The Working Group Weekly Political Podcast with David Seymour, Thomas Coughlan & Damien Grant



New Zealand’s greatest and bestest weekly Political Podcast that is NOT funded by NZ on Air!

To debate the political week we have Leader of the ACT Party David Seymour and Senior Political Reporter at the NZ Herald, Thomas Coughlan.


  • Latest Roy Morgan Poll
  • Trust in News media
  • Anonymous Internet Trolls are now domestic terrorists?
  • China & Russian geopolitics vs NZ

You won’t hear politics like this anywhere else!

The podcast broadcasts live at 7.30pm from the Mediaworks studios on Facebook, YouTube & The Daily Blog and posted up afterwards on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Rova & Youtube.


  1. Another great podcast. David Seymour is impressive. This is from a Labour voter. He is smart and a little bit witty with it. Also interesting to note Act have a lot of policies

    • Are.You.Fucking.Kidding.Me. @anker? What a wanker!? ( I couldn’t help myself.)
      Are you a Recent Arrival on Earth?
      You write:
      ” Also interesting to note Act have a lot of policies” You obsequious little prick.
      I have a lot of policies, my dog has a lot of policies, the mice that eat the bread crumbs off my kitchen bench have policies, the shit they leave behind is policy but unlike mouse shit, seymour’s policies have will less substance. All you need to know about Slimy Seymour, is that Slimy Seymour’s all about the money. Your money. All of it!
      Anyone, and I mean anyone, can impress the witless with just a little bit of wit just above the base line and literally everywhere one goes on the MSM, one finds that wit is like a foreign language to virtually everyone. The editors, the writers, the photographers, the printers and publishers and most tellingly, the dim witted readers of the garbage shat out in desperation by those who hope to fuck no one notices how, as I’ve already written, dim witted, deathly boring and pointlessly unnecessary their weak kneed money spinner rags and brain fart MSM content in its various permutations really is.
      In my opinion, seymour will be a raging psychopath with a big dollop of narcissism thrown in then fertilised by his dungeon master Roger, “The Dodgy Little Pig Murderer” douglas.
      Read this. Wake up!
      RNZ fucked up and let this particularly chilling little cat out of the bag. Should have stuck to murder, rape, child bashings, celeb melt downs and twee feel-good gibberish Aye Boys? Nothing like blood stains on the foot path to veer us away from the real and proper news. The reason why people crash and burn. And that’s poverty added to privatisation of state owned assets. That’s roger and seymour’s ACT’s gift to you’s. Horror, desperation, rage, then either death and/or incarceration.
      Narcissism with Dr Ramani Durvasula

      • The only “raging psychopath” here is you.

        Your abuse of Anker, a woman with a long history on the Left, is borderline unhinged.

      • Hey Twanker!
        Raising the age of entitlement is the same thing as lowering the pension. Just different, you tricky little twerker. You tricky, naughty, little thing.
        How about instead we reduce the six figure salaries and entitlements to five figure salaries and fuck the entitlements to MP’s and sundry hangers on? I like that idea AND IT WAS MY IDEA ! I like that. I really like that.
        Look at this!? Just look at it!
        “Member of parliament earnings”
        Members of parliament usually earn between $160,000 and $180,000 a year.
        Ministers can earn between $250,000 and $300,000.
        The Prime Minister’s salary is set at $470,000.
        The poor dears. How do they survive.
        ‘New Zealand Parliament Pāremata Aotearoa’
        “Pay and entitlements”
        Boy, they can really help themselves but when it comes to homelessness, the employed yet still in poverty and all those lovely little hungry kids with rotting teeth who will grow older with type 2 diabetes and heart disease etc from years of having to eat cheap, nasty, Dollar Shop noodles junk food. But don’t worry, you guys! There’s still a little room left for you to lie down and die on. ACT and it’s cavern of vampires have yet to sell off all your Aotearoa / New Zealand. ( Burials at sea? Could that be a money spinner? You’d know Slimy Seymour? )
        @ Twanker? You’re down mate. Are you sure you want me to keep kicking your arse?

  2. Prefer raising pension age than the current approach of a lonely isolated from beloved grandies ‘for their own protection’ slow painful jib death for so many olds


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