Slack Kiwi Insurrectionists too lazy to successfully seize NZ Parliament


It’s been building all day. The attempt to copy their American inspiration.

Late last afternoon the leadership of the Convoy imploded with recriminations of different factions taking over the protest.

Overnight a more hardline group emerged with the plan to attempt to force their way into Parliament.

They have been attempting to goad a response from the Police all day long.

This has had to be handled carefully, a heavy handed response to provocation won’t be acceptable and could cause a worse knee jerk from the alienated, however, They. Can’t. Enter. Parliament!

If they simply stay and shout, leaving them to occupy the space might be smartest.

Thank Baby Jesus our insurrectionists are far more slack and casual than their American versions.

It would have been unacceptable in the extreme for Parliament to be invaded by these lunatic protestors.

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That line must hold.

The country owes a debt of gratitude to the professionalism and courage of the Police to hold that line.

Something very ugly was avoided today.

They are now singing Johnny Farnham, ‘You’re the voice’ in a giant karaoke.

Western Civilisation has ended.

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  1. NZs half arsed number eight mentality even effects our lunatics, I’m not sure whether to laugh or hang my head in shame…

    • The Rent-a-Mob were successful in a coup at Backbenchers though. Weren’t they?
      Legend success for the National Party Dirty Politics Rent-a-Hater Convoy.
      How does shutting down legitimate businesses sit with ACT and National and their Dirty Politics backing crew?
      Aren’t ACT and National meant to be pro-business?
      Why is their Dirty Politics Rental Convoy attacking and shutting down hard-working, mum-and-dad businesses?
      Weren’t the convoy of hater just meant to do a Canadian Trucker Movement and shut down the capital?
      Time for Luxon to tell Collins to call off the dogs and “let my people go!”
      Get out on the lawn at the Beehive, give them a few petrol vouchers from the National Party coffers and send them home, “for the good of hardworking, business people of Wullungtin”
      Judith’s Plan backfired. John Key’s plan backfired. Chris Luxon has no control over Judith’s Dirty Politics backers and gutter dwelling manipulaters.
      The convoy weren’t allowed a “Tea Party” at Backbenchers. Maybe David Seymour and Chris Luxon should have their “Cup of Tea” over at Backbenchers, instead of Parnell or Remuera? To make up for the money that Backbenchers lost because of a failed Dirty Politics Convoy Coup.

      Once you let these rent-a-crowd haters off the leash, they will be hard to control Judith, Cam, David and Chris. You have poked the bear with your dirty politics rent-a-hater convoy stick, and now you need to damage control, for the sake of legitimate hard-working business people and their employees.

      And why the Trump Flags FFS? What is the link between Dirty Politics and Trump? Is it Steve Bannon infiltrating and advising Chris Luxon and David Seymour?

      So many questions, about so many haters!

    • I had to drive into Wellington and inadvertently ended up in the thick of it by the railway station which is one block back from Parliament.

      There were a few big trucks, many utes and 4 wheel drives and lots of cars bearing NZ flags and various signage,,,, A subset of them were driving around the block with lots of tooting. ,,, it hardly felt threatening as tooting in tunnels is one of Wellingtons tourism attractions.

      There was obviously a bit of bandwagon hitching from a few various fringe lunatic malcontents,, such as the ‘pretty communist, 5G/Qanoners, and ‘the vaccine is the number of the Beast ‘ cult Christians types.

      But they were definitely in the minority,,,, and the vibe to me was more like rural Karans with whatever the male counterpart of that is ,,, Brads and Bruces I’d say….

      …And they were acting a bit like they were a couple of glasses into a wine festival.,,, buzzing and a little bit excited.

      Personally I’m vaxed and against mandating silly people into a corner ,,, where they might do something more extreme and than not taking a vaccine.

      It could be in about two months time.. after vax + natural immunity from Omnicron exposure ,,,, the continual use of ‘boosters’ and ‘vax passports’ will be just as silly and more wrong than the carnival of protestors I saw in Wellington yesterday.

      • Hey Reason – it is tooting in the Mt Victoria tunnel which is a long-established Wellington tradition, and it is not a mindless tourist attraction; it is a salute to a long ago poignant part of local history.

        • anddddd the tooting in the tunnel is annoying as fuck…but as usual NZ is a pale imitation of overseas….the constant horn leaning in ottowa has very much worked against the truckers, most canucks just want a decent nights kip.

