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Russian invasion of Ukraine, Foreign affairs, trade
Geoffrey Miller (Democracy Project): Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will change New Zealand’s foreign policy
Sam Sachdeva (Newsroom): Russia’s bloody invasion a test of NZ’s diplomatic levers
Chris Trotter (Interest): Russia invades Ukraine: A crime – and a mistake
Fran O’Sullivan (Herald): Finally, the time has come to make Vladimir Putin pay (paywalled)
Luke Malpass (Stuff): Invasion of Ukraine ushers in a new era of great power politics
David Farrar: Weak and woke responses to Ukraine
Ritesh Shah (Stuff): Is letting a sleeping dog lie always the right answer?
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Ukraine Invasion: Political Winners, Losers & Predictions
Zane Small (Newshub): Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern reflects on her first reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
Thomas Manch (Stuff): Jacinda Ardern says ‘all options’ being considered to respond Russia’s Ukraine invasion
Thomas Coughlan (Herald): Russia aggression on Cabinet agenda as Jacinda Ardern mulls next move
Zane Small (Newshub): ‘The closest thing to war’ for a generation: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern condemns Russia’s ‘illegal’ invasion of Ukraine
David Farrar: Overlooked a few wars
Lana Hart (Stuff): Size matters when we respond, either to Russia or the Parliament protest
Waatea News: Henare considers Ukraine role
RNZ: Ukraine Ambassador urges military support, more sanctions
RNZ: Ukraine invasion: Sanctions are NZ’s response to Russia’s ‘act of war’ – Acting Foreign Minister David Parker
Ireland Hendry-Tennent (Newshub): Acting Foreign Minister David Parker says sanctions show even ‘little countries’ have role to play in countering Russia’s invasion
Zane Small (Newshub): How New Zealand and Five Eyes responded to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine
Thomas Manch (Stuff): US President Joe Biden names New Zealand among countries aligned against Russia 
Zane Small (Newshub): Greens co-leader Marama Davidson suggests using ‘our good relationship’ with China to try and rein in Russia
Thomas Coughlan (Herald): Helen Clark, Jim McLay, Winston Peters on Vladimir Putin, the man who could once take a joke, but is now invading Ukraine (paywalled)
RNZ: Helen Clark on Ukraine invasion: an abomination and threat to world peace
Mark Quinlivan (Newshub): Vladimir Putin, ‘just like the protesters in front of Parliament’, needs to go home – Helen Clark
RNZ: Former PM Jim Bolger worries Russia invasion will not stop with Ukraine
Adam Boileau (RNZ): Russia invasion of Ukraine: New Zealanders should be wary of potential disruption from cyberattacks
Bruce Munro (ODT): NZ can help put power in hands of Russian youth: Prof Patman
Benn Bathgate (Stuff): New Zealand not immune as Russian invasion heralds ‘lawless world’ – professor
Lauren Henderson (Newshub): Expert warns of ‘significant’ financial hit to New Zealand’s economy after Russia invades Ukraine
Liam Dann (Herald):  Where Kiwis will pay the price for Putin’s war (paywalled)
Brent Edwards (NBR): The invasion, the occupation, the pandemic, the economy (paywalled)
Mark Lister (Bay of Plenty Times/Herald):  What the Russian invasion means for financial markets (paywalled)
RNZ: Russian invasion of Ukraine won’t affect New Zealand fuel – Minister
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Fuel may get dearer after Ukraine invasion but Government says it won’t run out
Andrea Fox (Herald): War underlines risks of NZ’s new fuel import regime: Save our Tankers campaign (paywalled)
Stephen Ward (Stuff): Ukrainian Kiwis’ defiance in the face of aggression
Oscar Francis (ODT): ‘Heart-breaking’: Dunedin protesters show support for Ukraine
Denise Piper (Stuff): Ukraine invasion: Hundreds show solidarity at Auckland protest
Steven Walton (Stuff): ‘It was tearjerking’ – emotional support for Ukraine in Christchurch march
Conor Knell (Stuff): Ukrainians gather in solidarity at Wellington’s Civic Square
Justin Wong and Bronte Metekingi (Stuff): Wellingtonians protest Ukraine invasion in front of Russian embassy
Tom Kitchin and Emma Hatton (RNZ): ‘He will not stop at Ukraine’ – Dozens protest Putin at embassy
Lucy Craymer (Stuff): In the Pacific, a rich vein of resources still doesn’t make for rich populations
Katie Scotcher (RNZ): Trade minister heading to Europe in hopes of concluding free trade agreement negotiations
Rebecca Howard (BusinessDesk): Rebuilding bridges: trade minister to reconnect NZ to the world
No Right Turn: The secret treaty we’re not allowed to see

