The one graph that tells you all you need to know about Omicron in an ocean of disinformation


For those claiming the vaccine doesn’t work because Omicron is surging, here’s your answer.

Each year the flu globally kills between 290 000 and 650 000.

Covid killed 3 502 162 in 2021!

Stop claiming Covid is like the flu and we need to learn to live with it.

Get vaccinated clowns. It’s coming!

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  1. So what are you doing? Comparing omicron to flu? Omicron to delta? Or COVID to the flu? How many omicron deaths?

    • There used to be a saying “better to keep your mouth shut & be thought a fool than to open your mouth & remove all doubt”
      While I’m not a mind reader I think Martyn is making 2 main points, Covid has killed 540% to 1200% more people than Flu last year & the vast majority of those getting hospitalized are unvaccinated.

      • Yeah Bonnie, I can show you another graph where the vast majority of COVID deaths in the UK are of the vaccinated. You see there are 2 agendas at play – those trying to remove a persons choice and those wanting to have a damned choice.

        • Jimmy Carr statistically measures 8 out of 10 cats, and at least 9 out of 10 New Zealanders ‘cool cats’ who are vaccinated and Martyn’s graph, albeit from New York, clearly shows the upward tangential hospitalisation curve facing the unvaccinated.

          However, antivaxxer free-will kicks in now, and the unvaccinated have been joined by the free-will brigade such as Tribe (no-tax) Trump: Tribe (tithe) Tamaki; Tribe Free-Will Evangelical (The fundamental definition for Evangelical Christian discernment is a decision making process in which an individual makes a discovery that can lead to future action. In the process of Christian spiritual discernment God guides the individual to help them arrive at the best decision).

          The antivaxxers and their Facebook contacts have followed corporate algorithms down antivax rabbitholes (unfortunately myxomatosis has no effect on these rabbits, or their holes). Myxomatosis can’t affect them, but Covid can and will.

          0 out of 10 antivaxxers want to be vaccinated, or persuaded to save their own lives. It is a sad fact that many antivaxxers beg for vaccinations on their Covid deathbeds.

          You can’t vaccinate against stupid, it’s a medical fact.

        • “I can show you another graph where the vast majority of COVID deaths in the UK are of the vaccinated.”

          If you tried to use such a graph to argue that refusing vaccination is as safe against COVID death as choosing vaccination you would be proving Bonnie’s point that it’s “better to keep your mouth shut & be thought a fool than to open your mouth & remove all doubt”.

        • I can show you simple maths that suggest that even if the majority of infections are in vaccinated people it is still safer than being unvaccinated. I can’t be bothered trying to find the UK results so will assume them instead. Say 50 million population, 80% vaccinated, & 1 million people get covid, if we presume 600000 of the covid cases are vaccinated that means that the vaccinated people have a 1.5% chance of getting Covid (600000/40 Million), unvaccinated have a 4% chance of getting Covid (400000/10 million). Obviously, with a higher vaccination rate there will be more people who are vaccinated who get Covid however all the verifiable evidence I have seen still shows that unvaccinated people are the vast majority of those who get covid.

        • g’wan then let’s see your graph whitey

          please note — drawings in crayon by someone on farcebok or op-eds by someone who is a doctor of bovine chiropody, are not acceptable

    • how many unvaxxed with serious illness clogging up hospitals in the US and UK???


    • I don’t think that the death toll matters a great deal. We are all going to die some way. It is the huge social disruption caused by having so many people ill which is the issue that we should be focusing on.

  2. No reputable medical professional in the world is now claiming Omicron is a threat to public health. It just seems to be a rag tag bunch of cheerleaders, sycophants, pseudoscientists and those suffering from mass psychosis who seem to be fretting over this benign disease (actually just a laboratory artefact) and praying for another lockdown, while providing cover for the likes of prime ministers and dictators.

    • NZ is 90% vaxxed. It’s the unvaxxed that’ll get the full blast. The vaccine just reduces the severity of the symptoms. That’s where I first herd the mild symptoms narritiv e

      • Actually I’ve stopped calling it the vaccine. I prefer the term Covid Treatment, and yes I am Treated for Covid.

    • no ethan but the unvaxxed are a health threat and clogged a up health system is the reason you’d better pray you don’t have a heart attack……yes it can happen here.

    • “No reputable medical professional in the world is now claiming Omicron is a threat to public health.”

      Bullshit. That is simply bullshit. and you deliberately use weasel terms.
      Cite a single medical or healthcare association that has declared that Omicron isn’t a threat to public health and ability of health care delivery.

    • The effect on Omicron is its effect on the economy and day to day living . Melbourne shops are empty because warehouses cannot function no drivers no staff and people are dying of complaints that could have cured if Dr’s and nurses were around and not sick or looking after the sick.

    • Plagiarised from an antivax site no doubt couldn’t even change the wording.
      Looking across the ditch 70,000 cases a day in Australia 25 deaths a day.
      Just a seasonal flu nothing to worry about.
      Looking at NSW stats for Covid 62% of hospitalizations are unvaccinated 18% partially
      Just 1.8% fully vaccinated the other 20% status unknown .

  3. When viewed in the perspective that most countries have gone to unparalleled efforts of prevention via quarantine be it at the border or from lockdowns plus mass vaccinations and testing, the covid death numbers are still high.

    Had it been the right/non believers mantra of living with it, it’s blatantly obvious the death toll would be appalling. And that does not take into account the survivors whose heath had been damaged long term from it.

  4. There was an anti-vaxxer raging at at a venue I was playing at on NYE, I asked him to come around to the house and sort out my plumbing, he said he’s not a plumber so I said you must be a health professional then and he said no, he’s a ‘logistics engineer’ (turns out he’s a truck driver) so I reminded him that if he can’t plumb because he’s not a plumber then he shouldn’t be giving out health advice if he’s not a health professional. He then asked me outside but I apologised and told him that I wasn’t gay, for some reason that didn’t help the situation but I think that the company we were with are still laughing.

    • It’s the new paradigm. Nobody ever fails at school anymore and when they leave school their facebook researched opinions are as valid as those of the experts.

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