        • Hi Gentle Annie ,,, thanks for clarifying for the out of towners ,,, I was being silly and having a bit of fun with Martyns view of Wellington.

          I can remember being a kid and my Parents tooting in Mt Vic tunnel ,,, I did it with my kids,,,, I still do it now without kids in the car ,,,, and the number of toots you get back seems to be a barometer of the mood of the day.

          I’ve heard the residents of Haitaitai don’t like it,,, but I wouldn’t know about that.

  2. I had to walk past them on my way home from work. I’ve never in my life seen so much white trash, and the smell of unwashed middle aged people. And also the obvious in breeding on display. One guy with a older woman, who simultaneously would have been his sister/wife/ mother and possibly grandma.

    I imagine these degenerate will go thirsty & hungry as they wouldn’t afford to eat or drink at any of the local establishments.

    These degenerates are a disgrace.

    It was only later that I realised I could make some money by setting up a stall selling tinfoil….

    • the thing is terry like the trumpanistas and the brexiteers they have been lied to and ignored for 30 odd yrs, whilst the issues they have chosen are moronic their feelings of grievance at society are real and justified…the neo-libs patronised and lied to them and they don’t like it….I wish therir anger was directed at those that have fucked them but instead it’s directed by foreign money with plans that’ll be much much much worse for them in the long run…but there y’go misdirection and sleight of hand works every time.

  3. We have been heading this way since Reagan, Thatcher, and in NZ, Roger’n’Ruth, enabled more unhinged individualism as collectivism and public consensus faded away under the neo liberal onslaught. Monetised internet platforms, and post modernist “anything can mean anything” philosophy completed the scene.

    But surely the 4 million odd people in AO/NZ that have been vaccinated to date have made a very strong statement in reality?

    Look, Parliament is a bourgeois Parliament upholding a neo liberal consensus among the main political parties. But, it is also a wider symbolic presence that must hold and be protected so further progress can be made.

    • ” We have been heading this way since Reagan, Thatcher, and in NZ, Roger’n’Ruth, enabled more unhinged individualism as collectivism and public consensus faded away under the neo liberal onslaught. Monetised internet platforms, and post modernist “anything can mean anything” philosophy completed the scene ”

      Yes an accurate description of where we are now and how we got here.

    • But surely the 4 million odd people in AO/NZ that have been vaccinated to date have made a very strong statement in reality?

      Did they have a real choice ? No jab no job is not a choice

  4. Having just witnessed a video clip of the protesters and if they are a representative of the right, the anti Jacinda, mandate and pro freedom movement of N.Z., then it explains a lot about those supporting them on this site. Apparently they like their freedoms, but just their own. Dear oh dear.

    • Oh look, pot-kettle
      You want the freedom to extinguish their freedoms because you’re afraid.
      OMG, the irony of your ignorance.

      • You were never free and you will never be free. Now, be a grown-up and understand that your behaviour is controlled to greater or lesser extent in most of the facets of your life and this is the price you pay for your inclusion into civil society.
        This, face it, is the reality:

        • Why would people who have had needles dispensing vaccines and drugs of one type or another into their arms all their lives suddenly be afraid?

      • Correction, Jays. We, the people, have the right to extinguish the “freedom” of lawbreakers – which is what you are.

        Non-compliance with the law, in pursuit of a higher moral principle is, of course, an important part of our political history. Those who adopt this tactic, however, do not expect to be left alone to continue their defiance. They willingly go to jail.

        When I see you and your kind willingly going to jail. When I see you clearly identify a higher moral principle than protecting society from the effects of a potentially deadly virus. Well, then, perhaps, I, and others like me, will alter our view of what you are doing.

        But, none of us are holding our breath.

      • That’s a whole pile of half arsed assumption there bro… Apart from telling us more than we needed to know about yourself, it’s an utterly pointless outburst of immaturity.. Grow the f##k up, and take your place in the grown up world for once…

      • You prove my point Jays, Andy.
        These are your people. They hold a sign saying “Love cures”, then tell the media they are going to get executed. Supporting that tells me all I need to know about you Jays, Andy.
        Jay’s you fall into the category of pot kettle, they closed down businesses, where were the businesses freedom to trade, dear oh dear.

