” – which is ironic, considering Kurilkin has two neo-Nazi patches clearly visible on his uniform.”

        I know I know – all Western media is nothing but lies / only RT can be trusted . .

      • Quite so reason. Andrew is ignorant. That doesn’t mean you are dumb Andrew ,it just means you don’t know. The trouble is you don’t want to know

      • ,,,, I forgot to mention the bit of Brenton Tarrents manifesto that Andrew previously quoted verbatim ….
        ,,,” It’s the birthrates, it’s the birthrates, it’s the birthrates” ,,,

        Andrew started his comment in a Chris Trotter thread with these exact same words as the start of Tarrents writing in his manifesto ,,

        ,,, If Andrew was not smart-arse quoting him, then it must have been a case of two similar minds arriving at the same conclusions ,,,,

  5. “Last week brought confirmation of the terrible atrocities committed by Russia in Ukraine” – really? What “confirmation”? What has the writer seen and read that we haven’t all seen and read? And how does it differ from the same allegations that have accompanied every conflict, involving the US and its proxies, reported in recent times? How are these “confirmation of terrible atrocities” different from those alleged of Iraqi troops in Kuwait or of the Syrian forces in Syria – all later proven to be false. How are these allegations different to those of Colin Powell at the United Nations when he claimed Iraq had chemical weapons, or those of Bush and his cronies, who claimed it had weapons of mass destruction – again, later proven false? Indeed how are these allegations of “terrible atrocities” believed when the alleged perpetrators are adversaries of the United States and not believed when perpetrated by its friends – Israel for instance?
    And a final question – when will we ever grow up and see propaganda for what it is?

    • If we are to disbelieve that Russian troops (who let’s not forget have invaded an independent country) are committing atrocities against civilians despite numerous indications that this is indeed the case are we similarly to doubt that the Nazi’s were operating concentration camps a la David Irving?
      After all we weren’t actually there at the time were we Malcolm and history is written by the victors . .
      Or (if we are honest with ourselves Malcolm and you grow up as per your suggestion) is all of this simply fueled by nothing more your own anti-Western bias?

      • James you should have learnt by now that you will not find out the truth about the American’s crazy fucked up designs on this world without doing some homework.
        Is it too much to ask for independent verifiable proof of all their mis-information? Or are you ready to hate, hate, hate ,kill, kill kill because of a slick propaganda machine? If your answer to this second question is yes, then there is no hope for you.
        If this current bullshit scenario doesn’t stop escalating like it is then it is “goodnight nurse” for the Human race rather soon. Why should we all die just because America demands total control of the World?

        • Why am I ready ‘to hate, hate, hate ,kill, kill kill’?
          You really should listen to yourself . . at what point have I indicated that I hate or more importantly want to kill anyone?
          Only thing that I want to murder is a beer as soon as I get off my 8 week liver cleansing diet . .

          • You do seem to swallow the ‘Russians are evil incarnate’ and ‘Innocent Ukrainians always tell the truth’ propaganda rather eagerly, James. It seems that war has been raging on and off for quite a while within the Ukraine – but we have not been informed of this by our totally reliable (according to you) western media.

          • Sorry, it seems to be the whole western world going bonkers. I would like you to be able to enjoy your beer. Cheers!

      • Did you miss the part where Zelensky opened the jails and handed out weapons to every civilian who wanted one?
        I’m afraid that if you arm a civilian, they become a combatant, or rather cannon fodder.
        Also, while Russians were occupying Bucha, the Ukrainian shelling did not cease.Along with return fire within a settlement, I can well imagine a few civilian deaths occurring
        After the Russians left , a sinister little notice was put up on Facebook
        “Today, on 2 April, in the liberated city of Bucha, Kiev region, special units of the Ukrainian National Police began clearing the area of saboteurs and accomplices of Russian troops,” the Facebook post said.
        Now I wonder how you know who is a Russian saboteur or accomplice?Someone who speaks Russian ?