Vaccine mandates, Wellington anti-mandate protest
Andrew Geddis (Guardian): End New Zealand’s Covid mandates too quickly and the mistake could be measured in funerals
Amanda Saxton (Herald): Freedom Farm: Inside the Parliament protest (paywalled)
Karl du Fresne: Why the woke Left is so rattled by Camp Freedom
Steven Cowan: Time for a new Left
Stewart Sowman-Lund (Spinoff): A week on the ground at the ‘freedom village’
Tess McClure (Guardian): ‘So many rabbit holes’: Even in trusting New Zealand, protests show fringe beliefs can flourish
Hayden Munro (Herald): Christopher Luxon bows to pressure from protesters (paywalled)
Kate Fulton (Stuff): Parliament occupation a site of confusion and chaos
ODT Editorial: Who wants to be PM?
Zane Small (Newshub): Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern reaffirms commitment to scrapping COVID-19 vaccine mandates as protest halts traffic in Auckland
1News: David Seymour calls for Covid-19 mandates to be scrapped
Gordon Campbell: On Ukraine, and blokes in peril and Freedom’s new home
Luke Malpass (Stuff): Ukraine invasion should put the occupation of Parliament into proper perspective
Duncan Garner (NBR): Ditch mandates, they’re suffocating us (paywalled)
Dane Giraud (The Platform): The Human Rights Commission have decided to actually do their job
Jenny Nicholls (Stuff): Great-uncle Col liked a protest, but he’d hate this one
Warwick Rasmussen (Stuff): Winston Peters’ latest attempt at political relevance a logic-free experiment
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Parliament Lawn Protests: Winners, Losers & what happens next?
Richard Swainson (Stuff): ‘Wellington embarrassment’ like a parody of the Springbok Tour protests 
Joel MacManus (Stuff): Occupation at Parliament reaches three-week mark 
Zane Small (Newshub): Jacinda Ardern ‘not choosing to focus on two people’ after duo heckle her in Christchurch over COVID-19 vaccine mandates
Emily Ireland (RNZ): ‘Split society’ claims over vaccine passports in Wairarapa
John Roughan (Herald): Naivety soon to be a thing of the past for NZ faced with rising Omicron (paywalled)
Deena Coster (Stuff): Taranaki MPs support need for reconciliation after occupation ends
Te Rina Triponel (Herald): Protesters are ignoring tikanga – and that’s dangerous
Lisa Tumahai (Stuff): Now is a time for unity, not division
Kevin Norquay (Stuff): When the faeces stops flying, a new New Zealand will emerge
Andrew Dickson (Stuff): The mental dilemma of the anti-mandate brigade 
Josephine Franks (Stuff): Two years of Covid-19 in New Zealand: Virus, variants and vaccines
Herald: Two years of Covid in NZ – the wins, the losses and what comes next (paywalled)
Cherie Sivignon (Stuff): Mayor’s plea for people to be kind as Covid-19 stress brings abuse, anger
Giacomo Lichtner (Herald): NZ anti-vax movement’s exploitation of Holocaust imagery is part of a long and sorry history
Herald Editorial: Influential roles in protest (paywalled)
Brannavan Gnanalingam (Stuff):  How Yellowjackets can help us cope with Covid-19
Sarah Sparks (Stuff): Finding higher wisdom amid the Parliament protests: It boils down to mana
Virginia Fallon (Stuff): Tinfoil hats, Winnie, and the poo: Anti-mandate protest nears end of third week
Steve Braunias: The secret diary of the Freedom Gang (paywalled)
Tom Hunt, George Block and Sophie Cornish (Stuff): Three protesters in hospital with Covid, sewage down city drains
1News: 7 Covid cases connected to Wellington protest, 3 in hospital
RNZ: Protesters show up as patients at hospitals across New Zealand
Sophie Cornish, Tom Hunt and George Block (Stuff): Council asks for explanation from police regarding protesters flushing toilets
David Fisher (Herald): Protesters turn to tinfoil hats as increasing sickness blamed on Government beaming radiation rays
Charlie Gates (Stuff): Wellington protesters fear secret ‘tech weapons’ at Parliament
Zane Small (Newshub): Winston Peters’ Parliament protest visit ‘demonstrates the strong distance between us’ – Jacinda Ardern
Ella Duggan and Raya Hotter (Spinoff): ‘We don’t deserve this’: Wellington students kept away from school by parliament protest
Herald: Police operation at Wellington anti-mandate protest tops millions of dollars
1News: Police warn against joining Parliament protest
Sophie Trigger (Herald): Police concerned for ‘deteriorating conditions’ at Parliament
Herald: Police urge protesters intending to visit Parliament to ‘stay away’ as conditions deteriorate
Sophie Cornish, Bridie Witton and Rachel Thomas (Stuff): Police have ‘serious concerns’ about children at Wellington occupation camp, working with Oranga Tamariki
Florence Kerr (Stuff): ‘No place for kids’: Police officer talks about life on the frontline of the protest
Michael Daly, Craig Hoyle and Gianina Schwanecke (Stuff): Police spat at during ongoing Parliament protest, couple gets married on site
Georgina Campbell (Herald): Riot police move in during late-night tensions

