Liz Gun & the Crystal Karens strike again

Camo Karen

There she blows – after claiming Jacinda was, and I quote, ‘raping Gaia’ with our vaccine roll out, Liz has doubled down again by falsely claiming 5 children passed out from the vaccines…

COVID-19: Liz Gunn goes off in furious rant after being asked for evidence of children collapsing at North Shore vaccination centre

Former TV host Liz Gunn has unleashed in a furious rant after being asked for evidence of children collapsing at a North Shore vaccination centre on Monday. 

The claims, which have gone viral despite not being backed up by any proof, allege five kids collapsed at the North Shore Stadium drive-through vaccination centre and instead of calling ambulances, staff asked parents to take kids to the hospital to not scare other parents.

None of the rumours, which have been shared on social media, are backed up by any evidence and the Ministry of Health told Newshub on Tuesday they are incorrect.

…this is the sort of sick thinking that justifies protesting Children’s vaccination centers and banging on cars!

This is a type of collective madness by antivaxxers who have gone beyond their right to say no and are extending it to intimidating others into not taking the vaccine.

This far right antivaxx movement is attracting American dark money and it is only getting more delusional.

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Liz is a Crystal Karen, the middle class new age conspiracy clique who have become culturally ostracised by the vaccine passports. They are the fatherless daughters from the first wave of feminism divorce in the 1970s herded into far right conspiracy by Facebook hate algorithms

Like all Crystal Karens, Liz just needs a big hug from Dad.

The next few months are going to be frightening and many people will get sick. Get off Facebook and spend time with friends and family.

Being vaccinated protects you from Covid but it must also inoculate you from hate and stupidity.


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  1. Reports coming through that even 4 shots doesn’t protect from catching the son of Megatron strain. Vaccinated or not we are all going to get it. First generation vaccines just limit your ability to get really sick with “omnishitter”.

    • Frank the Tank,

      I’m sure you appreciate viruses evolve and as a result, vaccines also must evolve.

      Every year we have a different flu vaccine that generally only lasts for about 6 months. The science involved must predict what flu variant they will most likely be up against and manufacture a vaccine to fight it off.

      Attenuated vaccine is a subject you could easily familiarize yourself with.

      Vaccines fascinate me. To simply matters, our immune systems are visual so we create a vaccine that replicates the virus we need protection from. Obviously the dangerous aspect of the virus is not present in the vaccine but our immune system recognizes everything else. With severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) the spike protein is most recognized by your immune system.

        • MickeyBoyle,

          That’s a simplistic one dimensional way of looking at this.

          We are not in a Flu Pandemic. Should a Spanish Flu arrive back on scene we would very quickly need Vaccine mandates. When your non vaccinated status becomes a potential clear and present threat to the health and welfare of others, a mandate becomes vital. The needs of the overwhelming majority outweigh the needs of the minority.

          • First off, the argument is not simplistic in any way, shape or form. Kiwis are being excluded from society by our government. This is a major, major turn of events, in of itself.

            At the same time we are in a pandemic with an over 98% survival rate. This rate has been constant since before vaccines were introduced (worldometers is a great source of statistical information), meaning, the virus itself is not a potential clear and present threat to the health and welfare of society, let alone the unvaccinated!


        • Remember who choose to remain outside of your community – you!

          You were probably already there, just didn’t realise.

        • No, but you’re recommended to stay home from work as in not to affect others. If only we could vaccinate against idiocy.

          • You can’t vaccinate against stupid bert. And even if you could, a Facebook algorithm would soon appear to warn stupid people and their Facebook friends to avoid taking the the ‘stupid vaccine’.

            I believe it was Muldoon, who said that “annual exodus of Kiwis to Australia raised the average IQ of both countries”.

            Altering Sir Robert Muldoon slightly “Covid rampaging through New Zealand raises the average Kiwi IQ”. We’ll all be smarter after this vaccine has infected everyone in New Zealand. One way or another.

