Meanwhile the planet burns…


While war rages in the Ukraine and Jacinda’s Cossacks shut down the Dumb Lives Matter protest, the planet burns…

IPCC issues ‘bleakest warning yet’ on impacts of climate breakdown

Report says human actions are causing dangerous disruption, and window to secure a liveable future is closing

This is the truth…

…and this is the truth…

…the truth is that fighting global warming means fighting rapacious free market capitalism.

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The truth is the poorest will suffer first.

The truth is that we need to look at a post growth economy and society. We need 4 day weeks, we need 40 hour weeks period. We need more artists. We need a State with capacity. We need to be sustainable for the basics. We need to be 100% renewable power.

The truth is we need to be far kinder to individuals while being far crueller to Corporations.

The truth is we can’t stop global warming and catastrophic climate change and that our only hope is radical adaptation.

The truth is the current political spectrum can not adapt fast enough to make legislation to deal with radical adaptation.

The truth is a Revolution at the ballot box is required.

The truth is that the climate crisis is now and if you thought voters were frightened by Covid, they ain’t seen nothin yet.

The truth will quickly be that being a smug hermit kingdom has its advantages.

In a climate crisis world, New Zealand will be one of those rare places that will be relatively unharmed.

Radical adaptation here means we can survive.

The truth is survival may well be the only goal.

The Government’s Climate Emergency was an empty virtue signal. COP26 is an empty virtue signal.

The rapidly changing climate will dictate the reality now. If you think swapping carbon credits is a solution, you are part of the problem.

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      • Neither. I am happy for nature to do its thing and watch it all unfold. So my choice would be, porch, pipe, cup a tea, good company.

    • Serious question: would you rather global temperature to be warming or cooling? Because for the past 4.5 billion years it’s done one or the other.

    • Let not your heart be troubled…., there is an answer but it is not in the MSM. Personally, I find it an exciting time to be alive, we have been told the main events that are happening & what the reward is so all that is needed is to help others know the choice we can all make.

  1. Unfortunately war, famine, disease, pestilence, etc., will be the most effective solution to the climate crisis.
    Recycling and fair trade coffee at the airport isn’t going to cut it.

  2. Don’t worry the wealthy 10% of the World’s Population do not give fuck about the rest of us no matter what colour you are imho.

    • Do you realize that even if you’re on the unemployment benefit here in New Zealand you’d well be in the top 10% in the world’s wealthiest?

      So those rich pricks that need to buck their ideas up, is most likely you and I.

  3. ” The truth is the poorest will suffer first ”

    Yes we the the expendable slaves of the neo liberal corporate economy. LINO’s rush to reopen the borders and its business as usual ( post) pandemic economic management means that the fight against the effects of climate change are dead in the water and if anything another distraction for the propertied class and the richer by the day top twenty and the vested interests who will make sure any minor climate change signalling is opposed with all the pressure they can muster.

    Its time to accept that we will never act in time or more importantly change the mindset and the neo liberal attitudes to any cause that does not involve making a profit.

    We don’t do revolution’s at the ballot box or anywhere else for that matter except maintain the corporate status quo that seems to be enforced by more authoritarian methods by the interchangeable parliamentary parties.

    ” In a climate crisis world, New Zealand will be one of those rare places that will be relatively unharmed ”

    No Bomber it will seriously impact here and no where in the world will be unaffected and as the pressure mounts to make room for climate refugees.

    A sensible government would be preparing now but we have a shortage of sensible adults.

  4. So, will the 1% stop using private jets, super yachts, eat fancy food out of season to reduce climate change, or give us, the 99%, another lecture?

  5. Looking increasingly like this entire Climate Change event is the result of a now exponentially decreasing magnetic field pole strength, combined with its shift (by 2100, the magnetic South pole is tracking such that it will be situated around Perth(!) – it is no longer even on the Antarctic Continent BTW). All magnetic pole shifts have been associated with mass extinction events (since the magnetic field shields the Earth from the Sun’s harmful radiation). So all the Climate Doomers will ultimately be proven correct, but not for the reason’s they thought. Climate Change scientists are now pivoting too BTW, with an ever increasing focus on the magnetic field strength in many Climate Change models in the latest climate change articles – it will go to near 100% in the next few years imo as the reality of the situation becomes undeniable.

  6. the appearance of action (plastic bags) trumps actual action (corporations) but hey as long as the peasants feel useful.

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