Auckland and other NZ anti-mandate protests, misinformation
RNZ: Auckland Domain closed to vehicles due to camping protesters
David Fisher (Herald):‘Get a life’ – mayor’s message from Aucklanders to protesters who unlawfully crossed harbour bridge and gridlocked city
Hamish Cardwell (RNZ): Pride march organiser frustrated by anti-mandate protest
Denise Piper (Stuff): Anti-mandate protesters in Auckland Domain not supported by iwi
Deena Coster (Stuff): Iwi ask for respect of site ahead of possible anti-mandate occupation
RNZ: Anti-mandate protesters march across Auckland Harbour Bridge
Herald: Bridge reopens and police explain why thousands of protesters were allowed onto bridge
RNZ: Protesters at Auckland Domain defy police
Herald: Auckland Harbour Bridge Destiny Church protest – police will have ‘significant’ presence
Andy Brew (Stuff): Anti-mandate, anti-vax protesters hold small demonstration in Blenheim
Deena Coster (Stuff): Small-scale occuption enters second day in New Plymouth
John MacDonald (Newstalk ZB): It’s time we banned all protests outside schools
Craig Kapitan (Herald): Destiny Church’s Paul Thompson set to plead guilty
Lee Kenny (Stuff): Anti-vaccine mandate protest outside school branded ‘disgraceful’ and ‘an embarrassment’ 
Stuff: Doctor was ‘debating data’, not spreading Covid-19 misinformation
Sally Rae (ODT): Groundswell planner in anti-mandate ‘flotilla’
Logan Savory (Stuff): Farming leader backs protest, calls out primary industry companies’ vaccine stance 

High Court Ruling on police and defence force mandates
Bess Manson (Stuff): High Court mandate decision ‘disappointing’ – expert
Victoria Young (BusinessDesk): What employers need to know about new mandate ruling
RNZ: Get unvaxed cops back on the job after court ruling – Police Association
Daniel Smith (Stuff): What does vaccine mandate decision mean for businesses?
Ethan Griffiths and Caitlan Johnston (Herald): ‘Not demonstrably justified’: High Court upholds challenge to Police and NZDF vaccination mandates, terminations suspended
Stuff: Judge overturns police and Defence Force vaccine mandate

Govt response to Omicron outbreak, Cases
Marc Daalder (Newsroom): ‘Head in the sand’: Govt’s virus brinkmanship
Matthew Hooton (Metro): Uniting again! Accommodating the unvaccinated in the new normal
Siouxsie Wiles (Spinoff): Two years on, Flatten the Curve gets an update for 2022
Kate Nicol-Williams (1 News): Today marks two years since NZ’s first Covid-19 case
RNZ: Big Covid-19 case rise in younger groups ‘not surprising’ – epidemiologist
ODT Editorial: Testing times ahead
Herald Editorial: The end of the pandemic (paywalled)
Keith Lynch (Stuff): Why Covid-19 hospitalisations may not be clear cut
Dion O’Neale (The Conversation): NZ’s confirmed COVID case numbers are rising fast, but total infections are likely much higher – here’s why
Caitlan Johnston (Herald): High R value a result of widespread introduction of rapid antigen testing, says experts
RNZ: Record rise in cases due to backlog in processing – modeller
Herald: New Zealand’s reproduction number highest in the world, model shows
Melanie Earley (Stuff): New Zealand currently has one of the highest R values in the world
Martyn Bradbury (Daily Blog): Omicron NZ Surge: Winners & Losers
Dubby Henry (Herald): Henderson Intermediate closes for 2 weeks with a Covid case in almost every class
Hamish McNeilly (Stuff): ‘Disgusting behaviour’: Runaway ‘Covid-positive’ men cough on officers – another steals police hat 