      • yes and that’s pretty much the rightard attitude too..let’s ban books, I don’t understand lgbt let’s ban it, women are getting uppity let’s ban abortion, teach ‘both sides’ of the holocaust, don’t mention race when teaching history, I can’t handle a mask ban ’em…. jay you’re so full of it….so don’t come the moral high ground

        oh the irony of YOUR ignorance

    • These people are all dick heads . Looking at them their signs and appearance indictates there would be extreme left and right
      voters.I would not see them as National types or even Act

    • Read today’s post by John Minto he most certainly thinks the protesters in the main are working class New Zealanders same as I’ve been saying only to be pilloried by the blinded biased left.
      Had a wee chuckle.

  5. “They are now singing Johnny Farnham, ‘You’re the voice’ in a giant karaoke.”

    I wonder if John will have something to say about that?

    “John Farnham slams use of ‘You’re the Voice’ at Melbourne lockdown protests”

    Or maybe Aussies just won’t be interested in s a small group of Kiwis hi-jacking and iconic Aussie song…?

    • I swear to god, that handrail on the deck of the Elstree house is as fugly as you can get. If i had to install that i would have given the job to somebody else. Anybody else. The landscapers, a neighbour, God, a passing toddler… seriously… anybody.

  6. It’s NZ’s Bill of Rights in action. Section 16 to 20. You might not agree with them or like them, but, it is Law(full) that they can do so.

    The dude that laid the complaint with the popo against Anaru Little got arrested. How convenient??

    Remember, earlier last year. These demo’s were called spreader events. Well, that hasn’t happened. Over 20,000 people attending these gatherings and the daily counts haven’t rocketed other than when the governments Gestapo Agents, the medical expert’s predictions of 10’s of thousands of daily and weekly infections. Nahdah! Nothing!

    I’m starting to smell some bs!

  7. Some stupid woman on TV, “We just want to be listened to.”
    Well, you can spout bullshit about vaccines as much as you like, it doesn’t make it true the more you repeat it. The same with the more people listening to it more often.

    “Look, there’s no pandemic,” she says. Whoop-de-fucken-do. Glory in having the freedom she seeks? And to use it to expose what an idiot she is?

  8. It is past time for the peaceful protestors to leave, they have made their point and are now only providing cover for anarchists and thugs.

  9. I’ve got a brilliant idea? Why don’t we hire the Morons who park up in Te Atatu nth at all hours of the Night & who play Celine Dion’s “The Power of Love” & “My Heart will go on” through their crappy external Car speakers & play it nonstop, on repeat for hours on end? It’ll drive these wannabe anti-vaxxers insane & will disperse the Crowd quicker than any policeman would?

  10. on a wider note and if anyone from jacindas team is reading feel free to take notes.

    one of the main reasons the nazis came to power(no it’s not another they’re all nazis speil) is that the weimar authorities where unwilling/unable to prosecute and adequately punish nazi political violence(they had no such qualms with the RedFront) what we see in the US, UK, CANADA and now here is the influence of foreign subversion coupled with a ‘be kind to numpties’ weakness…and that is what it is, they don’t see ‘kindness’ as a moderating or conciliatory gesture but as weakness which encourages them to up the ante…this is their tactic…
    how about their vehicles are ticketed and towed for a start..if fines are unpaid said vehicles are destroyed..threats of execution/murder are threatening behavior..prosecute…the traitors from the storming of the capitol have been identified by cctv…we have a surveillence state too..lets use all that expensive tech for once ….you know they would if this was a leftist demo.

    these people are usually the ones calling for ‘stiffer sentences’ well let’s give ’em what they want in this instance.

    you are doing steve bannons work for him and if he gets his world YOU WILL REGRET IT

    and before the usual suspects jump in with personal insults because frankly that’s all they have…go to school not the ‘facebook institute of advanced virology’

    • The Police won’t destroy vehicles, the paper work is insane. Its why “Crusher” Collins only ever destroyed three vehicles and the Police have never actively pursued it as a viable prosecution.

      • well maybe we can go one better that crusher, it’s clear they don’t love their kids, or their wives or their friends or casual contacts..or why expose them to the chance of infection…hit the thing they love, their utes and wifeys urban tank.

        • Personally, I would be for wheel-clamping all the vehicles obstructing traffic – then giving the protestors 6 hours to pay the fines or have the vehicles towed and denied to them if not compliant.
          And I’d love to have someone at 2am go through the tent village pulling all the pegs.

