RIP Meatloaf 1947-2022


He’s served his last slice.

He’d do anything for love, but he wouldn’t do that.

The great rock musical performer that was Meatloaf has bust into hell like a bat.

His violent childhood, his sense of joy in musicals and acting and his phenomenal performance created a larger than life figure that he largely lived.

He promised every fat boy growing up that they too could be cool, dramatic and most importantly, get laid!

His early work was his best. His scene stealing performance in Rocky Horror Picture Show and the high octane drama of Bat Out Of Hell are still significant pop culture features.

He found glory again in his I would do anything for love 90s anthem which mimicked 80s epic power ballads a decade earlier and his performance in Fight Club is as scene stealing as he was in RHPS but his failing health and odd Republicanism locked off a real appreciation of his earlier breakthrough rock opera performances.

He was a performer who broke barriers and reset how men could perform dramatically.

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RIP Michael.

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  1. The man was a legend regards his performance, that big guy with the distinctive big sounding voice! He really hammered it out. And like Freddie Mercury, was pitch perfect even in live concerts. And just as dynamic as front man. Twas a sad day when both of them passed.

  2. Yes he was an act all right.
    Not classy, but real and powerful.
    Watching him plough through his shows sweating profusely but always going on til the end was inspiring to other would-be stars.

  3. ” He was a performer who broke barriers and reset how men could perform dramatically ”

    I was sad to learn of his death but he will never die because he will continue to live through his awesome music. I remember the parties back at the early eighties we were always at after a footie match and as the night wore on it would all of a sudden come alive when someone put on Bat out of Hell on LP and crank it up. One of his best IMHO was two out of three which is just as poignant as ever and we can all relate to.
    I was to young to get laid but I learnt how to kiss a girl called Carla Hoffman as Meatloaf blasted in the background.

    R.I.P Marvin.

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