            One conspiracy theory is that the vaccine is about depopulation. Darwinism is its own depopulator.

    • On One Network News tonight
      The reality is New Zealand has been slow on vaccine rollout.
      The reality is New Zealand has been slow on boosters.
      The reality is New Zealand are the 4th lowest in the world in developed countries.
      The reality is New Zealand are the 4th lowest in the world in developed countries, but the reality is , I don’t know what we’re the 4th lowest in, because the fax machine from my mentor Sir John Key didn’t have enough ink in it to print the second page.
      It’s not good enough.
      Yours faithfully
      Chris Luxon leader of the real reality opposition

  2. Blame to a greater extent the open sewer that is Facebook and social media in general. Saying “I’ve to got a Facebook account” is the same as saying I’m cuckoo and don’t make eye contact with me whatever you do. And as I assume Liz was always out there anyway.

    But her ravings, if Newshubs reports of are accurate, are sad and disturbing. Banging on about some investment firms shareholding in the company that owns Newshub, all part of the bigger conspiracy by dark overlords. She just comes across as hopelessly sadly lost and quite mad.

    However prior to Covid the anti vax brigade were alive and well and we all tolerated their crazy shit because we had all been spared the horrors of diseases previous generations had known because of vaccines and their madness was little more than annoying From anything like polio vaccination to diphtheria to any other well and truly proven vaccine, they were against them. And I hate to think what the evils of fluoridation are to them.

    As with Liz’s unfounded bullshit repetition of kids fainting after the covid vax, based on social media madness, they’re no longer just annoying. They’re are menace.

    • X-ray Correct. And even if any children ever did faint after a jab, it ain’t necessarily the covid jab that did it. It’s been an eye-opener for me, seeing there are some adults who are scared of needles, and scared of having injections, including some seemingly big strong men – God did well protecting the latter from having to give birth and the pain and invasive procedures surrounding every aspect of doing so – having a Caesarean section
      would kneecap them. The woman is a menace, and her antics are unfair on responsible parents with enough on their plates already.

  3. Gunn grabbing people’s arms is not just hysteria, it is assault. All hysteria is dangerous. Public persons assaulting others thereby committing a criminal offence, warrant at least a police warning. Expecting the PM to respond to every rumour circulating in the land of the mad, is unrealistic.

    • Expecting every journalist to check out every rumour and tell the public (and Liz Gunn) they’ve done that is way past unrealistic.

      Gunn is taking advantage of the fact our hell hole country isn’t as hellish as she and the other lunatics make it out to be. If Kyle was taking his little Rittenhouses along to be vaccinated and was grabbed by the arm by someone not wanting them to be vaccinated, so endangering him and impeding his freedom? Mmm.

      • Peter – Some journos almost start rumours themselves, with the tricky type of questions , or the leading questions, which they put to (unwary people ); they try to control the narrative; this was one of the first things taught me in media training, and it was done to me unsuccessfully by a Wgtn Dom reporter way back, and I still have the newspaper clipping.

  4. The vaxx arguments are missing a bit of information…what to do once you get Covid?
    Evidence seems to suggest nearly everyone will get Covid vaxx, or not-vaxx….then what?
    Where is that information?

    • The vaxxed won’t clog up hospitals, the unvaxxed will thus denying medical treatment to their fellow kiwis

      patriots, my arse.

      • Gagarin, nope, it’ll be the vaxxed, the obese, the diabetic, the intoxicated clogging up the hospital’s. See Aussie, most hospitalisations are jabbed.

        • oh right so little ‘ol NZ will buck the trend seen in all the developed world will it? please try a bit harder.

          I’ll tell you what to be fair how about you give us an example from the developed world where the ozzys aren’t full of the unvaxxed.

          • Gagarin, currently there are 7 unvaxxed people in hospital with COVID. Yes, 7. 12 in hospital are vaccinated, with COVID-19. And for all we know they may be there with gunshot wounds. It might be kidney stones. Most likely obesity. But you don’t want evidence anyway.