  11. To say this is a far right movement is completely disingenuous and false. The protesters are from right across the political spectrum. Old school anti vax, anti establishment hippies, to hardcore anti immigration types, plus everything in between. Tino rangatiratanga flags were flying beside Trump flags, which were flying beside peace and love to all signs. Don’t be such a partisan hack all the time Bert.

    • Spoken like a true right wing partisan hack MickeyBoyle… I said

      “Having just witnessed a video clip of the protesters and if they are a representative of the right”

      The important word MickeyBoyle hack is IF. You need to read things properly rather than letting your bias feed your ego.

      • My bias lol. Coming from the biggest Labour sycophant in history hahaha.

        “Since when did the NZ right support anarchists over the police, Govt and general public of New Zealand.”

        No you’re not blaming this on the right at all Bert, you’re fair and impartial. Twat.

        • @MickeyBoyle This is a Dirty Politics inspired Rent-a-Hater group hit-job.
          Tactics used by the Tories and Republican movements needing a distraction when in opposition, National had celebrated Tories beaming in and speaking at their two day caucus retreat in QT.

          And the hate has worked for the Key-Glove-Puppet Luxon, who has shot up in the polls. But, Luxon is powerless against the forces of evil that lurk just beneath the surface of National Party politics.

          He sidelined Collins, but Boag and Collins and Slater are still the National Party’s Dirty Politics cockroaches, scurrying around and under the fringes of this convoy of hate. When the Dirty Politics influences on this convoy of hate comes out, as it did with Hager’s book, the National Party will be lucky to get back in before 2050.

          The Dirty Politics crew have overplayed their hand with this groundswell convoy of haters. Get the beers and popcorn in, when this blows up in National and ACT’s faces, as inevitably will, the New Conservatives will be the only viable opposition party in New Zealand in 2023 to 2050, no matter how many ‘Dancing with the Stars’ competitions ACT Leaders dance in, or how many times Cur John Key touts Chris Luxon on videos to the Chinese or Kiwis.

          Time to get the SIS and anti-terrorist agencies look into the funding and backers and organisers of the convoy of hate? Or Nicky Hager?

    • yup mickey that’s why they spray swastikas on the plinth of a statue…..saddest thing the numpties can’t even draw a swastika properly……

      and herrrrre it cummms…..minority, not representative, antifa, false flag, crisis actors…la la la de fuckin dah.

  12. This was a protest inspired by the far, far bigger Canadian convoy protest that itself, has inspired others throughout the world to do the same. As for this mob being NZ’s version of the so-called Jan 6 insurrection. Anyone who saw that so-called insurrection would know that they just strolled right on in. heck, they even had someone amounting to a tour guide leading them around. Point being, the only things that this convoy had in common with that so-called insurrection is that they were both slack, leaderless and far from threatening (to topple the political class).

    Bigger point being, people are protesting government actions but ‘the people’ are not having a bar of it, meaning ‘the people’ will never be able to protest government actions again,meaning we are fcuked. Because when ‘the people’ can easily be influenced by the media to go against people – its game over. And I have got to say that it is my side of the political divide who are leading the charge against us people.

    Government, government, government, yay, yay, yay. People, people, people, nay, nay, nay….this may as well be the rally cry of the Left. Problem being of course, government serves the ruling class before it serves the people, thus the Left, are the new acolytes of the ruling class. Who would have saw that coming, certainly not me. Thankfully, not all the Left are so easily led…..our numbers are growing

      • Its not a mob though, it is people protesting government actions. But look how quickly the corridors of power have dehumanized this protest, not to mention rendered the purpose of this protest, moot!

        Even worse, look how quickly the people, but especially the Left, have bought the official line. Bigger point being, which side of the political divide tends to protest the most? My experience tells me that it is the Left. Meaning, if it is this easy for government to persuade the Left to demonize and dehumanize protests then what chance do protests, especially left-leaning protests stand in the future? My answer to that is buckley’s chance or as I said before, we are fcuked.

        We fail to see that this is all going to come back to bite us on the behind – big time.

        • I 100% agree A 0 ,,,,

          The Wellington protestors were not my people or my cause,,,, but quashing their right to peaceful protest is a transferable abuse of power….

          … and there is a lot in Nz that needs strong protesting against ,,, to bring about required change.

    • Ra Henare. Yes. I don’t know why people are assuming that the protestors are leaderless, or labelling them cowards for maintaining their anonymity. There can be strategic or other reasons for not wanting to be publicly identified.

