The Daily Blog Open Mic – 29th March 2022

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. So Australia is planning an invasion and regime change of the Solomon Islands now because the Chinese and Solomon Island sovereign state have drafted a security arrangement document.

    Who can tell me what’s hypocritical about this?

    At least the Chinese will keep those pesky Americans away! Those fuckers start wars everywhere!

  2. The latest brain fart of our local council planners is to build houses/apartments without any parking area for the owners or their visitors. Now Auckland Transport is thinking of removing kerbside parking.
    This will limit people’s ability to get themselves, and their goods and their family around, their mobility accessed through walking hundreds of metres in the rain and wind, standing at a post where the bus is supposed to stop for at least ten minutes to be sure to be in time for the bus, seeing it going by without stopping because it’s full, and if you are taking your child to the doctor, you stand and shiver next to people you don’t feel safe near, and wait for another 15 minutes if you’re lucky to bee on a frequent route. Then people visiting, tradesmen servicing, plumbers with vans that carry pipes with them etc. All this meeting environmental targets,and transport on bikes visions, planning the cities of the future blah. Ordinary people are being forced to turn themselves inside out and it won’t save the world. Everyone should be doing something yes, and then we should do more.

    But has the government started talking to the citizens, holding workshops and discussions throughout the land, getting people’s ideas and discussing how best to utilise and prioritise, actions for everyone’s benefit and thinking together about what individuals can do? We’ve got Covid you know! Oh so does that mean we aren’t able to get together as a group,-think and co-operate, we just have to leave it to the middle income planners following each other as best practice? Also government can offer councils low-cost loans so that housing shifts can be arranged with ratepayers and people plan to move out. Our paper announces Pakawau residents request/plea for a sea wall – the sea is eating away their lawns. I think we all have to be helped through the well-known stages of grieving, it’s not only a house, it’s finance/money and hours tied up in it, it’s identity and memories.

    • Here is some discussion about flooded houses. There should be lots of this sort of info flowing around – like water which we hope will be flowing where it is needed.

      I note it is from the ubiquitous Tonkin and Taylor – the Councils get a lot of their info from them. If it isn’t good and effective after we have paid out a lot of money, we could be knocking at your door T&T so keep sharp and honest and practical.

      I notice the criticism inherent in this reported statement of their consultant. These advisors employed to assist or carry out public service, treat the general public as clients I think, not Messrs Ordinary People. Like people have plenty of time and mental energy to face up to needed action to cope with unusual hazards, not to mention the usual ones, plus lack of money:
      Rix says there’s no excuse for not being prepared – the information is there for people to find out where the flood hazards are foundand to learn about whether their homes sit on flood plains and flow paths.

      Does this attitude above presage what approach councils could take to people in the future. We
      won’t help you with anything because you didn’t take action when the information was made available to you, at our offices, the library, on site. We don’t care how shitty your life was before the flood destruction. The individualistic approach will come naturally to the separated PMC.

  3. Seymour says co governance has no place in NZ/Aotearoa yet in America some of the native Indian tribes have reserves and their own laws to boot. And in Norway the Sami people are the only ones legally permitted to rein deer hunt for political, cultural and environmental reasons so Seymour is stirring the racist divide using multiculturalism. Globally there will be other examples of co governance or laws to enable the indigenous people to maintain and uphold their cultural practices. In the TOW the English version talks about full undisturbed protection of resources like the sea and protection of our taonga. Taonga includes language and anything else we valued and was intrinsic in our ongoing survival as a people. As mentioned by Waititi National did a deal with Tuhoe for co governance of the Ureweras.


    Dr McElnay has a UK as well as NZ background and in her position here, presumably brings us a UK perspective and all the latest learnings from their wonderful public health system!

    Also possibly interesting is this seminar.
    Seminar – Life at 133 – reflections on public health – Otago … › news › events › otago666413
    Dr Caroline McElnay is Director of Public Health at the Ministry of Health. Caroline has been in the role for 8 months after many years working as a public …

    Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn about ever-increasing longevity! Can we stop falling over ourselves being concerned about the elderly. The world is falling apart and is over-populated and the elderly are wanting their ticket clipped three times it seems. I am 80 and see the age matter with understanding. If we oldies are looked after while we can still get around and do something pleasant for a few hours a week for the community, as a matter of course, and then when failing in health badly, get cosseted before dying, we all would be better off.

    Living till 85 should be the usual life span, the present system extending so often into 90 and 100 is outrageous. There is so much expenditure on people who are past their life span. And too little spent on the young ones who need timely help so that they can grow in an optimum way to have a healthy, full life but very likely will have a shorter life span.

    Why can’t adult working people get the help they need quickly? They need to work, and once
    renewed in health, can have a fuller life instead of being forced to be invalids often in pain. They have to wait while those who have had around 90 years of life get awarded medical help that is more needed by those of working age. As for talking about 133 years, what rubbish.

    Prevention of having legal means of even a few allowed to have euthanasia when they are already dying, and want to go now not dragging on into the future, has meant that ordinary old people are still far away from choice of this important date. And those ready to go early, have been spied on and raided by police to confiscate any chemicals they could use to advance their demise in pleasant surroundings, nearly stress-free.

  5. Georgina Beyer, Louisa Wall ….. who’s next in the scheme of neo-Labour?
    Where’s Bert btw. I’m hanging out to hear where a Labour mover and shaker is at.
    I’ve got a load of millennial design school volunteers next door to me anxious to be given the opportunity to design the costumes (once they get passed the weekend hangover, and cast aside the rubbish from a slave labour-delivered pizza)


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