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Public health measures, Testing, Masks, Border
RNZ: Shipment of 10 million rapid antigen tests due over weekend
James Halpin (Stuff): Pharmacists frustrated with restrictions on who they can help with RATs
Nathan Morton (Stuff): Man still not received a contact tracing form, a week after positive Covid test
Laura James (1News): Kiwis questioning the need to scan QR codes in Phase 3
ODT: Patience key when wearing masks
Ben Strang and Piers Fuller (Stuff): Vaccine passes and Covid-19 contact tracing becoming irrelevant, could be scrapped
Thomas Coughlan (Herald): Thousands of Kiwis begin arriving today from Australia without MIQ requirements
Glenn McConnell (Stuff): Welcome home: Kiwis can now return from Australia without MIQ
Sarah Pollok (Herald): New Zealand Government to review self-isolation for international arrivals
Thomas Coughlan (Herald): Christopher Luxon says returning Kiwis should not have to isolate
Thomas Coughlan (Herald): Act leader David Seymour on MIQ, scanning and mandates – ‘Dump it’
Derek Cheng (Herald): Isolation requirements for overseas arrivals should be gone (paywalled)
Stuff Editorial: MIQ has served us well, but it’s time to say goodbye
Jo Moir (Newsroom): Self-isolation for returning Kiwis has run its course
Anneke Smith (RNZ): Government under more political pressure to ease border restrictions as Covid cases rise
Alan Granville (Stuff): High risk: US increases travel warning to New Zealand
Bernadette Basagre (Stuff): Ministry of Health to abandon locations of interest in phase 3
John Tamihere (Stuff): Ministry of Health’s handling of RATs demands an inquiry
Siouxsie Wiles (Stuff): NZ needs high quality Covid-19 infection surveys now

Kristin Hall (1 News): Wellington protesters’ extreme distrust of mainstream media
Colin Peacock (RNZ): Parliament protest: Making sense of extreme scenes and unsavoury stories
Janet Wilson (Stuff): If TVNZ/RNZ merger is such a good idea, Faafoi needs to tell us why
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): TVNZ, RNZ merger expected to be announced as early as Tuesday
Melissa Lee (Stuff): The RNZ-TVNZ merger won’t address the real media challenges
Damien Venuto (Herald): TVNZ boss Kevin Kenrick on financial results, RNZ merger and his one regret (paywalled)
RNZ: TVNZ’s half-year profits plunge
Chris Keall (Herald): Sky TV drops Russian news channel
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Sky TV stops broadcasting Russia Today in light of war on Ukraine
Tom Pullar-Strecker (Stuff): Sky TV won’t say if it’s paid to carry Russia Today news channel
Emma Page (Stuff): Morning Report’s Corin Dann would rather be on a surfboard
Eva Davies (Stuff): When a journalism intern learns what reporting is really like

Polls, Parliament, parties, MPs
Claire Trevet (Herald): What toll will protests and Omicron take on PM, and who’s the biggest hypocrite of all? (paywalled)
Michele Hewitson (Listener/Herald):  Green Party co-leader James Shaw on farmers, political infighting and that trip to COP26 (paywalled)
Peter Wilson (RNZ): The Week in Politics: Ardern, Luxon, Peters and the protesters
Glenn McConnell (Stuff): Crises everywhere: The week ahead in politics
Stuff: Points of Order: Winston Peters keeps calm, carries on
Mike Houlahan (ODT): Southern say: debate a soapbox opportunity for MPs
Glenn McConnell and Henry Cooke (Stuff): ‘Hybrid Parliament’ will mean politicians can tune in from home
Herald: On the Tiles: Parliament protest, Russia v Ukraine, Luxon, Omicron response
Dale Husband (E-Tangata): Metiria Turei and her new world

Ethan Te Ora (Stuff): The annual misery of flat hunting for students in Wellington
Tina Law (Stuff): Development stymied in three Christchurch suburbs because sewers can’t cope
Jimmy Ellingham (Local Democracy Reporting): Objections to housing plan for former Palmerston North bowling green
Miriam Bell (Stuff): Empty office buildings transformed into new apartments
Amy Ridout (Stuff): A year of searching for family split by rental shortage
Amy Ridout (Stuff): After finding a rough sleeper in the rain, one man made it his mission to find him a home
Mark Fowler (Herald):  The housing market conundrum (paywalled)

