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  1. Crime pays in NZ.

    Criminals avoid 18.7 in NZ taxes but police only recover 5.5 million so criminals seem to be 13.7 million better off!

    NZ laws are too soft and seem to be more about encouraging people to commit frauds and rip offs than stopping them.

    In this case the applicants successfully got name suppression for years and it’s not disclosed how much of their small prison sentence the mastermind actually served before being put on parole.

    it’s hard to eradicate smoking when there are millions of illegal cigarettes – more costs to NZ health system and another couple coming to NZ that are doing harmful acts once here and disgusting it through imports, then taking up police, justice, ports, prison and parole time with their actions. No doubt they can apply for benefits after being in prison.

    NZ encouraging criminals to stay here while doing little to stop the professional brain drain that continues unabated.

    (Possibly because nobody likes to see criminals doing better than those taking years to get a degree/qualification and then working hard within NZ laws to earn a fraction of what you can make with criminal activity here).

    Even when prosecuted this couple seem to be 13.7 million dollars better off.

    $18.7m cigarette smuggling case: Businesswoman jailed, millions in assets forfeited

  2. For those that believe Covid is like the flu, not many people die chocking after getting the flu. Sad that there is so much anti vaxx propaganda out there and so many people who do not take the illness seriously enough.

    Covid 19: Unvaccinated Czech singer Hana Horka dies days after getting Covid-19 on purpose

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