It’s not Djokovic deportation that should shock, it’s what was revealed about Australia that should appall us


Tennis: Australian politician reportedly cancelled Novak Djokovic visa to prevent civil unrest

An Australian newspaper claims to have obtained a more detailed explanation for why Novak Djokovic has had his visa to enter the country personally cancelled by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke.


I don’t care about Tennis and I care less about an antiVaxx premadonna Tennis player.

Who Australia let’s in or doesn’t let in during a pandemic is for Australia to determine, and sure there is a huge amount of politics involved here with an election 4 months away, however Djokovic’s plunge into the black hole of Australian immigration has illuminated a process so deeply flawed and abusive that Australia once again needs to take a long hard look at themselves and the punitive approach they take.

Djokovic won his first court case because the Judge agreed being given a mere 20 minutes to provide documents was ridiculous yet that’s what Australia does as a matter of course every hour!

Australian Immigration lawyers will be dining out on that Judge’s ruling for the next decade!

Then Djokovic was taken to a secure facility but it was the other migrants held at that facility that generated real attention!

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One teenage refugee had been there for 8 years under detention!!!!

8 years!

The shocking thing is that none of this is new, the deeply hostile white majority of Australia extends these draconian measures to Kiwis by refusing them basic privileges of citizenship despite living there and paying taxes and the horrific 501 policy that has flooded NZ with a crime wave that is causing a Gang war.

The cruelty of Australia’s immigration black hole was made clear based on the reflection of cases and process Djokovic went through. He has the wealth and privilege to leave, the thousands who don’t have that wealth or privilege remain in a kafkaesque horror that never ends.

Being a mate requires the mana to tell a mate when they are being a thug.

Australia, you are being a thug!


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  1. Finally they cancelled his visa. He lied, showed huge entitlement, knowingly had tested positive and visited children plus another event. He had no respect or care for anybody else’s health.

    Good Job!

    Looking at social media (one news and Newshub facebook) most commentators in NZ are applauding the Aussie government decision to deport him.

    Why should other’s have to suffer for these people’s ego’s – if he wants to be positive for Covid, and be unvaccinated and spread Covid, he needs to do it in his own country!

  2. Don’t worry NZ woke would give him years to appeal, protected status being a Serb who was attacked by Nato, his own hospital ward and jail cell built for him costing millions from NZ taxpayers, and while he was appealing his visa deportation have 2 medical doctors following him at all times (sarcasm), such is NZ’s woke inability to keep NZ citizens safe here against a lying, egomaniac individual who is not a NZ citizen.

    Maybe he should bring in some MDMA too then he can get compassionate leave to stay here, like the other drugs smugglers.

  3. Without referencing ND’s issue, the appalling treatment of Immigration Australia highlighted in your article MB is no different to the appalling treatment Immigration NZ extends to many of our immigrants. Callous and heartless are two words that come to mind.

  4. Couldnt have said it better! Hopefully Scumo will be on his bike in a few months. Omicron may just be the final nail in his coffin. Apparently he told the Aussie public that Covid was a personal issue not a governance issue or something to that effect. Many Aussies, especially those in states that were forced to open up (like QLD) are steaming.

  5. It is not just NZ criminals that are returned home they send them back to UK Europe and USA as well.
    It is a pity we do not take a leaf out of their book and deport those people that make it good here then abuse their own citizens my underpaying them.
    The anti vax doctor from the States should be sent packing as well.
    The Australian Goernment will never change the policy as both parties agree with it and the most of the citizens agree as well .

    • Many Australians do not even know this is happening and why should they care, look at the way they treat their own indigenous people, many immigrants do not stand a chance. I can’t believe that some people think NZ immigration is bad , we bend over backwards compared.

      • Just watched One News tonight and Novak’s rent-a-crowd were dancing outside yelling “Free Novak!” Not a fucking mask in sight.

        He is the poster-boy for antivaxxers and he needs to be sent packing back to Serbia (hopefully not via Spain again – they don’t want him there either!”

  6. stop all aussie immigration to NZ, BUSINESS TRIPS FINE, HOLIDAYS FINE but no settling here under any circumstances and start with shipping crims back, if they’ve lived their lives in oz stick ’em on plane and make it the aussies problem if they end up stateless, that’s on the aussies too.
    that might just get the aussies to play fair…

    but y’know what I doubt it, they’ve become loudmouthed blustering buffoons just like their abusive father the US.

  7. Ah…? Why is Australia a ‘mate’ again? I must have missed it the first time around. Is it because their big four banksters are here taking billions out of our economy annually which would have given alan bollard, the governor of the reserve bankster at that time here a bit of a stiffy .
    Look what I found on the chair of the NZ reserve bankster.
    “Retiring professor slams Waikato University’s ‘fascist society'”
    And look at this?
    Fine, upstanding, brilliant, well educated, experienced wankers.
    Why is AO/NZ so fucked with this minivan load of flash arse holes scavenging ego-energy like a fucking sucker fish scavenges those things that sucker fish scavenge? The RBNZ is dodgy as fuck in my opinion and yet it’s so solemnly revered here as a saintly entity that all must bow down before. I say FUCK THAT!
    I’m trying to find out if neil’s a relation to derek but I can’t find out what Natzo/ACT/Farmer/Lawyer/Politician derek’s children were called. Maybe he simply numbered them as they popped out? And let’s not forget. roger and others popped out of Lange’s Labour Party. What’s changed? Someone? Please explain to me what’s changed? Give me some peace of mind before I chuck back a 30 mg codeine to flatten out the panic attacks.
    Why is it more important to wail and bemoan a tennis player for being a wanker when four Australian banks are here and sucking out our money while we have homelessness and child poverty?
    Australia’s become a shining example of what I mean by neoliberal-capitalist fascism hidden within their democracy, and ours.

    • ahh codeine..

      as I’ve run out of gin the pain kicks in- and here, this passion we hear from Bing;
      there’s lots of humans, I’m assumin’, all with their heads kicked in.

      “academic freedom is not less important, it just looks different these days.”

      well don’t expect a rbnz governor to feel well, anything,
      the rhyming digits pirouette and bow and scrape for him…
      ‘music? pah! we don’t need that , there’s actually a surfeit!
      just loop each track (you won’t look back) and engineer a circuit;
      there’s beats that come, pre-programmed drums, my god they are so mean,
      why spend the cash on sticks that bash with humans in between?’…(um, yes, our satirical interpretation of “who stole the beats?”)

      How is academic freedom looking different? maybe being the vice-chancellor of a university and the chair of a bank at the same time, one’s conceptualisation of academic freedom would look quite different, the pedagogic code and the swift code requiring two completely different mindsets.

      v strange

    • Yes just ask the aborigines how well they are looked after, or do you just mean the white Australians who are all immigrants.

      • working class aussies ain’t treated that flash either, just like here the administrative class get the lollies.

  8. Whole process is a fucking joke, Novak has long been known as a guy into alternative health at times at a detriment to his career (delayed surgery for months) he said if you dont want me to come I wont come… then the silly fucks gave him a visa and told him to come.

    Yeah he’s an old ball but so many top sportsman are and to reach the heights he has out of a war torn zone is miraculous.

    Personally I’ve travelled a fair bit in the Balkans absolutely love the people but I think in the west most have no idea about the Balken mentality and where it comes from resulting in a shit tonne of Ill informed comment.

  9. Hey, it’s not as if their immigration department allowed in a British DJ multiple times when over 30,000 citizens weren’t allowed in….

  10. Wonder if they will send a frothing crazy-eyed reporter out to the tarmac to mock 501 djockitch on departure?

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