Sharnae Hope (Stuff): Eighty-year-old left in room with positive cases contracts virus
Sasha Borissenko (Herald): Health sector strike looms amid Omicron wave (paywalled)
Te Aorewa Rolleston (Stuff): Tough ride ahead for already stretched Waikato DHB as Covid numbers rise
Herald: Cardiologist warns of tidal wave of heart disease linked to long Covid
Jared Savage (Herald): Study of Te Ara Oranga drug treatment project in Northland finds 34% drop in crime, Govt urged to fulfil election promise urgently (paywalled)
Helen Clark (Herald): Why Labour must move forward with Te Ara Oranga meth project started under National (paywalled)
Ian Powell: Collective interactions, imitative behaviour, delusion and a Dickensian tin kettle
Nicholas Jones (Herald): Special report: Rest homes ‘on verge of collapse’ as Omicron threatens (paywalled)
Rachel Thomas (Stuff): A ‘watershed moment’: Smoking among year 10 students falls to all-time low
Teuila Fuata’i (E-Tangata): Dr Api Talemaitoga: A GP’s talanoa
Dale Husband (E-Tangata): Dr Jin Russell: Fired up to get things right for our children
Barbara Fountain (Stuff): Why I’ll miss those boring old DHB meetings
Rachel Thomas (Stuff): ‘I lost compassion’: Why it’s in all our best interests to fix doctor burnout
Laura Smith (Herald): ‘Struggling to tread water’: Bay of Plenty general practitioners facing doctor shortages and burnout (paywalled)
Olivia Shivas (Stuff): ‘Cutting corners’: WorkSafe rejects IHC’s bath ban for disabled people
Emma Houpt (Herald): Man no longer allowed to sell coffee products at Tauranga Hospital (paywalled)

Local government
Tina Law (Stuff): Former health board boss considers entering Christchurch’s mayoral race
RNZ: Christchurch City Council confident of progress over barrier sites
Tom Dillane (Herald): Why does no one want ‘2nd most important’ job in NZ?
Waatea News: McCarten backing Molloy’s mayoral plan
David Farrar: Efeso Collins wants to hike Auckland rates by 20%
Richard Walker (Stuff): Turbulent times for Raglan’s ‘beautiful’ airfield as fence divides community
Luisa Girao (ODT): Bilingual sign plan to restore indigenous place names
Erin Bradnock (Local Democracy Reporting): Nelson City Council forced to defend new voting system
ODT: Public say on levy

Three waters
Catherine Delahunty (E-Tangata): More Than Three Words for Water
Susan Botting (Local Democracy Reporting): Government wants to know Kaipara District Council’s Three Waters staffing and expected costs for consumers
Sheryl Mai (Northern Advocate): Whangārei District Council taking Government to High Court over Three Waters reform
RNZ: Three waters transition unit appointed

John Gerritsen (RNZ): Covid-19 will be in ‘just about every school’ soon – Hipkins
Stuff:  Early Childhood Council wants government support for preschoolers during Omicron outbreak
Lee Kenny (Stuff): Junior and senior students to attend on different days as Christchurch school prepares for Omicron
Oscar Francis (ODT): Covid arrest at ‘pretty wild’ Castle St party
Oscar Francis (ODT): Power to be cut in Covid ravaged student area
Eric Trump (ODT): O Week non-compliers ‘the minority’
Laura Walters (Stuff): Vice-chancellor Grant Guilford ready to move on, as Vic Uni continues to embed itself in Wellington community

