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  1. Getting a mortgage – the terms don’t have to be as hard as going back to work 90 days after birth when there is definite support for a year. Have the banks gone into a USA Savings and Loam, Fannie May fright? What’s up with the ANZ anyway – it seems to have strange turnarounds in policy? Is that the one John Key was involved with? He could get big loans based on uncertain employment.

    A family member, who died recently, had financed them into the home but after their death they were looking to get a mortgage through a bank.The couple, who now have a three-week-old baby, were working with a mortgage broker to help them secure a loan…
    The woman finished work in early December and planned to take 12 months off, nine months of which would be paid – three months by her employer and six months to be covered by the government’s paid parental leave scheme.

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