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  1. On the Left ideals are the major talking/thinking matter but if you want to learn about ‘interests’, realpolitik, then 19th century European inter-nation politics is the primer. Illuminatory just now was the Wikipedia article on the first commander of the post WW 1 German army, Seekt. It was always about what worked best for Germany’s longterm interests as he saw them and zero about loyalty to the Weimar Republic. He established the army that fought WW 2 and as an advisor for the Nationalists in China forced Mao on his long march. The article shows the machinations of real politics clearly, closer than the 1800s, and he lost out in his time (for accidental reasons).

  2. I’m looking at a book on far-off Uzbekistan which is informative with much text and clear images. Pulixhed in 1998.
    Quote – besides thinnish woman with children:
    Irrigation projects are decreasing the availability of safe drinking water in the Karakalpak Autonomous Republic. In addition farm fertilisers and other chemicals have poisoned the remaining water, which many Karakalpak families use for cooking, bathing, and drinking. As a result cases of typhoid and hepatitis have increased in the region.

    This is what we have here, yet in a different political control. How come this is enabled all around the world? It’s bad now, showing lack of integrity by those in control, but long-term it kills off the land, the people, and the culture of responsibility to look after community resources. We are failing all over, and will follow by falling over!

  3. Just a thunk I though looking at my flat black, oblong cellphone. Rather like the Monolith (in miniature)
    in Kubrick’s 2001. I looked up Monolith and there is quite a background to using this representation of mysterious outside forces.

    There is no doubt that we are being subverted in our thinking by something large in scope which menaces us and the ways of life we have set up over the years. It is noticeable how invading outside people are often hostile to advanced societies, and destroy their icons and burn their libraries etc. How wonderful the world would be if we could reshape unsuitable behaviours, and systems and keep the good. Vandalism does not come from just one point in tne compass.

    Can we use our combined, accreted knowledge, or is it going to always be like being on a committee of good citizens who once new ones are voted in, tend to ignore the past efforts and deliberations, dump them and start from their own untried and often unrealistic ideas. They work along those lines and possibly ignore that they are weakening, perhaps fatally, the worthwhile entity that has been established with effort from people in the past. We can no longer keep reforming our world and our societiies, we have to protect the good we have after doing a massive think about the sort of society we want, and then another think about how we conserve the good, and change the bad, and try to give everybody a place and a task of their choice towards that end. Otherwise we will find that we are ruled by people who think like blocks of compressed minerals; we however need to be a bit loose, have room to move and think and disagree, but offer considered and mostly practical better ways.

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