MEDIAWATCH: Q+A Review – Nanaia masterclass & Tracey Martin Confession


Nanaia is on and she is just such a masterclass in terms of Cabinet Minister.

Answers the questions brilliantly on Russia sanctions.

Makes a decent defence of 3 waters (needs to focus more on water privatisation and stopping Chinese companies bottling our water).

She is so good.

The most interesting interview however was the Tracey Martin Confession.

I have always loved Tracey Martin as one of the the best MPs I know, she is the only hope that the RNZ/TVNZ merger might work.

I NEVER understood her defence of Oranga Tamariki, and this confessional interview helped explain it all.

Her thoughts on the Covid response are insightful and a reminder on why she was such an excellent MP.

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Her thoughts on why the Children’s Commissioner should still be part of Oranga Tamariki is fascinating. I want to grill her more on that, I wish Jack had, but her answers are really interesting.

Her concerns about the Left’s cancel culture are valid.

The viciousness of the Trans community and their woke purge cancellations was interesting.

Her thoughts on the internal dynamics of the NZ First and Labour Government were interesting.


I love it already!

If Labour were smart, they would actually try and get her to stand as a candidate for them.

She is such a talent and it would be so wrong for her not to come back.

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  1. I always considered Tracey Martin and Ron Mark to be the real strength of NZF MP’s – unfortunately their contribution was totally overshadowed by the Winston/Shane circus.
    Totally agree Martyn, Labour would be smart to approach her for a high spot on their list or a safe seat; can we hope?

  2. I thought Tracey Martin came across really well. Exactly the sort of person that could easily fill one of Labour’s numerous empty chairs. She blows Megan Woods and most of the Government caucus out of the ball park.


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