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  1. The reporting for daily Covid cases is bordering on pathetic. Today it said 18 new community cases and 43 in MIQ does this mean 43 new border cases, if so what the fuck is going on as we had 65 the other day and now 43 today. And if this is correct our media aren’t reporting cases properly then we seriously need to address the large number of borders cases as this is like a kick in the guts after all the sacrifices many of us have made.
    What is the point us working so hard to keep this virus out and the huge economic and social costs to us as a country when our government is letting in double digit figures with Omicron.

  2. Ok so Auckland rates collected, 1.9 billion in 2010 -2011, 3.7 billion in 2015 – 2016 and now 5.3 billion collected in 2021 – 2022 with Covid!

    Well above supposed inflation!

    Some serious money grabbing and inflation while council services seem to be getting worse and they keep wanting more ‘targeted rates’ instead of working out where the money is going because ratepayers are not getting value for money.

    Neoliberalism and CCO clearly costs a fortune to the end users and is not sustainable on NZ wages.

  3. The ministry said that since December, more than 18,000 people had arrived and been processed through Managed Isolation and Quarantine facilities.

    Hopefully they added the new houses and more hospitals and health care because 18.000 people came into NZ through MIQ since December and if they were already in NZ, why are people still travelling back and forth into NZ and taking up the MIQ places?

    Each time someone leaves or enters NZ more chance of Covid strains getting into NZ when they return.

  4. I keep bringing up the matter of The Standard and you keep deleting my comment. When have truth and the rule of the people not been unified as tight a newborn aphid and its pregnancy? Don’t put truth second to the ‘art of the possible’, it usually doesn’t help the people.

    • I’m not a renowned, famous or powerful person. I get the feeling if I was you’d attack The Standard. Run by a Rogernome whose major idea is the lack of freedom prior to Roge. What do you know I don’t? Are you a part of the establishment? Is your radicalism only into the clear blue space? You and Chris Trotter don’t attack real immediate things. You leave that to Haager.

      If you’re going to be fossicking around for news stories at least go for the genitals of our opponents. Which is to say why don’t you indict The Standard? Are you just a big display?

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