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  1. Of all the atrocities in the world – you have to come into mine Anne Frank coulc say. It is time for Jews to stop chewing over the base behaviour, and try to do things better. It seems that Jews were punished for being exemplary citizens. That is a thought that has occurred to me, and they had money which could be stolen.
    And there was a desire to destroy them completely. Is that a feeling that crops up when looking at Gaza’s destruction. Is that meant to be another Masada?

  2. Two important sea stories – maybe there’s hope?
    Norwegian University of Science and Technology chemistry professor Hans Peter Arp agreed there are many unknowns, but he maintained that plastic pollution was already breaching what is known as a planetary boundary – a threshold that should not be crossed because of the risk to humankind.

    “My colleagues and I have argued that plastic pollution fills the three criteria of a planetary boundary threat: 1) increasing exposure, 2) irreversible presence in the global ecosystem, 3) evidence that it is causing ecological harm, and that this harm will increase with plastic emissions,” he said.
    “The rational response to the global threat posed by accumulating and poorly reversible plastic pollution is to rapidly reduce consumption of virgin plastic materials, along with internationally coordinated strategies for waste management.”
    Although same large firms are resisting tough global rules, others are in support. One group,, invites firms to sign up to strict standards to ensure a level playing field for plastic business.
    Analysis – Sponges are ancient marine animals, very common throughout the world’s oceans and seem less affected by ocean warming and acidification.
    Our latest research shows they can also survive low levels of oxygen…
    As our oceans continue to warm due to climate change, they are expected to hold less oxygen.

  3. Here, between your main contributor and the neoliberal prick who owns the main Left daily blog (he wanted to know the first time I challenged his ideas if I had a ‘proper job’! Christ) do some fucken thing. He’s blocked a pretty damn ordinary social democrat as I am for a year. Are you impassioned by ideas or deliberated by ‘possibilities’? Hager fights, the Left commentates. I get the feel you think I don’t matter, like he does. That’s what our rulers think about the 90 % ‘below’. I think it’s a matter of principle. If Nicky Hager didn’t have better things to do he’d be fighting for a proper talking group of the Left where talkers weren’t denied for being social democrats. It’s at least a column. There is no genuineness to you and Chris if you can’t talk about this matter. The prick’s major complaint is the over-control of Labour in the 70s.

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