The Daily Blog Open Mic – 20th March 2022

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. As Omicron spreads thru the community, “Kia Kaha” everyone.
    It is “not nice” at all, but we can get through this.
    And a special shout out to all hospital and medical workers through this intense time. You are our heroes.

    • Should we have a local little ‘shout’ for those involved. I wondered about cheap film tickets – 2 for 1 price so that a friend or colleague or family member could go too., perhaps on a quiet week night or afternoon special for the workers and medical staff generally. With an upbeat film. And the tickets still to apply for one-two months?
      And the government give something to the workers, $50 each prezy card through NZPost or Kiwibank say – could be used for consumer items or go off tax debt or whatever they have hanging over their heads – school requirements perhaps.
      Free pizzas or something from McDonalds? Overlook the healthy food criticisms or lectures for this special time.

  2. This is the time of the year to remember Rachel Corrie who lost her life in a very nasty way in 2003.
    Footage from Rachel’s last interview conducted by Middle East Broadcasting Company on March 14th, 2003, two days before she was murdered by the Israeli Defense Forces – deliberately run down by a military bulldozer while defending a Palestinian family home near Rafah, Gaza Strip. RIP.
    An example of how Rachel Corrie’s activism resonates with activists today is how non-Palestinians are calling out western media for glorifying Ukraine for things the Palestinians have been doing for years.
    At a time of Palestinian disappointment over several Arab government normalizing ties with Israel and the international double-standard over the Ukraine crisis, it is the legacy people such as Rachel Corrie that acts as reminder of a decades-long Palestinian struggle for justice.

    Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice is an American human rights organization located in Olympia, Washington. It is named for Rachel Corrie, and was founded by her parents in 2003 to promote grassroots efforts that advance human rights, peace and social, economic and environmental justice in the spirit of Rachel Corrie. It has a particular emphasis on Palestine and Israel.

  3. What about this new Party with Matt King?

    Former National MP Matt King launches new political party › home › politics › 2022/03
    7 hours ago — Former National MP Matt King has launched a political party that he says stands “for democracy and uniting all Kiwis through our common …

    Ex-National MP Matt King launches anti-mandate party › national › politics › we-stand-fo…
    23 hours ago — Matt King has been outspoken about his opposition to vaccine mandates. His new party, DemocracyNZ, stands for “freedom of choice”, he says.
    17/02/2022 — Former National MP Matt King has told Newshub he plans to launch a new political party. King, who represented Northland for National from ..

  4. What about an idea of starting another political party if the numbers could be obtained to get going. Call it the Interim Party which would provide some reasonable level of policy advance to get some things going that could be managed while some real straightforward politicians could be found and chosen by a panel of people. I don’t know how tightly NZ is bound with its overseas trade treaties and its choice of executive management doing quasi-government work trained in neoliberal economics exclusively and unable to apply any Keynesian style as not acceptable to financiers I think. (The Masters by C P Snow gives a line on the strength of desire to gain prominent positions and the odd judgments made that affect that transition.)

    I pointed out a while ago a piece on bureaucracy that was on Bowalley Road which might be relevant –
    2 May 2017 Our Path to the Future is Blocked by the Past.

  5. This business of hot pools and water bottling etc has had a chequered history.

    Do we have some government agency called strategic acquisitions who would set up a trust to buy this off the Official Assignee and keep it in NZ and well-run hands. First the local people would be called together and see what they could raise as part of the trust and be involved, and I am sure that Maori used to use it
    before it got on this financial merry go round. The area could have money flowing in and some jobs and the enjoyment of their own resource. FGS get off your bum NZ, we are supposed to be a grown up nation; we are particularly good at selling drugs to addicts and well worn ruts in business, we can do better not looking for the goldrush buck all the time, just quietly effective and profitable and well-cared for.

  6. Everything about this is hard to believe. Why were they so apparently keen to leave EU I’ve forgotten?
    A ferry operator owned by the government of Dubai has sparked a furious response from workers and criticism from British authorities after firing 800 Britishbased crew members without notice, amid plans to replace them with cheaper staff. P&O Ferries, one of the largest ferry operators in the United Kingdom, is cutting costs after posting a £100 million loss last year.

  7. Australians need I say more. Is it true that they have a Fixated Persons Unit to hunt and watch obsessed Chris Tarrants apparently, but watch out if the spotlight in swinging ressts on you looking in a rubbish bin – it is likely to be misinterpreted.
    There is a team called Friendly Jordies news that in turn watches the watchers.
    Some links –
    Google will call YouTube comedian FriendlyJordies as … – ABC › news › google-calls-friendlyjo…
    25/11/2021 — Google will call YouTube comedian FriendlyJordies as a witness in a defamation case brought by former deputy premier John Barilaro.
    Friendlyjordies producer Kristo Langker considers civil action … › australia-news › mar › f…
    3 days ago — Friendlyjordies producer Kristo Langker is considering launching a civil case against the New South Wales police after charges laid against …
    More –
    I think we should watch both sides with interest from a safe distance.

  8. would it be better for Law Studies if a professor didn’t sound so flexible?
    Waikato University Law Professor Al Gillespie said it shows flexible thinking on the government’s part.
    “Whenever you’ve got restrictions on the liberties of New Zealanders, they must be justified.
    “And they’ve obviously gone through the work and decided that this restriction right now is no longer justifiable and they’ve decided to remove it.
    “It’s good because it shows that there’s continual review.”

    Do all laws receive continual review, or only the ones that the PMC consider of value to them?

  9. Over on Standard they still get 200 comments on their daily blog. But they disallow me. TDB and Bowalley don’t think that’s warranted, in effect. I’d like you to make a choice between disallowing me or attacking The Standard for not allowing a full expression of opinion (or free speech). It’s stark. But I’ve often thought both of you take into account power in this time of power. Rather than solidarity, despite pissing you both off. Disallow me or address The Standard’s censorship for neoliberal Labour. Fragrantly happy to be disallowed from TDB and Bowalley.

    • sumsuch When they get 200 it often means that they are on a trip to a mythical goal of wokeness, or disagreement on some minor aspect and it is just hapless, hopeless time-wasting. Sort of ‘life goes on while you are doing other things.’ This is not always the case but invariably true when I have checked out big numbers – personalities get argued about rather than policies, and then there are the latest fiat social niceties and wokeness to critique in others comments.

  10. I hate your woke shit, mate. Let’s carry on along the positive highway. It didn’t work for Bernie but that honesty has a truth difficult to deal with. FDR, in America, delivered and can still deliver. I think they need the military now over there.


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