      The men arrested by the police, the egg throwers, and the woman shouting death threats, may be little more than the mindless eruptions which Machiavellian organisers can count on to occur in the absence of overt leadership; it is fortunate that they were not more serious.

  13. I smell a big smelly rat.
    I signed up to the ‘Ag Action Gatherings.’ email just to see if I could get a gist of what the thread of the story might be and I think ‘the whole thing’s’ a con job scripted by the right wing to confuse and obfuscate sentiment which is building within our primary industry against the tyranny of the right wing, the foreign owned banksters and the left too, or at least the pretence of a left wing.
    There are a lot of people, and a lot of money, in making sure the status quo is enduring, i.e. making sure the free farmer money keeps rolling in.
    Anyone remember Collis Blake?
    “Collis Blake and his wife Helen provided financial support to many stressed families who were facing foreclosure by the banks.”
    He likely did but he also padded the banksters against having their banks burned down and where the fuck did he get his money from?
    Ever heard of the concept of the Machiavellian Confederate?
    I met Collis Blake. I heard him speak. I listened to his rhetoric.
    I didn’t believe a word the fucker said.
    After all our organising, the media, the meetings do you know what happened after collis blake spoke at one of our rallies?
    Nothing. Not one fucking thing. Thirty years later and the banks are still controlling our primary industry, they’re still scripting shit-fights like the one above and just like thirty years later… nothing has come of it.
    Do you know why?
    I said ” Hang on a minute!? We invited you here to talk about inserection, unions and strikes so what the fuck are you on about.” He turned a funny colour then turned on me and snarled ” Well, if that’s what your intention is, I’ll have nothing more to do with [it]. ”
    At the time of that meeting and at the time I spoke to the collis , don brashes interest rates were up to 22% interest and farmers were suiciding in alarming numbers. One man shot himself in what he hoped was his heart but only got a lung. ( Too high and too far to the left.) With his last breath he got a ladder, climbed up it then jumped head first into the house water tank to drown. His wee daughter found him floating about. She was a pretty wee kid who always wore pink frilly dresses to school.
    I smell a fucking rat. And the stink of that smelly fucking rat is stinkier than the other fucking rats I constantly smell.
    Aye boys? You’d know a rat or two wouldn’t ya? Nice and stinky. Dirty little fucking rats you’ll know.
    Watching desperate people exercising their right to protest at their parliament buildings isn’t illegal or amoral so fuck off! Show some respect for those who braved the buzzing of you little flies.

  14. no but pound to a penny they have foreign evangelical/rightwing advice and finance..just like the canadian truckers and the europian anti-vaxxers….maybe e-mail bannon and ask him…the real irony being the foreign money is probably coming from people personally vaxxed to the eyeballs (like fox news)…but hey the numpties are just cannon fodder in a larger plan…so who cares about them….not the ones behind this you can bet on that.

  15. Some familiar faces from the anti -1080 mob including one of the arrested ones. “What are you against–what have you got”.

      • Dirty politics are behind all this @bert
        It’s disgusting. And now Chris Luxon has absolutely zero control over any of this. By sidelining Judith Collins, who was a bit more subtle with her brand of dirty politics when she was ‘inside the tent’, has gone rogue.
        Now she’s ‘outside the tent’, it’s a hate-show that no-one in National or ACT wants out in the open. Give-them-back-double Collins, Boag, et al are rubbing their hands together hoping for the rent-a-hater group to storm the Beehive. Now she has been supposedly sidelined, she doesn’t give a shit about the country that spurned her, or the political party that demoted her.

        It’s disgusting that this sort of hate is being manipulated by a political band of domestic terrorists and terror-sisters in National and ACT.

    • Sorry mate, I’m just the one who was supposed to have organised the portaloos. You’ll have to ask whatsisname. You know, the bloke on the unicycle.

    • Close down Backbenchers it seems, because they insisted on Vaccine Passports being shown?
      The Karen with the flag wanted somebody to “Come out, come out wherever you are!”
      I think she was wanting people to come out of the closet, so probably part of the rainbow movement.
      Trump supporters with Trump flags and MAGA hats were there wanting to hand out bleach and intra-anal ultraviolet light. Surprised not to see Todd Muller out there with his autographed MAGA hat.
      There were a few teachers there who refused to get the vaccine, but it’s all good for them because they can go back to work online and persuade/indoctrinate students not to be vaccinated..
      Density church was there, passing the tithe plate around.
      A lot of farmers pissed off with not having cheap immigrants workers, fart tax, ute tax, but able to claim the diesel for the convoy as “business expense”
      So, an eclectic mix of dirty politics inspired rent-a-haters. In the words of a previous PM who told 435 lies “Nothing to see here move along!”