        • I had been wondering , given the white armbands pointed out by Jay above , if this video was at first designed to warn Russian sympathisers , (most of the population of Donbass, ) what to expect from the Azov . And quickly redeployed it recognising how well it might work as anti Russian propaganda outside of Ukraine.
          The citizens were also exhorted to make and use Molitovs.
          D J S

    • Actually Malcolm , the serial numbers on those Tochkas are starting to line up .Ukraine has used the 915 series since at least 2015, and they have been recorded.For instance in a Youtube of 7 years ago
      It would have been very odd for the Russians or DRP to have bombed the Kramatorsk station .Kramatorsk was one of the first to rise up and oppose the coup govt of 2014.There are many ethnic Russians and Russian speakers who live there .Unfortunately, they were overcome and have been under Ukrainian control since 2015
      If they thought the station was being used to transport Ukrainian soldiers that’s a possibility I guess

      Several more tail sections with 915 serial numbers shown here , all Ukrainian

  6. At least in the first Iraq war we had a reasonably good little actress tearfully telling us lies ‘of the terrible atrocities committed by Iraq in Kuwait’ ,,,,

    This time we had a neo-nazi murderous thug named Sergei Korotkykh appear on our tv’s and tell us with hand on heart how terrible the Russians were for slaughtering civilians ,,, we were not however informed of the fact that many of the executed bore the white arm-bands designating ‘friendly to Russian’ ,,,,,

    The truth in Kuwait is that Iraq soldiers were not throwing babies out of incubators ,,,,, The more likely scenario in Bucha is that people of the Nazi mindset were killing Russian ‘collaborators’ ,,,, rather than Russians.

    Who exactly entered Bucha once Russian troops left?

    I could put up numerous video links of ukraine soldiers torturing and killing Russians ,,,,, or beating and torturing their own citizens ,,,, or indeed 8 years of them murdering their own citizens.

    But I’ll just link to a non-violent video that debunks a lot of the Nato propaganda.

    In Ukraine I’d prefer a proper peace rather than a Nato/nazi victory.

    Could NATO-Supplied Arms Change Ukraine’s Fate?

  7. If you want a LESS propagandist view of what’s going on and why, check out Scott Ritter, on his numerous interviews on YouTube. Highly credible, well connected chap, who’s NOT apart of the system, so has NO reason to LIE.

    • Are all your ‘heroes’ discredited paedophile’s Kevin?

      “Ritter was arrested again in November 2009[45] over communications with a police decoy he met on an Internet chat site. Police said that he exposed himself, via a web camera, after the officer repeatedly identified himself as a 15-year-old girl.[2] Ritter said in his own testimony during the trial that he believed the other party was an adult acting out her fantasy.[46] The next month, Ritter waived his right to a preliminary hearing and was released on a $25,000 unsecured bail. Charges included “unlawful contact with a minor, criminal use of a communications facility, corruption of minors, indecent exposure, possessing instruments of crime, criminal attempt and criminal solicitation”.[47] Ritter rejected a plea bargain and was found guilty of all but the criminal attempt count in a courtroom in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, on April 14, 2011.[2][4] In October 2011, he received a sentence of 1½ to 5½ years in prison.[48] He was sent to Laurel Highlands state prison in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, in March 2012 and paroled in September 2014.[49]”

      • If Scot Ritter had been listened to regarding Iraq ,,,,, then hundreds of thousands of children would not have been killed and maimed and had parents killed and generally had their lives fucked.

        James knows this yet just smears away in his support for the war in Ukraine continuing.

        This has nothing to do with Nazis according to James ,,,,

        Stephen Bandera was just a Nationalist according to James ,,,,,,

        They were so savage and brutal that the Jews sought refuge with the Germans from them ,,,

        ,,,, their flag was flown outside the Russian embassy in Wellington.

        Glory be.

      • Yep throw the book at pederasts! I’m all for that, 100%.

