Has Putin gone Dr Strangelove?


If that Ukrainian Intelligence report IS correct and Putin really is in his doomsday bunker in the Urals with his family and Oligarchs AND he’s now threatening nuclear strikes – this could be a Dr Strangelove moment rather than a miscalculating petty tyrant.

Putin has been pushing for a new nuclear bunker since 2016.

He saw Dr Strangelove for the first time ever in 2017.

He had their new doomsday bunker finished last year.

His deep Orthodox Christian Faith makes him the kind of lunatic who would see baptism of nuclear fire as a way to purge the world of sin.

Sooooo we should really find out if Putin is actually in his Doomsday bunker with his family and Russian Oligarchs, cause that kinda starts looking crazy and not just a mad gamble.

If he really is there – and it’s a Ukrainian Intel report so it could just be disinformation – BUT if he is there, doesn’t it seem odd that he is using his Doomsday Bunker the moment it became available?

Right now we all need Sting!

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  1. Reminds me of the Neville Shute book “On The Beach”.


    “After a nuclear World War III has destroyed most of the globe, the few remaining survivors in southern Australia await the radioactive cloud that is heading their way and bringing certain death to everyone in its path. Among them is an American submarine captain struggling to resist the knowledge that his wife and children in the United States must be dead. Then a faint Morse code signal is picked up, transmitting from somewhere near Seattle, and Captain Towers must lead his submarine crew on a bleak tour of the ruined world in a desperate search for signs of life. On the Beach is a remarkably convincing portrait of how ordinary people might face the most unimaginable nightmare.”

    As the radiactive clouds nears will we all take the fatal red pill as per the book, to end potential suffering due to radiation sickness and eventual slow death anyway?

    • One could argue that ‘life’ was a slow death.
      So, the answer to life and everything must surely be that without a sense of humour we’re all fucked.
      If Putin was to be captured we could all take part in torturing him to death with hugs and cuddles. With biden we could try new batteries and with johnson? Is there an antivenene for bad hair plus stupid?

  2. No, Putin is rational & sane, it’s the Western Leaders who have lost their minds & acting hysterically in their pathological hatred of Putin & Russia? Biden has brought the World to the brink of Nuclear War, its all America’s fault, this whole unnecessary situation is on them, if they had just addressed Russia’s legitimate Security concerns of Nato expansion! And the scary thing is we have no JFK to get us out of this mess, just a senile, geriatric old fool, sitting in the Whitehouse, with no clue!

    • A giant game of chicken, but I’m afraid Putin won’t back down .The US is probably banking on being protected.
      NATO missiles in Poland take 5 minutes to get to St Petersburg, Russia’s nukes take 30 minutes to get to the US.But Russia has learnt to prepare after relentless attacks, economic, reputational, and domestic interference.
      They will have gamed this.
      Fucking western hubris has brought this about .Any dissenting voices were silenced.Like the German navy chief who expressed that Russia was deserving of respect and Crimea was gone for good .Forced to resign.A chilling message to anyone else speaking from their expertise and experience.

      • Your spot on Fran! America has created this mess out of its own hubris & arrogance, a major sign of a US Empire in collapse & decline!

    • Hear hear.
      The west gave Putin NO CHOICE.
      Classic dying empire starting a war to hide their decay and/or hoping for a ‘hail Mary’. Any one well read enough about the background to this KNOWS, It’s ALL (99% at least) due to the USA.

      • Putin had a choice. Putin said the N word. That changes everything. Wake up you lot; this guy (Putin) surrounds himself with his former KGB henchmen in the same way that Stalin isolated himself with Beria and Co.
        He takes out any opposition or threat to his imperial rule. He is a prized prick and nothing less.