  16. The only thing most decent kiwis want now is a CGT. If Jacinda introduces a full CGT she has my vote, if not I will never vote for Labour ever again.

    • Er…uh…Biggy…I dunno what your obsession is with this CGT. You and your fellow lefties seem to think it’s THE silver bullet to ALL our social and economic woes. ‘CTG turns NZ into nirvana’. Nope. No cigar. CGT is like taking your kids’ pocket money away and giving it to your wife, without bringing any new money into the family. It’s a useless idea born of leftwing jealousy and ill-conceived ideology: ‘Must punish!’ On the other hand, if NZ was to drill its own oil like Norway for example, and dig up its own coal instead of importing crap coal en masse, and explores minerals and creates bigger industry, and not spend 15billion on an already outdated rickety dickedy train set, then we will have so much money, even you won’t know what to do with it. NZ needs to bring in new money. Simple as that! Not wash existing money around. Or print money. Or rely on farmers to always save our bacon. But that would take a govt with big balls, not some limp arse govt like we have now.

      • CGT takes unearned parasite money stolen from FHB’ers and distributes it to the poor. We need a CGT right now and the fear you and your rich mates show at its introduction proves it is absolutely necessary.

        • You seem to want CGT
          Persuade John Key to support CGT!
          He’ll persuade Chris Luxon to support CGT.
          Dirty politics crew will lobby that Jacinda is too scared to implement CGT.
          National will make CGT a referendum promise if elected.

          So you’ll get National and NZ First to combine wirh the promise of a CGT referendum @No Biggy.

          National will either NOT have a referendum.
          Or in the small print it would have read “non-binding”

          I think you are overcompensating.

      • ASking for a friend… but, are you saying that ‘Merica, home of the brave and the free market is left wing? ‘Cause they have a CGT.

      • No it’s not. It’s about equity in the tax system. Why should I be taxed through PAYE on wages and salaries, or taxed on share income, or interest income while investment in property is tax free. It’s non sensical. Use the tax take on CGT to reduce the lower PAYE rate. And don’t give me some rubbish that we already have a CGT

      • but kraut norway dictated it’s own terms to the oil companies hence they have a massive fund and possibly the richest overall population in the world, you and I know that NZ would sell the rights for a brown envelope of used 20s

        and no CGT won’t solve everything but it might take the kettle off the hob and it would be a sign of good faith from a majority govt that has done precisely fuck all.

    • Those big Perspex shields would be good protection against covid, to the poor cops having to stand there and face that tirade of spittle. It must be politically expedient to make them face this drama! Yes I remember facing the red squad. 100% Agree C Boy Big pile of rotting rats!

  17. 14 Freedom of expression
    15 Manifestation of religion and belief
    16 Freedom of peaceful assembly
    17 Freedom of association
    18 Freedom of movement
    Non-discrimination and minority rights
    19 Freedom from discrimination
    20 Rights of minorities

    I don’t agree with their position on these issues but, as within the NZ BOR’s. They’re entitled too.

    • Thanks Denny, finally a voice of reason. I have no bone to pick with this mob, but it appears that some here have the mentality that “only the left are allowed to protest” and who is stealing their thunder?

  18. These protesters are despicable low-lifes. Up until now I accepted their right to protest but not to the extent of denying other people their right to go about their normal lives and to make their own decisions without interference.

    But now, these unintelligent self-entitled low-lifes abuse and throw raw eggs at a young 17 year old girl simply because she made the decision to wear a mask and go about her own business without interfering with these horrible people.

    These protesters demand their right to protest and they protest about their own freedoms but they ignore their responsibilities not to interfere with other people’s rights to do what they are entitled to do, including wearing masks and adapting to all the restrictions. And another glaring characteristic of this unintelligent mob is their very noticeable aggression and anger yet they talk about freedom and peace. I have no sympathy for them and they disgust me.

    And as for this absolute bulls*** about trying to storm Parliament – oh dear, trying to emulate and align with the grotesque Trump supporters insurrection at Capitol Hill. How pathetic.

