MEDIAWATCH: Dancing with the Stars? Exactly how are we defining ‘Stars’ these days?


Dancing with the Stars: The nine celebrities for this year’s show revealed

After three long years, Dancing with the Stars NZ will hit screens later this month and Spy can reveal the nine familiar faces chosen to have their turn at competing for the mirror ball trophy.

After two false starts due to lockdowns, Spy hears the show has changed up its soon-to-be-announced judges, along with its already-announced co-hosts- Clint Randell is replacing Dai Henwood alongside Sharyn Casey.

Look, I don’t give 3 shits about Dancing with the Stars, but what seems very funny to me is that this cavalcade of nobody’s is what passes as ‘Stars’ in NZ.

Maybe I’m just a grumpy old bloke, let me rephrase that, because I’m a grumpy old bloke I barely recognise any of these people. I appreciate I’m showing my terrible ignorance of C class celebrities, but here is my honest, didn’t do a google search, appreciation of these people.

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Eli Mathewson – Gay comedian I’ve heard of, never listened to.

David Letele – No idea.

Eric Murray – I want to say a rower, but he looks like a firefighter. Is he a rower? I think I saw him with a gold medal once?

Brodie Kane – Didn’t she do the weather on the talent factory that is the ZM Breakfast Show? Is she the one whose voice sounds like she smokes 3 packets of cigarettes each day?

Sonia Gray – Who? Did we have a version of Real Lives of Auckland Housewives? Was she on it?

Alex Vaz – Who??

Kerre Woodham – Oh come on! How the fuck is a ZB host a celebrity?

Rhys Mathewson – I thought he was the gay comedian? Does he do McDonald’s advert?

Jazz Thornton – No. Fucking. Idea.

I’ll be skipping this.

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  1. Two. Jazz Thornton, I think is a young woman who, with another young girl, Genevieve, initiated support services for troubled teenagers and as such she is truly a star; Kerry Woodham because she looks a bit like that fashion designer whose lovely clothes aren’t made by exploited Asian labour and that’s pretty OK.

    • Kerry Woodham is no star, she is a disgrace for allowing Christopher Luxon to discuss his bottom feeders without a challenge from her. In my book she is the worst bottom feeder of the lot also known as “ the gutter press”

  2. What a hopeless show anyway.

    Why not are disadvantaged kids, who show talent instead of “celebrities”

  3. Being a grumpy old man is a roit of passage @Martyn – you should know that by now. It’s moi roit, and yore roit going back through the ages
    I think the criteria these days though is that you qualify if you’re an Ontraprin Ew Ahhhhh, or a Flu Wincer with the skillset you award yourself in that space, going forward.
    I’m surprised someone hasn’t started issuing qualification certificates – Trump University style. There’s an idea for free

  4. Ho hum! Where are the stars to do the dancing? An entertainment star IMO is someone who stands out from the rest, with exceptional talent. Not one that I know of in this lot of dull hopefuls!

    BTW, when did Kerre Woodham revert back to her maiden name? I thought she was Kerre McIvor, having taken her husband’s name after getting married. Or isn’t she married to her Irishman any more?

  5. The depressing thing here is your taxes are going towards this as you can bet your last dollar this was funded by some woke panda at NZonAir.

  6. I don’t think there is enough diversity?

    I think the Human Rights Commissioner needs to investigate this show because there doesn’t seem to be a fair representation of talented Nzders.

    Maybe there needs to be a protest or something like a huge public gathering to highlight how universe this show is!
    Where are those lame-ass Neoliberal Marxist Socialist Stalinists when there is a good cause begging for their attention? Ay?

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