The Daily Blog Open Mic – 17th February 2022

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. Shane Te Pou is right about us as a country embracing Labours new social insurance scheme for workers.
    I say this because I have had the privilege of interviewing thousand of working NZers who have told me some very sad stories indeed. Some have been diagnosed with cancer and other non communicable diseases and they cannot work. And many others are tolerating pain as their bodies are buggered. This shows a gap in our systems and we need something as ACC does not cover people. And this highlight the issue of increasing the retirement age when some NZers simply can’t work till the age of sixty five due to the nature of their job.

    • I seem to remember that ACC is going to administer it. That’s the place where they can share your private details with other privileged and trusted people for their own interest. Also to turn decisions about people to robot algorithms, machines that can be programmed to think grey is black. It needs its own space headed by a Commissioner to watch over the outfit, separate from ACC which has been put onto insurance guidelines probably from usa.

    • It has gaps – probably some bloody big ones. But it’s a start – which seems to be all the plebs are entitled to expect these days. Apparently good and equitable things take time, just like a $15 block of cheese that probably isn’t costing that much more to produce than not too many months ago.
      There probably needs to be an investigation, and then an inquiry – probably by the Ministry for Everything.

    National talking about 67. The bloody politicians have tilted the economy so a lot have slid down and fallen off the edge. Then because its expedient they will just follow their feelings and take pleasure in others penury and make life more impossible. But people can’t have euthanasis oh no – its like advertising how shit life is for many, and the scientists are foolishly looking to overcome dementia which only makes life bearable for many past their use-by date, which is about 80 these days. And there is no reason that oldies shouldn’t get a bit less than they do, and if they want more they can do 3-5 hours a week from their wheelchair coaching reading etc or go cutting bindweed, old man’s beard etc. Lot’s do, it should be mandatory! People
    should never trying to help the nation, which should never withdraw from responding to citizens requests in a helpful and practical way.

  3. The nation, the government, not getting behind schools. Are they just holding pens before the children get dispersed to work with cows bottoms, retail to work with fickle public, bus drivers to work with fickle corporates and other exciting and well rewarded work such as teachers etc. GPs didn’t get the proper protective gear in the early days of Covid. Do we actually care about these matters or do they crop up to wake ourselves from our torpor, or just encourage us to rage more in a diminished responsibility way.

    Be careful with the ring situation when there is an engagement with the sheeple. Best get farmer advice.
    If an animal is over six months old, pain relief must be used. Castration with a rubber ring is the most common method and is best done in lambs less than six weeks of age. This may be difficult for the commercial farmers however as castration and docking are commonly done together.
    Docking time – Totally Vets

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