MEDIAWATCH: Should Phil Goff be behind a paywall?


Wait a minute, why is the Mayor behind a paywall?

He is a public figure, if he has something to say, it shouldn’t be behind a paywall right?

Goff is still planning to leave Auckland for the American Ambassador position and will damn the city by endorsing the dreadfully weak glass jawed pronoun salad that is Richard Hills as his replacement for the Mayoralty election later this year.

The back door dealing being done to push a very weak and very woke candidate will bite the Left in the arse this year.


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  1. Of course it shouldn’t but you might be forgetting it’s the Herald. I’m not sure why one or two of their journalists continue to write for them other than our print and broadcast media is a mess and people need to earn a crust.
    And there’s more Faaffing around to come.
    What do you reckon the chances of something meaningful happening in the media space, going forward. It needs to be something more than just a RNZ/TVNZ merger

  2. Richard Hills. Dear oh dear oh dear. There is clearly no desire to win.

    All of which makes Leo Molloy, even in that coconut ice ensemble look absolutely irresistible.

    The Nats could wheel out Andrew Faloon, Jake Bezzant, or even Peter Sutcliffe at this rate and still romp home!

    • If the poison dwarf is irresistable ,you have set a vey,very low bar.

      His temperament disqualifies him from public office.
      He is an ex jockey,ex bankrupt,ex trainer who has been trying to expunge his vexatious rants from cyber space.
      He invited his 100 best friends to H.Q for the re opening.
      Top billing-Sir Graham Henry,then Brian Tamaki- he is also a big supporter of Groundswell ,he is toxic.

  3. Personally, i think that Phil Goff should be behind a really high brick wall. A circular one. With him inside.

    • ” Personally, I think that Phil Goff should be behind a really high brick wall. A circular one. With him inside”
      And that shyster Key and his henchman should also be behind bars doing hard labour. There are so many who have behaved illegally and got away with their crimes because they have status and cash.

  4. As long as goff does leave, we’re all the better for it?

    If Hills gets a sniff. Auckland might get a new name I recks. Something woke like. I wonder what that would be?

  5. ?
    Is that phil GST goff? GST? The tax that bleeds out the already poor to feed the already rich? Why are many people still so surprised about what that dodgy gap toothed fuck gets up to?
    He’s an unfortunate skid mark left behind by roger douglas and why he isn’t in prison is testimony to just how corrupt AO/NZ still is.
    “Auckland’s assets are growing to over $50 billion in value! ”
    How? What does Auckland export? What does Auckland manufacture to export to return revenue to AO/NZ? The reason I ask is there’s only five million of us and we’re mostly fucked, largely thanks to Auckland, so how does Auckland manage to grow $50 BILLION in value?? ( Please. Don’t tell me that’s in real estate value. )
    Those big ugly buildings looming over the floating Gin Palaces? Is that AMP I can see? Is that jonky’s ANZ and sundry other Australian owned banksters and insurance company money launderers?
    Who’s our primary industry? Tourism? Oops, I nearly forgot. It must be….No wait? Covid ! So it must be property values? No! Can’t be that? What is it? I know! It’s our food producers AKA farmers. So, can I ask? What is our farmer money doing up in big ugly Miami Vice-like bank and insurer buildings in Auckland again? What are they doing to our farmer earned money up there!? Maybe phil can answer that question once larry page or peter thiel lets him.

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