        That said his core skill outside of sexual deviancy is military information. He appears very credible there. He’s done his time too, for the convictions and in the military. All things weighed up I trust his accuracy on what is happening in Ukraine.

        • in fact no physical act of pedophilia was committed, it was an online FBI sting.
          Ritter was a marked man for his truth telling over Iraq WMD

  8. Anybody who is interested in facts as opposed to fairytale propaganda heres where things stand today. This is agreed by news media on both sides.

    Russia has left minimum forces near Kiev, so obviously the Ukraine forces there have no mobility.

    Ukraine is sending troops east, without heavy equipment and with no aircover, supposedly 15000.

    These troops are to reinforce the major Ukrainian army still fighting the Donbass forces.

    Russia has isolated Maruipol defenders into the factory area, estimates there are 2000 of the original 15000 left. Several rescue attempts have failed to take out special people rumoured to be leadership of Azov and high ranking NATO officers. Time will tell, theres no escape. Criminal Courts await.

    North and south of the Ukrainian troops in Donbass Russian forces are massing to trap these troops in a cauldron. They will be exposed with no aircover and limited heavy equipment. Russia intends to capture the bulk of Ukrainian forces then switch attention elsewhere. Will they succeed?

    My take is its close to the end in the east.

    • Yup read that the Ukrainian Marines in Mariupol are down to their last men and the last of their ammo – clear that they are fighting for something that they believe in – in contrast to many of the Russians who have either decided to surrender or retreat.

      Realise that many of you on here will celebrate their eventual defeat (and inevitable defeat given they have been cut off and fighting against overwhelming odds) but I will not be one of them.

      “The enemy gradually pushed us back. They surrounded us with fire, and are now trying to destroy us,” the marines posted. The “mountain of wounded” amounted to nearly half of the brigade, they added, with those “whose limbs are not torn off” continuing to fight.

      Their infantry soldiers had all been killed. The “shootings battles” against the Russians were now being conducted by artillerymen and anti-aircraft gunners, as well as radio operators, drivers and cooks. Even musicians from the orchestra were fighting, they said.

    • The trouble is that the Ukraine forces (Azov ) are in cities and towns inhabited by the people that Russia is trying to liberate from them. It is not likely to be very quick if they want to limit civilian casualties that will be simply a bonus for the occupiers.
      I don’t think it will be very quick. And they can’t starve them out without starving the civilian population.
      Also the Azovs will not expect any mercy fro Russia as they are the main nominated target, so they can be expected to put up a lot of resistance.
      D J S

      • Again the Azov Battalion / Regiment (was) a unit of only approx 900 in a combined Ukranian military of hundreds of thousands so we are talking well under 1% (and in fact well below .05%) . . as with Putin just convenient to label the Ukrainians as neo-Nazi’s but in no way accurate.

        Approx 1.5% of New Zealand’s population is Filipino – therefore all New Zealanders are Filipino?,%25)%20since%20the%202006%20census.

        • James brownshirt ,, You’re spouting Lyn Pretense ‘no influence nazis’ living on the moon level propaganda .,, ,, He might even make you an author in his neo-standard pro-war blairite machine.

          But to debunk you here ….; “So, to compensate for the lack of soldiers, the Ukrainian government resorted to paramilitary militias. They are essentially composed of foreign mercenaries, often extreme right-wing militants. In 2020, they constituted about 40 percent of the Ukrainian forces and numbered about 102,000 men, according to Reuters. They were armed, financed and trained by the United States, Great Britain, Canada and France. There were more than 19 nationalities—including Swiss.

          Western countries have thus clearly created and supported Ukrainian far-right militias. In October 2021, the Jerusalem Post sounded the alarm by denouncing the Centuria project. These militias had been operating in the Donbass since 2014, with Western support.”