    A message to the young 17 year old girl. You are the hero of the day. You have my support and no doubt the support of the majority of New Zealand and I absolutely understand and support you not wanting to be named but in a way I wish you would identify yourself because in doing that alone, you are standing up to a bunch of spineless ugly cowards.

    • Just like the labour party’s yoof camp. Senior polys children get a free pass for much worse.

      • You’re making excuses Denny. Pathetic. You normally scream “WOKE!WOKE!”, how about calling out the fascism behind this lot? Too hard?

        • What labour! I do all the time and they get upset! Daryl.

          What more can I do!? 🙂

    • Young S. No need for an innocent young woman to prove anything to anybody at all. No need for her to identify herself publicly, and risk exposing herself to more abuse with her name out there. She chose discretion. Let her be.

      • @Gentle Annie – I agree with you but I wasn’t saying she should identify herself. What I meant was that in a way I would like it if she did identify herself simply to show them she is not intimidated and to stare them down but yes, I totally get it that if she did, she would be subject to more abuse from the grotesque protesters who abused her and from their equally grotesque supporters.

  19. It all appears as some bizarre emotional orgy with a pornographic fascination. While they may pride themselves as anti-establishment, they ultimately are committing a service for the establishment–entertainment to distract from far greater issues.

  20. WHEN SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS and it very well could the rightists both on the street and here will crying ‘false flag’ ‘crisis actors’ ‘soros’ etc etc etc…

    and the rightards would have a different take probably somewhat similar to my own on this mob, if this was a BLM demo with a few raggy arsed antifa students thrown in….so cut the brave fighters for liberty’s political and we all know it.

  21. The arrested men looked angry old men. In my younger days, the angry young men spawned a revolution in working class writing with plays and novels which became part of school curricula – and were also box office successes. They added to our knowledge of life at the bottom in a possibly more compelling way than Dickens did. This group seem to be signalling little more than their own failures, and they do need to accept some responsibility for this.

    Hoping that the mum and dad police officers working down at Parliament are all Covid tested soon. Most of them are ok people doing a fairly thankless sort of job. Without them, it’ll be the army.

  22. Personally, I would be for wheel-clamping all the vehicles obstructing traffic – then giving the protestors 6 hours to pay the fines or have the vehicles towed and denied to them if not compliant.
    And I’d love to have someone at 2am go through the tent village pulling all the pegs.

    • TV – …and Field Officers from Council issue “Freedom Camping” fines – $200 a pop to those not compliant with all the rules. After all, why should I get fined for breaching, and not them?

  23. People should be aloud to protest and even enter parliament – we are a democracy – what’s the big deal? I might not agree with the protestors but many of them feel genuinely aggrieved and in a liberal, open democracy we should offer engagement and empathy (thank you John Stewart) not dismissal and sneering cynicism.

    • They are denying the public their democratic right to go about their daily lives. By all means protest, but when people can’t open their businesses and people are assaulted, it certainly is a big deal!

        • I haven’t seen you on the streets protesting gangs Jeremy/John?
          Brave on the keyboard, gutless in life, by the way what do you do for a living, besides multiple posts and a mass debater?

          • How do you know I haven’t been on the streets.
            Own a successful business learnt to stand on my own two feet to take responsibility for myself all of which takes guts.

            • Being on the street outside your mum’s basement, is not “on the streets”. Typing your Incel banalities from the Dirty Politics 2.0 playbook, is NOT “Own[ing] a successful business learnt to stand on my own two feet.”

              Hone Carter and Roger Bridge did their Dirty Politics via radio, you get your pieces of silver in here.

              Stick to typing Jeremy, otherwise you’ll end up being the butt of a Bill Maher monologue.

  24. This doesn’t looking “left” or “right” to me. Just a bunch of misfits blathering on about “their rights”.
    It’s very entertaining, I need more popcorn.

  25. Most of the anti vacs and lockdown protests funding can be traced back to far right and foreign governments who want to destroy democracy in the West.

    Stupid woke and right wingers are thinking this is locally organised protest…. nope.

    • indeed SNZ funny how there was never any real ‘moscow gold’ back in the cold war but today there is plenty of evangelical/rightwing money flooding in andddd our govt does ‘sweet fanny adams’ let’s have a look at messiah brians books.