Economy, Business
Hamish Rutherford and Rahul Bhattarai (Herald): Government broadens business support payments after warnings
Damien Grant (Stuff): As the Reserve Bank stokes interest rates, vodka may be the answer
Jean Bell (Newsroom): Hospos twice convince Government to fix ‘unfair’ Covid support entitlements
RNZ: Inflation largely driven by factors out of New Zealand’s control – RBNZ governor
Grant Bradley (Herald): Air New Zealand fares up by 5 per cent just as international travel about to take off (paywalled)
Jessica Wilson (ODT): Situation ‘brutal’ at moment, foodbanks bare
Deena Coster (Stuff): National leader says cost of living ‘number one issue’ in NZ
1News: Sunday: NZ’s supermarket duopoly: Can Kiwis get a better deal?
Anne Gibson (Herald): Top Auckland restaurants join growing list of temporary closures
Lindsay Neill (Herald):  Hospitality needs more than crumbs to survive (paywalled)
André Chumko (Stuff): Buyrnout sets in for artists amid latest wave of cancellations
Annemarie Quill (Stuff): Customers pull shifts to keep Bay of Plenty restaurants open through Covid-related staff shortages
Vanessa Phillips (Stuff): Sealord spends up to $750,000 on Covid-19 testing
Helen Harvey (Stuff): Taranaki hospitality industry adapting to tough times during Covid
Stuff:  West Auckland buses cut as Covid worsens driver shortage
Andrea Vance (Stuff): Drugs on deck: Meth abuse hampers use of fisheries observers
Gerhard Uys (Stuff): New Zealand food market may yet feel shocks
Liam Dann (Herald): Brad Olsen – the economist giving Gen Z a voice
Riley Kennedy (ODT): Commentator keen to gather insights first hand
Newsroom: Sabotage of the Māori economy

John Anthony (Stuff): Auckland restaurant worker awarded $20k after Covid-19 wage subsidy dispute turns sour
Rob Kidd (ODT): Exploitation of migrants revealed
Jonathan Killick (Stuff): Truck driving: The industry that will pay $85,000 after a year’s training
Jane Phare (Herald): Ready, set, go! Employers brace for the Kiwi worker exodus as borders reopen (paywalled)
Carolyne Meng-Yee (Herald): Gloriavale: ‘Treated like slaves’ – Teenager wants justice for unpaid under-age workers
Joanne Naish and Amber Allott (Stuff): Gloriavale – a community of devoted volunteers or a colony of slaves?
Joanne Naish (Stuff): Gloriavale kids made to work days without sleep, one chained to steel post, court told
Sinead Gill (Stuff):  Women earn less than men in these companies, and they want everyone to know
Aaron Leaman (Stuff): Bully battler Allan Halse unrepentant after online antics draw $18,000 fine
Alison Mau (Stuff): Understanding periods is everybody’s business – especially your boss’s

Environment, Climate Change
Hamish Cardwell (RNZ): Lawyers challenge Climate Change Commission’s advice on emissions reduction
Anne Gibson (Herald): Pūtiki Bay protesters lose injunction challenge: Waiheke Island marina developer wins (paywalled)
Andrea Vance (Stuff): Save our sands: Do we choose between our buildings or our beaches?
Laura Hooper (Stuff): Southland farmer saving the planet, and his bank account, with EV fleet
Tina Morrison (Stuff): Fonterra to trial first electric milk tanker next dairy season 
John Berry (Stuff): Climate action has changed investing forever
Olivia Wannan (Stuff): Oil giants haven’t embraced the green transition, study confirms

RNZ: Chief ombudsman investigating if NZDF misled him during Afghan civilian deaths inquiry
Aaron Smale (Stuff): Former staff critical of Oranga Tamariki bill
Brian Easton (Pundit): Are We Becoming Little New Zealanders/Aotearoans?
Catrin Owen (Stuff): Auckland police office charged with attempting to pervert course of justice, perjury
Mike White (Stuff): Police guilty of manipulation, serious breaches, and ‘nonsense’ in failed Lois Tolley investigation
Maja Burry (RNZ): Forestry rule changes for overseas investors planning to convert farmland
Lisa Davies (1 News): Mosque terrorist to seek Judicial Review of Royal Commission report
Susan Botting (RNZ): New tsunami alert in works for NZ after Tonga eruption
Johnny Blades (RNZ): The House: Parliament comes together to address an injustice
Suzanne Wilkinson, Monty Sutrisna, Regan Potangaroa and Rod Cameron (The Conversation): Shortages, price increases, delays and company collapses: why NZ needs a more resilient construction industry
Simon Henderson (ODT): Dunedin Pride focusing on events
Tony Wall (Stuff): The treatment of ‘death row’ dogs is cruel, owners say
Glenn McConnell (Stuff): Former Ngāti Porou CEO appointed to Waitangi Tribunal, leaving one vacancy
Glenn McLean (Stuff): Iwi ‘bitterly disappointed’ by multi-million dollar fraud
Jack Crawford (ODT): Much more than speed kills
Olivia Shivas (Stuff): After seven years in New Zealand, family stuck in visa limbo over daughter’s disability
Ankur Sabharwal (Stuff): Dispelling rumours about the 2021 Resident Visa

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