          • So in summary Ukraine is full to the gunnels with Nazi’s, they are literally falling like rain – a deluge of goose-steppers . . you are like the kid in that movie The Sixth Sense but instead of ‘I see dead people’ you are ‘I see Nazi’s’ . . or Senator McCarthy and his communists.

            Maybe we just respectably agree to disagree ‘reason’ on all of this and leave it at that?

            • Cool. Now I know you understand how I feel about all your totally one-sided outpourings. Neither Russia nor the Ukraine are innocent victims. OK?

            • Here in NZ Brenton Tarrent the Azov fan boy represented just ONE neo-nazi in our midst ,,,, look at his impact upon New Zealand ,, particularly against our peaceful Christchurch Muslim community.

              After the Midan coup in 2914 Odessa had a massacre, killing a similar number of Victims to Tarrents sick crime, and wounding many more ,,,

              ,, this highly filmed and photographed mass murder atrocity surpassed Tarrents killings in sadistic murderous violence but has resulted in NO prosecutions of the killers ,,,, and NO Justice for the victims ,,,,

              “the official investigation is still in progress and criticized by Ukrainian human-rights groups and international bodies for lack of progress and failure to investigate key evidence.”
              “UN Human Rights office states in its 2016 report:
              criminal prosecutions … appear to have been initiated in a partial fashion. Only activists from the ‘pro-federalism’ camp have been prosecuted so far, while the majority of victims were supporters of ‘pro-federalism’ movement… The investigations into the violence have been affected by systemic institutional deficiencies and characterized by procedural irregularities, which appear to indicate an unwillingness to genuinely investigate and prosecute those responsible”

              Ukraine is a corrupt NATO backed Death squad democracy ,,,this is what Blair faced Dirty Politics along with international Dirty Media ,,, has bullshitted NZ into supporting ,,,, joining in on Brain dead Bidean and the dirty Democrats Neo-cons proxy war,, wrecking Ukraine.

              We are donating scarce government resources, turning our citizens tax into Death-Aid money directly enriching British weapons manufacturers.

              Instead of building desperately needed houses here in NZ ,,,, our Blair faced five eyes Frauline throws our money at extending and maximizing the destruction of them in Ukraine.

              Also ,,, Ukraine is the World wide mecca for inspiring, attracting, TRAINING and motivating white supremacists and fascist nationalists ,,,,

              “After 2014, Ukraine also became the main “exporter” of Nazi ideology throughout the world (the mosque shooter in New Zealand was an ardent supporter, for example).

              Fighting alongside the neo-Nazis and the Ukrainian army are a slew of jihadis and mercenaries, many of whom are from other Western neo-Nazi groups like the Misanthropic Division. These mercenaries are known as the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine. ”

              “Moreover, the arrival of several hundred Islamist fighters from the Idlib region, an area under the control and protection of the Western coalition in Syria (and also the area in which two Islamic State leaders were killed by the Americans) should arouse our concern.” ,

              ,, “Not to mention the fact that the weapons that are being touted as effective against Russian aircraft could eventually threaten our military and civilian aircraft. Azov-“specifically framed participation in Ukraine’s war against Russian aggression as an opportunity for American right-wingers (and others) to acquire combat and other practical experience to be deployed later within the United States after returning home.”

              Azov recruiter and trainer of foreigners;,,,”agreed that “terrorist facilitator” was an apt descriptor of his activities there”

              The volunteer proudly presented by the RTBF on the 7:30 p.m. news of March 8, 2022 was an admirer of the “Corps Franc Wallonie,” Belgian volunteers who served the Third Reich; and he illustrates the type of people attracted to the Ukraine. ”

              “There are some who say that none of this is true because Zelensky is Jewish. There is no need to go into the history of Jewish collusion with the Nazis. Suffice to say that the Azov Battalion, and various other neo-Nazi militias, are funded by the oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky who happens to be Jewish and who, it is said, hand-picked Zelensky. Both men also figure prominently in the Pandora Papers ”

              “neo-Nazis in Ukraine are perfectly acceptable, as long as they fight Russians. ”

              To sum up I’m for the truth ,,, I’m against corruption ,,, and I’ve been for peace,,, and against the shooting bombing and murder of Ukraine people since 2014.