  26. Just in case I forgot to mention, or that my mind simply wandered off to look at pretty things.
    The ‘angry mob’ that’s descended on Wellington will be infiltrated by neoliberal, right wing confederates specifically trained and skilled in the dark arts of diffusion and chicanery. They’ll be here on TDB also. In fact I know they are. They stick out like a sore thumb.
    Reading the emails coming in and watching the ‘mobs’ on Tee Vee, shows, to me, attempts to undermine the very focus of the group they’re pretending to be involved with and supportive of. Ask any under cover-cop how that works?
    The methodology is simple. Allow some steam to be released, show non farmers how absurd farmers are and show farmers themselves that resistance is futile.
    It’s interesting that within the protests there’s the antivaxxer narrative. An idiot of an idea if there ever was one so clearly, anyone promoting such a stupid Trumpian idea must be coming from idiots. Promoting antivaxxing is promoting absurdism and that’s something the right wing msm can really get their teeth in to.
    You’re being suckered.
    The very best and most effective method of protest can be achieved from your armchair.
    Simply remain in it.
    Keep the rams and vets with their Bull sperm away from the ewes and cows. Leave the direct drillers and lime spreaders in the shed. Park up the quad bike and put your feet up. No need for buggering around in town protesting. No need for providing a cheap laugh for the Great Unwashed. No need to service those loans or that mortgage the scum swindled you into. No need for none of that. Put your feet up and wait. I reckon it’ll take about a day before the phones start ringing then it’ll take about a week for Nathan and Chlamydia ( Lovely name for a girl don’t you reckon?) and their 1.5 kids Brad and Lil’ Tiz to start thinking about eating Floofums the $4500.00 cross-eyed designer Labradoodlespoodlepoodle. Or the plump designer neighbours.
    Farmers? You have enormous power and to wield it all you have to do is to do nothing.
    Warning! Anything and everyone wearing Blue is NOT your friend.
    Politically, go with Chloe Swarbrick. I read here that she’s suggesting an inquiry into the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. That, right there, could be the dawn of profound change for all of us.
    How’s those bowels Boys? You might be about to run out of free money.

  27. Also more individualist nut jobs and Covid deniers arriving in NZ MIQ and NZ hospitals and being demanding to medical staff.

    You have to wonder why NZ government didn’t increase the numbers of pre med doctors in NZ to supply our increasing population as well as with a pandemic in full swing.

    Know of quality NZ applicants for medicine turned down as hardly any places in Medicine in NZ… still…

    I guess the lawyers and commerce people are more needed for the future and they will rely on internationals turned NZ students for selection which seems to have bought new lows into NZ qualified doctors and retaining migrant doctors also not working out as quality migrant professionals don’t last long here or maybe less deserving to stay in NZ than migrant criminals under NZ’s woke rules.

  28. If there was any doubt about the disdain of the ‘left’ towards the ordinary person, well doubt no more. We are witnessing the birth of a civil rights movement and probably as unpopular with the normies as previous ones. Meanwhile ‘lefties’ are sounding like neocons. I’ll happily exist on the fringe of the fringe is advocating freedom of choice.

  29. Next Monday is the Flat earth protest where a convoy of supporters will arrive in Wellington with plans to block the streets around Parliament with vehicles, freedom camp on the grounds of Parliament for ‘as long as it takes’, abuse the locals for their crazy ’round earth’ beliefs while threatening to ‘hang ’em high’ if their demands for ‘the truth’ are not met. Local businesses will be forced to close due to intimidation, schoolkids will be ‘egged’ , jounos will be threatened with execution all while the protestors proclaim peace and love. Right wing nut jobs will also proclaim the birth of a new civil rights movement dedicated to ‘freedom’ while buying up as many tiki torches from the Warehouse as they can. “please leave or risk being arrested’…seems pretty straight forward to me. ‘I stayed and got arrested’…well, duh.

  30. Right wing reaction to protests through the ages: Ihamatau: arrest them all. BLM; arrest them all. Springbok protest: arrest them all. Anti nuclear protest: arrest them all. Gay rights protest: arrest them all. Gang funeral: arrest them all. Shelly bay protest; arrest them all. Womens righst protest: arrest them all. Workers rights protest: arrest them all. Poverty protest: arrest them all. Farmers protest: they have a right to protest. Mandate protest: they have a right to protest. A bit picky and choosey isn’t it?

  31. Anyway it looks like the Police are starting to break up this latest left wing protest group.
    Mallard interfered to stop Jacinda being further embarrassed.
    What happens at future protests?

  32. There are too many of these people shouting over TikTok so I removed it from my phone. Periscope was far more civilised

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