    • Agree re western hubris, but if you think it’s that one sided I’d go and review Putin’s comments again.
      He didn’t just point to the eastward creep of NATO over the last few decades (in contradiction of James Baker’s assurances to Gorbachov) but also he believes
      1 Ukraine should not exist
      – Ukraine is the result of historic mistakes of weak leaders in difficult times
      – Russia took on the all the USSR’s debt after the collapse and gifted the benefits of the Russian culture, technology, manufacturing, shipbuilding to countries like Ukraine
      2 Ukrainians, especially ethnic Russians, are suffering
      – Ukraine is run by oligarchs
      – People are suffering with poor pensions, education, high fuel prices
      – There is a genocide against ethnic Russians
      3 The West
      – The west is interfering with former soviet republics
      – NATO is expanding
      – A western attack is imminent

      While some of this is undoubtedly the sales pitch to rally public support, this is not the rhetoric of self-defence against existential threat, this is the rhetoric of expansion. There is, oddly on the left an enthusiasm to criticise the western powers over misguided even criminal misadventures in foreign policy but at the same time give a free pass to the misdeeds of say Russia and China.

      There is no good guy or bad guy here, this is state power politics.

  3. Dear Aliens? I’m standing on top of Mount Peel. Please pick me up now and you can probe what you like. I’ll bring the bubbles, a tube of lub’ and my Barry White records collection.

  4. What a load of nonsense. I’ve been following Putin for a while and he is the only person who actually talks a lot of sense when it comes to geo-politics. Everything he has done so far has been quite rational. It is the United States that is quite nuts and this is because it isn’t actually a country run by normal humans anymore but simply a capitalist corporate entity whose levers are pulled by its operators. This is why the United States behaves in such a sociopathic manner when it comes to other countries. There is no morality to its behaviour, just a desire to have its own way.

  5. I disagree, the ‘Putin-is-nuts’ argument frees us of having to face the realities of power politics.
    While it might be a last throw of the dice by the autocrat of a dying empire and nuclear exchange is possible, Putin’s grip on reality seems far stronger than many western counterparts. He seems to be playing chess while much of the western elite has spent the last few decades building a corporatocracy and dreaming up culture war fairies and demons.

    Maybe now we wake up (non-woke), but if we prefer to think of the world in simple dichotomies as good/bad, sane/crazy that window will pass.

    • well look at the ‘qualifications’

      putin…ex kgb, as cunning as a very cunning thing sitting in a cunning tree, practicing being cunning

      Boris sacked lying ex journalist with a cabinet of complete no marks who sold the country for a handful of ‘magic beans’

      Biden a ‘man of no action’ with a cabinet of corporates employees

      who would you call if they were car mechanics?

  6. YES! I read the Herald this morning and laughed out loud in the café!

    This is so like the end of the typical Bond movie. I especially like the fact that he’s got his oligarchs in there with him in case they run away.

    Oh to eavesdrop on those conversations!

  7. Make no mistake this is all about America destroying a resurgent Russia & China. Unfortunately, the US & Europe in their madness have fired all their economic sanction shots in one go, they can’t do anything else short of going to War? And after Afghanistan where Nato & US forces were defeated by the raggedy Taliban, I don’t fancy their chances!

    • Actually the economic sanctions if prolonged, show every sign of crashing the Russian economy. Already the Ruble is down 30%. The Russian policy response includes interest rates doubled to 20%, all exporting companies have been ordered to hand over 80% of their foreign currency, financial institutions have been banned from shorting or accepting sell instructions from overseas. This will slow things down but not fix them.

      This will ripple into the global economy, (major exports of oil, gas, fertiliser and ~$300B imports).

      • Foreign oil companies Shell and BP have walked away from their investments in Russia – prepared to lose billions to make a point. I wonder how Russia will market its oil now.

  8. Von der Leyen and Team Europa world police certainly have that wild eyed look on their faces. Grounding Russian air traffic, banning news channels, seizing assets, hounding civilians, flooding the region with weapons of mass destruction, all unconstitutional if not illegal under international law. Dictating like a champ Ursula!