              I believe the Blair faced liar Ardern actions ,,,, particulary the lack of them in acknowledging let alone condemning the crimes against unworthy victims ,,, is bad enough.

              But pushing anti-Russian propaganda to manipulate us into NATOs support of European extremist proxy fightersor the,,,, is as disgusting as anything Sir John Kiddy Killer Key ever did .

              Likewise I do not believe you are interested in truth or peace either James ,,,

              It will be a cold day in hell before Jacinda or people like you ever demand justice for the children being starved killed and harmed ,,, by our western allies ,,, eh james ??.

              p.s Lviv has a right sector Banderite statue building city council ,,,, so they are the majority and dominating in their rat nest heartland ,,,

  9. I recommend you start checking out the SouthFront website as one of your sources of analysis. You don’t have to believe everything it says, if you don’t want to, but piecing what is on that website with other sources will give you a much better idea of the big picture. I take everything the Ukraine says about the military situation with more than a grain of salt. Totally unreliable information. In fact, the website for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation is far more accurate than anything you are likely to hear from Ukraine military provided Western news sources. TASS is very good as well. I also watch some pro-Ukraine commentary from military Youtube channels if their information is of quality. There’s a bit of an art in separating the wheat from the chaff but that is where one’s intelligence and good judgement comes into the picture.

  10. Once again I find myself stunned by an excerpt from one of these articles:

    “It was a stark reminder that ideals New Zealanders take for granted like the unalienable nature of human rights, are uncommon outside the world’s liberal democracies.”

    Is this some form of trolling or does the author genuinely believe this to be true and how does he reconcile that with all of the evidence of atrocities by UK, US and Australian forces including torture, rape, murder of adult and child civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq? The ICC has not bought any cases against Western soldiers despite overwhelming evidence.

    Anyway – I can’t believe this is being printed in the Daily Blog as though it were a perfectly rational thing for a journalist to write. I find it all very strange.

    • If this man made mass torture, starvation and death campaign is not as worthy of charges being laid for war crimes against humanity ,,,, but Russia is over Ukraine ,,

      ,, it tells us our government are white supremacist racist hypocrites .

      ,,, Sending $30 million of death Aid to Ukraine,,,, a lot of which is going directly to enriching british weapons ,,,,, is a bit nazi/sick

      A quick neo-Nazi recap

      By now only the brain dead across NATOstan – and there are hordes – are not aware of Maidan in 2014. Yet few know that it was then Ukrainian Minister of Interior Arsen Avakov, a former governor of Kharkov, who gave the green light for a 12,000 paramilitary outfit to materialize out of Sect 82 soccer hooligans who supported Dynamo Kiev. That was the birth of the Azov batallion, in May 2014, led by Andriy Biletsky, a.k.a. the White Fuhrer, and former leader of the neo-nazi gang Patriots of Ukraine.

      Together with NATO stay-behind agent Dmitro Yarosh, Biletsky founded Pravy Sektor, financed by Ukrainian mafia godfather and Jewish billionaire Ihor Kolomoysky (later the benefactor of the meta-conversion of Zelensky from mediocre comedian to mediocre President.)

      (Azov and co)”are of course disciples of notorious WWII-era Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, for whom pure Ukrainians are proto-Germanic or Scandinavian, and Slavs are untermenschen.

      Azov ended up absorbing nearly all neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine and were dispatched to fight against Donbass – with their acolytes making more money than regular soldiers. ” ,,,,,

      ,” Soon the Azov battalion was incorporated as the Azov Regiment to the Ukrainian National Guard.

      They went on a foreign mercenary recruiting drive – with people coming from Western Europe, Scandinavia and even South America.

