The Daily Blog Open Mic – 21st January 2022


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  1. Just listening to the pomp and circumstance march at the Brit Proms. Everyone high on patriotism. What have we got like that in NZ where people can enter in and have good clean fun cheering on NZ without ‘coarse’ elements and malcontents pretending that we have never done anything well.? We know we haven’t always done well but we have had all sorts of successes. I want a great piece of pur music playing and to wave a NZ flag and sing, both flags, the Maori one and the other hotchpotch we have got. We are a hotchpotch lot but if we take away all the ch’s, left would be a hot-pot ready to go.

    I’m rather fond of Nature Enter Me from the Fourmyula but not stirring enough for a Big Song.
    Favourites: Welcome Home The Lady Killers Six months in a leaky boat Split Enz Poi E Patea Maori Club

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