  9. I think that anyone in a position of influence who wants to interpret Putin’s actions as those of a madman or his motives as being his own self aggrandisement or the accumulation of personal wealth is not taking this situation anything like seriously enough to avoid WW3 and the end to global warming.
    Unfortunately Western democracy has provided us with career politicians ; there is not a statesman (or woman) in sight that comes into the same category as Putin or any of his team. Our lot signed up to managing LGBTQ…….. issues and the misuse of words in the language. Not to take responsibility for the situation that western hubris has created for Russia to deal with.
    The situation in Ukraine it is now obvious is the start of Russia’s response to the rejection or dismissal which they will certainly have expected, of their security proposals sent to US and NATO in December 21.
    This is going to carry on until the safeguards to Russia’s security outlined in those proposals are met.
    The problem is that Western politicians are not equiped with the self confidence to recognise the situation and back down, admitting to the violations of past agreements and statements and redressing them. they will only see doing so as perceived weakness by their electorates, and the shared responsibility for what happens when they respond with violence against Russia will protect all of them from full responsibility for what happens next. if th e US and of NATO attacks Russia in retaliation it will quickly go ballistic.
    D J S

    • Some truth in what you say especially around what our politico’s (across the board left and right) signed up to. A lack of backbone in all but a few cases. (Don’t want to take sides here because there are some on both sides that are good and bad, to be fair.)
      But just a reminder, Putin is not the good guy here. Here is a violent unprincipled prick who is adopting a Stalinist stance and like Stalin is surrounded by brutal henchmen. He is not a diplomat he is a KGB operative who has seized power. Putin is the one who is raising the stakes by bring up the nuclear option. This is deliberate and provocative and not aimed at seeking a peaceful resolution. He wants war to continue so as to distract the opposition inside his borders and ti use it as an excuse to crush them with violence.
      He is not to be applauded just because he opposes insipid Western politicians whose main focus is generally their personal bank balance and saying the right thing to get re-elected (Never take a strong stance on any issue is their mode of operation.)
      Putin must be stopped and opposed, now not later.

  10. In a time when the world needs to work together more than ever for our mutual survival, Putin had the opportunity to be the great man of peace that he likes to imagine himself as, simply by joining NATO.
    Unfortunately, Vladimir Putin like Donald Trump is a Nationalist with a psychopathic personality and wants to build an empire for himself, but in doing so has chosen the pathway that will lead to destruction and death.

    • The idea of Russia (or USSR) joining NATO is decades old. Under Khrushchev in 1954 (before forming the Warsaw Pact), Gorbachev proposed it in 1990 and allegedly Putin proposed it to Clinton.

      So the obstacle to Russia’s membership in NATO appears to be NATO. However this is not unreasonable, one reason (among many) for NATO’s formation was the often ineffectual nature of the UNSC due to Russian or US led vetos. So there is a reasonable concern that allowing Russia a say in NATO would neutralise it in the same way.

      • And NATO being neutralized would be a bad thing?
        Doubtless, the current situation would not now exist if NATO had accepted the end of the ‘cold war’ and disbanded instead of becoming the US vehicle to diminish the ideals of the UN and to maintain its control over Europe.

        • You could be right but it’s not a given. If NATO was formed in part because the UNSC was neutralised by veto powers of the 5 permanent members and then NATO, in this imagined history, was neutralised by Russian inclusion, what do think would happen next? I’d imagine a new organisation to do exactly the same thing, configured by groupings of the power players for that grouping of power players.

  11. The Russians, the Russians!.. Kiwis will say, as NZ is pounded by bombs, and run into the arms of UN/Chinese peacekeeper run camps. That is why media is radio silent on Hong Kong, Taiwan and pushing the concept of Putin as the new Hitler. Pic of protestors outside Russian embassy, all wearing their blue slave labour made in china masks, if there is one picture that epitomises Kiwi sheeplike mentality and ignorance, thst is probably it

  12. nothing says ‘democracy’ like banning tv stations you don’t agree with…
    yay freedumbs
    yay for a free and independent press
    yay for objectivity
    yay for western media freedoms….


    next time an NZ journo gets hassled by a tin foil terry…this is why dumbfucks, this is why…supporting this kind of censorship makes people believe you’re biased so they reject you, so next time someone isn’t respectful to the status of ‘media’ cry me a river…you sold your arses.


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