      That was strictly forbidden by the Minsk Agreements guaranteed by France and Germany (and now de facto defunct). Azov set up training camps for teenagers and soon reached 10,000 members. Erik “Blackwater” Prince, in 2020, struck a deal with the Ukrainian military that would enable his renamed outfit, Academi, to supervise Azov.”

      When Putin denounced a “bunch of neo-Nazis” in power in Kiev, the Comedian replied that it was impossible because he was Jewish. Nonsense. Zelensky and his patron Kolomoysky, for all practical purposes, are Zio-Nazis.

      U.S. mainstream media even ventured the odd piece or report on Azov and Aidar neo-Nazis. But then a neo-Orwellian narrative was set in stone: there are no Nazis in Ukraine. CIA offshoot NED even started deleting records about training members of Aidar. Recently a crappy news network duly promoted a video of a NATO-trained and weaponized Azov commander – complete with Nazi iconography.”

      “In 1933, Roosevelt lent Hitler one billion gold dollars while England lent him two billion gold dollars. That should be multiplied 200 times to arrive at today’s fiat dollars. The Anglo-Americans wanted to build up Germany as a bulwark against Russia. In 1941 Roosevelt wrote to Hitler that if he invaded Russia the U.S. would side with Russia, and wrote Stalin that if Stalin invaded Germany the U.S. would back Germany.” ,,,,,

      Fast forward to 2022, and here we go again – as farce, with the Anglo-Americans “encouraging” Germany under feeble Scholz to put itself back together militarily, with 100 billion euros (that the Germans don’t have), and setting up in thesis a revamped European force to later go to war against Russia.

      Cue to the Russophobic hysteria in Anglo-American media about the Russia-China strategic partnership. ”

  11. Our craven government is sending military equipment and personnel to support Ukraine. If it had been medical, food and refugees I could support it, military aid no.

  12. yup they won’t rule out logistical troops WITHIN the ukraine then they become legit targets for the russians interdicting supply hubs…

    let’s hear the cheerleaders if kiwis get killed

    ‘oh why oh why did my little angel have to die?
    because they wore the khaki clothes that’s what the khaki clothes signify your job is being shot at’

  13. Ben / James, heres the latest from Maruipol, the entire Ukrainian 36th Marine Infantry Brigade in Mariupol has surrendered. That is over 1000 soldiers, including 300 wounded and 90 seriously injured.

    Another great Ukrainian “victory”. How will the msm spin that?

    • If they have surrendered I hope that the Russians give them the medical care etc that they deserve however it looks like that will be doubtful – let’s see how many of them are still alive at the end of this.

        • Darn right Nick ,,,, When Zelinskys war propaganda put out the fake snake Island fiction,,, with the bullshit about heroic Ukrainians defending until they were all killed by the dastardly Russians ,,,, it turned out they all had all sensibly surrendered without harm and were all alive and well.

          If the roles were reversed and it was the Russians being captured, there is a high chance of their abuse,,,, and a very real chance of torture and murder if the captors have the Nazi mind set..

          .. But whats the odds of that ????? “In 2020, they constituted about 40 percent of the Ukrainian forces and numbered about 102,000”

          So the endless self posted examples of criminal savagery and and brazen stupidity displayed by the Ukraine ‘army’ ,,, is the natural result for indulging and incorporating Nazis into the Ukraine military.,,, the SS were hitlers ‘best fighters’ too.

          Even some of their medics want to commit war crimes ,,, Ukrainian Medic Gave Orders to Castrate Russian POWs

          When peace comes the Russians will be demanding the hand-over of the Banderite war criminals who were stupid enough to film themselves in the act ,,,

  14. “Lethal aid” is an oxymoron and a disgusting linguistic crime in itself, probably invented by a lovable party going blimp pushing for sales.

  15. even ‘humanitarian aid’ contributes to resources that would have been directed to refugees/wounded etc can now be redirected to military budgets…ok it might be the humane thing to do but it’s not consequence free.

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