            • I’m surpised, I’m assuming your figures refer to NZ or an individual hospital in NZ, now tell me the figures for germany, france, the uk, canada, any of the us red states….or don’t you want evidence.??

  5. Myocarditis (An increased risk of heart inflammation) has been an issue for numerous people after taking the vaccine. It’s been highlighted and no attempt made to hide the facts. This is light years away from deliberately spreading misinformation as in the M.O of expert-novices like Liz Gun.

    I have a mate who is still skeptical about the vaccine and sends me links of apparent issues people are having with the vaccine. I am invariably able to dismiss every example as one of two things or even both. A misunderstanding of the facts or a complete misrepresentation of what did or didn’t unfold.

    My wife had a leadership role in the Auckland HPV and MMR vaccine rollouts. I also learned a few things along the way. One especially is how the anti-vax brigade operate and how convincing they can be with their bullshit if your knowledge base on the subject is limited.

    The moment I read about the alleged BS situation highlighted above I said it was one two things.

    The first was complete horseshit. The second was “Vagal Response”. These eggplants are proficient in spending hours studying vested interest conspiracies and bullshit online but unfortunately are totally incapable of balancing things up with facts that allow them to have informed perspectives based on facts, not ignorance.

    Liz Gun is your quintessential Karen. An entitled individual desperate to be relevant in this world who is convinced she knows more than everyone else. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t know if her arse was on fire and just embarrasses herself. Sadly, the only folk who swallow her crap are simpletons that wouldn’t know their arse from their elbow.

  6. That is the $64,000 question NK. We have the talking heads saying we will get it, we must do this, blah blah and we will have “new information in the coming weeks” blah blah. How about some solid info about what to do when we get it? Never mind “stay home and wait for follow up from the Health Department”.
    The hospitals and ambos will be overwhelmed. Most people have limited medical knowledge but can follow simple instructions and can prepare if they know how.
    More dereliction of duty by this Government.

    • MagIt, correct…if the Government predictions on Covid spread is correct, there is going to be a lot of sick people needing treatment…and that information (what to do if you have Covid’) needs to get to the people, and fast

  7. Liz has started hero-worshipping Bruce Smith (Coaster Club, Mayor of Westland), for his stance in three waters…..

  8. even if the vaxx were only 20percent effective, that’s better than 0percent.

    she lied
    got pulled up on her lie
    went full bore rightard SJW

    I propose a 100pecent punative tax on lycra, yoga pants and magic crystals…and give ’em something real to worry about.

  9. That’s not a picture of krystal karen. That’s ‘Cammo’ karen.

    One lives in the leafy burbs and the other is a predator from the ‘bush’ in the nether regions.

  10. I have two words for the “..but, it’s only a 2% fatality rate” people: LONG COVID.

    Make no mistake, this virus can cause long term damage that lingers long after you’ve been deemed to have “recovered” – it does to the body what a ’70s rockstar does to hotel rooms.

    The death toll isn’t the only measure of harm here. Get vaxed, people.

    • Long before the term “long-covid” came into being there was and still is devastating long-term consequences to the Flu and to Pneumonia. You are right, death is not the only measurement here, but long-covid is not the only illness that leaves behind long-term harm also.

    • Try again…did you know that the Flu can leave long lasting damage to some people, ditto Pneumonia and any other respiratory-type illness that’s similar to Covid. Again, you are right, there’s more to this than the death toll only, but likewise, Covid is not the only long-lasting illness inflicting humanity.

  11. apparently the latest cure is snorting hydrogen peroxide, with an inhaler

    going by my youthful hair bleaching phase all you get is lighter brittle hair in this case nose hair.
    ….which is fun…

    just love this whacky shit the history books will put it right next to ‘plague cures’ have anti-vaxxers tried stool infusions????

  12. Pfizer tests won’t be completed till 2023 so fuck off with all this magical bean bullshit as if we could vaccinate under 12s before 2023. And get some smarter Friend’s.

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