Calls For Sacking National MP Grow With Allegations Of Misusing Parliamentary Resources – National Maori Authority


Matthew Tukaki, Chair of the National Maori Authority, has said enough is enough and National MP Harete Hipango must go. The call has come after the MP admitted directing the editing of her Wikpedia page and only weeks after the errant MP attended lockdown marches and appeared to be supporting the anti-vaccination narrative.

“When will this MP learn – the taxpayers and to be honest all of us expect more. To direct a staffer to edit your Wikipedia page is an absolute joke but more than that it is a misuse of staffing and resources and Parliamentary services must investigate” Tukaki said

“And while that investigation is underway the MP should be stood down by National – enough is enough. Is it not bad enough that she had to apologise for attending anti lockdown rallies? I mean come on – and because she is a list MP there should be not doubt that there are other people like Jo Hayes that could much better represent Te Ao Maori for National than someone constantly cooking up cockiemamie schemes” Tukaki said

“Christopher Luxon – sack her and lets be done with this hoha – and while we are at it how about looking at the President of the Maori branch Tu Williams may as well go too” Matthew Tukaki


  1. No, let’s not cancel this woman, let the correct processes be played out. Further, she is not in Parliament to represent Maori, she’s there to represent everybody, as, theoretically they all are. If every ethnic grouping demanded the dumping of politicians who represent them inadequately, the New Zealand Parliament would be empty.

    This is not a massive great rort, its diddlysquat which doesn’t really warrant a witch-hunt usurping or distorting natural justice or her right to provide answers which she may be required to. Her own leader Luxon has already publicly humiliated her by describing her as silly ; crows encircling looking for pickings aren’t helping anything very much at all.

  2. Harete Hipango turned up at anti-vax rallies to support freedom of speech, freedom to dissent, so she said, and it would also have been the sort of el cheap photo oportunity which all politicians garner wherever they can, encouraged by superficial slobbering msm. As far as I know she hasn’t been going around ranting with anti-vax tirades the way Tamaki and his bunch have, or disrupting gatherings, or advocating law breaking, she did what we are all entitled to do, and we must all be allowed to continue to do so – even politicians. Subdue them and we may never know quite what they’re up to.

    The furniture issue was sorted- newbie pollies often stuff up – or try it on – and they’re not the only ones who do. She’ll be gone, but it should not be because outliers try to dictate to political party leaders in this way.

  3. I had forgotten about the vile comment Harete allegedly made about PM Ardern and full term abortion. This seems to have been a downright lie, which at the very least she should have apologised for. If she lies about one thing for her own purposes, then it’s not a good sign – even more reason to have explain herself if her goings-on have the potential to mislead susceptible others.

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